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Bad boys of b Kay high episode 60 & 61

( Crazy Cinderellas… )


By, Naomi Cindy B


Sorry for those who weren’t able to view yesterday’s chapter, it’s because of the excess longness.


Richmond’s house***

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“So how’s grandpa in Manche-ster? ‘ Richmond asked after a light dinner with Natalie

Natalie took her seat on the couch and watched a modelling show on the TV with interest

“He’s doing just fine you can decide to go greet him some day, he misses you a lot” Natalie replied, taking her eyes off the TV to look at him

” Small children grows fast these days” she smiled as Richmond settled beside her

” I know right?, Like me” he said

“You really aren’t gonna st©p being a Casanova?, Harriett is gone and is gone forever, she caused a de-ep wound but you shouldn’t allow that to be an hindrance to your love life” Natalie said

“I’m not into girls anymore” Richmond replied slowly

“Are you serious or you’re just trying to st©p me from hitting you” she replied surprisingly

” I’m serious, just like Kingsley st©pped being a Casanova, I st©pped being a Casanova too, sis I got tired of that boring life, just like you’ve always said, i just realized it’s one hell of a boring life” he said sadly

” What made you change?” She asked

” A girl” he replied

” A girl?”

“A girl i fell insanely in love with but unfortunately she’s madly in love with my best friend” Richmond said

” By saying your best friend, do you mean….” Natalie said, raising a brow

” Kingsley, I’m in love with his girlfriend, Natalie I’m hurt, hurt because I can’t even show her how much I love her cos she’s Kingsley’s girl right now, she’s the first girl I’ll ever fall in love with after Harriett, Natalie I love her so much” Richmond replied, trying not to break down

” Richmond…

” I know I sound like a maniac, but Natalie it’s not my fault,I just fell helplessly for her” he said sadly

” Love can be callous sometimes” Natalie said

” Love is always callous to me” he replied

“No, you just haven’t found the right one, if you find the right one, you’ll know love is for everyone, who’d ever believe that Kingsley will be in love despite everything his parents has been doing o him since he was little, feeding him with blind lies and he has that believe in him which turned him to a blind Casanova, but look at him today, he’s in love” Natalie said

” With a girl I love” Richmond smiled

“You have to just get over it, plea-se” Natalie said

“Let’s st©p talking about me, let’s talk about you” Richmond said

“What about me?” She replied

“Did you get yourself a b©yfri£ndalre-ady?, You’re clocking 25 by December and you don’t have a b©yfri£ndnot to talk of a fiance, Natalie I wanna eat your wedding cake” he said..

” Are you trying to ridicule me right now?” Natalie replied, picking the remote slowly

” No, I’m just saying the truth that if you clock thirty without getting a b©yfri£nd, no one will want to marry an old cargo’ he said and Natalie threw the remote at him, it hit his head [email protected]

“Ouch!” He said, standing up

Natalie stood too and took the remote again

“You whinny [email protected]!, Wait for me” she said and threw it again but Richmond ran upstairs

” I was just saying the truth you’re getting older everyday Natalie you nee-d to….

“Shut up!!!’ Natalie screamed


The Browns**

Veera entered the house, screaming and shouting, almost ma-king Kingsley lose his hearing as she did, she’s jumping up too till she got to him and fell on his [email protected]

“Big brother guess what?’ she said, smiling happily

“You got fv¢ked by your [email protected]£” Kingsley said

“What a dirty mind you’ve got, well…I got something better” she gushed

” Is there anything better than good s*x?” Kingsley said and she rolled eyes at him

“I got a ring!” She gushed, showing him her f!nger

“What the hell!, A ring?, Like a proposal ring?, Are you both drun!k?” Kingsley said

” Now tell me what’s wrong with it?, Well it’s a promise ring, that I’ll be his girlfriend and eventually marry him in the future, so now I’m his girlfriend, what’s remaining right now is to be his wife” she smiled, admiring the ring

” Gosh, I don’t know what to say” Kingsley replied

“It’s better for you to be happy for me” she said and stood from his [email protected]

Ronny’s call rang on her phone and she smiled as she picked while walking upstairs

Kingsley inhaled [email protected] “Cool” he smiled, dialling Jewel’s line


The Styles**

Jasmine got home and walked furiously past his dad in the living room without uttering a word, he went to his room and checked his face in the mirror

His right cheek is red because of the [email protected], he t©uçhed it slightly before leaving the front of the mirror to sit on the edge of his be-d

The scene of how she [email protected] him and took him as a ra-pist kept repla-ying in his head and he kept hitting his foot on the floor

It’s a gross accusation, gross!

A knock sounded on his door and he never bothered to talk till his dad entered

“Son” Lewis said, coming to sit beside him

“Dad” he said slowly

“I know something is wrong so right now you have to tell me what it is” Lewis said

“I got accused wrongly” he said

“Of what?”

“Being a ra-pist, I saved a girl who almost got [email protected]£d and she jumped into conclusions just because I’m a Casanova, it hurts a lot” he said sadly

” Who’s she?” Lewis asked

” She’s my junior, but I decided to make friends with her cos I just like her nature, never knew she thinks so low of me, I’m talking about the president’s daughter” he replied

” Romina Bennett?” Lewis said

” Yes” he replied slowly.

” I un-derstand how you feel but you can’t completely blame her though most of the fault belongs to her” Lewis said

” Dad….

“I know how you feel but calm down plea-se, she knows you’re a Casanova so that’s the first thing that’ll come to her mind trust me” Lewis said

” dad…

“Son, people who jump into conclusions because of a reason and trust me, her reason is valid and you just experienced one of the disadvantages of being a Casanova, you’ll get suspected” Lewis said

” Dad…

“I know you’re angry but you shouldn’t let it be long before it dissipates, when she comes to apologise, forgive her and you’ll see what happens, and about Artemis, he has said sorry countless times, you should learn to forgive, you lack the spirit of forgiveness and it’ll really affect you if it goes on like this, you nee-d to start learning forgiveness, it helps” Lewis said

Tears ac¢vmulated in Jasmine’s eyes and he hvgged him

“Dad” he cried

“It’ll be ok son, st©p crying, everything will be fine, just calm down ok?” Lewis said, petting him dearly


The Bennett’s**

” Romina guess what?” Ronny said immediately she [email protected]£ in

” I don’t want to guess!” She snapped and rushed to her room

Ronny rushed after him and met her crying in her room

“Romina” he said, sitting beside her on the be-d, she’s actually di-pping her face in the be-d, crying slowly

“Romina why the tears” he asked, tou-ching her back

“I fv¢ked up” she cried

” I don’t un-derstand” he replied

” Ronny I accessed him wrongly” she said

” Accused who wrongly?”

” Jasmine, I called him a ra-pist and I’m just so thoughtless and irrational, I feel so horrible, the always jovial Jasmine was angry, he looks so serious with his anger, I made him angry” she cried

” What!, Why will you accuse him of being a ra-pist” Ronny said

Romina looked up with her tears soa-ked face and told him everything that happened

“And you’ll always say I’m s-en-seless, now who’s the s-en-seless one?, Jasmine might be a Casanova but trust me even when I still hate Kingsley and Richmond, I used to admire him cos he’s free and always straightforward, he’s never gonna do that, [email protected]£?, Unbelievable” Ronny said

” I know I’m s-en-seless, can you help me talk to him?, He looks so angry and i don’t know how to go about it” she cried

Ronny smiled and sat beside her then hvgged her head to himself

“St©p crying ok?, I’ll talk to him on your behalf I promise” he said


“Trust your twin and just st©p crying alre-ady, I love you” Ronny said and wiped her tears

” I love you twin brother” she replied, hiccuping lightly

” Well, I gave Veera a promise ring” Ronny said and Romina quic-kly dis£ngaged from him

” Huh?, You did what?”

“I gave her a promise ring, she’s my girlfriend right now and I wanna marry her in the future” Ronny said

” Who’s deceiving you that you have a future” Romina laughed

” There you go again with your sharp bad mouth, ok I’m not helping you to beg Jasmine again” Ronny said and made to go out of the room but she blocked his way

“I was just joking, come on” she pouted

“Crazy girl” he said

“Well I’m happy for you, are you gonna inform mum and dad when they finally come tomorrow?” She asked

” They’d have seen the video so they’ll be the one to talk to me about it” he replied

” Cool, you’re so lucky to have her, Veera is cute and Se-xy , if you break her heart I’ll break your teeth then you and meat will become enemies forever” Romina said

” Ok ma’am, I get it” Ronny replied, smiling largely

“I wonder when I’ll get my own sweetheart” Romina heaved

” You’re still waiting for Grady?, What if he doesn’t come back” Ronny said

” Don’t be a pessimist, he’s coming back” she replied

“Ok let’s go eat dinner” Ronny said, hanging his arm on her n£¢k

“You didn’t eat on your [email protected]£?” She asked

“I did, but I wanna eat with my twin again” he win-ked and Romina smiled as they left the room


The Hales**

“Happy birthday to you!, Happy birthday to you!, Happy birthday to you sweet dad, happy birthday to you!” The daughters sang as Joey cut the cake

No one knew today is his birthday, he didn’t even remember till he suddenly remembered during dinner and the daughters had to rush to get cake, gifts and c0cktails to [email protected] him

“I love you my lovely family!” Joey said loudly

“Why are you always like this?, You even forgot your own birthday” Rosie said, drinking from a cup of wine.

“You as my wife should have remembered when I forgot” he replied and Rosie sh0t him deadly glares

“I’m a busy woman!, I have things to do so you don’t expect me to remember the birthday of one wasted husband!” Rosie yelled

” Calm down my Rosie” Joey win-ked and Rosie drank wine again to calm down

“Happy birthday daddy” Pearl smiled, wearing the fancy birthday cone cap on his head

” Thanks for coming back to the old you Pearl, I love you daughter” Joey said and hvgged her

” Love you too daddy” she replied and gave him her pres£nt

“More years to live daddy” she smiled

“I hope she continues like this, she’s pretty when she smiles, it reveals the rosiness of her cheeks and the beauty of herl-ips” Beverly said

” I know right?” Jewel replied as Love gave Joey her gift too after hvgging him

“I love you daughter!” He shouted

“I love you so much daddy” she replied and k!$$£d his cheek

Jewel [email protected]£ next and jumped on him like a monkey

“I love you Daddy!”

“I love you daughter!”

“I cherish you daddy!”

“I cherish your daughter!”

“I love you more than mum!”

” I love you more than her too!” Joey yelled

” Really?” Rosie said, throwing a big portion of cake into her mouth, eating angrily

“Someone is jealous” Beverly muttered as she went to Joey with her own gift

Joey carried her and turned her around in his arms. “I love you my little angel” he said

“Love you Daddy” Beverly replied

” Mum your turn” Jewel said

“I have nothing to give him since he loves you guys more” she replied

“Jealousy is a deadly disease” Beverly muttered and Rosie threw a dangerous glance at her

“Mum come on” Pearl said

“I have nothing to give him” she replied again

Joey went to her and carried her in his arms

“OMG OMG record the video!!” Love yelled

” Are you nuts?” Rosie said but Instead of answering, Joey k!$$£d her

“My gosh!!” The daughters screamed and Love continued to record

“Dad is so ro-mantic” Jewel gushed

Joey dropped Rosie and her cheeks is burning red with blush

“I love you Rosie” Joey said

“Happy birthday” Rosie said without looking at him and went in straight, still blu-shing

“Joey Hales is thirty eight years old!, Pop some Champagne!” He yelled and the daughters popped the champagne happily on his head

In the middle of the jubilation, Jewel received a call from “My j£rk” which she went into her room to pick

“Hey baby” she smiled

“Main squee-ze, what’s going on in your house?, There’s so much noise” he said

” It’s dad’s birthday” she replied

“fv¢k!, I should have been there” he said

“You don’t have to worry, he didn’t even remember till tonight” she replied

” That’s somehow funny” he said

“I know, so how’re you doing?* She said

“I’m not fine” he replied


“I feel like doing sort of things right now” he said

“Things like?” She asked

“k!ss!ngyou [email protected], [email protected]£ss!ngyour @ss, giving you hic-keys, su-cking you nonst©p” he replied and Jewel had to [email protected]

” You love talking dirty right?” She said

“No, I’m not just talking dirty, they’re what I feel like doing trust me, I want to make you [email protected] my name countlessly, hear you tell me you love me and call me your j£rk while myl-ips is on yours, I want to….

“St©p” she said quic-kly

Right in her sitting position, she got w€t with just his words, her [email protected] is soa-ked with just that

“What?’ Kingsley said

” You’re too per-verted, I’ll see you in school tomorrow” she said

” No you can’t go yet, let’s talk all night” he said

” No Mr [email protected]ûghty, goodnight” she replied

” Anything I do in school tomorrow, don’t blame me….” He said and she hung up

She smiled as she dropped her phone, she can still feel the w€tness between her legs

“How much of an effect do you have on me j£rk” she sighed


Next day, B-KAY HIGH**

The first two [email protected] has been done and it’s time for lunch break, Veera went to Ronny herself and took his hand

“Let’s go eat lunch together darling” she said

“Of course” he smiled and they left the [email protected] together, both holding hands

👥 Heard they’re [email protected]!ngalre-ady

👥 How cute!

👥 Can’t believe it

👥 I wish I’m Veera

“Now she got a b©yfri£ndand oppression starts” Love said and Pearl giggled

” I’m not oppressed, I’m going to meet my baby and we’ll eat lunch together too” Jewel said and left too

” Seriously?” Romina said, looking at Pearl and Love

” I’m not going to the cafeteria, I’m going to the [email protected] to re-ad, I’m not hungry” Love said and left the [email protected] too

” The fv¢k” Pearl muttered

“Then let’s go eat together, we the singles” Romina said and [email protected]£d Pearl

Ryder saw Ronny and Veera when he’s just about to enter the [email protected] “She looks happy with him, I’m glad she is” he smiled and surprisingly, he feels happy as he entered the [email protected]

“Hey Mr lover” Love waved at him

“Lovely Love, you should be in the cafeteria right now” he said, sitting in front of her

” Well I’m not hungry so I thought of coming to gr-ab some knowledge” she smiled

” Ok, let’s re-ad together” Ryder replied and Love smiled


The Kings school lodge**

“Now Richmond …. And Kingsley, why this sudden silent treatment you both are giving each other?” Jasmine asked when he noticed they’re both around

“I don’t want to talk about it, just tell him to stay away from Jewel” Kingsley said

” It’s you who should tell her to stay away from me” Richmond replied and stood then left the lodge immediately

” Seriously?” Jasmine said

Kingsley rested back on the chair and Jasmine’s phone rang, he checked to see it’s Ronny calling, he stood and left the lodge

“fv¢k” Kingsley said and opened his eyes

Few minutes after Jasmine’s exit, the door opened and Jewel entered

He smiled at her sight

She peeped to see if he’s the only one in

“I’m the only one here , come to daddy” Kingsley said

” Fool” Jewel said

” A fool you love” he replied as she locked the door behind before coming to him

She has missed him so much and for the fact that she has not seen him today.

“You hung up on me last night” he said and pu-ll-ed her to himself, her bu-tt landed on his [email protected] and she let out a [email protected]

“I missed you” she said

“I know” he replied

“That’s not the right reply” she replied

” I said that cos I didn’t miss you” he said with a serious expression

” Then I guess I should go” she said and made to stand from his [email protected] but he held her ti-ghtly

“Where do you think you’re going” he said

“Tell me you miss me” she replied

“I don’t” he replied

“I hate you” she said

“I love you” he replied


” I missed you so fv¢king much, I missed you like crazy” he said and that made her smile

” I hung up cos of a reason last night” she said

“Why?, You got w€t with my words?” He said

” fv¢k … No I don’t…

“Don’t try to deny, I know that’s what happened” he replied and she turned her face away in [email protected]

” By the way I [email protected]£ so we can eat lunch together” she said

“Of course we’ll do, a very good lunch, I hope you enjoy” he said

” What” she asked

” What I’ll do to you” he replied and Immediately captured herl-ips

She’s not surprised, rather she smiled into the k!ssand k!$$£d him back, it was rou-gh at first, maybe because they missed this so much

His hands found her @ss and he started [email protected]£ss!ngslowly, she grinded her bu-tt on his [email protected] and held unto his n£¢k, caging him unto herself

The rou-ghness reduced and the k!sswent slow, not like the [email protected] ones they’ve always had, it’s different but she loves the vibes coming out of it

He slides his ton-gue pla-yfully across her lower l!pand that brou-ght a [email protected] out of her mouth

“Uhn” [email protected]£ the light [email protected] , she shoved her closer to himself and she found herself on his che-st, her b00bs hit his che-st and he immediately [email protected]£d them in his hands, [email protected]£ss!nglike an expert

“His magical t©uçh again” Jewel smiled into his mouth

How can he be so good at everything concerning her, his t©uçh makes her lose herself and right now she wants him to do things to her, she wants more but before she could make a move, he broke the k!ssand his hands slowly went to her shi-t bu-ttons, he started un-bu-ttoning it slowly while looking at her beautiful eyes

They’re both breathing heavily and only the sound of their heavy breaths can be heard in the room

He continued doing that till he un-bu-ttoned everything and slowly slid the shi-t off her b©dy, as if planned, she’s not wearing an un-derwear so her [email protected] [email protected]£ to view, housing her succulent big b*obs

She bit down on her l!pwhen he k!$$£d her che-st…it feels so good!, Hisl-ips always s£nds shivers down her b©dy and it’s doing exactly that right now, her hor-mones got switched on and she [email protected]£ impatient

He looked up at her and slammed hisl-ips on hers, he k!$$£d her softly again and while at that, she carefully str!pped him of his shi-t too and when she beheld that beautiful b©dy again, she smiled and bent over to his arm, she k!$$£d the biceps up to his n£¢k and ni-bbled on it

“Witch what are you doing to me” Kingsley said, herl-ips is heaven!

He’s not himself anymore as she did that to him, her hands ran throu-gh his ba-re b©dy and he lost his breath

“You’re mine witch, only mine” he said, taking a break to stare at her

“I love you so much baby” she said, feeling his hand on her [email protected] stra-p, her breath quic-ken as he started taking it off

She buried her face in the crook of his n£¢k as he slowly did, he k!$$£d her ba-re shoulder for long before sliding off the [email protected], he un-hooked it and it fell off, re-leasing the b00bs

She slowly looked at him, breathing heavily

His eyes is full of love and affection, a look she loves seeing so much

He shifted his gaze to her b00bs, staring at the succulent flesh with the pink tempting n*pples

He slowly raised his right hand to the right n!ppleand rubbe-d it with his pointer f!nger, Jewel almost started [email protected] for breath at the plea-sure she’s receiving from there

“Kingsley….fv¢k” she [email protected]

“This is more than lunch right?” He smiled, still ru-bbing

” Yeah I love it, don’t st©p plea-se, don’t st©p* she replied, closing her eyes to [email protected] it all

She held ti-ghtly to his b©dy as he continued for minutes, she breathed heavily every second.

“Kingsley gosh!, I love you, this feels so good!, Goodness I’m gonna explode” she [email protected] ed, holding him more ti-ghtly

His [email protected] is ru-bbing on her w€tness on his [email protected] and she’s shivering with sweetness alre-ady

One more look at her second b**b, he took it in the warmth of his mouth, su-cking wildly while still ru-bbing the other n*pple with his pointer f!nger

“Oh my goodness Kingsley!, svçkme [email protected], more plea-se…. more baby!” She [email protected] ed, shoving his head closer to her b00bs

Kingsley smiled against her n!ppl!….”best lunch ever”


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