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Beautiful love song 2 episode 11

Beautiful Love❤Song🎻
(i know i can’t be yours🎷)

#adesolagoldenstories ✍🌹.




Lilly rushed out angrily,
I sat down on the sit that she stood from. The sit was very close to Royal.

Her dad showed up almost immediately. I had no idea he is going to come.
“where’s Lilly?? he asked,looking at where I was sitting.
“she went to the toilet” Jeff replied.
Royal choked on his food.
Many [email protected] cups [email protected]£ pointing to hisl-ips.
🚺 sir,take this
🚺 Drink mine,
🚺 Collect mine!!!

Royal furrowed his eyebrows and drop his fork.He doesn’t know what water to take.
“Enough of this nons-en-se,Royal doesn’t like crowd” Justin said.
They retreated back to their seats.
Han Cheng stood there in shock. He must have thought Lilly would be in this gathering.
Good for Han Lilly,pride got her.

“You should start practice after dinner….Royal,follow me!!!!
he said in a scolding manner.
I look at Royal, then back to his food. He hasn’t eaten anything tangible, adding to the fact that he is a slow eater….
Why is Cheng sooo wicked???
He ought to know that Royal have a life and that he is not a robot nor a money ma-king machine for his industry.Royal is just sooo humble for not signing out his contract with five stars because he alre-ady more money than his age.

Cheng walk to the door, I took a bottle water and [email protected] it to royal un-derneath the dining.He was about collecting it,Cheng turned and caught us…

“Royal,I will—-”
he paused when royal glared at him.
Royal collected the water,he opened it and drank small then he pick his phone and took his car keys.
He went out with Cheng…
All the girls kept staring at him dreamingly till he was out of sight….

🚺 I’m really confused.. How many girlfriends does Royal have? Is Lilly now a liar!!!
🚺 It’s obvious there’s nothing between her and Royal..
🚺 There’s something Lilly is not telling us…
🚺 Who is this pretty girl?? same person Royal was holding hands with.There’s more to this and I hope Lilly explains better.
murmurs [email protected]£ up..

I wasn’t concerned. I can’t even eat my food anymore.Royal did not eat much,that means I won’t eat at all.
I drop my spoon,
Chris, Jeff and Justin drank water and followed the same direction that Cheng and royal took.

I drank water and left the general dining back to the longue.
Royal s£nt a note.
💌 Stay safe for me,Romeo is around. Do not stay alone in my suite, it is either you stay with Dora or you tell her to stay with you” he s£nt.
I didn’t bother entering our suite,I found my way to Dora’s suite.
Shantai and Eve joined me,
mohan entered last.

Shantai and I use the same be-d.
“where’s Dora? I asked her.
“she’s with Lilly” she replied.
“why?? do they talk? I asked.
“hummm once in a while since they are both celebrities just that Dora is working her music and dancing career on her own while Lilly have a band.Sometimes, they nee-d to communicate” Shantai explained.
“it’s cool” I replied.
Eve stood up and dimmed the light red.I helped in locking the doors and windows,we both draw the curtains then went back to be-d properly.

“I’m missing my American b©yfri£nd. He [email protected]£ here to check on me yesterday.I just miss him,I miss Darren” Eve said and went to the fridge. I unplug my phone and sle-pt back beside Shantai.
“your wallpaper is cute” she said, smiling dreamingly at Royal’s ph0to. I smiled shyly and turn on my internet. I’ve wanted to call my mom since yesterday but my mind carelessly skipped it.

I called her,she pick up on the first ring,we talked for long.She wasn’t even st©pping and I was alre-ady feeling sleepy.
“Krishna,are you there???
she asked.
I j£rked out of my sleep.
“mom,I dozed off” I replied.
“tell your husband to pick his calls” she said.I hung up,plug my phone and sle-pt back beside Shantai.

Lilly’s p.o.v

“Lilly you nee-d to st©p all these, this is not who you are.The Lilly that I know always fight for what belongs to her and always get whatever thing that she wants.

Even if you’re not going to be for Royal,it won’t speak well if you lose Royal to Krishna knight. It is an insult to your status” Angel scoffed.

Everyone knows how you hate commoners why not put Krishna in her place as a commoner?
Mira said.

“Not like I don’t want to do, am only trying not to offend Royal because he hates bullying and unfair justice. Dining those stuffs will only make him hate me the more…
He humiliated me at the dining, but u know he still loves me,he is only pla-ying [email protected] by ma-king me go jealous.
Royal can’t fal for that dirty thing, she’s verrrrrrrry below and not Royal’s type of girl.I know he will dump her after having S-x with her to his satisfaction” I said.

“Dump who????
“That girl doesn’t look like a commoner.People who are not smart will call her ethereal. I so much love how she looks in that robe” Jingwen said. I got irritated.

“Sorry…..I mean she’s poor”
she reframed.

Dora [email protected]£ in not quiet long,
she [email protected] me some files which I [email protected] to angel. I excuse myself and went to the kitchen, I disvonnect my suite power supply.I would rather do this thing myself. Romeo will want to have another S-x with me if I should ask for his help.

“our light,gaaaaad what happened”
I exclaimed from the kitchen.
“I hate darkness”,Angel screamed.

I went ahead to hvg Dora in the room and I had crazy tears in my eyes.
“Honey,your suite is wi-de,can we [email protected] the night at your place? I asked while hvgging her.
“ummm well…Lilly you’re not a kid, just call the electrician,he will get this fixed”Dora said.I covered her mouth fully.

“Dora,plea-se,I can’t stay here”
I said.
*But Lilly,you can pay for another suite” she said…
“Dora,paying for another suite is a waste of money when today is the last day we are going to sleep here” I convinced her the more.
“okay,I accept” she shrugged.
I smiled and cleaned my crazy tears. I turn on my phone torch and picked what I will be wearing for tomorrow show,I pick my credit cards and all other stuffs.

My bandsmate and I followed Dora to her suite,her suite was very wi-de like royals own.Perhaps🎷 Jeff paid for her.

I was quic-k to sight Krishna slee-ping peacefully beside Shantai on the same be-d….
That stupid girl,I hate,her.
She’s just lucky she didn’t stay alone in Royal’s suite.If not, Romeo wiykd have [email protected]£d her.

“Lilly,why are you staring at my sister like that.? Dora caught me.
“your sister?? I expounded.
“yeah,she’s not my blood,she’s my childhood friend. Don’t look her in that way,it’s an insult” Dora said.
I rolled my eyeba-lls and settled beside angel on a be-d.

My first mission is to make Krishna look sooo bad in front of her friends.

Romeo’s p.o.v…..

This will be the second time she will miss my target.I will make sure I get her the third time.

I don’t really want anything,
All I want is to see Royal cry all days and all nights.
He alre-ady got all that I crave for, so IG I take Krishna just like the way my mom took his mom,it won’t be a bad idea.Krishna is too much for him…
Seeing him gives me discomforts and each time I think About what the future holds for him,into get sleepless nights..

I just wish his wealth and net worth should drop drastically…
Forget about being signed into an industry,royal can buy dice high ten times without his account reaching red…..
He has never been broke nor poor and I hate him for that!

I scoffed and joined practice since our performance is tommorow.
Eddy joined in the practice.

Krish🌹🌹Krishna p.o.v…..

I woke up the next day and was surprised to see Lilly in the same suite that I was in…
She look at me while chewing gum lossily, I looked away and unplug my phone. I alre-ady missed calls from Royal.

💌 Your order is coming to Dora’s room” he s£nt.
I smiled and wanted to call him to say thank you but I feel somehow doing that in front of Lilly.

“Krish,is that your phone??
Angel asked me.
“yes,it’s mine” I replied.
“how can a commoner like you be using such?? Mira picked on me.
I bashed my lashes,Shantai gave me a shoulder to lean on…

“must you abuse her verbally??
Lilly said to Mira…
“oops,sorry” Mira said.
I was kind of happy Lilly stood up for me.I think she’s liking me.

“Don’t mind her,your phone is pretty”
Lilly said.
“thank you” I smiled.
Eve and Shantai stood up and picked their respective towels,the made use of the two washrooms.
It was now only me with Lilly and her friends.

“Can we be more than friends???
Lilly asked me.
“Yes” I smiled happily. I did not even know when I went to hvg her.
After all, she has changed.

My order arrived.
I got it and la-id it on shantai’s be-d…
“Royal got it for you?? she asked.
I didn’t answer her,I just nodded shyly and opened the box.
Everything I nee-ded was in the box.

I wra-pped the cloth am to where to the show around the towel…
I used the washroom immediately Even and Shantai [email protected]£ out..

I bath there and creamed there,I wore my un-dergarments there with my cloths.I folded the used towel on one side in the box then I brou-ght out the fansy bag that [email protected]£ along with the cloth….

“that’s Tatiana’s product..
It’s kind of rare and very expensive” Mira said and take a better view of the bag.She even snapped it.
I kept my phone and charger into it,then I left my bag carelessly with them.

I would look away each time I notice Lilly staring at me [email protected]
We are now friends according to what she said…

Dora step out in her outfits.
She alre-ady did her makeup and was good to go.
I was surprised when Lilly [email protected]£ over and help me with my hair…
I didn’t allow her do make up for me, Shantai said I was okay like that….

Lilly dressed up also after bathing.
Her dressing was sooo h0t and kind of expo-sed she and her crews look like wild girls. I was just happy she’s now my friend.

“Krishna and I will be leaving”
Dora said and took me away…..

Lilly’s p.o.v…..
I kept looking at her non st©p, She’s just so pure and kind that she can’t differentiate between evil and good…

No doubt,
she’s beautiful, I can even say her dressing looks more [email protected] and matured.She doesn’t nee-d make up.
She has nice hair too and killing shape. I just imagine myself in that cloth she’s wearing and I’m sure that bag will be the talk on every onesl-ips. I better order mine now.
But is she too stupid that she thinks I will be her friend????

I smiled and went downstairs…
Like eight cars were there.
Four are for Royal’s and his guards while the remaining ones where packed on each other sides.
Such a perfect place to disgrace her.
The boys [email protected]£ out with their managers,
Royal [email protected]£ out last….
Gosh, I felt like I was in heavens…
His swags were out of the world.

Dora and Shantai got downstairs, I signalled Yifei to do her job.

Mrs Rose and Elliot were standing beside a flashy red car…
I smiled and started going downstairs.

[email protected],just a minute check,I’m looking for my gold!! Yufei said and that made everyone turned to her direction.
She started checking.
She checked Dora’s bag first,
She checked Shantai’s,
She checked eve and mohans who were just joining then it got to Krishna’s turn.
She gave out her bag freely and innocently.

Yifei searched and brou-ght out the gold….
“whaaaaaaat,you’re a thief!!!!
Yufei shouted at krishna.
Mrs Rose and Eliiot turned and opened there mouth in shock…
Shantai and Dora were also shocked.

“i….I….I….what are you talking about??? Krishna started crying….

“You stole it….you this idiot,I have been looking for it since yesterday night,after we had dinner!!!
Yufei rants……

Krishna didn’t say anything,
she just cried……. her tears were pouring heavily and freely….
Good for her!!! I smiled inwardly and look at Royal…

He look at Krishna,
Next he opened his car door..
I smiled inwardly,Krishna was still crying…

“I…I….didn’t do….it!!!!
Krishna sturtled…

I smiled because Royal will walk away.He can’t [email protected]£ a thief.


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