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Bad boys of b Kay high episode 64 & 65

( Crazy Cinderellas… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



Jewel took one more step backwards and ran away from the lodge before Kingsley could bat an eyelid

“Jewel!” He called after her, ru-bbing out of the lodge

She’s really running throu-gh the long hallway that led to the main school, her face is soa-ked with tears alre-ady and they fell on her uniform front as she ran, her hair floated in the hair as she did and her tears are unst©ppable

Kingsley caught up with her at the far end of the hallway and held her hand, turning her to himself, when he saw her tears soa-ked face, his heart broke and he cursed himself inwardly for being the sole cause of this

“You nee-d to listen to me plea-se” he said with tremblingl-ips

” What do you have to say again?, I heard everything Kingsley Brown, I heard everything” she said

The fact that she called his full name is scary…it has always been Kingsley, baby or my j£rk but now Kingsley Brown?, He almost lost his heart to fear instantly

“I’m so sorry, it happened two months ago, we haven’t started [email protected]!ngthen and I swear it I never knew it’ll turn out like this” he said with pleading eyes but Jewel kept quiet, Just the tears pouring from her eyes

“It’s you Jewel, it’s you…I promise to fix this plea-se talk to me, talk to me baby” he said pleadingly

Jewel re-moved her hand from his hold and made to go but he pu-ll-ed her back again

“Talk to me plea-se!, Yell at me, shout at me!, Kick me!, [email protected] and punch me Jewel!, plea-se!’ he said loudly and almost lost his voice

“I have nothing to say to you!, I nee-d to get out of here, I’m suffocating” Jewel said and f0rç£fully took her hand from him before rushing off

“fv¢k!, Damn!, $h!t!, F*vk it!” Kingsley shouted, kicking the innocent wall frustratedly, he leaned on it and closed his eyes, his head is in disarray right now, no one is as disoriented as him in the whole world at the moment, he’s going nuts and he’s aware

He walked back to the lodge furiously and [email protected]£d Mandy r0ûghly by her arm

“What the hell!” She [email protected] as she dragged her out of the lodge

Richmond looked at Jasmine and they both followed them behind till they got to the school clinic.

Kingsley got one of the doctors to carry out DNA test and shockingly, when the results [email protected]£ out, it shows he’s the father of the unborn baby

He sat on one of the chairs dejectedly and held his head. “No!!!!!” He shouted and the tears he has been preventing from falling later fell from his eyes

A child was just confirmed to be his own, a child that doesn’t belong to Jewel, it’s not their child, it’s freaking Mandy’s baby with him!

“What’ll happen to my future plans with Jewel?, What’ll happen to us like what the fv¢k is gonna happen to us!” He yelled again, wiping his tears slowly

“I’ll come back when you might have calmed down, I’ll take my leave right now, I don’t nee-d your money, I have more than enough to take care of our baby, all I nee-d is your care dear… Bye!, See you! ” Mandy said and left the clinic

” Calm down bro” Jasmine said to Kingsley who’s tapping his shoe on the ground repeatedly out of frustration

Kingsley sprang up swiftly and dashed out of the hospital with tears in his eyes

“Kingsley!” Jasmine called

“Kingsley!” Richmond beckoned but he won’t look back so they followed him out of the hospital and rushed after him

During the rush, Richmond swiftly saw Mandy coming out of a corner with a female student but before he could see the face of the female student, she rushed into the s£nior block

Richmond and Jasmine kept rushing after Kingsley and students filed out of their [email protected] to watch what’s happening

👥 I heard s£nior Kingsley is now a baby daddy

👥 Quan went for a malaria test in the clinic when he saw the scene

👥 Can’t believe we now have a baby daddy in school

👥 If it’s a girl, she’ll be Mira and I think Walton will do for a boy

Students won’t st©p talking and murmuring till they got to the junior [email protected] but Jewel is not there anymore

Kingsley went to Love straight. “Where’s Jewel?, Where’d she go?” He questioned

“She [email protected]£ to [email protected] with tears in her eyes some minutes ago, she just carried her bag and left without saying anything even when I tried to pester her, she might have gone home” Love said

” Did you really impregnate a girl?” Veera asked with a serious look

“I don’t have the time to talk right now, take me to your house” Kingsley said

” Huh?” Love said

” Take me to your house!” Kingsley shouted with red eyes

Love led the way out of the [email protected] and followed him to the park where she got in his car with him and ordered his driver to drive r0ûghly to the direction Love is giving

They got to the house after ten minutes drive and Love opened the door, they both went in but no sign of her

“Jewel!” Kingsley started calling

“Jewel!” He screamed at the t©p of his voice again, his voice is breaking, a sign that he’ll soon start crying again

Love watched as he behaved like a mad personality, calling Jewel’s name around the house even when it’s obvious she’s not in

He leaned on one of the couches and his tears fell

“Is it…. really true?, You’re now a baby daddy?” Love asked calmly

He raised his head, wiped his tears and left the house immediately


Jewel is at the rooft©p of her mother’s bar, Rosie Isn’t even aware of when she [email protected]£ in, she just sneaked in and went straight to the rooft©p

She sat there and wiped her tears though she started hiccuping immediately

What should she expect right now?

Not like she’ll allow him to turn his back on the innocent baby, she can’t do that, babies nee-ds their fathers even when in the wo-mb so she won’t be so cruel to not let him take care of the baby, and that only means he’ll mostly be with Mandy since the baby is still in the wo-mb and that’s exactly what’s killing her

She can’t watch him near any other girl and she can’t tell him not to look after his baby either, it’s a tough decision and it hurts to the bone, watching him beside Mandy will hurt Insanely

All these made tears ac¢vmulate in her eyes once again and she poured it out

“I love him so much but I can’t tell him to ignore his baby, I can’t… and at the same time I don’t want him near Mandy….I’m going crazy Kingsley why will this happen when our relationsh!pjust turned a week and five days, why will this happen?, Why!! ” She screamed tearfully

Her phone has rang countless times and she lacks the strength to pick but it started beeping when it got to a point, she picked the phone and saw it’s a message from Kingsley

*I nee-d to see you right now, where are you plea-se?*

*I promise to sort this out plea-se talk to me I love you so much*

She finished re-ading the two and another [email protected]£ in

*Baby plea-se just say something… plea-se don’t be like this*

*You know it’ll always be you Jewel, don’t be like this*

*plea-se pick my calls or at least reply my texts*

*I love you a lot….*

She cried more as she re-ad the texts, she’s aware that if he continues re-ading it, she might just give in fast so she switched off her phone and rested her face in her palms sadly, sobbing silently



The “Baby daddy” gist is the current gist in the school blog and in all the school, everyone is talking about it and since Kingsley left the school, he didn’t come back, Veera left the school some minutes after he left too and Romina left some minutes after

Pearl decided to go meet Jenna and sound a warning to her

She climbe-d up to the s£nior [email protected] and peep in throu-gh the window, she saw Jenna is in [email protected] and went inside the [email protected] to her table, she hit her palms loudly on it and the whole [email protected] turned their attention to her

“Follow me” she said authoritatively

👥 What!, A junior ordering a s£nior?

👥 Is Pearl crazy?

👥 She’s crazy, didn’t you hear about how she beat Jenna black and blue the other time in Busan?

Jenna never argued, she stood and followed Pearl out of the [email protected] and walked behind her till they got to the stairs base and Pearl faced her

She [email protected]£d an handful of her hair and pu-ll-ed it

“Ou!, What the f*vk do you think you’re doing!” Jenna winced

” The fv¢k I do to who-res like you!, You set everything up right?” Pearl said, pu-lling her hair more

” What the hell are you talking about!” Jenna yelled

“The pregnancy, I know it doesn’t belong to Kingsley, you stinking motherfv¢king bit-ch!, You set up that Mandy girl right?” Pearl said , breathing heavily

Jenna kept looking at her daringly

“Look I don’t care whatever you do but if it boomerangs and I become the prime suspect again just like the water accident, I’ll draw the map of Korea on your b©dy i swear it!” Pearl threatened and pushed her r0ûghly, Jenna staggered and hit the wall [email protected] as Pearl started walking away

“That stinking thing!” Jenna ranted emptily

Pearl smiled as she climbe-d up the stairs, thinking nature is working in her favour

“When I’ve not even started with them, this bit-ch made it easy” she smiled, adjusting her blazer


The Browns**

Kingsley is just entering the house, his house alone explains he’s not a bit ok

Fear, sadness and unhappiness is evident on it as he crashed into the couch heavily, closing his eyes immediately, he has called and texted Jewel countlessly but she’s not picking up nor replying and right now he’s alre-ady crazy, she even switched off her phone

If only he could just see her and soothe her, the thought that she’ll be somewhere crying right now is driving more craziness into his head and it’s insane!..

If it means telling Mandy to abort the baby he’s re-ady to do that just to correct the mistake and have Jewel back

“fv¢k my life for being a Casanova!, fv¢k me!” He yelled and dabbe-d his face with his palms

” Kingsley what have you done?” Veera’s voice said behind him, she [email protected]£ to stay in front of him and did just like he has suspected

“I hate you Kingsley! , I told you not to hurt her!, I clearly warned you not to break her heart but look, It’s not up to two weeks but you’re alre-ady doing this, how could you Kingsley how could you!” She yelled

” I never knew it’d turn out like this” Kingsley replied slowly

“Of course you never knew!, And now she’s not picking my calls, she’s not picking anyone’s call, she doesn’t deserve this from you” Veera said

” It was before I fell for Jewel” he said slowly

“What!” She replied

” I had s*x with Mandy in my car two months ago in front of the lounge one fateful night, I remember clearly that she truly told me to use protec-tion but I was too drun!kto listen, I f*vked her raw and it resulted into this, i never knew it’ll be like this I swear, I had no intentions of hurting her, she’s everything to me…you have no idea how crazy I went just because she was avoiding me, and now I think I’ve completely lost my s-en-ses, I can’t think straight, my head is a mess right now and I….I” he trailed off and broke down

Tears [email protected]£ out of his eyes and he stood to go but Veera hvgged him to calm him down

“It’ll be ok, calm down plea-se, I promise to talk to her” she said, patting his back

Kingsley closed his eyes and let his tears w€t her shoulder.


The Bennett’s**

“Dad, mum” Ronny beamed immediately his parents entered the house, his mum travelled and is just getting back , maybe his dad went with the guards and driver to get her at the airport

“We nee-d to talk son” Mr Bennett said and instantly, Ronny knows what it is, they’ve eventually seen the video

He sat with them and Mrs Bennett inhaled softly

“What’s the meaning of that video?” She said sternly

” A whole son of the president of this country, kneeling to beg a girl?” Mr Bennett said

” Dad…

“Has begging with the mouth become a taboo?, Do you really have to do that?” Mrs Bennett said

” I’m so sorry mum, I just….I love her, that’s why I couldn’t control it, and I did something wrong to her, that’s why I had to go that far” he said

” Oh my, … Did I just hear my son talk about love?” Mrs Bennett said, chuckling slightly

” Kids are growing up these days” Mr Bennett said

“She’s the only daughter of the arrogant Browns couple” Mrs Bennett said

” Yes mum, but she’s not like her parents, she’s cool to be with and I love her a lot…I….I gave her a promise ring alre-ady, I wanna marry her” he said

“oh my, … Now we’ve landed in marriage?, Gosh!” Mr Bennett smiled

” Sorry mum, but I just love her so much” he replied

“You should bring her home next week, I’d love to meet her” Mrs Bennett said and his face lightened up

“Is that a yes?”

” I can’t say no to you” Mr Bennett said

“Neither can I” Mrs Bennett added and he hvgged them both


The Hales**

“What’s wrong with Jewel?” Beverly asked when Jewel ate just three spoons from her food before going in

“She has indigestion, you don’t have to worry” Love said, covering up..

” Are you sure?, She has been moody” Rosie said

Joey is not home tonight

“Sure mum, I’ll be right back” Love replied and went in

” I’m coming” Pearl said and went in too

Jewel is sitting on her be-d dejectedly when Love got to her room

She sat beside her and hvgged her head to herself, stro-king her hair

“I’m sure you know you shouldn’t avoid him” Love said

“I know, I know he’s a Casanova before falling for him, it just breaks my heart that it has to happen like this” she replied, snuggling closer to Love

hvgging her like this feels too comforting

“Talk to him and hear him out” Love said

Pearl entered and just stayed by the door, watching them

” I badly want to talk to him but I haven’t gathered enough strength, when I do, I’ll talk to him” she replied

” Don’t take too long, he’s going nuts I swear, be fast plea-se” Love said.


Next day**

Jewel didn’t go to school, rather she followed Rosie to the bar, she tried to take it off her mind with serving drinks to customers and that worked a bit, she plugged in her earpiece and listened to TXT songs as she served

Some minutes to 12, Richmond entered the bar..

“Richmond” she said surprisingly and he smiled

“Hi” he waved


Some minutes later**

They’re both walking down the silent road that led to an abandoned park at the back of the bar, the silence is deafening cos none of them talked

“It was Love who told me you’re at the bar, and sorry about what happened” Richmond finally spoke

“It’s ok, I’m getting over it” she replied

“Then plea-se talk to Kingsley, he has refused to eat anything since it happened and his temperature has been high since daybreak, he might end up having chronic fever at this rate” Richmond said

Jewel st©pped and faced him. ” Richmond I miss him a lot, I really want to talk to him right now but what will I say?, I can’t tell him to abandon the baby cruelly and at the same time it’ll break my heart if he’s around Mandy, I’m hurting a lot and I don’t know what to do I love Kingsley so much” she said and before she knew it, she broke down in tears

She bent down and cried in front of him

Richmond heaved and watched her for some minutes, unsure of what to do to calm her down

He pu-ll-ed her up and hvgged her lightly though his heart is busy thumping on his che-st again during the hvg but it’s the only available option right now to calm her down

She cried in his arms and his tears dampened his shi-t but he kept petting her

Kingsley folded his fist from where he’s watching from, he has actually been following from the bar

It was Love who told him that she’s at the bar and that’s why he [email protected]£ only to see this

He turned his face away from the scene and he cursed himself inwardly again for causing this as he walked back to his car, tears fell from his eyes and be can feel his head spinning alre-ady, throbbing headache is eating de-ep into it

Just few steps before he’ll get to his car, a car drove r0ûghly to him and almost hit him

Two guys [email protected]£ out of it and before he realized what’s happening, a metal pipe was hit on his head and he [email protected] out, he was bundled into the car and it drove off.


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