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Beautiful love song 2 episode 14 & 15

Beautiful Love❤Song🎻
[As long as you gimme love💜]

#adesolagoldenstories ✍👑👑



~~Lilly’s p.o.v~~~

I made sure I satisfied Eddy before retreating back to the suite that Mira and I are sharing together.
The loud scream that I heard from Royal’s suite made me feel rejected. That’s Krishna’s scream.

Gosh, I hate her.
why is she screaming like that???
I ban-ged my door lowly.I hate the fact that she is innocent and has never been in any sort of crazy S-x activity.

Her innocence is one thing that will make Royal get attracted to her because he thinks such a girl like that does not exist.
It’s verrrrry visible that he is taking care of her.
Not that she is not pretty before,
She was sooo beautiful but now her beautifulness is getting out of hand.
Money finally t©uçhed her,
Royal is spoiling her stupidly with money,he is bathing her with money that she didn’t work for.

A common daughter of a laundry worker?????

“ooooouuuch,Royal st©p!!!!!
“St©p or I will call Dora to take me away from you.
“ouch,you won’t hear word,gimme my phone,let me report you to Mrs Rose” I heard Krishna’s high voice.
Soo soft and amazing.

I got sooo angry that I push into their door but it was alre-ady locked from the inside.
“hunnn,I’m not pla-ying games with you anymore,you’re seriously cheating” I heard her voice again.

It got me irritated.
“plea-se,pretty,just one last time” Royal said to her.
I couldn’t hold it anymore,I left their door and entered mine with little years in my eyes.

“why will Royal tell her plea-se?
He has never said that word to any fv¢king girl and he has never called any girl ‘pretty’.Not even me but that [email protected]–Krishna.

Is this how Krishna will pay me??
I allowed her to climb high by not evicting her when I had the chance to do but she bite my f!ngersand climb higher! I dried my tears immediately Mira stepped out of the bathroom.

“Queen,what happen,why are you sweating like this???
Mira asked.
I hit my forehead.

“why are you dressing half n-ked?
she asked.
“I sle-pt with Eddy” I told her.
“Again????? she shouted.
“Lilly why??? she expounded.

“I I did it to hold him down since him and Royals are competitors.He will help me to ruin Krishna and I will take my place back the world must not know that Royal isn’t [email protected]!ngme for real,I will be done for good!!!
I replied her.

But lilly-
you don’t have to go to that extent-
What if Eddy finds out that you faked lies for him to help in ruining Krishna??? he will hate you!
Mira got annoyed.

“Who is more pretty between me and Krishna??? be sincere? I asked.
Everyone knows,I get jealous easily.

“why are you comparing yourself with her???
she is below, you’re above”
Mira said.

“I’m not talking about [email protected],I’m talking about S-xiness and beauty. I still don’t get why Royal will stoop so low to that thing” I exclaimed,holding my head.
She kept quiet.

“You’re both S-xy and pretty but Krishna looks more….firm in shape, it is well set,she’s natural but you’re very beautiful and you’re the queen of h0tness,Krishna is still learning” she replied.

I fall into my pillow.
No matter what,
I won’t still give up on Royal.
Not when the whole of dice high knows me as his girlfriend…


“Best,you’re not eating! I said.
He smiled and hit my head slightly with his spoon.
“I’m eating,you’re noisy” he said.
“it is taking you 30mins to finish one stick” I said.
He remained a slow eater.

Maybe I should teach him in the [email protected] way to eat fas-ter.
I nee-d to help him out.His slowness is getting out of hand.

“what,don’t t©uçh me.If you do not eat, I won’t curdle with you,I won’t allow you rest your head on my [email protected] anymore” I threatened.

“Go ahead” he said and maintained eating at that same slow pace.
“sir,I am not joking….
I give you just 30min to finish this plate of rice pudding or else…..”
I paused and look into his eyes.
“plea-se,curdle with me” he smiled.
“only if you eat!! I replied.
He doesn’t un-derstand how to eat fast.

15more minutes” I announced.
“You really mean it?? he asked.
I smiled cuz he was a little bit fast.

2more minutes– I announced.
Time up-
I said.
He [email protected] just had five spoons left to finish up.
“aaaisshhh” he pouted and took a stick of meat. I packed the plates and waited for him to drink water.
I went to the kitchen and wash the used plates,I cleaned everything and went back to the room,he alre-ady changed his t©p and tie a blue head band on his hair.

“use the washroom”
he said and brou-ght out a transparent fansy bag from the closet.It had a tag,he quic-kly detach it.I know he doesn’t want me to see the price..

“I bought it for you” he said.
“umm I love it,I will keep it very well, thank you” I replied.
“you can use the bath then” he said.
He got a call and walk out in a swift.
I rush the bag and hvgged it.

It was a nighty package.
I unZi-pped it and brou-ght them out in set,it had two sets.One was red all throu-gh while the other was pink all throu-gh.
I selected the pink on one side on the be-d,then I entered the washroom and had a fast bath.
I dried my b©dy and rush back to wear I kept those stuffs.
I wore them.
The signlet st©pped and stood firmly on my wi-de h!ps.I kind of hate the way it made my n!ppl!s shouting. I wore the remaining un-dergarments.

Royal entered immediately I drag my [email protected] up.I moved funningly and wore the jacket.
if he see me like this without jacket, I know for sure he will start acting like Dora and Shantai who always say $h!ts about my brea-st.
It’s pointy,it’s firm,your b©dy is perfect,your b©yfri£ndis lucky and all those stuffs.

I felt Royal coming to my back.
“you wear it in the wrong way” he said and wanted to take it off.

“my brea-st!!!! I shouted and st©pped him..
“what are you hiding? he asked and took the jacket off.He wore it in the proper way.
Like I new,his eyes got tra-pped in my che-st..

“Best,what’s that? I asked.
“aaahhhh nothing” he rolled his eyeba-lls cutely.
Now,I felt secured because everything was normal.

I left for the kitchen,I nee-d to return the bowl of flour back to it’s normal position.
I got to the kitchen and carried the bowl of flour,I stood on my toe cus the cupboard was high but I ended up pouring the large quantity of bowl on his hair….
it clings to every [email protected] of my b©dy.
I opened my eyes,flour entered into it.

“my eyes!!!!!
I screamed and bash my lashes non st©p. Royal [email protected]£ in and lift me up.
“You ought to have called me” he said and made me sit on something in the washroom.

He made me stand again and started applying something into my hair- maybe soap.

“Best,what’s that in my hair??
I asked him.
“shut up!! he said and added water.
ohh-it was soap”
I exaggerated.

He wash my hair thor0ûghly and purposely rub soap on my eyes.
“Best,my eyes!! I said and held him by his cloth so that he won’t run away.

I felt my jacket was loose and it made me feel like Royal is seeing my brea-sts.

“Are you seeing anything? I asked.
He smiled and add more soap to my eyes,then he add water to my hair.
I was soa-ked thor0ûghly.
That means my n!ppl!s!!!
ohhh goodness!!!
I quic-kly covered my n!ppl!s,Royal took my hand away and poured water into my che-st.

~~Royal’s p.o.v

I watched as the water drip down her hair into her che-st, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and treasured.

My eyes just got tra-pped with her b©dy shape most especially her brea-st.It was well set and firm.
Herl-ips was beautiful too.
I comprehend the way it stuck together like they have never been k!$$£d before.

Her legs was straight,
not even a blemish nor mark was seen, her whitish complexion was uniform.

I can’t even take my eyes off her pinkish n!ppl!s….
It was well standing that I feel like tou-ching them.

Most times,I ask myself what exactly is holding me from doing the main thing with her. The girlfriends that I had years back, I do have S-x with them just an hour into the relationsh!pbut her own is two months now and I haven’t done something crazy….just because I respect her b©dy.

This is really a temptation!
Everything in her was well set.
Even someone that is dumb will know that she has never been involved in any form of immorality..

I felt it that day–
I can never forget that day I mistakenly brush my hands into her bu-ttocks.Gosh, it was firm and bouncy that I did not feel like removing my hand.

Each time I t©uçh her,
I usually feel shocks like I have never seen a lady….

She s£dûç£d me without her knowing ……..
She’s the only lady I can’t press anyhow……
I can’t count how many good thing that happened to me when she [email protected]£ into my life.
The more good thing I do to her,
I get paid back in twenty folds.

“Best,did you leave me!! there is still soap in my eyes” she said.
Am I mad–
how can I leave you?? I chuckled and pour her water while looking into her b©dy.

“no one can take you away from me!
I said…
“Best,what did you say? She mutters
I smiled.

I swear, she will kill me if she finds out that she has been standing like this in my pres£nce for long.

Beautiful Love❤Song🎻
[As long as you gimme love💜]

#adesolagoldenstories ✍👑👑👑




“Best pour me water.My eyes is peppery,soap is still there”. she said and brush her f!ngersforward,it met with my che-st.She was just trying to find out if I was still there just because I was quiet and kind of carried away.

What else do you expect???
it was my first time seeing a lady well set.I never knew such girls exist,i thought they only exist in movies.

“Best,do you know I have cold?
my mom will knock the hell out of your head if she find out you’re allowing me stay long un-der shower”
she pouted and still use her hands to check if I was there.It was kind of ro-mantic the way her slender f!ngersroamed my che-st.
“so you are here? she pouted.
Her towel jacket become more loose,
I had a clearer view.

I smiled and pour water into her hair and use my f!ngersto t©uçh her face while pouring the water.
“is it still there?? I asked.
I t©uçhed her ears and wash little soap away.

“St©p adding soap”
she said and hold my t©p ti-ghter.
Her t©uçhes made me numb.
Gosh! she really got me wra-pped around her f!ngers.Imagine holding my cloth like this. If she knows the amount I bought just this t©p,it’s certain she will st©p squee-zing it.

I added more water,
she opened her eyes fully.
“Stay still, just a little water”
I said,she left my cloth and allow me to pour her water.
A tiny droplet of soap fell on her cl£@[email protected]£s and stream down into her singlet,she didn’t see it cos she was not looking there.
I chuckled and mistakenly brush my hands there,her towel jacket fell…

She went cold….
she screamed and covered her w€t singlet.

My blue ear bud fell also.
“So you were,listening to music”
she pick it up for me.

“sorry,I will just get this”
I walk past her and brou-ght a towel. I covered her with it after satisfying my eyes with her back view.
It was more than firm…

I don’t just wanna love her for loving sake,I want her to be [email protected] of my flesh and [email protected] of my bones.
I will protect her,
I will make her swim in real wealth,
she will lack nothing.
I will make sure her talent is not a waste,the world must hear her voice and see how beautiful she is.
She won’t walk un-der any industry, she will stand on her own like Shantai.
Prostitution and slavery is now what most dance industry use their girls for.

She will lavish my money anyhow she likes.
My fear is that i don’t want her to change her attitude.
Most girls change in behavior after knowing you can’t do without them..

“is there anything on my [email protected]!st??
she asked and pick another towel to dry her hair.
“ohh nothing” I smiled.She almost caught me staring again.
“thank you” she said and walk past me to the living room.I took off my hair band and followed her.
“are you still going to sleep in that?
I asked her.She didn’t answer.
Did she now hate me for looking?

She pick the pink nighty and walk back to the washroom.
I got a call from a business [email protected],I walk downstairs and answered the was a brief talk but I intentionally went downstairs in other to give Krishna more time to wear her night wear.I walk back upstairs and was replying Chris text.

I’m very sure he will be with his sluts,
Jeff must be with Dora,
Romeo with bit-ches,
Justin is always alone.

I stood at the entrance of my suite and answer more texts.
Lilly snorts out,
she [email protected]£ to my back and had crazy tears in her eyes.
Good for her,pride got her.
She made me felt as if she is the last option on earth,she made me felt as if she is the best and that no one is better than her.

She is the worst thing I regret in my life cos she ruined me.
Though,those time was long but Elliot explained to me that Mrs sugar made me start [email protected]!ngher when I was 18.Then she was 16.Elliot said she was happy [email protected]!ngme and stuffs like that because my movements are monitored then,
she was happy other girls won’t see me nor have eyes for me.

Any girl that look at me nor come close to me those times will actually face her wrath. She gained the popularity of [email protected]!ngthe youngest billionaire.Not only girls feared her, everyone did.

Eliiot did an estimate on how the amout she extolled from my account, the money was damn much cuz she used me for good 2years.
I don’t like remembering it,
it makes me feels sick.

~~~Lilly’s p.o.v
I move carefully to his front,
how can someone dress S-xily like this at midnight? his ethereal look made me lost.
I had crazy tears and tried looking into his eyes.
He raise his jaws,I saw his real eye colour since he alre-ady re-move his eye lens.

“Royal st©p this game you are pla-ying with Krishna,I can see that you don’t like her,you just want to have a taste like you always did to other girls.I know no girl will cope with you the way I did! I [email protected]

“Nice poem!!
he took hisl-ips in.

“Royal,don’t make me jealous”
I said,at the verges of tears.

I’m not ma-king you jealous,I usually do to others what I want them to do unto me.Though I’m not the type that run after girls, I don’t toast girls, every girl is my girlfriend and I can get any girl on my be-d cos of my status but you personally push Krishna to me” he said without remorse.

“You don’t love her right??
she is like other girls? I asked him.

“Am I drun!k-
who wouldn’t love her??
he glared at me in a warning signal.
“Royal,she is not your type,you are higher than her” I uttered.
“yeah,I know and it wasn’t my intention to fall for a girl that is below but when I [email protected]£d [email protected] girls,I was ruined. Why not try the poor?
he asked and opened his door,

“may we not see each0ther again”
he said and slam it on my face,then he lock it from the inside.
I walk to my suite in a disorder manner and la-id quietly on my be-d, praying that Royal doesn’t remember the thing he was told when he was 17years.He can only remember throu-gh his diary and that diary was kept from his reach immediately he was injected…

Though,he doesn’t know who he really is because it all happened when he was one month old like I was told.
His real identity about him was revealed to him by Mrs Sugar manager.

Everyone was scared,
even those that do not know him was looking for him.
Some for good,some for bad.

The only thing that made royal shocked was the news of his mother that was kept in an un-derground.
He wanted to save her,
Mrs Suga s£nt another set of people to inject him.

It was really a terrible sight,
Royal was injected with eight different injections…..
He had a serious amnesia because of the injection…
He does not remember anything, Mrs sugar made him believe she was his mother again..
Mrs sugar made us to start [email protected]!ng6months after…
Those times,I feel like I was in heaven because he was a good catch and a kind spender.
I never lacked a thing,
All girls envied me,even till now and that’s why I won’t still give up on him.

who is Krishna???
she is nothing and has no place beside Royal.


No wonder he is so spoilt.
Should I just say it is the way his previous girlfriends usually dress in his pres£nce or he is a celebrity and have seen it all?
There’s nothing he has not seen.

imagine,how can I wear this transparent stuff and sleep beside him? I better add the jacket!
I scoffed and covered myself with the towel jacket, I tied the rope ti-ght and left for the living room.
I avoid his gaze and went ahead to sleep on one side of the be-d. I use pillow to divide the be-d before drawing the white silky duvet to myself.

He didn’t talk,he only move to my side and re-move the duvet.I turn my face to the other side and hold my towel jacket very well,my che-st level to be precise.
He made me turn back and wore socks in my feet.
“you’re spoilt!
he said and wore the socks properly.
“No,am not” I [email protected],it won’t st©p me from leaving my jacket.

He joined the other side of the be-d, pressing phone,he didn’t [email protected] the pillow boundary. I watch him quietly.
I look at the t©p he was wearing,it looks expensive.
He was wearing a single simple ring,
his presidential [email protected] and a black earring.

I look down to his belt,
he kind of sagged.
what am I even thinking???
I only like the diamond stones on the edges of his belt and the way the belt was loose.

He use the other hand to open the be-dside drawer,he brou-ght out three bubble gum,he tore the nylons of two and threw them in his mouth.
I smiled and look into his face.

“Best!!! I called.
He look at me,then the pillows I used to divide the be-d.
“should I come?? he asked.
“hmmmm…noo” I replied.
he made little balloons with his bubble gum,it was cute.

“Best,that time in the washroom, did you really see anything? I asked.
He smiled.
I was confused but I concluded he didn’t see anything.
He raise his head and look me in a different way.
I knew it was love cos it was so de-ep.
God, save me….
I.face the other side,
he said something in audible,I dudjt gr-ab it,i kind of wish he would repeat.

“I’m scared to loose you”
he repeated.I blush shyly but never left that jacket.
“sing for me” he said.
I turned and look into his face.
Too bad he was engross in the game he was pla-ying.
I just felt sweetness in the inside,I didn’t know when I drop my towel jacket,I forgot the inner wear was just a singlet which st©p halfly on my th!gh alongside with a short that st©p on the same level.

“I will sing for you only if you will answer my question” I said.
“ask away” he replied.
“Did you see my br£@st in the washroom? I asked awkwardly.
I know how long I have been keeping myself.
He smiled,I saw his eyes tra-pped there again…he look away immediately.

“Sing for me,you will get answers”
he said.
“okay” I cleared my throat and sang for him in a soft whisper.

🎼 sometimes I wonder why you love me.🎼 How could you love a human like me?
🎼 what is life without Best?
🎼 What is me without you?
I sang simply.
He chuckled and blush..
He re-moved his earbud and pla-yed what I sang.
omg! he recorded it.
“It’s cute listening to this” he said.
“I know,my question” I rush words.
“did you see anything? I asked.
“Hmm…a little bit….not really… not at all” he said.
I smiled.
Now,I can sleep peacefully.

“Goodnight” I said.
He nodded and tore the nylon of the last chewing gum.I saw him brou-ght out a [email protected]©p and was doing some things.
“sweetheart, you know you’re punishing me right? he asked.
“How? you caused it because you’re a slow eater.We won’t curdle tonight because you don’t like eating” I replied and turn my back against me.

“Okay,I promise to start eating as from tomorrow” he said.
“hunnnn…Royal,no curdling tonight, too much of it is not good” I said and use the duvet to cover my face.

You’re punishing me-
he said and re-move the pillows I use as demarcation.
I blush [email protected] I knew he got nothing to do on his [email protected]©p.

I might get sick if I don’t do this,
you’re always s£dûç!ng me with your—” he paused and move into me from the back.He caught my [email protected]!st,i left it for him was and was less nervous..
He noticed my nervousness and left me by just k!ss!ngmy n£¢k.

“I’m sorry,I will learn to cope”
I told him and hvg him,
I sle-pt off.

I woke up and check my side,
Royal was not there,I only met a note.

***Get re-ady,I alre-ady packed for you, we are leaving in the next one hour. Join Dora whenever you’re done, I will pick you up from there***

As I was dropping the note,
I heard a knock from my door. I open up and met Shantai and mohan. They look like they haven’t had their bath and they were holding their respective bags.

“Good morning”
I greeted and opened the door wi-dely for them.

“Finally leaving Germany” mohan grumbled and sat cross leg on the white pouch.
“Did you write well in geometry exam? Shantai asked me.
“Yes,I tried but the result isn’t out” I replied and served them condensed milk.

“Am buying over,I can’t kill myself cos of one subject” Mohan said, looking around.
“You didn’t lock the door” she said.
I shrugged and went for it…
it was wi-dely opened.
I got there,Lilly opened hers. I was surprised we were wearing the same [email protected] of night wear again.

I got myself and hold the knob of the door,I found out that I got my nails polished h0tly,exactly the way [email protected] girls nails usually look like.

“Hey,Krishna, I like you nails”
Lilly said. I looked,not knowing what to say.She is sounding nice again.

“Sorry for yesterday’s set up, Mira must have place it in your bag when we were busy checking.Perhaps if you don’t know,yufei is Mira’s cousin” she explained and had on a broad smile.

“Babe,I’m sorry for yesterday,it was my fault” Mira also [email protected]£ out.
She was wearing an ordinary red polo.

I smiled.”it is okay, I bear no grudges against you guys” I replied and wanted to close the door.
“Can we come in?
Lilly asked.
I was quiet for some time.
If I don’t allow her,she will think I am proud or something.

“what do you want from me again??
I asked the both of them.
“hmm nothing,just friends” Lilly said.
I open the door for them.
To avoid troubles,I will just allow them in and try to be extra careful if possible,I can get back my [email protected]!st bead.

Shantai look at me the moment they entered.I know she was annoyed with the way she look at me but it wasn’t my fault.

What happened won’t repeat itself?
I said in my mind and pack all my things in the new bag I got.

Shantai kept looking at her.
No girl have a say wherever Lilly is and that’s why I couldn’t st©p her.

“shall we dance? she asked.
In no time,she turn on the stereo.
“you can dance anyhow you like,I don’t know how to dance” I replied.
“how about singing? she asked.
“I don’t sing too” I replied.
“then why are you attending dice high if you can’t do any of these?
she asked.

“I only [email protected]£ for the certificate”
I replied her.

I saw her smiles. I know she was happy.She stood up and left with Mira. They only [email protected]£ to get information about my talents…
I lock the door immediately they left and got into the jacuzzi while Shantai and mohan made use of the opposite washroom.

They used my cream.
Shantai wore what she planned wearing back home,mohan took one of my new cloth while I wore a black polo all over a matching Jean and a pair of sneaker.

We took our different bags downstairs and returned our keys to the receptionist.

Mohan started telling Shantai about a guy who newly joined Royal’s band. I didn’t listen much to their conversation,the only thing I know was that his name is ‘Eddy’.

We approach the main door,
I brou-ght out my exist pink card, with that,I was allowed out.
I stayed with Shantai since Dora wasn’t coming.

Lilly joined with her crews,
I listened to how she was hailed cos she is the face of dice high.
Some even went to the extent of asking her about who the mysterious girl that dress to yesterday’s show was.They said they liked the outfit, it was killing.

🈷 yeah,that was me!
🈷 I accompany Royal yesterday, I just don’t feel like removing my mask” Lilly lied.
Most of the people believed her some where wishing to be like her.

Shantai looked at me.
“when will you st©p wearing hair warmer to cover your beauty? Eve [email protected]£ by.
“Mrs Rose told me to always do so” i replied.They kept quiet.
Eve,Shantai and mohan left me to join their drivers car immediately Dora [email protected]£.
The crowd kind of reduce.

“They are on their way” Dora said.
The boys car drove in not quiet long.
Royal’s car wasn’t among.

I look at Lilly,she was sitting on the bonet of her car.
“that’s Eddy’s car” Dora pointed to a red car.
“who is he looking for? I asked.
“maybe to see Royal’s manager” she replied.

The so called Elliot step out and walk in straight.He met with Elliot who was also coming down to the compound..

Royal’s car [email protected]£.
I traced Lilly’s eyes,her looks were just mere lvstful de-sires which royal care less about.
“Buddy,come over here”
Eddy said to Royal who was using his eyes to search for someone.
He st©pped when he saw me bidding behind Dora’s back. Then he went over to Elliot’s side.

He maintained some space away from Eddy.
Elliot chuckled.
Lilly smiled.

“what’s that for,he is your [email protected] Don’t get angry by little things” Elliot said and hit Royal forehead lightly with a pen.
“oouuuu,we can talk that later”
Royal pouted.
It was very cute the way he did that.

Some people took ph0tos,
while some laugh. Lilly was taking lead as usual.

Elliot hit him again…
“ouuuu,I said soorr….”
he paused in a funny way…
“if you do that again,I might not forgive” he said in a manly way and collected some files from Elliot then he [email protected]£ to where Dora and I where.

His guards [email protected]£ and collected my bag…while Royal led me to his car…
“his maid” Lilly chuckled in a smile. Though royal didn’t hear cos he was wearing ear bud.

“but she doesn’t look inferior”
was the last thing I heard last.
I look at myself,
Did I really change???
Yes I did because his money t©uçhed me,I am more pretty and fresh just like him.Even our skins match…

“Yeah,she is a maid”
Lilly said.I didn’t hear because our car was not really near but I followed the direction of her mouth.



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