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Bloody Samaritan episode 26 & 27



GENRE:- [email protected]ç£

LOCATION:- LAS [email protected], PARIS, AND MIAMI.


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“Thank goodness you pick up your call, I have been calling you for the past two days but you aren’t picking” the caller replied.

“Why are you calling me in the first place?” Mr Clerk asks.

“I called to know if you’re fine, it has been long I heard from you” Mrs. Clerk replied.

“So it’s now you knew you have a husband” Mr. Clerk replied.

“I have been calling your number but you didn’t pick up, and you don’t call to ask of me either, knowing fully well that am not fine,” Mrs. Clerk said.

“That’s your problem not mine” My Clerk replied and end the call.

“This woman has some nerves she and her ûsèlèss daughter will run away from this world, by the time am done with them,” Mr. Clerk said with an evil sm-irk pla-ying on his face.

His phone ring again and he hissed out in frustration.

“who the hèçk is calling me again” he said before picking up his phone from the be-d.

He smile out as he saw the caller and cli-ck on the answer bu-tton.

“Good evening baby,” the caller said.

“I am not happy with you” Mr. Clerk replied. “Am very sorry honey, I heard you’re fine now” the caller said.

“Yes am fine, but why did you run away?” Mr. Clerk asked.

“I have to when others are running away, am very sorry sugar pie,” the caller said.

“You’re forgiven baby” Mr. Clerk replied.

“When are we going to see?” The caller asked. “I will call you when I come back from the hospital” Mr. Clerk replied.

“Alright darling, I can’t wait to see you” the caller replied.

“Same here” Mr. Clerk replied.

“Alright make sure you call me when you come back, and don’t forget the money I asked from you” the caller replied.

“Ma’am, you called for me,” Gabby said.

“I want you to sleep with me, I can’t sleep alone, that man spirit will hunt me,” Adele said.

“Did you kill someone? am sorry for asking” Gabby replied.

“I didn’t kill anyone, but Mr grumpy killed someone and showed me the video of how he killed him, I can’t sleep alone, plea-se sleep with me” Adele replied.

“I don’t think I can sleep with you ma, I don’t want trouble” Gabby replied.

“He can’t do anything to you, and he won’t even know you sleep here, plea-se sleep with me if you don’t want me to die before tomorrow,” Adele said.

“You can’t die” Gabby replied.

“I can and I will dîé, because the dead man spirit will hurt me, if you don’t sleep with me” Adele replied sweating un-der Air conditioner.

“Alright I will sleep with you ma” Gabby replied and Adele jumped down from the be-d immediately and hvgged Gabby to herself.

“Sir what did you wanna s£nd me?” Collins asked. “I want you to go borrow money from Nathan.” Unknown replied.

“Nathan O’Brien,” Collins said fearfully.

“Yes, are you afraid of him?” Unknown asked and brou-ght out his gun.

“No sir” Collins replied. “You can’t do it right?” Unknown asked.

“I can do it sir” Collins replied.

“Better” unknown replied and put his gun back in his pocket.

“Sir, when are you gonna pay the money back?” Collins asked.

“Do I look like a poor man to you, I only wanna get him throu-gh the money” unknown replied? “But he will come for me if we don’t pay back his money,” Collins said.

“He will come for us and I will gladly wait for him,” Unknown said.

“Alright boss, your wish is my command sir” Collins replied.

“Better!” Unknown said with a wicked smile. “So when will I go to borrow the money?” Collins asked.

“Tomorrow” unknown replied and stood up from the chair.

“I hope you can do it” Andre One of the unknown guys asked.

“I don’t have a choice the boss will kill me if I don’t accept to go,” Collins said.

“But did you know that Mr. O’Brien’s own will be worst if he found out you are a prey” Andre replied? “So are you trying to tell me not to work for the boss because Mr. O’Brien will kill me?” Collins replied.

“He won’t kill you easily, he will torture you to death trust me, I will advise you to run far away from here” Andre replied.

“I can’t run, because the boss will find me” Collins replied.

“Good for you, but you should listen to advise now before it’s too late” Andre replied.

“Should I go and tell the boss that you asked me not to do it because he will kill me?” Collins asked.

“Am very sorry plea-se don’t tell boss, I will never talk about it again” Andre replied.

“Better!” Collins replied and Andre shake his head in a pity manner.

“I pity your life,” Andre said and walked away.

“Someone is threatening me because of my man,” Jane said. “Who’s the idîót?” The tout asked.

“Relax let me explain, she said there’s nothing I can do, she promised to kill me before the end of this week,” Jane said and the person Jane called bur-st into laughter.

“Tell the person she’s pla-ying with death,” the guy said.

“yeah, I told her I have someone like you spider but she didn’t believe me, I want you to show her the stuff you’re made of,” Jane said.

“Consider it done, just s£nd me her picture” spider said.

“I will s£nd you tomorrow, let me search for it on the net” Jane replied.

“Alright I will be expecting it, and I hope you haven’t forgotten how I charge,” the spider said.

“I can never forget, just forward your account details to me,” Jane said and end the call.

“Yes, you’re a goner,” Jane said happily.

The next day.

“Hey, you!” Nathan called and Gabby turned back to look at him. “Where’s my honey?” Nathan asked.

“Your honey?” Gabby asked surprised.

“are you dèàf, did you want me to talk twice before you un-derstand what am saying?” Nathan said angrily.

“Am very sorry boss, I don’t know who you’re talking about” Gabby replied.

“Go and call Adele for me,” Nathan said and walked to the dining.

“Alright sir” Gabby replied and rushed to Adele’s room.

She placed a knock at Adele’s door and Adele asked her to enter.

“Ma’am, Mr. O’Brien wants to see you in the dinning,” Gabby said.

“Tell him, I am dead,” Adele said and covered herself up with the duvet.

“I can’t go and tell him you’re dead ma” Gabby replied.

“God forbid, I can’t face that mûrdèr,” Adele said.

“Mr. O’Brien will be angry,” Gabby said.

“Go and tell him a deàd, get out of my room now!” Adele yelled.

“Am very sorry ma’am” Gabby replied and walked out of the room.

“Am sorry for shouting at you, I knew you won’t go if I don’t shout at you Adele said to herself.



GENRE:- [email protected]ç£

LOCATION:- LAS [email protected], PARIS, AND MIAMI.


Don’t copy or repost 🙅🙅🙅



“Am sorry for shouting at you, I knew you won’t go if I don’t shout at you” Adele said to herself. “He wants me to come out, so he can kill me, it’s not possible am not re-ady to die,” Adele said and covered herself well with the duvet.

“Where’s she?” Nathan asked. “She’s dead sir” Gabby replied.

“Dèad?” Asher asked and Gabby nod her head. “what kill her!” Nathan yelled and Gabby moved back in fright.

.”She said, I should tell you that she’s dèad” Gabby replied and Asher smiled out.

“it’s time to bury a deàd woman,” Nathan said and picked up his phone from the table and dial Wyatt’s number.

“Hello Wyatt, where are you?” Nathan asked. “Am outside boss” Wyatt replied from the other end of the call.

“Come inside we have to burry a deàd lady before her corpse starts to smèll” Nathan replied.

“Alright boss, where’s the dead lady?” Wyatt asked.

“Meet me in the dining” Nathan replied and end the call.

“You can go!” Nathan said and wave Gabby off. “Alright sir” Gabby replied and ran to the kitchen

. “Good morning boss” Wyatt greets and Nathan nods his head.

“Let’s go!” Nathan said and stood up from the chair.

Nathan opened the door with his leg and they walked inside Adele’s room.

“What a pity, a beautiful lady like this is gone, Wyatt carry let’s go burial her before she start smelling,” Nathan said.

“Alright sir” Wyatt replied and moved closer to Adele.

“Sir, she’s still breathing,” Wyatt said.

“Forget about the breathing, she said she’s deàd with her mouth, let do her the favor of burring her,” Nathan said and Wyatt tried to lift Adele and Adele kicked him [email protected] on his d!¢k.

“Ouch!” Wyatt said and fall on her knees. Nathan moved closer to Wyatt and dragged him up by his collar.

“Why are you so ûsèlèss,” Nathan said.

“Am very sorry sir” Wyatt replied.

“A mere woman kicks you and you fall,” Nathan said.

“Am very sorry sir, she kicked me on my d!¢k” Wyatt said.

“hey I thought you are dèàd?” Nathan asked. “You’re the one that will dèàd, is that English even correct, anyhow,” Adele said.

“I can see, you haven’t learnt your lesson, I know what to do,” Nathan said.

“Ahh, brother, uncle grumpy, I have learned my lesson, am very sorry for running my mouth like a tap,” Adele said when she remembered the video Nathan made her watched.

“Get out, I will deal with you later,” Nathan said and Wyatt went out immediately.

“Dress up, we are going to my office together, and lastly meet me in the dining,” Nathan said.

“Hey Mr grumpy come back here, what happened to my working place, why will you ask me to follow you to your working place?” Adele asked.

“I give you five minutes to get out of this room,” Nathan said and slam the door [email protected] before walking out of the room.

“What’s even wrong with this guy, who the hèll did he think he’s?” Adele asked herself before coming down from the be-d.

“Make sure you come every three days for a check-up,” the doctor said.

“Alright doctor thank you very much, but I will like to ask you a question” Mr. Clerk replied.

“Alright am listening sir” Doctor Collins replied.

“Don’t you think my wife and child are is cràzy?” Mr. Clerk asked.

“No they aren’t, why did you say that?” Doctor Collins asked.

“Thank you, I have been in this hospital for the past two days, and none of them [email protected]£ to check on me, is that not wickedness?” Mr. Clerk asked.

“Mr. Clark, to be frank with you, they aren’t wickéd, you’re the wickéd one here” doctor Collins replied.

“Why did you say that?” Mr clerk asks.

“Relax I will explain to you” doctor Collins replied.

Adele walked out of her room fully dressed and walked to the dining room.

She sat down opposite Nathan and picked a plate and spoon.

She dished her food and started eating.

“Hope you’re enjoying it, Honey?” Nathan asked and Adele coughs out the food in her mouth.

“Who are you talking to?” Adele asked.

“Is it not obvious that he’s talking to me?” Jane said with an eye roll “Don’t bring your hope high, I am talking to her not you” Nathan said to Jane.

“Why will you call her your honey?’ Jane asked. “Are you questioning me?” Nathan asked.

“I am very sorry” Jane replied and roll her eyes at Adele.

“Am done here, Miss cràzy meet me in the car” Nathan said and stood up from the chair.

“Where are you going to with my love?” Jane asked.

“Why don’t you ask your love instead” Adele replied and stood up from the chair.

“I wonder how you fell in love with a killer like Mr grumpy, I guess you’re also a killer because you aren’t different from each other, good day miss n-ked celebrity,” Adele said and walked out.

“Did she just insult me, wait did she know am planning to kîll her?” Jane asked herself and stood up from the chair.

“No she can’t know there’s no way for her to know,” Jane said.

“What took you so long?” Nathan asked. “Nothing” Adele replied with an eye roll.

“I will deal with you later, get inside the car” Nathan said.

“The only thing you can do to me is to kîll me,” Adele said.

“And I will kîll you” Nathan replied.

“I am not afraid of dèàth” Adele replied and entered the car.

Nathan walked inside his office, with Adele walking by his side.

“Welcome sir” his workers greet and he looked around.

“Hey you, come here,” Nathan said and the lady moved closer to him.

“Welcome sir” the lady greet.

“Why did you dress like a pr©st!tût£to my company?” Nathan asked.

“Am very sorry” the lady said and Nathan’s hand landed on her face.

“Am very sorry sir” the lady said and hold her face in pain.

“I give you five minutes to change that clothes, consider yourself dièd if you don’t come back before the five minutes,” Nathan said and walked to his office.

“Why did you [email protected] her?” Adele asked.

“Did you see the fight for her?” Nathan said.

“I see nothing wrong in what she wears” Adele replied.

“Can you dress like that?” Nathan asked and Adele nod her head.

“You mean you can dress like that?” Nathan asked and moved closer to her.

“Yes is anything wrong with that?” She asked again.

Nathan t©uçhed her face and felt the urge to k!ssher. He slam hisl-ips on hers and k!$$£d her hungrily not waiting for her to open up.


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