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Beautiful love song 2 episode 7 & 8


I’m I really dreaming??

Just like that,I got what every guy will do to take away at all cost.

Gosh!! I smiled wholeheartedly and look at Krishna immediately her mom left.. “She said I can [email protected]£ you”
she uttered and ran up another stairway.

my phone rang,i entered my room and answered it

Hope you’re prepared???

the trip to Germany is in a week’s time and we are signing in 13-15 suites.Try to tolerate whatever thing that Eddy will do to you~~signed, Tiffany Gold..

Online shopping for buyers and sellers in Ghana is the answer.

I drop my phone and picked another one, I phoned Ely.

“Prepare a 3month stay in Australia, I will s£nd the person details to you in the next 4min” I hung up and did a quic-k money transfer into his account.

I went out of my room to get Krishna’s mom details. I want her to stay there for a

while so that she can relax.

I s£nt her details to Eliot.

He was on it.

I got to Krishna’s room and met her mom checking out some things in sweetheart’s bag.

“mom,your papers will be re-ady in the next 6hours,I want you to stay in Australia for now. I’m preparing a nice place for you to stay”

I said and minimized the way I use my phone in her pres£nce so that it won’t look as if we are greater than each other.She might start seeing me as a god.

She smiled and apply sindoor(red India powder) on my forehead.

“Do you know who Best Marley is?? You look like him.I saw him last when he was a month old” she said.

I smiled and chewed my gum slowly.

“A month old baby???

I smiled.

“Yes,you have the same dots on your n£¢k with the baby.His name is Best Marley,his fathers name is Jimin Marley,his mother’s name is Park Chae” she said.

“I may just have the same dot with him,I don’t know who best Marley is. In fact this is the first time I will be hearing such name” I replied her, truthfully.

“Royal,where is your mom??? She asked.

Something struck my [email protected]….

there,everywhere was dark…

looks like a dungeon…

I heard the rustling of chains ..

The memory faded away.I didn’t remember it again.

“ummm my mom-

she’s dead” I replied her.

“ohh sorry” she smiled.I drop one ofy credit card to her and look at Krishna who was slee-ping comfortable on the be-d,I left.

I got to my room and thought of what I remembered,I jot it down in a book and wore my sli-ppers halfly…

whatever thing it is,I will remember.

I took my [email protected]©p and was using my phone at the same time.

Han Cheng s£nt me a message immediately I turn on my internet.

I didn’t even check his messages.
He called me instead. I ignored the calls but picked up when he wouldn’t st©p.

“Royal, Lilly is kind of sick,I want you to take care of her in the next trip five stars will be organizing for you” he said, it really got me pissed. “I’m I her doctor??? I asked.

Don’t call my number again,thank you!! I hung up and switch off the phone.

I turn on another one and continue whatever thing I was doing.

The phone that I turn on rang,
It was Han Lilly.

what’s all this nons-en-se???

I expounded and pick the call

“Baby, I’m sick” she said…

“meaning??? I asked.

“won’t you come and see me???
she asked.

“If you should call my number or text me again,you will regret it exactly the way I regret every single moment I shared with you.
Even if you’re dying sick, stay away from me…..
I can’t believe you are more worst than what I know.

There’s nothing between us except for your wicked act.”

I rush my words.
“Baby…..” she said.

“Don’t…. ” I cautioned.

She didn’t say a word,I hung up and continue the important thing that I was doing.

~Krishna’s p.o.v

I gladly changed into the light purple nightgo-wn that a maid brou-ght for me in a pack.I still can’t contain my happiness.

I rush to the washroom and wash my face,I drank tea again.

“mom,you did well. I promise to build your dream house for you in the future” I told her.

She smiled and arrange my hair in sleep.

“will you miss me? I’m traveling to Australia tomorrow” she asked.

“I will miss you so much” I replied.

“Do not get pregnant till I come back. Stay faithful” she sa


“Okay,i won’t forget” I said and went to the water dispensary machine again,I made tea for her and intend to get bre-ad and maybe make egg sauce in the kitchen, I saw Royal’s flat internet device on the floor,I pick it up and took another stairway to his door

I knocked.

“come in” he said.
I tried opening the door,it was locked from the inside.

“Sweetheart right??? he asked.

“Yes,I’m the one” I replied.

“Press the white bu-tton on the door and push the knob slowly” he said.

I did it,the door opened.

The way his room looked like scared me…..Gosh,this is pure wealth!!!

my eyes opened.
Cold started catching me and it was even snowing.
“well….I just [email protected]£ to drop this”

I showed up the internet device.

He turn to look at me…

“oooh that!!!! I exclaimed and stretch forth his cute palm.
“Sir why are you not wearing t©p???

it’s snowing outside” I said, my eyes went to his tommy…..

His belt kind of have diamonds arranged randomly.
“won’t you enter????

he asked…

“well…..I smiled and entered.
I drop the device into his palm,he drag me with it and made me fall beside where
he kept his [email protected]©p on

the be-d…

“t©uçh my hairs,it will make me sleep quic-kly” he said.


I coughed..

“I’m coming,I want to wash my hand” I said and stood up.

He dragged me back,

“You’re a president,I nee-d to watch my hand.See,it is dirty” I said.

He still drag me back.

I smiled and positioned his head well on my [email protected]

Can I really t©uçh his hairs????

[As long as you gimme love💜]

#adesolagoldenstories. ✍🌹




“umm sir,do you think I can cope as your girlfriend??
I asked and move my f!ngersinto his hairs slowly.
“why not?? how old are you? he ask.
“Close to 20” I replied,he smiled.
“same age with Dora” he said and took his phone.
I saw what he was doing,
Five stars group chat.

💌 and I thought the trip to Germany is in three days time.Why must we suddenly travel tomorrow afternoon? I saw him type into his phone.

“How many b©yfri£nds have you had, be truthful? he asked.
Remember I told you that day I never had one” I replied.

“How do you feel like when working for others as maid? Do they maltreat you by giving you extra works? he asked.
“Once in a while but I love Claudia, She doesn’t stress me at all.I remember the day I lost her gold in the rain,she didn’t even shout at me.. She use to buy things for me” I said…
Royal smiled.

“Who’s Claudia? the old woman who registered you into dice high right? he asked.
“Not an old woman, Stephanie is the old woman who do maltreat me back then by giving extra work but I like her very much” I said.

“You like her even when she maltreat you and gave you marks” he scoffed.
“I still like her but I hate her son” I said.
“why?.??? he asked.
“well,I tried abusing me S-xually”
I told him….
I saw his countenance changed. He shut his eyes and re-opened them.

“what’s his name?? he asked.
“you want to lock him up” I expound when I saw him picking his phone.
“What’s his name?? he asked again.
“well,I don’t know” I replied,he scoff…
“seriously,I have forgotten. It’s in the past…Royal plea-se,he has changed” I fidget with my f!ngers.
“I see,why do you like defending people??? he asked and took his head away from my [email protected]
He stood away from the be-d, I watch him fit his pretty legs halfly into a black diamond bias sli-pper.
The way he walks made me forget I was his girlfriend.He wore a black t©p and untie his hair bandana…
is he really now my b©yfri£nd??
I pray I cope to his taste.

“Sleep here,in my room.Do not go out” he said and re-move his ring..
“Chris,am coming” he rolled his eyeba-lls and kept his phone in his back pocket.
He left.

I stood away from the be-d and went to his washroom. I couldn’t even t©uçh anything.I went back to be-d and sle-pt with my che-st covering the be-d and the duvet all over my skin.

I don’t know how long I sle-pt but I felt him joining me in be-d.He didn’t sleep, he sat with his back facing me.
I couldn’t see what he was doing clearly because of my sleepy eyes plus the lights were dimmed green.
I heard the fli-pping of papers continuously.

is he re-ading???
No,I don’t think so…
he alre-ady finished school.He studied at Australia as I was told and he started ma-king his money at “17” because of his talent.

I shut my eyes back but the sound of the papers disturb my sleep. I opened my eyes wi-dely and discovered that he was counting money and arranging them neatly in a briefcase.
I took a pillow and use it to cover my ears.

“I’m disturbing you right!!!
he asked…
“ummm no…” I replied.
I suddenly envied Han Lilly.
She must have stole a lot from him by taking advantage of his amnesia.
“I know I disturb you,I will soon st©p he said and turn to me,I quic-kly turn my face to the other side. He watch my back for a while.
Thank goodness I wore bu-mbersh0t un-derneath and not just [email protected] as Dora describe-d..

“Royal,continue counting your money, be fast so that you can sleep” I told him.
“Money isn’t my happiness!
Even if it can buy everything, can it buy you? he asked and package every bundle of money carelessly into the briefcase.
“have a good sleep,I will go count the money there” he said and took his briefcase to where he mentioned.
It was a bit far from the be-d…
I sle-pt peacefully without disturbance

~~Royal’s p.o.v~~~
I glance back at her,
she alre-ady sle-pt and I wonder if she’s comfortable with the way she sle-pt.Her n£¢k might hurt if she wakes up.
I faced what I was doing,the sight of the money I nee-ded to count made me go out again to get the counting machine. I might just end up being a psycho if I should use my [email protected] to count such amount of money.
I got the counting machine and plug it on the wall,I packed money with the same denomination into it and pressed the black money…
I continue like that till I was done…

I arranged everything well to be taken to the bank by Elliot..
My phone rang.
I ignored it and rush off to the be-d.

I adjusted Krishna very well.
Gosh, is this why she’s slee-ping like this???…
why didn’t I look her very well when she entered, she’s so unbelievable for slee-ping like this just because she is not wearing a [email protected] un-derneath. She is just trynna hide her pointing brea-sts.

“Nice shape”
I uttered and [email protected] beside her.

📲 Thank you, I got the phone alre-ady,it was delivered.You won’t believe Xingzi is jealous of me and my friends were just wishing they could get a foster brother like you”
Theila s£nt..
📲 Do you still want anything? I s£nt.
📲 Yes,I want to see your girlfriend before you travel to Germany for your performance” She s£nt.
📲 And plea-se,start visiting home once in a while,mom miss you a lot” she s£nt.
📲 Do you want another thing? I s£nt.

I just feel somehow going to check on mom because of what happened last. I couldn’t even tell Jeff and Justin, I only told Chris and he was kind of surprised…

Children of nowadays are spoilt!
imagine that broom of a thing to me!
If not because of the bond between her dad and me and mostly Theila, I would have charge Xingzi for false accusations since the CCTV is a proof…

📲 Honey, will you come? she s£nt.
📲 I will manage” I s£nt.

She video called me immediately.
“I love you…plea-se the chocolates, do not forget” she chuckled and smiled like a flower.
it’s really pretty seeing a 7years old kid do that….

~~Lilly’s p.o.v~~
I woke up with a tricky plan,
Since there will be up to 13 to 15 suites for us in Germany,I’m just going to try and ensure that my suite is opposite Royal’s own.

I dress up and went to my dad’s house since he’s the one to direct whatever arrangement that Mrs Rose will be doing.
I sat opposite him…
“plea-se— do it–”
he said into his phone and hung up.

I saw dice high certificate of occupancy on the table,
I smiled and t©uçh it. Gosh, I’m always happy that the renowned dice high is for us….
I mean it’s our main source of wealth.

I wanted to open it,he collected it from me.
“Dad,why???? I asked in a frown.
“okay okay” he said into his phone and ended the call.

“Dad,I’m sick and might not follow my band mate to Germany! I said.
“why??? he asked.
“I’m sick because my account is close to red and my sickness might wors£n if I don’t get the chance to be close to Royal” I said,he made another call.

“Mrs Rose,make arrangements for my daughter and royals room to be opposite each other” he said.
“no buts” my dad hung up.
He transfered 30million into my account…
I smiled and k!$$£d his sides of cheeks.

I got home and ordered trending wears,Angel was re-ading someone status while Mira was packing cloths
“Mira, don’t pack for me.All what I will be wearing there will be new” I cautioned..

“Have you forgotten Lilly doesn’t wear clothes twice??! Angel said.
“I swear,I almost” Mira said and unpack my things….

My orders arrived.
Angel helped me to get them.
Another other [email protected]£,she got them again….
“Lilly,you got a new travelling bag.. it’s cute,I like the way the color is pink” Mira said.

“She doesn’t use things twice”
Angel smiled. ..
I polish my nails and arrange my hairs into curly waves,we will soon be leaving for the airport…
(beautiful love song by adesola adeomowole.m.).

~~Krishna🎷 Krishna
I don’t even have an idea I will be following Royal to Germany to witness his show.It was a great plea-sure though.
I sang out if the washroom in only a towel.The cloth am to wear was alre-ady lying on my dressing table.

I pick my cream and applied little to my skin… I dressed up and opened the shopping bag and brou-ght out the ware fully.
The jeggings fitted me perfectly and of course it brou-ght out all what men will die to see,I wore the t©p and fit my feet into the black sneakers.
They had always been my dream sneakers,I used the choka that [email protected]£ with it and check myself in the mirror.

I was too shy to step out..
“Krishna, is this you??
I gulp into nothing and straighten my hair while using the straighter.
This simple dressing alre-ady made me look like this ummm

“Sir’s are waiting”.
A maid delivered message by knocking.
I drop the straightener and took a fansy bag.I kept my phone and charger into it and step out.
I saw the maid standing there and holding the handle of a black traveling bag.

“Shall I say you’re the most beautiful creature I have ever seen??? You look sooo natural with your long lashes and milky skin” the maid said.
“thank you” I said and bowed to her.

“ma’am” the maid t©uçh me and suddenly hvgged me……
“You’re the only one I like out of those girls Royal do bring here” she said…He loves you sooo much.
Royal never buy things for ladies, he gives them money…
I was surprised when he gave us your exact size….

aahhh I forgot I’m royals girlfriend…
Royal showed up.
The maid left me and pretend as if she’s helping to adjust my choka.

He’s possessive,he might get angry that I hvgged you” she said.
I smiled….

“Did he also gave them my [email protected] size???
“how come he knows?? he has never seen me n-ked!! I thought.
The maid left…
Royal [email protected]£ and took my hand, using his ringed f!nger to brush into my ban-gles….
“Sirrrr!!! I lament at the sweetness I felt….He look at my che-st as we walk downstairs.

“ummm how did he know my [email protected] and [email protected] size??? I don’t think he knows all those things!!!!

I saw chris,Justin and Jeffrey waiting in their separate cars.
I greeted them as Royal opened the car door for me….
I saw Chris smiled from his car. Royal joined me in the car while the driver drove.

He drop his phone down on the space between us,a message beeped in.I think it’s from Chris.

💌 Idiot,be careful with that girl, she’s a little bone” I re-ad the message, Royal took his phone.
“what did you see?? he asked.
“umm nothing” I replied in a smile.

We got to the airport and took separate pri-vate jets.

We got to Germany in the evening…
It was beautiful…
“How do you feel?? fine right?? he asked.. as the driver drove into the longue.

He whined the [email protected] door and step out,his guards rushed to cover him.

🚺 Omg! isn’t that Royal??

Everyone in the longue compound turn back.I saw Lilly too though I wasn’t out the car,only Royal was out

🚺 Gosh, Royal the lead voice of dice high and also a soon to be president, isn’t that lovely???

Everyone mummurs,
ten guards moved to cover him.

🚺 ohh my Royal!!
🚺 I just love his stature and height, it’s really unique.
🚺 Who’s that girl in his car????
🚺 She look [email protected],is she a model??

Han Lilly turn back.
I was surprised we are wearing the same clothes.
“ma’am get down” a guard said..
“No,not now,I will do when the crowd reduce” I said.

Royal look back…
I couldn’t hear what he said but the movement of hisl-ips made me un-derstand.
“Ain’t you getting down??? he asked.
“umm well…”
I look at Lilly’s cloth then back to mine,everything was the same…but i think it fitted me well than lilly.

I just pray I don’t cause trouble…
And Lilly, I wonder why she’s giving me those faces.


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