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Bad boys of b Kay high episode 62 & 63

( Crazy Cinderellas… )


By, Naomi Cindy B


Sorry for those who weren’t able to view the last two chapters, I’ll find a time to repost for you guys in my fans club…it has been fixed so no blankness anymore

FYI: I posted this chapter cos of the active re-aders…the likes, comments and shares on the last chapter wasn’t encouraging at all…if this chapter doesn’t meet the nee-ded requirements tommorow, forget about getting another chapter…there are over 35k re-aders and I can’t fv¢king continue like this…. 😏



Jasmine got to the back of the junior [email protected] and met Ronny waiting alre-ady,… With Veera

“Hey dude” he said, smiling as he sat on an available bench

” s£nior Jasmine…. ” Ronny said

“Jax” Jasmine interrupted

” Ok s£nior Jax..

“s£nior Jax?, Oh cool, first time I’ll be hearing that from you but it’s not cool, call me what you used to call me before, I don’t want s£nior in my name” he said seriously

” Alright Jax, just want to talk to you concerning my sis” Ronny said

” She s£nt you to me? ” Jasmine asked

“Yes… She told me what happened last night and she was crying so much and I can’t just watch her get sad, that’s why I [email protected]£ to apologise, she can be irrational sometimes, in fact she’s always like that but I can @ssure you she has learnt her lesson, plea-se just forgive her” Ronny said..

” It’s fine” Jasmine replied

” Say something plea-se” Veera said

“V I said it’s fine, someone talked to me about it last night too, I’ve forgiven her, I guess [email protected] of the fault belongs to me too, dad told me that’s one of the disadvantages of being a Casanova, you get suspected” Jasmine smiled

” Thanks so much dude” Ronny smiled

” And happy couples life, nice ring” Jax said, looking at the ring on Veera’s f!nger

” Thanks Jax, I’ll be the happiest on the day you’ll get a girlfriend, forget about the past and move on plea-se, plea-se just do that” Veera smiled

” God help me” Jasmine said and they left, he sighed and remained sitting, he sat back and closed his eyes, thinking about how to go about his dad’s advise


Junior [email protected]**

“Holy Mary!, Jewel!” Romina almost screamed when Jewel got back to [email protected]

Her n£¢k is covered with hic-keys, there’s ba-rely any space on her n£¢k that has no hickey

“What?” Jewel asked, oblivious of why she behaved that way

” Your n£¢k, it has turned to an hic-key island” Love said

Jewel quic-kly brou-ght out her phone to check for herself,her eyes took over her face and she [email protected], she totally forgot about the make out and she’s not aware that Kingsley gave her much hic-keys like that

She quic-kly covered her n£¢k with her hands and they all laughed at her, Pearl faked a laugh too though inside her she’s livid with anger..

“No wonder everyone was staring at me when I [email protected]£ in” Jewel said

” Thank your stars that I brou-ght a turtle n£¢ked sweater” Veera said, bringing it out of her backpack and handing it over to Jewel who quic-kly put it on

“But you guys are something else, how can you [email protected]ç£inside the school” Love said

” It’s in the lodge ” Jewel said

” Does it matter?, At least you guys could have waited till you’ll get home” Love said

” Miss Love, wait till you fall in love and you’ll know it’s not easy to fight the cravings” Veera said, fondling with her ring

” Now that someone got a ring…” Pearl said and they all laughed

” But like seriously Romina, I love your brother so much” Veera said, wi-nking at her

” And like seriously Veera, I love your brother so fv¢king much” Jewel said

Love and Pearl bur-sted into an heavy laughter, watching the crazy three


King’s lodge**

Kingsley kept smiling and looking at Jewel’s pictures on his phone Immediately she left

He won’t deny it that she makes him [email protected] even by just a k!ssbut even the heavens know he’s trying his best to fight his [email protected], it’s too early to commit

Richmond [email protected]£ in and almost turned back to go when he saw Kingsley but he decided to not do that

He [email protected]£ to him and sat beside him on the couch

Kingsley made to take the remote and Richmond wanted to take it at the same time, their hands met on the remote and they looked at each other before letting it go

Kingsley stood to go but Richmond decided to talk

“I’m sorry” he said

Kingsley st©pped and looked back at him

“Sorry for holding her shoulders, sorry for going to close to her, sorry if it annoys you, I won’t do it again” Richmond further said

Kingsley [email protected]£ back and sat beside him

” I’m sorry too” he said

“Why?” Richmond asked

“I was giving you silent treatment instead of talking it out with you, that’s not what friends do” he said and Richmond smiled

” You still have some s-en-se left” he said

” Meaning?” Kingsley said

” You’re actually a little bit short of s-en-se” Richmond joked and Kingsley pounced on him, he started tickling him, ma-king him laugh uncontrollably

“St©p j£rk!, Kingsley I’ll wound you…. hahahaha…. KB you’re so dead if get you… Kingsley!!” Richmond screamed and laughed at the same time.


The school hours [email protected]£ to an end by 3 and students started strolling out of school to the park

“Where’s Veera?” Romina asked the girls when she noticed she’s not in [email protected]

” Are you seriously asking again?, She’s driving home with her b©yfri£nd” Love replied

” And I’m driving home with my b©yfri£ndtoo, Love, Pearl. See you guys at home soon” Jewel said and left them

” Wait I’m not un-derstanding anymore, I nee-d to go get a b©yfri£ndgosh!” Romina complained

” Ryder!” Love called, sighting him from the other end immediately they [email protected]£ out of the [email protected]

“Lovely Love” he smiled and she walked up to him

“Here, I’m done with it and it was interesting swears” she said, returning the novel she took from him in the [email protected] at lunchtime

“Are you a wizard or something?, 100 chapters and you’re done with it alre-ady?, It’s not up to two hours” he said

” I’m actually a fast re-ader, see you tommorow* she waved, walking away

“Sure, see you!” Ryder waved back

“He hasn’t been coming to [email protected], I even thought he’s not coming to school anymore” Romina said

” He has been coming, just that he stays in the [email protected] to re-ad” Love replied

” Cos of Veera?” Pearl said

” Sure, you got it” Love replied

“Girls” Richmond said, [email protected] by the hallway, chewing gum cutely

“Mr friend of my friend” Love said and Richmond smiled

“Not going home yet?” Romina asked

“I’m going home now but … You know…. Natalie says she nee-ds you guys to come if you can” he said uncomfortably

” OMG I can’t wait!” Pearl exclaimed

“Are you serious?” Love asked

” Of course” Richmond replied

” We’ve never even been to your house before, it’ll be an opportunity” Romina said

” Ok shall we?” Richmond smiled

” Sure” Pearl replied as Richmond led the way and they all followed him behind

Kingsley’s car is still at the parking lot so Richmond knocked the tinted windows

Kingsley opened the car door and [email protected]£ out of it, Jewel is smiling brightly on the other seat, obviously they were pla-ying rou-gh cos Kingsley is still laughing

“Oppressive couple, we’re going to Natalie’s place, you interested?” Romina asked

” Of course!, I’m so much interested we nee-d to really go, right baby?” Jewel said

” Of course, we’ll follow you guys behind, where’s Jasmine?” Kingsley said

” He’ll be with Natalie alre-ady, he was the first to leave” Richmond replied and left for his car, he entered and the girls got in their respective cars too then the drive to Richmond’s house started

After a twenty minutes drive, they got to the house and pu-ll-ed up at the front of it before stepping out

“Whoa!, Magnificent” Pearl smiled

“She smiles?” Richmond said beside Love

“She suddenly changed to her old self” Love replied

“All that glitters are not gold” Richmond said and led the way in, leaving Love to give meaning to his adage

They followed him in and met Natalie in the big white living room with Jasmine, Jasmine is busy painting her nails for her

“My girls are here…gosh I can’t ask for more!” She said loudly immediately they entered

“How have you been doing?, I guess this nuthead here is treating you well” Love said, pointing at Richmond who raised a brow

“Sometimes he loves being a di-ck but I do set him straight with just a hit” Natalie replied and everyone laughed

“Welcome to our house girls, Romina I love your nails” Natalie said and Romina blu-shed

” Mum painted it for me” she smiled

“You mean the president’s wife have the time to paint your nails for you?” Natalie said

” Sure, he [email protected] my hair sometimes” Romina replied

” F*vk, what a loving mum you’ve got, I’ve heard a lot about her benevolence and down to earth personality, now I know” Natalie said, facing Love

” You’re always pretty, the simplicity of your beauty is second to none” she said

” You always have a way of ma-king everyone blush” Love blu-shed lightly

” I always say the truth,… Jewel you took all the shapes meant for you and your sisters it’s unfair” Natalie said and Jewel laughed

” It’s not like that, God gave her what’s meant for her” Kingsley said

” Oh shut up, I wasn’t talking to you” Natalie said and Kingsley held hisl-ips

” Don’t mind how I love giving compliments, it’s [email protected] of me” Natalie said

” It’s ok, I love it though” Love smiled

“And…my baby” Natalie win-ked at Pearl

“Glad to see you again” Pearl smiled

“I love your smile, it makes your cheeks more rosy and makes yourl-ips beauty reveal, can you smile more frequently?” Natalie said

” Of course” she replied

” People with beautiful smiles like you don’t deserve to frown, desist from anything that can make you frown, frown makes a person ugly” Natalie said

” Sure” Pearl replied

” Frown might arise from keeping malice and housing hatred” Richmond said

” That’s right everyone, Don’t ever keep malice, it makes a pretty person ugly” Natalie said

” Enough of the preaching, you’re acting like only the girls are here, we’re here too” Jasmine said

” Jealousy kills” Romina said, trying to start a conversation with him in front of everyone

“Shut up” he replied jokingly

“You should be the one to do that” Romina replied, curving herl-ips like a stubborn kid will do

” Don’t talk to me” Jasmine said, getting serious and Romina went mute

” Pearl you nee-d to come and take over this painting from Jax, you know how to paint nails right?” Natalie said

” Sure” Pearl replied and took the brush and paint bottle from Jasmine

“You can simply get your nails painted at Perfection beauty house, why bother someone else with your nails” Richmond said

” Well I love talking everytime and you don’t expect me to talk to strangers at the beauty house so I prefer getting it done by someone known, happy now?” Natalie rolled eyes

” Someone should volunteer to go and cook” Jasmine said

” My idiotic brother has refused to hire a maid” Natalie said and Kingsley giggled

” I’ll cook” Romina said

“Thanks for volunteering” Jewel win-ked as Romina entered the kitchen

“A guy should follow” Natalie said

“The one who suggested it should do that” Kingsley said, pushing Jasmine into the kitchen

” F*vk you Kingsley!” Jasmine yelled

Romina quic-kly turned her face away when she saw he entered, she started searching the cabinets frantically, unsure of what she’s even searching for

“What should we cook?” Jasmine suddenly asked and she quic-kly looked at him

” Maybe…. mung bean pancake” she said

“Ion know much about it, you’ll have to do most of the work” he said

” I don’t mind” she replied and turned away to get the alre-ady milled bean from one of the cabinets

She brou-ght it out and poured water on it, she’s about to start mixing when Jasmine appeared behind her and took the bowl from her

“I’ll mix it at least” he said and she left it for him

He took over and started mixing energetically

“Damn!, I’ve never done this before” he gro-an ed

” Sorry” she muttered behind him

” It’s nothing” he replied and continued mixing

“I mean….I’m sorry for what I did” she said but he kept mixing, pretending not to hear

” Jax I’m sorry, just take it as I was s-en-seless then, I’m back to my s-en-ses right now, plea-se forgive me for jumping into conclusions” she said slowly

Jasmine st©pped mixing and faced her

“Say sorry again” he said

“I’m sorry” she replied

“In a more ro-mantic way” he said

” fv¢k you” Romina said, getting that he’s teasing her

” It’s ok,but in everything you do, don’t ever make mistake of [email protected] me again, I might be a Casanova but I still know what I’m doing” he said

” I un-derstand” she replied

“Good, still friends?” He said

“Of course” she smiled as he extended an hand, she shook his hand and he pu-ll-ed her to himself with that, hvgging her surprisingly

“Jasmine…” Romina said, still in shock

“Jax, call me Jasmine again and I’ll k!ssyour b*easts” he said and Romina quic-kly pu-ll-ed away from him

” per-vert!” She sh0t and he smiled before returning to mixing.


The Hales**

They all got home exhausted, it was fun at Natalie’s place and the pancakes made by Romina and Jasmine was second to none, it was delicious and they had the taste in their mouths till they got home

Jewel is just coming out of the shower when Love entered her room

“Sis” Jewel said, wiping water from her b©dy with the towel

“I don’t mean to intrude but if you and Kingsley continues like this, you both might end up s*xing just a week into your relationsh!p” Love said

” I don’t un-derstand” Jewel said

“He doesn’t get a [email protected] on during your [email protected] k!sses or don’t you get w€t?” Love said

” I get w€t incontrollably and he gets [email protected] but we handle it and….

“There’s a limit to which your bodies can handle it Jewel, it’s still new, it should be limited to k!sses right now and you should be getting to know more about each other, during those times you’ll long badly for each other, he’ll want to have you but you have to learn how to say no, when the k!sses gets too intense, you should st©p instantly” Love said

” Oh” Jewel said

” Yes, you guys should have at least been in it for a month or close to a month and when you think you can’t take it anymore, you can then give it, it’s more sweet that way, the longing will add to the sweetness” Love said

” Oh goodness, I thanks for sharing all these” Jewel said

” “It’s ok sis, what are sisters for” Love said and hvgged her


A week later**

The final exams is drawing nearer and nearer but these days, Kingsley can’t help but notice Jewel is avoiding him and anytime he confronts her, she’ll always say she’s busy with school work

It’s been long since they had a long k!ss, only short ones, it’s been long since she rode with him too and all these is ma-king him restless

“He’s going crazy, Jewel might break up with him at this rate” Jasmine mocked

They’re all in the school lodge pres£ntly, it’s lunch break

“He went to her [email protected] earlier but she’s not in [email protected], our Kingsley is going insane” Richmond mocked

” Shut up you two!, fv¢k!, I hate you guys” he said and stood but almost immediately, a girl entered the lodge and Kingsley gave her questioning looks

“What are you doing here Mandy” Kingsley said

She’s one of the bit-ches he dumped

Mandy smiled and [email protected]£ in fully, holding an envelope

“Hey baby, you’re gonna be a father soon” Mandy said

“What are you talking about” Kingsley said

” You fv¢ked me [email protected] in your car two months ago and since then, I’ve been having weird feelings in my system, I’d have gone for test but I just don’t want to, last month I missed my period and I’ve been fighting with morning sickness and dizziness then fatigue, I must have been so strong to be able to scale throu-gh it all, this month I’ve not seen my period too so I went for a test this morning and I was told that I’m two months pregnant, you’re the last guy I fv¢ked, in your car so it’s definitely yours….I told you to use protec-tion but you were drun!k, you fv¢ked me raw and here’s the result” she said and placed the envelope on the table

” What the fv¢k is all these!” Kingsley yelled, breaking cold sweat in his spine, sweat beads covered his forehead and his head [email protected]£ messed up

“I can go for test with you right now in the school clinic if you want” Mandy said

” This is becoming real” Jasmine muttered

“Jewel” Richmond said, looking at the door

Kingsley swiftly looked at that direction and saw her standing by the door, shifting back as if she saw something terrifying, she obviously heard everything

“Je…. Jewel” Kingsley stuttered


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