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Bloody Samaritan episode 32 & 33



GENRE:- [email protected]ç£

LOCATION:- LAS [email protected], PARIS, AND MIAMI.


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“Have you gone nut? I asked you a question which requires an answer, isn’t it?” Nathan asked.

“Actually…… Mr. Nathan” doctor Collins said, Nathan moved closer to him and gave him a resounding [email protected]

“Talk now!” Nathan yelled. “Am very sorry Mr. O’Brien, she’s fine” Doctor Collins replied.

“So what’s the meaning of what you first said? when you knew she’s fine” Nathan asked.

“Am just trying to tell you that you can’t see her now because she’s still slee-ping” Doctor Collins replied and Nathan hold his che-st.

“But she will wake up today right?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah, in an hour” doctor Collins replied. “Alright I will wait for her” Nathan replied and sat on a chair.

“Why’s Gabby not here?” Nathan asked. “I don’t know why she’s not here sir” Wyatt replied.

“Am here sir, am very sorry for coming late, Miss Jane delayed me” Gabby replied.

“Jane delayed you when I s£nt you a message, are you màd?” Nathan asked.

“Am very sorry sir” Gabby replied and moved back in fright.

“Where’s the food?” Nathan asked.

“Here’s it sir,” Gabby said and showed him the food.

“Give it to Wyatt and get out now!” Nathan said. “Alright sir” Gabby replied and gave the food to Wyatt.

. He brou-ght out his phone and go throu-gh his calls.

“Mum called!” Nathan said and dialed his mother’s number and Mrs. O’Brien picked up at the first ring.

“Hello Nathan, where are you?” Mrs. O’Brien asks.

“Am fine mum” Nathan replied? “Where are you?” Mrs. O’Brien asks.

“Am in the hospital” Nathan replied.

“Hospital, what happened to you?” Mrs. O’Brien asks.

“Am fine, I wasn’t the one that got admitted” Nathan replied.

“Oh!, Am in your house waiting for you,” Mrs. O’Brien said.

“Mum you didn’t tell me you’re coming” Nathan replied. “Yes, I nee-d to discuss something important with you,” Mrs. O’Brien said.

“Mum I can’t come to the house now,” Nathan said. “But I nee-d you in the house” Mrs. O’Brien replied.

“Mum relax I will soon be there, am waiting for Miss cràzy to wake up,” Nathan said.

“Who’s Miss cràzy?” Mrs. O’Brien replied.

“That lady you met in my house the day you [email protected]£” Nathan replied.

“Oh your property, what happened to her?” Mrs. O’Brien asks.

“She was sh0t on our way from work” Nathan replied. “What! We have endangered the Innocent lady’s life, I told you to be very careful, how’s she now?” Mrs. O’Brien asks.

“She’s fine mum” Nathan replied. “Are you sure she’s fine?” Mrs. O’Brien asks. “Yes mum, she’s” Nathan replied.

“Tell Wyatt to come and pick me up, I nee-d to be sure if she’s truly fine,” Mrs. O’Brien said.

“Mum you don’t have to come,” Nathan said. “I insist, s£nd Wyatt to come to carry me now” Mrs. O’Brien replied.

“Alright, you win” Nathan replied. “Wyatt goes pick mum in the house,” Nathan said to Wyatt. “Yours or hers?” Wyatt asked.

“Mine, ours,” Nathan said with an eye roll. “Alright boss” Wyatt replied and ran out.

“Good of you,” Mrs. O’Brien said and end the call. “Mum hope no problem?” Jane asked.

“No my dear, Nathan told me his property was sh0t, the girl you’re talking about, but don’t panic, because he said she’s fine, I just wanna go check things out myself,” Mrs. O’Brien said.

“Alright mum, I hope she’s truly fine like he said,” Jane said with a fake smile.

“I pray so” Mrs. O’Brien replied.

Adele looked around the ward and hold her head in pain.

“Ahh!” She said and Nathan rushed to her side. “Sorry, are you hungry?” Nathan asked and Adele hissed out loud.

“Take your hand off me, what type of silly question is that? I hold my head and you’re asking me if I am hungry” Adele said.

“Dear, don’t talk too much, because am very sure your head still hurts,” Mrs. O’Brien said and Wyatt rushed to call doctor Collins.

“Thank you very much ma” Adele replied with a smile. “Doctor, how’s she?” Nathan asked.

“She’s fine, we will discharge her tomorrow” doctor Collins replied. “Thank goodness” Nathan replied.

“Am hungry” Adele said and Nathan gave pushed her food to her.

“Can’t you see am feeling pain all over my b©dy? You’re the one that f0rç£d me to go out with you, so you will be the one to feed me” Adele said.

“Fine I will feed you,” Nathan said and moved closer to her.

“Boss, you mean you will feed her?” Wyatt asked.

“Did you have any problem with that?” Nathan asked.

“No sir, I don’t have a problem with it” Wyatt replied. “Better” Nathan said and sat beside her. “Be fast, am very hungry” Adele said.

“St©p ordering me around,” Nathan said and Adele bur-st into tears.

“Aren’t you the one that took me out by f0rç£?” Adele said crying like a kid.

“Problem!” Mrs. O’Brien said with a smile.

“plea-se try her number again,” Mrs. Clerk said. “I have tried it time without number, but she’s not picking up” Claire replied.

“This girl won’t be the end of me, I wish she’s fine, plea-se try her number again,” Mrs. Clerk said.

“She finally picked up,” Claire said with a smile. “Nice one, give me the phone,” Mrs. O’Brien said. “Hello mum,” Adele said calmly.

“Adele, why didn’t you pick up your calls, are you planning to kîll me?” Mrs. Clerk asked. “Am sorry mum, I was slee-ping then” Adele lied.

“Don’t try it again, make sure you always call me every morning, before doing anything” Mrs. O’Brien said.

“Alright mum, am sorry” Adele replied. “Alright take care of yourself and don’t forget mum love you,” Mrs. Clark said and end the call.

“Nathan plea-se there’s something I wanna discuss with you, Miss property we will be right back,” Mrs. O’Brien said. “Alright ma” Adele replied.

“Mum, can’t you wait until we get to the house?” Nathan asked.

“No I can’t wait, don’t you think it’s high time you s£nd the girl back to her people,” Mrs. O’Brien said.

“Mum she’s now my property,” Nathan said. “Keep quiet just keep quiet! Have you forgotten Williams is after your life? Did you want him to kîll the innocent girl?” Mrs. O’Brien asks.

“Mum you caused all these things, I have warned you against Williams, but you never listen, I asked you not to marry that dèvîl, but you think I am a kid I don’t know what am saying,” Nathan said angrily.

Am having eyes pain, am not sure I can post tomorrow, but I will manage to post if you guys encourage me and lastly I nee-d eyes [email protected]



GENRE:- [email protected]ç£

LOCATION:- LAS [email protected], PARIS, AND MIAMI.


Don’t copy or repost 🙅🙅🙅




“Mum you caused all these things, I have warned you against Williams, but you never listen, I asked you not to marry that dèvîl, but you think I am a kid I don’t know what am saying,” Nathan said angrily.

“Am sorry, it problem then is that I love him, but I left the marriage because of you” Mrs O’Brien said.

“Yeah, but it’s too late, if I get hold of Williams, mother did you know what am gonna do to him?” Nathan asked.

“No I don’t know” Mrs O’Brien replied. “I will kîll him” Nathan said.

“No you can’t kîll him” Mrs O’Brien replied. “Why did you still love that ûsèlèss man?” Nathan asked.

“No I don’t love him anymore, I hate him since he hurt you then, but I don’t want you to be a kiîller” Mrs O’Brien said.

“Mum did you wanna hear the truth?” Nathan asked. “Yes” Mrs O’Brien replied. “I am a kîller, I love kîlling people like Williams” Nathan said.

“You’re joking right?” Mrs O’Brien ask.

“No am not joking, I will kîll Williams anytime I see him” Nathan said.

“I know Williams deserve dèath, but plea-se let him be, don’t kîll him” Mrs O’Brien said.

“Alright I have heard you, let’s go inside” Nathan said with a wicked sm-irk.

“Alright, but are you in love with your property?” Mrs O’Brien ask.

“Mum I don’t un-derstand myself, I found myself falling for her personality” Nathan replied.

“Didn’t you love Jane your girlfriend?” Mrs O’Brien ask. “Mum I don’t love her” Nathan replied.

“Why did you introduce her to me as your girlfriend, when you know you don’t love her?” Mrs O’Brien replied.

“Mum that’s story for another day, I nee-d to go check Miss cràzy now” Nathan said.

“Alright” Mrs O’Brien replied and they both entered the ward.

“How are you feeling now?” Nathan asked. “Did I told you am not feeling fine before?” Adele asked.

“You aren’t fine, you’re sîck upstairs” Nathan said. “Wait, are you trying to insult me?” Adele replied.

“No you nee-d some rest, rest tomorrow is your mother operation” Nathan said and Adele lye down flat on the be-d.


“Boss!” Wyatt called. “Wyatt what happened?” Nathan asked.

“Someone is here to see you” Wyatt replied. “Let him in!” Nathan replied.

“Alright boss” Wyatt replied and walked away.

“He said you should come in, but make sure you compose yourself when you get inside, because my boss don’t take nonsènsè, he can kill you if you don’t compose yourself well” Wyatt said.

“Alright thank you very much” Collins replied with a smile. “Good morning Mr O’Brien” Collins greet with his head bow.

Nathan raised his head up and nod his head at him. “How may I help you?” Nathan asked. “I nee-d you to borrow me some money” Collins replied.

“Money!” Nathan said and Collins nod his head. “Are you dumb?” Nathan asked harshly. “Am very sorry sir” Collins replied.

“Sorry for yourself, how much did you nee-d? And what did you wanna use the money for?” Nathan asked. “$7000 sir” Collins replied.

“Did you want me to repeat myself? What did you wanna use the money for?” Nathan asked again.

“I want to use it for business” Collins replied. “Business? When did you intend to pay back?” Nathan asked.

“Next week sir” Collins replied. “Next week what?” Asher asked. “Ending of next week” Collins replied.

“Wyatt, collect his name and address with his thumb print” Nathan said.

“Alright boss” Wyatt replied. “Sir when are you giving me the money?” Collins asked.

“Drop your account details, you will receive alert before you get to the house” Nathan replied and stood up from the chair.

“I want to see you for some minutes plea-se” Jane said.

“What did you wanna see me for?” Nathan asked. “I wanna discuss something with you” Jane replied.

“You will discuss when I come back” Nathan replied and went out.

He get to the garage and entered one of his car.

“Am back, she can go home with me now right?” Nathan asked.

“Sure, she’s fine” doctor Collins replied. “Alright!” Nathan replied and walked to her ward.

He met his mother laughing [email protected] inside the ward.

Actually Nathan mother asked him to go back to the house yesterday night, she told him he will stay with her.

“So you mean you can’t [email protected]£ someone like him?” Mrs O’Brien ask.

“Yes ma, oh Mr grumpy is here” Adele said. “Good morning mum” Nathan greet his mother and pe-ck her on her cheek.

“Morning my darling, hope you sle-pt well?” Mrs O’Brien ask.

“Yes I do, what about you?” Nathan asked.

“I do, your property really make my night, she’s so funny” Mrs O’Brien said with a smile.

“Hey we nee-d to go to the house now, today is your mother operation” Nathan said.

“Wait how did you know that today is my mother operation?” Adele asked.

“Busted!” Nathan whispered.


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