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Bloody Samaritan episode 36 & 37



GENRE:- [email protected]ç£

LOCATION:- LAS [email protected], PARIS, AND MIAMI.


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Am very sure, my editors can’t do anything if I decide to report the story thief to them, because I was the one that posted my story where they can easily stèàl it at the first place. And some of you don’t appreciate, Just because you guys heard that Mrs Clark dîe, you guys comment shares without reminding you guys, it’s unfair, we will beg you guys to like comment and shares, and we will still beg bloggers to st©p coping our stories, put yourself in our shoes now🤦🤦

Am trying to tell you that we lóst her, plea-se take it easy in yourself” doctor Collins said. Nathan moved closer to doctor Collins and hit him [email protected] in the wall. “why did you tell her?” Nathan asked angrily.


“Hey Miss cràzy, let’s go, you don’t wanna get there after her operation” Nathan said.

“Yeah, am just feeling pain, on my head” Adele replied. “Sorry, I will find the mothèrfv¢kèr that sh0t you and deal with him” Nathan replied.

“Better do, and you’re the one that caused all this, I can’t go to the hospital with bandage on my head, mum and Claire will frèàk out, if they saw this on my head” Adele said.

“Let me call doctor Collins and asked if we can re-move it” Nathan said and brou-ght out his phone, he dialed doctor Collins number and he picked up at the first ring.

“What did he say?” Adele asked. “He said you shouldn’t re-moved it, let me give you one of my caps” Nathan said.

“No, I can’t possibly put on heartless someone like you have worn before, I don’t wanna be heartless like you” Adele replied.

“Huh, I have caps, that I haven’t wear before” Nathan replied. “Better!” Adele said.

“I said I wanna see you” Jane said and blocked Nathan way.

“who are you ti block my way?” Nathan asked angrily. “Just give me some time to discuss, what I wanna discuss with you” Jane said.

“Did you know that your one week will be over by tomorrow?” Nathan asked.

“I know, I want us to talk about it, I don’t want to go I have de-eply fall in love with you” Jane said and Nathan bur-st into laughter.

“Have you also fallen in love with me?” Jane asked with a smile.

“Over my dèàd b©dy, will I love someone like you, look here I think am In love with someone, you just have to park your bags and leave tomorrow, the door is wi-dely open for you, I will f0rç£ you out, if you refuse to go yourself” Nathan said and pushed her off his way.

Jane sat on the floor and bur-st laughter. “this is what am warning you about, you guys haven’t started [email protected]!ng, and you’re alre-ady crying because of him” Mrs O’Brien said and helped her up.

“No mum, am not crying [email protected]£ of him, he didn’t do anything for me, I fell down and broke my arm, nothing more” Jane replied.

“Are you sure? Because Nathan walked inside his ro angrily just now” Mrs O’Brien said.

“Maybe his property, make him angry” Jane replied.

“Are you sure, you aren’t suffering and smiling?” Mrs O’Brien ask. “Suffering and smiling? What’s that?” Jane asked.

“You wanna tell me you don’t know what I mean by suffering and smiling?” Mrs O’Brien ask.

“I don’t get you ma’am” Jane replied. “Mum, I will be on my way now, hope I will meet you here when I come back?” Nathan asked.

“Sure you will, I will be waiting for you here, and make sure your property is safe” Mrs O’Brien said.

“Mum why are you so worried about her?” Jane asked. “She’s a human like us, so I have to be worried about her” Mrs O’Brien replied.

“Bye dear” Jane said and wave her hand at Nathan and Nathan left out a fake smile.

“Am back!” Nathan said and gave her his cap. “Wow my favorite color, how did you know, that Pink is my favorite color?” Adele asked.

“I don’t know, I just decided to give you because it’s ladies Color” Nathan replied. “That’s good of you, let’s go” Adele said.

“Wyatt, stay in the house you aren’t going with us” Nathan said and opened the [email protected]£nger seat for Adele, Adele get into the car and Nathan also rushed to the driver seat and drove off.

Adele found herself dozing off and she allow nature to take his place, she closed her eyes and sle-pt off. “Oh no!’ she shouted from her sleep.

“What happened to you?” Nathan asked and st©pped the car immediately.

“Start the car now! Drive fast my mum mustn’t diè” Adele shouted.

“Calm down, nothing will happen to your mum, they haven’t even started the operation” Nathan replied.

“How did you know they haven’t started the operation, plea-se drive fast, nothing must happen to my mother” Adele shouted.

“relax, your mother will be fine” Nathan replied. “How did you know, that they haven’t started the operation?” Adele asked. “I just spoke with doctor Collins” Nathan replied.

“Drive fast plea-se!” I nee-d to get there before the Operation” Adele said.

“Alright” Nathan replied and speed off.

He get to the hospital and drive to the garage, Adele doesn’t wait for him to park, before jumping out of the car. She jumped out of the car and hit her head on the ground.

“$h!t!” Nathan cursed and rushed to her. “You should have waited for me to park the car” Nathan said and helped her up.

Adele hold her head in pain before running inside the hospital. “Doctor!” Adele shouted as she entered the hospital.

“My daughter” Mrs Clerk said happily and left her arm wi-de open and Adele rushed to hvg her.

“Mum, hope you’re fine?” Adele asked checking her b©dy. “Yes am fine” Mrs Clerk replied with s smile.

“I have missed you” Mrs Clerk said. “I missed you too mum” Adele replied and doctor Collins come outside from his office.

“Good morning, Miss Clerk, thank goodness you’re here, it’s time for your mother operation” doctor Collins said.

“I am not interested in the operation again, you can’t do anything operation for her” Adele replied and covered her mother with her b©dy. “Adele what happened?” Mrs Clerk asked.

“Mum there’s nothing, but you aren’t doing any operation, it’s better you remain like this” Adele replied.

Jane walked to her room angrily. She sat on the be-d and does some thinking.

“This girl think she can take man away from me, there’s no way, I will show her I am the real dèvîl” she said and brou-ght out her phone.



GENRE:- [email protected]ç£

LOCATION:- LAS [email protected], PARIS, AND MIAMI.


Don’t copy or repost 🙅🙅🙅




Jane walked to her room angrily. She sat on the be-d and does some thinking.

“This girl think she can take man away from me, there’s no way, I will show her I am the real dèvîl” she said and brou-ght out her phone.

“Hello, you never tell me you’re this usèlèss, I gave you a little job and you can’t do it perfectly” Jane said angrily.

“What are you talking about? Am very sure I killed her, don’t give me excuses because of my balance” sniper replied.

“Hey did you think i am lieing?” The girl is fine, you didn’t do anything, you made me feel ûsèlèss” Jane said.

“If that’s the case, am very sorry, to face Mr O’Brien isn’t easy, so I tried my best, what did you want me to do now?” Sniper asked.

“I want you too go back and kîll her” Jane said. “That’s not possible, Mr O’Brien mustn’t find me” sniper replied.

“That’s non of my business, all I want is a perfect Job, go back and kîll her, if you don’t want tróûblè” Jane said. “Are you threatening me?” Sniper asked.

“Yes I am, I give you twenty hours, to bring her down!” Jane said.

“I will s£nd one of my boys to do the Job, I can’t come outside now, Mr O’Brien is desperately searching for me” Sniper replied.

“I want you to do the job yourself, I was saying you don’t do my job perfectly, and you’re planning to give the Job you can’t do to your boy” Jane said.

“You can go do with by yourself, am not interested again.” Sniper replied and end the call angrily.

“Hello!” Jane said when she didn’t hear anything from his side. “Did this guy, end the call?” Jane asked herself looking at her phone.

“He dare not!” Jane said and tried his number again. “What did you want again? I don’t nee-d the balance again, and make sure you don’t call my number again” sniper said angrily from the other end of the call.

“Hello, sniper did you know who you’re talking with?” Jane asked.

“Sure I do, I have said mine, st©p calling my number if you don’t want me to kîll you” Sniper replied.

“Wow, I will make sure I kîll you before Nathan get you” Jane said silently. “Two can [email protected] game” sniper said and end the call.

“What this guy, is f00lish, I will so deal with him” she said and dialed his personal guard number. “Hello ma’am” his guard said.

“Hi Steve, I want you to arrange your boss, you guys should be guilding me secretly, someone is after my life” Jane said and the door throw open.

Jane raised her head up and was surprised to see Mrs O’Brien standing near the door.

“Adele what’s your problem? How could you say you love mother condition?” Claire asked.

“Claire try to un-derstand me, I don’t want the doctor to do the surgery again, to be on the wheel chair will be better” Adele said.

“Adele what are you talking about? Don’t you want me to walk?” Mrs Clark asked. “Yes I don’t want you to walk, it’s better you remain like this” Adele said and Mrs Clerk bur-st into tears.

“What have [email protected]£ over you, how could you say, you love how am sitting on a wheelchair?” Mrs Clerk said.

“Mother st©p crying, am just scared, I don’t want to lose you” Adele said and Nathan moved closer to her.

He bend to her level and made to t©uçh her hand. “don’t t©uçh me, my mum isn’t doing operation again” Adele said.

“What are you scared of?” Mrs Clerk asked cleaning her tears with the back of her hand.

“I had a terrible dream on my way to the hospital” Adele replied and Nathan hissed out loud. “Was that the reason why, you wanna st©p her operation?” Nathan asked.

“Stay away from this! It’s none of your business” Adele said.

“It’s my business have you forgotten you’re my property” Nathan whispered to her. “Get the fv¢k out of this place” Adele said.

“Adele it’s just a dream, nothing will happen to me” Mrs Clerk said. “Mum it’s not just a dream, I don’t wanna lose you” Adele said.

“Put your mind at rest, you can’t lose me I will be fine” Mrs Clerk replied. “Mum you won’t be fine, and you can’t be fine” Adele replied.

“I will be fine my darling daughter” Mrs Clerk said. “What are you waiting for, take her to the operation room” Nathan said and two nurse rushed out to wheel Mrs clerk.

“No!” Adele said trying to st©p them, Nathan carried her and dropped her on the chair.

“Why did you carry me?” Adele asked and bite Nathan [email protected], and Nathan bur-st into laughter. “It’s not painful, Collins, how many hours will you take you to do the operation?” Nathan asked.

“We will be done in am hour time sir” doctor Collins replied. “You will have yourself to blame if anything happen to my mother” Adele said.

“Each of us, must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them, life shrinks or expand in proportion to one’s courage” Nathan said.

“I don’t want to hear anything from you, if anything happened to my mother you will have yourself to be blame, re-ad myl-ips I don’t joke with my mother” Adele said trying to walk to the place they wheeled her mother to.

“Adele st©p this màdnèss, just st©p this màdnèss now” Claire said.

“You called it màdnèss I accept thank you very much” Adele replied and sat on the ground. “Better!” Claire muttered.

Two hours later.
Doctor Collins walked out of the theater room sweating profusely, Adele stood up from the ground and rushed to him.

“Doctor! How is my mother?” She asked holding The doctor cloth


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