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Bloody Samaritan episode 28 & 29



GENRE:- [email protected]ç£

LOCATION:- LAS [email protected], PARIS, AND MIAMI.


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Nathan t©uçhed her face and felt the urge to k!ssher.

He slam hisl-ips on hers and k!$$£d her hungrily not waiting for her to open up.
Adele stood still speechless not knowing what to do.

“What has gotten over Mr grumpy?” She asked herself and pushed him away immediately and he fall on his bu-tt.

“Mr grumpy, what has gotten over you? Why are you stealing k!sses from me? Are you a thief?” Adele asked.

Nathan stood up from the floor and dust his trou-ser with his hand.

“I don’t know what [email protected]£ over me, let’s go!” Nathan said and hold her hand.

“you don’t know what [email protected]£ over you?” Adele asked and Nathan nodded his head.

“I know what [email protected]£ over you, it’s the spirit of greed and thief,” Adele said.

“Whatever” Nathan replied.

Nathan pressed the open bu-tton and waited for the door to open.

“What are we waiting for?” Adele asked.

“I guess you know this is an elevator, we have to wait for the elevator to open” Nathan replied.

“The only thing you’re good at is to steal k!ss, am very sure you will be good at stealing other people’s properties,” Adele said.

“That’s enough!” Nathan said and the elevator open immediately.

A brief silence fall on them, as they waited for the elevator to open.

“So why did you like stealing k!sses from me?” Adele asked.

“Truth be told, I don’t un-derstand myself, I don’t know why I always have the urge to k!ssyou,” Nathan said.

“Don’t develop feelings for me, you aren’t my type of man” Adele said.

The elevator opens and they stepped out of the elevator.

Adele’s mouth sagged instantly when they get to Nathan’s office.

“This office is for how many peoples?” Adele asked.

Nathan ignored her question and went to sit on his chair.

He placed his head on the table and does some thinking.

“What did she mean by she can’t [email protected]£ someone like me?” Nathan asked himself and breathe out.

“Mr grumpy where’s your toilet, I wanna use the toilet?” Adele asked and Nathan point to his toilet.

“Why’s your face like this?” Adele asked and Nathan opened his system ignoring her question.

Adele hissed out loud and walked to the toilet

“You’re the bad one here, Mr. Clark, you have never asked me how is your wife’s health, knowing fully well that she’s not okay” Doctor Collins replied.

“Is that what you have to say?” Mr. Clerk asked. “Yes, your wife haven’t been fine for the past one year, and am very sure you have the money for the operation, but you don’t wanna give them because of your wickedness, I even heard you sold your daughter,” Doctor Collins said.

“That’s none of your business”, Mr. Clerk said angrily.

“I was on my own minding my business before you brou-ght your business to me” Doctor Collins replied.

“Good day,” Mr. Clerk said and walked out angrily.

“The truth is bitter” doctor Collins said and walked to his office.

“I have s£nt her picture to you, check her WhatsApp, and I want you to do a good job,” Jane said and end the call immediately.

“Let’s see, if you can escape death,” Jane said and left out a wicked smile.

“Nathan won’t have a choice than to love me when you’re gone, come to think of it, she’s a good lady, she saved my life, that’s none of my business, she’s going down, as far as she wants to steal my man from me,” Jane said and walked to the bathroom.

“What did you want again?” Nathan asked feeling frustrated alre-ady.

“Don’t shout at me, my heart is fragile aren’t you the one that brou-ght me to your office?” Adele said and pout herl-ips.

“St©p pouting yourl-ips” Nathan replied.

“It’s myl-ips, not yours” Adele replied with an eye roll.

“Come and help me with some files,” Nathan said and Adele stood up immediately.

“Now you’re talking, I just sat there like a lazy lady since and I am not lazy” Adele replied.

“I was only joking with you, go back to your seat,” Nathan said.

“I know what you’re thinking, you think I can’t handle those files right? I will surprise you by handling it, just give me the files and watch me handle it for you” Adele replied and Nathan pushed two unimportant files to her.

She goes throu-gh the files and smiles at herself and Nathan sm-irk at her.

“Am done” Adele said happily and gave the files back to Nathan.

“You did this?” Nathan asked.

“What sort of silly question is that, did I stand up from this place? Or did anyone enter [email protected] from the both of us?” Adele asked.

“Easy, I was just surprised, you’re a genius, but according to my research you’re a college dropout, how come you know all these things?” Nathan asked.

“That’s because I am brilliant when I was in school” Adele replied.

“Wow that’s nice, you made mentioned something the other time,” Nathan said.

“What’s that?” Adele asked. “Something like you can’t [email protected]£ someone like me, are you joking or do you mean it?” Nathan asked.

“I mean it, I don’t like a man like you” Adele replied.

“I can be whoever you want me to be,” Nathan said.

“What did you mean, you can be anything I want you to be?” Adele asked.

“Nevermind, let’s go to the house am done for today,” Nathan said and stood up from the chair.

“Is it not too early?” Adele asked.

“Am the owner of this place, I choose to close anytime I like” Nathan replied.

“Am very sorry Mr grumpy” Adele replied and stood up from the chair.

Nathan and Adele get to the parking lot and Wyatt rush to open the car door for them.

“sir where to?” Wyatt asked.

“Drive!” Nathan said and Wyatt start the car immediately.


I sat at window and I kept staring at the side mirror with my [email protected] on, this street is so beautiful.

“Mr grumpy this place is so beautiful” I said to him.

“How’s that my business?” He asked me.

“this guy is too grumpy for my liking.

I noticed a car was trailing us right for Mr grumpy company.

I decided to keep quiet because am not sure, he is trailing us.

A car drove past him st©pping h for trailing us. “Mr grumpy!” I called.

“what! Don’t disturb me plea-se” he replied.

“I have something to tell you” I said.

“Don’t say anything” he replied. The car double cross the car that drove [email protected] him and aim his gun at me.

Mr grumpy tried to drag me away from the window, but it was too late, because the gun has alre-ady sh0t me.

“$h!t!” I heard him say before closing my eyes.



GENRE:- [email protected]ç£

LOCATION:- LAS [email protected], PARIS, AND MIAMI.


Don’t copy or repost 🙅🙅🙅



Mr grumpy tried to drag me away from the window, but it was too late because the gun has alre-ady sh0t me.

“$h!t!” I heard him say before closing my eyes. “What just happened?” Nathan asked sweating profusely.

“Drive fast!” Nathan yelled.

“Should I drive after the car?” Wyatt asked.

“Are you crèzy, to the hospital now!” Nathan yelled.

“Hold on, plea-se don’t die on me, I have marked their face, I will make sure I bring them down for doing this to you, Wyatt what’s your problem, you’re driving as if you don’t have strength, did you want me to b!ow off your hèàd?’ Nathan asked angrily.

“Am very sorry sir” Wyatt replied.

He drove inside the hospital, Nathan didn’t wait for Wyatt to come open the car door, he stepped down from the car with Adele in his hand and rushed inside the hospital.

“Collins!” Nathan shouted and doctor Collins ran out.

“Take nothing must happen to her,” Nathan said and gave Adele to him.

“alright sir” Collins replied and carried her to a ward.

“if I had known, I won’t have allowed her to come with me, what sort of problem is this” Nathan said angrily.

“Relax boss,” Wyatt said. “Are you cràzy?” Nathan asked.

“No boss” Wyatt replied.

“Why are you telling me to calm down, if you aren’t cràzy?” Nathan asked.

“A very sorry boss” Wyatt replied.

“Sorry for yourself, did you capture the plate number?” Nathan asked.

“No sir” Wyatt replied. “You’re so usèleèss, never mind, I know the îdîót, I have been praying for him and his boys to fall on my tra-p, am gonna kîll them all, if I had known, I would have listened to what she wanted to tell me” Nathan said.

“Take it easy sir” Wyatt replied and Nathan moved closer to him.

He [email protected]£d him by his n£¢k and throw him [email protected] on the ground.

“Ouch!” Wyatt shouted in pain.

“I will be right back,” Nathan said and put on his [email protected]

He brou-ght out his phone and dial a number.

“I nee-d you to give me the location of someone I will s£nd his name to you now, I give you five minutes to s£nd me his location,” Nathan said and end the call immediately.

“Why’s boss so concerned about this girl? He has never behaved like this before, hope it’s not what am thinking? Wyatt asked himself.

“Wyatt!” Nathan called.

“Boss” Wyatt replied. “Am going out now, and make sure Collins doesn’t come out of that ward until Adele is fine, un-derstand?” Nathan asked.

“Yes, boss” Wyatt replied.

“Boss even remembers her name, this is love,” Wyatt said with a smile.

Nathan get to the parking lot and drove off.


Parking my car at the roadside, I kept staring at the side mirror, with my [email protected], laying neatly across my face.

I just couldn’t wait for the idîót to come to [email protected], so I can get this $h!t done once and for all.

Am sure you might be thinking of sniper, No, his location is unknown for now, it was one of his boys am waiting for, I will kîll them one after the other, before getting there boss. I will wanna let him know that he has call for war. And I must find out who s£nt him when I get him.
I kept watching the cars, [email protected] by, and I wonder what’s keeping him there.
After waiting for what seemed like forever, I finally sighted him throu-gh the mirror, as he walked out of the mall, and hopped in on his car, before driving throu-ghout the place.

I waited patiently for him, and after he drove past me, I ignited my car and started following him, ma-king sure to not let him out of my sight.
gr-abbing my gun from the [email protected]£nger seat beside me, not taking my gaze off the road, as my other hand kept doing magic on the steering wheel.
Just when I was about to aim at him, a car drove past me, st©pping me from hitting on my target.
“$h!t!” I cursed un-der my breath, as I stepped on the accelerator, and double-crossed the car, holding my gun out throu-gh the window, while still driving.

Once I got close to his car, I pu-ll-ed the trigger, and re-leased the bullet on his head, as his car began ma-king a loud sound, moving in a zig-zag form on the road, hitting different cars, till it finally hit a pole, and st©pped.

“Yay!” I sm-irked, as I stepped on the accelerator, and increased the speed, driving my way out of the place… Sniper doesn’t know who he is dealing with anything that happens to Miss cràzy, him and his family will also go for it, he isn’t afraid of me

he dares kîll someone in my custody, he will regret ever accepting to do the job.

My phone ring out loud and I picked it up from the other seat.

Why’s mum calling me now? Am not in the right state of mind to pick her call, but come throu-gh think of it, she will be dawn worried if I don’t pick it.

I cli-cked on the answer bu-tton and bring it close to my ear.

“My darling, how are you?” She asked for the other end of the call.

“Mum am fine, am quite busy right now, I will call you back when am less busy” I replied.

“I just wanna be sure if you’re fine, remember I told you he’s back, just be very careful, because I know he’s back for you” mum said.

“Mum you don’t nee-d to be afraid, because he can’t do anything to me” I replied.

“St©p saying that, that man can do and undo” she replied.

“Put your mind at rest, I will call you back later,” I said and end the call immediately, and drove off to the hospital.

“Mr. Wilfred, thank goodness you’re here, I nee-d to discuss something important with you,” doctor Collins said.

“Is it about her?” I asked and doctor Collins nodded his head.

“what happened to her?” I asked.

Hmmm Jane 😏


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