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Beautiful love song 2 episode 21

Beautiful Love❤Song🎻
[As long as you gimme love💜]

#adesolagoldenstories ✍❤❤❤




Lilly ran after me and blocked my way..I hit my forehead lightly.
“Eddy,am sorry” she said.
I look at how desperate she is in my pres£nce.

“Lilly,what’s the color of your problem? I can’t believe you’re this worthless,I never presume to have you caught in this dirty character”
I said.

But you sle-pt with me-
she said.

“Yeah,I just regret that…
And you still want Royal after slee-ping with me, Romeo and Jayden, I can’t believe you’re this pompous” I fired her,furry in my eyes.
“Eddy,I make mistakes,am also human and humans are bound to make mistakes, it’s the devil’s handwork,just help me this last time” she said.

“I should help you?”
“Do you have sight problem when you are luring Elliot,Royal’s manager.
Lilly,you just made me hate you,
I don’t only hate you, you’ve made me hate all girls in general.What you did to me by ma-king my life more confused will always be an unhealed scar in my heart,I can’t forgive your pride.fv¢k love,I don’t care what’s between you, Krishna,and all other bit-ches…
Don’t you dare involve me in your matters,plea-se yourself!
I said and push her out of my way..

She’s just lucky Royal doesn’t love child’s pla-y,if not she would have been expo-sed.

Jeff’s p.o.v😱

Royal shake hands with us,
he hvgged Chris and went ahead to sit on the highest staircase with his phone.
His favorite position right from time.
The chef served him his favorite wine and left.

“Sorry guys for the delay-
my manager is coming with the money” he said,operating his phones.
Eddy [email protected]£ in,
their eyes met,
Royal look at him with a very cold voice and sip in his wine.
They are not on good terms,
I wonder who will beg who first, I wonder who will [email protected] pride down by begging first.

Chris and Justin have tried ma-king them talk but all his efforts was just like pouring water in a basket, so we let them be.

“How is sweetheart,it’s been a long time I saw her” Justin said..
“You’re calling three days long right?” Royal asked…
Chris chuckled.
.Elliot [email protected]£ in with five slivery briefcase,royal did some signals,Elliot drop the briefcase on the [email protected] center table and left.

“Someone should share the money equally, I wanna leave here” Royal said and check his gold wristwatch.
I smiled and thought of another plan to make Royal and eddy talk before their attitude will start ma-king our band cooperation [email protected]

I whispered the plan into Justin’s ear,
Justin whispered it into Chris ears.

“Share the money”
Royal said and st©p pressing phone.
“hunn I can’t share such hvge money” I said as [email protected] of the plan.
“But you can spend more than that”
Royal said.
“Anyways,Justin share the money equally” he said.

“meeee” Justin smiled
“Chris” Justin said.
“I’m not in the mood,Jeffery should do that” Chris said.
“Justin” I said.
“Chris” Justin said,again.
“Jeffrey” chris said.

We continue pushing it to each other, it made royal pissed off as the leader.
He sighed and look at Eddy with his handsome face…
We smiled-our plan was working.

“then I will do it”
Royal said and stood up.
“hunnnnnn” Justin said…
“whaaaaaat!!!! Chris crackled.
I smiled lightly,Royal will share rubbish.

I watched him get to where the briefcase was,he opened them…
“manage anyhow I share” he said and started bringing out the rupee notes in bundles,he starts throwing them to us.

“Chris” he said and threw whatever amount his hands picked to Chris.
“since you made me share” he wi-nk.
“Jeff” he said and threw mine.
“Justin” he said and threw to him..
I got 17bundles,
Chris got 16 bundles,
Justin got 10 bundles….awww he is so unlucky.

Royal look at eddy…
“hmm what’s your name?”
he pointed at Eddy and deliberately threw him a single bundle..
we know he is doing it intentionally.
I smiled and look at eddy then back to Royal.

“what’s that your name again?”
he asked again and threw more money to eddy till it completed 20 bundles…
he poured the remaining one on the chair..
“that’s mine” he said…

Elliot [email protected]£ in and packed Royals share,he faced Royal with a slight bow…
“umm,take 50% of the money to the orphanage while the remaining 50% should be given to any hospital patient that nee-ds help urgently” Royal said….

But Roy,we took money to the orphanage yesterday”
Eliiot said.
“yes,I know” he replied..
“ohhk” Eliot said and left..
Such kindness,I wish I can learn how to give like him” I overhead Ely saying…

“Who else is thinking we should attend [email protected] today?” Chris asked.
“I don’t think we should attend,if I should go,it only means I want to see Doras face” I said..

Jeff to Dora,
Royal to sweetheart”
Justin said.
Eddy smiled.

“Who’s sweetheart?”
Eddy asked…

“People ago ain’t [email protected] of my future do not nee-d to know who she is to me”
Royal replied,stood up and walk upstairs.
I exhaled and arranged my share…
Justin look at Eddy..

“Eddy,you nee-d to be calm,it will be really difficult for him to trust you like he before”. Chris said.

Mira’s p.o.v~~~~

I was still beside the pool sipping in wine when Lilly’s car drove in.
She was wearing a short ti-ght fitting [email protected]!st leggings,a short white t©p that st©pped right on her br£@st track and dice high student jacket..

it had on a gold stamp on her left che-st,The stamp was inscribe-d ‘Queen’….

I know she [email protected]£ with her problem..
if only she knows mine is more than hers.

“Mira,Eddy find out about the truth, and am sure Nina told him..
Nina is really crossing her boundaries with me,she really want us to be more than enemies and friends…” she said.

I smiled and drank ice cream.
Lilly will always do anything to save her reputation,she can even kill to save her fame…she doesn’t like insult’s.

I swear I would have been more than happy if I would find a sp©tless goddess for my dad…
but hear,I’m just stranded.

“Lil,wait let me dress up so we can get back to school,our break is almost over” I said and wra-pped my towel,she followed me upstairs to my room…

My phone alre-ady rang-
it was him,my dad…
I just wish I could go back to my mom,but I was unlucky my dad took me away from her when I was a kid..

I dressed in dice high school uniform, wore a short socks and an expensive sneakers….
Lilly also changed into dice high uniform properly.It was one of my new uniform..
The next [email protected] we are having was to be taken by Mrs Chloe,she is a very strict woman who doesn’t tolerate indecency and besides it’s not a uniform free day…

I picked my pink phone and my bag, then I followed Lilly out.
whosoever the goddess is,I hope I finds her soon so as to replace my own life.

Krishna p.o.v❤

I smiled and hastily walk into Mrs Brown mansion.I think she allowed me in because I now look [email protected]
Gosh,she even hvgged me and k!ssmy cheeks, and the way she held my hands and t©uçhed my hair,they made me remember my mom…I kind of miss her even though I do call her on phone every morning.

I entered with Eve beside me.

The house kind of changed a bit, the paint was peach and the floors was like the surface of an ocean…
It speaks real wealth.

hmm they arrive-
Shantai [email protected]£ downstairs and hvgged Eve, she hvgged me too, her maids served us drinks.

“plea-se,wait a minute” she said and answered a call.
With the way she answered the call,I knew it was her manager.
She dropped the call and smiled immediately another one [email protected]£ in.

“Harry darling,am free today,pick me up by 7” she beemed and blew a k!ssinto the phone.
She sat cross legs on the couch opposite me.

“Friends,I can’t believe how happy I am today….Harry bought me a suite, I mean it’s among the t©p ten” Shantai beemed.

“Congrats from Krish”
I smiled happily.
“I’m the happiest” eve said.
The door opened,we turned it was Dora.

“What am I missing?” she asked.
“you’re always missing” eve said.
“Dora,harry bought me BSQ,he wanted to buy me BSA but Royal alre-ady purchased that” Shantai said.
Dora smiled.

“Happy” she said.
“Happier” Eve said.
“Happiest” I said.
they laughed.
They are really ma-king me do crazy things….

My phone beeped,it was Royal.
💌 Baby,where are you? He s£nt.
I re-ad the message three times and st©pped when my friends eyes followed my phone.
💌 Am with My friends in shantai’s house” I said.
💌 why are you in shantai’s house? is shantai’s house school? remind me to flog you at home” he s£nt.
💌 *Smiles*Best,we have 6hours break” I s£nt…
💌 ohk,do you nee-d anything? he s£nt.
💌 *smiles* No,I’m okay” I s£nt…

Eve,Shantai and Dora knock my head….
I smiled lightly and rub there.
💌 ohk,I love you” he s£nt.
💌i love you too” I replied.
💌 You’re with Dora right?,I will call you now…give the phone to her” he s£nt.

I smiled,he called immediately.
I knew he wanted to confirm if am with my friends.
I [email protected] the phone,he hung up when he heard their voices.

“Can I make use of your room?”
I asked Shantai.
“Sure” she replied.
I opened my bag and took my uniform because of Mrs Chloe’s [email protected]
She strictly warned uniform because of indecency.
Eve picked hers and followed me.
Shahtai and Dora are alre-ady on uniform so no nee-d.

Eve and I changed into uniform and left for downstairs again.
I wore dice high jacket and [email protected] my hair into two because of the length, I also helped eve in [email protected] her own.

“whatever you wear suite you, you’re really a model,honey….
Your appearance could [email protected] by as an ethereal queen” Eve said while checking my sneakers…

“thanks, you too,you’re pretty.We are all pretty” I replied and did her hair the way I did mine.

“Krishna,you might cause a scene in school today because this sneakers is really expensive on net. It’s Dianne [email protected]” Eve said.
“who’s Dianne? I don’t know her…But royal usually says he wants me to be more than her” I said and did the finishing of her hair.

I wore my socks…
hmmm Dianne [email protected] too.

“Dianne is ‘Voice of Australia’, last year, she was rated miss universe earlier this year” eve said.
“good of her” I said and wore the sneakers. It made my dressing more mature and super [email protected]

“Do you like competition?” eve asked.
“hmmm I don’t like proving to be better than others,we are all equal” I replied.Eve smiled.
“you’re a kid,you still haven’t un-derstand life” she said as we walk Downstairs.

Check that sneakers on Krish-
Shantai said…
I smiled and pick my bag,

I sang something I don’t know..

🎼 ohhh,won’t you staaaay with me?
cause you’re all ii nee-d”
Shantai added more meaning by adding a line.
🎼 s£nd me your location,let’s focus on communication, cause I’m gonna stay.

The door opened and revealed a girl, she’s looking our age.

To crown it all,she’s wearing a wine Saree.
my friends screamed and hvgged her.
“Hi” I greeted with just a wave.
She smiled.
I love the voice I was hearing before I entered,who sang this [email protected]
🎹 cos you’re all ii nee-d…..
The voice was loving,who said that [email protected]” she asked.

“It was her, Krishna”
eve pointed at me…….

She moved closer to me,smiling…
I moved behind eve.

“I mean no harm” she said.
I st©pped hiding and hold my jacket.
She look down at my legs,
ahhhh why is this Sk-irt short…

“Are you really krishna?
she asked…I saw her eyes landing on my h!ps.I saw her trail the length of my hair.
I kind of regret why I [email protected] it,I should have tied it up..Now,she would see the real lenght…
Yeah,she saw the [email protected] length,it was resting on my h!ps…

“What’s your relationsh!pwith Royal?
“He talks to you right?”
“Are you a thing?” she asked..
Shantai and the rest are a bit far from us…

“I’m talking to you” she said and look at my feet.
I can’t possibly tell her about my relationsh!p,I had been warned by my mom not to disclose anything to anyb©dy else.

“you’re pretty too” she said when I wasn’t answering her.

I smiled…
“Am sorry, my driver is waiting for me outside” I said,pick my phone and went ahead to tag with Dora and co.

I wonder what she was looking at my back as I walk.

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