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Bad boys of b Kay high episode 57 – 59

( Crazy Cinderellas… )

CHAPTER 57,58 &59

By, Naomi Cindy B



The scene was heartbreaking and just too sad for him, Richmond turned his face away from them and walked back upstairs to the room

He figured out he won’t be fine in the room so he left the room and went to the study, he sat and placed his head on the table gently, unaware of when he started crying.

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It hurts to the bone and his tears won’t st©p pouring, this is the second time he’ll be getting hurt and shed tears… Because of her

The k!ssis enough verification that they’re [email protected]!ngalre-ady or they’re about to start so it hurts more as he cried slowly

Next morning**

Jewel woke up first amongst the girls, she stretched like a starfish and smiled when she remembered last night make out, it was h0t!

If she’s to choose between anything at all or Kingsley’s t©uçh, it’ll be his t©uçh cos it’s heavenly, makes her feel good, do things to her and makes her yearn for him more and more

She left the room and made to go downstairs to get water in the freezer since her throat is parched but she [email protected]£ across Richmond just coming from the study room and his face said it all that he’s not ok, his face is swollen like he cried and his eyes is red

“Richmond” she called when he just walked past by her without uttering a word

He looked back at her expressionlessly and she moved closer

She tried to t©uçh his face out of concern but he held her hand. “Don’t” he said seriously and let go of her hand

“Why?, You look like you cried” she said worriedly

“Are you worried about me? ” He said

” Of course I am” she replied

He smiled sadly before speaking. “If you really care, then keep your distance plea-se…. Don’t make it difficult to get over you” he said and went into the boys room, leaving Jewel in confusion

“Get…. Over me?” She thought and continued standing there, thinking of what he said till she felt arms on her [email protected]!st from behind, no one nee-ds to tell her it’s Kingsley

“What are you doing standing here” he said, resting his head on her n£¢k

” I’m gonna die, your head is quiet big” she tea-sed and he giggled, peeped at her face and k!$$£d her cheek

” That’s not the biggest [email protected] of my b©dy” he said

“So what’s the biggest? ” She replied

” The place you said is equivalent to my [email protected]” he replied and she laughed, holding onto his hands on her tummy

“Your di-ck?” She said

“Sh0t, do you have to say it like that?” He said and they both laughed

” No matter how big it is, it can never make me cry trust me* she replied

” Are you sure about that?, I’m a good fv¢ker, I can make you….

“It’s too early to talk dirty Mr small di-ck” she interrupted

“Back to that name again, and that’s why I won’t go easy on you when it’s time to eat you” he said

” I can’t wait” she replied tea-singly

” Stay still” he said and she did, he attached his n£¢k to her n£¢k and she [email protected] at the coldness of his redl-ips

“Yourl-ips is cold” she said, closing her eyes, [email protected] the sweetness

“Hmmn” Kingsley grunted, su-cking gently

“Why do you love giving me hic-keys?” She asked

“Cos it indicates that you’re mine, the mark alerts others that you belong to someone” he replied, removing hisl-ips from her n£¢k

He smiled when he saw an hickey

“Sounds brilliant” Jewel replied

“How was your night?” He asked

“Did you seriously just ask that?, I had a short night all because of you, you almost destroyed myl-ips last night and when I was telling you to let’s st©p, you kept k!ss!ngme [email protected] and [email protected] till 2″ she replied

” And you kept k!ss!ngme back [email protected] and [email protected]” he laughed

” You’re an idiot” she replied

“An idiot you love” her replied and she tried to break free from him but he held her ti-ghtly

“I hate you j£rk” she said

“I love you witch” he replied and took an handful of her hair , he dropped it on her che-st and k!$$£d the back of her n£¢k, ni-bbling gently on it, that calmed her down and she faced him

“You’re something else bad boy” she smiled

“Isn’t that what you love?, Should I become a church boy instead?” He replied

” Don’t you dare” she replied and k!$$£d him instantly, Kingsley smiled into the k!ssand pu-ll-ed her closer to de-epen it

“I love you” he whispered

“Love you more than anything” she whispered back as they broke it and hvgged ti-ghtly

” Gosh!, This is the best feeling ever” he said

“j£rk” she smiled, re-leasing him

“Witch” he replied and they went downstairs together

“I’m telling the maids to make coffee, should I make two cups?” He asked

“Sure, what says the time?” She asked

” Past seven, you’ll still have time to drive home and prepare for school, don’t worry” he win-ked

She smiled and sat, Richmond’s words earlier rang in her memory again

“Don’t make it [email protected] for me to get over you”

“Good morning!!” Veera’s voice jo-lted her out of her thoughts

“Morning V” she smiled as she settled beside her, looking at her n£¢k

“Another hickey, you guys are an item alre-ady right?” She said, moving closer

” Yes” she replied and Veera almost screamed, Jewel had to cover her mouth

” I’m so happy, finally the Casanova is in love!, Gosh!, I can’t ask for more!, I can’t possibly ask for more!” She gushed

Kingsley scattered her hair from behind and she stood then hvgged him

“Hey,my girlfriend is here” Kingsley said

“I’m your second girlfriend” Veera replied

” Second my foot, go meet Ronny” Kingsley laughed

” I love you so much big brother, thanks for finally having s-en-se” she said after breaking the hvg

” What did you just say” Kingsley said and Jewel giggled

” Thanks for finally having s-en-se” Veera said, ma-king puppy faces

” fv¢k you!” He said

” Middle f!nger for you” she win-ked and they both started laughing

” Don’t worry about mum and dad, they’ll be handled” Veera said..

” Sure” he replied

At the mention of their mum and dad, Jewel felt somehow, wondering if they’ll ever accept the daughter of a bar woman as their son’s girlfriend.. and at the other hand, she’s aware of their blind philosophy about girls so went sad momentarily

“Hey guys!” Love [email protected]£ downstairs with Romina

“Hey Rommy” Jewel waved but Romina [email protected]£ to her and hvgged her

“I heard you [email protected] ing last night, must be Kingsley, you guys had s*x?” She whispered naughtily into Jewel’s ear

” No we didn’t, we just smooched and ca-ressed so st©p imagining things you dirty girl” Jewel replied

” You smooched and ca-ressed and he didn’t had a [email protected] on?, Is he really the Kingsley I know?” Romina said

” Of course he had a [email protected] on but it’s at his own risk for now” Jewel whispered and pinched Romina’s arm

” Ouch!” She winced, stepping away from her

“per-vert” Jewel muttered

“Hello house!” Jasmine [email protected]£ down with Ronny

It’s an un-derstatement that all the guys look handsome in the morning, they look extra handsome

“Hello per-vert, the con-dom gifter” Jewel replied and Jasmine laughed

” So he has told everyone” Jasmine said

“No, I’m just hearing of it right now” Love said

” Me too” Romina and Veera chorused and they all faced Jewel

“Ok ok everyone…” Kingsley said and held Jewel up

“Meet my witch, my girlfriend” he said and Jewel blu-shed as that all started shouting

” fv¢k!, I’ve been left alone in the Casanova world” Jasmine commented

” Congratulations” Ronny said

” Congratulations sis, I’m so happy you tamed the heart of this King Kong” Love said,hvgging Jewel

” Well I’m aware alre-ady cos I heard her….

Jewel quic-kly covered Romina’s mouth

“You’re dead if you talk” she’s said

“Yes ma’am” Romina replied in a muffled voice but immediately Jewel re-moved her hand from her mouth, she moved away from her and screamed

“I heard her [email protected] ing from this living room last night, they smooched and ca-ressed h0tly!!” She screamed

” fv¢k $h!t, I was hearing it from my sleep, you guys are something else” Jasmine said

” Romina ya dead” Veera squealed and Romina laughed

” Morning babes and boos” Jenna said, coming downstairs in her usual bit-chy manner, [email protected] and br*

“Here she comes in her slutty [email protected] again” Ronny said

“Can you st©p being a bit-ch for once?, I’m tired of seeing what I can’t taste” Jasmine said

” Who says you can’t taste?, It’s available for everyone” Jenna win-ked, squee-zing her b©©b s

” Sorry I don’t take contaminated things” Jasmine said and everyone laughed

Richmond [email protected]£ last, dressed to go home alre-ady

“You’re leaving alre-ady?” Jasmine said

“Check your time, it’s some minutes to eight and we nee-d to go to school” Richmond replied flatly

” MG!, We nee-d to go” Ronny said

” And Natalie is returning today” Richmond added

” You said what!” Kingsley said

” She’s arriving in the evening” Richmond said and left

” Sh0t, Kingsley we’re dead, why is that psycho big sis coming to Korea” Jasmine said

” To teach us some lessons as usual” Kingsley said

“I can’t wait to meet her, I love psychos” Romina said

“Me too” Veera win-ked

” I bet she’ll be interesting” Jewel smiled

*Sure” Love replied

“Is she scary?” Ronny asked

“Extra scary and strict” Jasmine replied


The Hales**

Love and Jewel got home and met Pearl in the living room, dressed for school alre-ady with a big smile on her face

“Welcome sissys” she said immediately they [email protected]£ in

They both stared at her questioningly

She [email protected]£ to them and hvgged Love first

“Sorry for yelling at you baby” she said and pe-cked her, leaving her dumbfounded before moving to Jewel

She hvgged her too and k!$$£d her cheeks

“I’m sorry for saying those things, just take it as I was out of my s-en-ses then” she said

” Pearl?” Jewel said surprisingly

“I love you, Won’t you say you love me too?” Pearl smiled

” I… love you more” Jewel said in confusion as Pearl hvgged her again

Love’s doubts increased with Pearl’s sudden change

“You girls should go bath and dress up for school, I’ll wait so we can drive to school together” Pearl smiled

” O…ok” Jewel said and went in with Love but Jewel suddenly [email protected]£ back

“I’m now [email protected]!ngKingsley” she said and Pearl smiled

” How cute!, Don’t worry you have my support, I love you” Pearl smiled and Jewel hvgged her

” I was so scared that you won’t be happy with it, thanks for approving” she said in her arms

” It’s ok baby, I hope you guys enjoy the relationsh!pfor long” Pearl said, breaking the hvg

” Much love sissy” Jewel said and blew her k!sses before going back in happily…

Pearl smiled satisfactorily and folded her arms across her che-st

“Since it’s clear that I can never have him, destroying them is my main goal now, I nee-d to act innocent so when I strike, no one will suspect me, Jewel and Kingsley, you guys should enjoy the limited time you have to enjoy your relationsh!p” she smiled


B-KAY HIGH, lunchtime**

“I had to [email protected] at the boutique on my way to school this morning to get my dress for my [email protected]£ with Ronny tonight” Veera said during the walk to the cafeteria

“Is the go-wn pretty?, You nee-d a pretty go-wn on your first [email protected]£” Pearl said

” Of course baby.. and thanks for coming back to the real Pearl, I love the new you” Veera replied and held her hand

Pearl smiled as Romina [email protected]£d her second hand

“You guys should meet us at the cafeteria” Pearl said to Jewel and Love as Romina and Veera pu-ll-ed her away

“I hope it’s real, something smells fishy” Love thought, following them

Jewel suddenly sighted Richmond climbing the stairs that led to the s£nior block

She wouldn’t have followed if not for how he behaved this morning

She followed and soon caught up with him, she held his arm and he faced her

“Are you ok?” She asked and he smiled though it’s not his usual type of smile, this one is short, he chewed gum slowly

“Of course, and I think I told you to stay away” he said seriously

“We’re friends right?” She replied.

Another look at her, he [email protected]£d her arm and took her to the stairs base then caged her with his arms, her back on the wall

“What do you want from me, I’m really trying my best to get over you but you’re ma-king that [email protected], can’t you just….. keep your distance like I requested?” He said, hurt replaced the sadness in his eyes

“Get over me?” She said

“Don’t act daft, I’m in….

He st©pped and re-leased her then rou-ghed his hair frustratedly

“Richmond we can sort this out amicably” she said and he r0ûghly [email protected]£d her shoulders, slammed her back on the wall and looked her In the eye

“I love you!, Don’t you get it!, The fact that you belong to Kingsley is ma-king me want to let go of you by staying away but here you are in front of me, ma-king me feel like k!ss!ngyou!, I saw you both doing that In the living room last night and I almost went crazy!, I cried till daybreak and got swollen eyes all because… because of you” he said sincerely

Jewel stared at him unbelievably, blinking severally

“Richmond…” She said slowly

“Jewel” Kingsley’s voice said from the stairs, they both looked back to see him looking at them angrily

Richmond let go of her and she went closer to him

“Kingsley” she said

“Richmond what are you doing with her?” Kingsley asked, facing him

Richmond di-pped his hand into his trou-sers pocket and [email protected]£ closer

“Absolutely nothing” he said and walked past him out of the place

Kingsley looked at Jewel who’s also staring

“What are you doing here with him?, He was holding unto your shoulders and was so close to you, why?” He said

” It’s not what you think, we were just talking” she said

“And when did a hold on the shoulders and clos£ness become [email protected] of talking” he replied

Jewel went mute and just picked on her f!ngersslowly

Kingsley climbe-d down to meet her and pu-ll-ed her to himself in a ti-ght hvg

“I told you I get jealous easily witch” he said, patting her back

” I’m sorry” she replied and hvgged him back

“I love you” he said

“I love you a lot Kingsley,I love you” she replied, ti-ght£ñing her grip around him and at the same time, thinking about Richmond’s words


“Ryder!” Love bellowed from the hallway, he’s about to enter the [email protected] when she saw him

He st©pped and smiled when he saw her

She rushed to him. “You haven’t been in [email protected] since morning” she said

“I’ve been in the [email protected], I gave a recording tape to Ronny, he’ll record whatever the teachers are saying and I’ll listen to it, I can gr-ab from there” he replied

” You don’t want to come to [email protected]?” She asked

” Seeing her will only make me yearn for her more” he replied

” Ryder…

“Shhh…. Love I ain’t changing my mind, I’ll continue staying in this [email protected] for one or two weeks before going back to [email protected]….see you around” he win-ked before entering the [email protected]

Love smiled slightly before leaving.


Evening, An international airport**

All The Kings and the girls are patiently waiting for Natalie’s arrival

Richmond and Kingsley has not talked to each other since that happened in school earlier and when Jasmine noticed the tense air between them and tried to intervene, Kingsley never allowed that so they’ve been giving each other silent treatment

When Richmond’s eyes met Jewel’s, he looked away and Jewel heaved

The plane landed some minutes later and when Natalie was sighted, Richmond smiled

She walked like a model and her charisma is attrac-tive, she has a smile on her pretty face, she’s beautiful!

“Big sis” Richmond smiled when she got to them

She wi-de-ned her arms and he [email protected] her

“I missed you [email protected]” Natalie said, removing her [email protected] after breaking the hvg

“I missed you a lot” he replied and she pinched him

“Ouch!, Sis!”

“You were talking on phone as if you don’t miss me” she said, raising a brow

” I actually don’t miss you…. just a bit” he replied

” When you were still a kid, I can remember how you run around in only your kid [email protected], telling me you want to go everywhere with me but now….

“Sis…” Richmond said, [email protected] as hell

“pla-yboys” she smiled, facing the others

“Natalie” Jasmine smiled

“What’s your name again” Natalie joked

” Are you kidding me now?” Jasmine said and she laughed

” Of course Jax” she laughed and hvgged him too

” My Natalie” Kingsley pouted

” High five” Natalie said and they stuck hands before hvgging too

“I’m his sis, i’ve always wanted to meet you” Veera said like a baby

” And here we are, come here” she hvgged her too

“I love you” Veera gushed

“You’re cute” Natalie said and that made her blush

” Meet Romina Bennett” Jasmine said, gesturing at her

” Bennett?” Natalie said

“Your suspicions is right, only daughter of the president” Jasmine said

” I was wondering why guards are standing around, she’s cute!” Natalie said and hvgged her too

” Ok here are the triplets from Veera’s [email protected]… Pearl, Love and … My girlfriend” Kingsley said

” Wait…are you trying to make me laugh?” Natalie said, laughing alre-ady

” Your girlfriend?, How funny” she laughed

“Hi sis, I’m Jewel, his witch” Jewel smiled

” What the fv¢k, oh my God this is becoming real, you’re really his girlfriend?, A Casanova is in love with you?, You deserve an award, I should get you a medal” Natalie said, moving closer to Jewel to give her a hvg

“Bad boys nee-d iron hands” she whispered into her ear

” I un-derstand” Jewel whispered back

“And that’s Love” Richmond said, gesturing at Love who’s smiling

” A makeup artist?” Natalie said

“OMG how did you know” she replied happily..

“Your username is Lovebug right?, Same as your page name, saw your blog on Facebook and I must say, I really love your works, I followed your page” Natalie said, hvgging her too

” I can’t believe this, thanks sis” Love said

“I love makeup, mind being my artist?” Natalie said

” It’s my plea-sure miss” Love beamed

“You must be Pearl” Natalie said, moving to her

“Yes” she smiled

” You’re so beautiful” Natalie said and Pearl got a shocker with that

She’s the first person that’ll ever say that besides her sisters so she was swept off her feet

“Really?” She said

“Sure, you’re pretty trust me….your hair, your brows, poutyl-ips and the whole of your face, then your stature, I love it” Natalie said, looking at her with a smile on her face

” Thanks Miss” Pearl blu-shed and Natalie hvgged her

For the first time in her life, Pearl fell in love with a lady’s personality

Richmond took her bag and Natalie hanged her arms on his n£¢k

“I’m here to frustrate your life” she smiled

“I know, I’m prepared” Richmond replied and she ti-ght£ñed her grip on his n£¢k

” Sis!!!” He screamed and the others laughed as they walked out of the airport

“Let’s hangout tonight” Jasmine said to Romina, they’re the last two

“Hangout?” She said

“Sure” he win-ked and she only smiled


pri-vate restaurant**

Ronny is alre-ady sitting, waiting for Veera to arrive

His guards are standing around, about six of them, and about ten are surrounding the restaurant

He adjusted his shi-t and checked his face in his phone again

“Perfect” he smiled

He heard approaching steps and looked up to see Veera, she’s fv¢king h0t in what she’s wearing, the go-wn st©pped in the middle of her th!ghs, though she’s not curvy but she’s Se-xy , exactly what he likes

He swallowed nothing as she walked to him gorgeously

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, the makeup took some time” she said as she took her seat

” It’s ok” he replied, smiling radiantly

“By the way you look good in what you’re wearing, I love it” he said and she blu-shed

” Thanks Ronny, you look handsome too, you’ve always been handsome” she replied

“thanks baby” he replied

” Baby?..gosh I’m choking” she thought as she picked the menu

” Excuse us” he told the guards standing around

“I’d take baked eggplant parmesan” she said, dropping the menu

” Bring two servings of that and my usual wine” Ronny replied and the waiter bowed before leaving

” Your earring” he said, pointing at her ear

Her left ear earring is about to fall

He stood and went to her then adjusted the earring for her

Immediately his hand t©uçhed her ear, she shivered and had to fold her hands to caution herself from tou-ching his face

He smiled and went back to seat

“Thanks” she smiled

“It’s fine, by the way I love your spray, smells nice” he said

” Oh really?, It’s called [email protected]” she replied

” I think I might have to switch to using that” he smiled

” Aww, cute!” She smiled

” Then your hair, fringe fits it, I love it” he said

She blu-shed heavily and covered her face

He smiled as the orders arrived and was placed on the table

She had a taste first and smiled

“Tastes good” she said

“I know right?, They have the best dishes here” he replied and started eating too

Throu-ghout, they stole glances at each other and Ronny kept tou-ching his pocket to make sure the gift he bought is still intact

The silence [email protected]£ awkward though they both have a lot to say but it stayed in their throats

Then Ronny di-pped his hand into his pocket once again and the gift box mistakenly fell, the ring in it fell and rolled out to Veera’s feet

“fv¢k” Ronny muttered as she bent and picked it up

“A ring?” She said

“Sure” Ronny replied

“What for?” She asked

Ronny gathered confidence and stood, he went to her and pu-ll-ed her up

He stared de-eply into her shinny eyeba-lls as if to pour love in them before holding her face in his hands then he gently k!$$£d her

Veera was shocked but he [email protected] it after a minute, he k!$$£d him back softly till be [email protected] hisl-ips from hers

He took the ring from her and went down on a knee

“It’s a promise ring, I want you to promise me that you’ll be my girlfriend right now and eventually marry me in the future” he said seriously

Veera covered her mouth in shock

“Because…I love you just like you do Veera, be my girl” he said

” Ronny” Veera whispered…


Somewhere in Seoul**

Jasmine and Romina are busy taking a stroll just like Jasmine requested and the air tonight is somehow cold, thankfully they’re both wearing thick hoods

“Wait. .. . Which school do you attend before coming to B-KAY?” Jasmine asked

” Golden High” she replied

“Why did you even transfer?” He asked

“Cos I want to stay close to my brother” she replied

” How lame” Jasmine laughed

” Like your [email protected]” Romina replied

“Gentle face deceives, you have a bad sharp mouth” Jasmine smiled

” Whatever” she replied

“Well I’m glad I’m not in that house with Artemis right now” he said

” Your brother?, Why do you hate him?” Romina asked

Jasmine is about to reply when he heard a sharp cry of help from a corner

“I’ll be right back” he said and left for the corner

” What’s he going to do?” Romina wondered

She waited for almost ten minutes and almost went into the corner too till a girl ran out of the corner, her clothes are almost In tatters and she looks like she struggled with someone, her face is bruised and her whole b©dy

“Who did this to you?” Romina asked with concern as the girl got to her, crying lightly

“A guy in that corner, he tried to [email protected]£ me” the girl replied amidst hiccups

At the same time, Jasmine [email protected]£ out of the corner and his belt is not in his trou-sers anymore, he looks like he struggled with someone too cos his clothes is wrinkled

Romina’s eyes wi-de-ned and she rushed to him

“What did you do?* She demanded

” What do you mean?” He replied, looking at her questioningly

Romina pushed his che-st r0ûghly

“How can you try to [email protected]£ a girl!” She yelled

“What!” Jasmine said in confusion

” St©p acting innocent when it’s clear you did it!” She yelled, her eyes spits anger and fury

” Romina st©p yelling!” He shouted but that was replied with a [email protected] on his face

“You just…. [email protected] me?” Jasmine said unbelievably

” You’re so unbelievable Jax!, How could you” she spat

The girl rushed to the scene and went between them

“Don’t hit him, he’s my savior, he actually used his belt to lash at the ra-pist and fought a lot with him before he ran away throu-gh the other end” the girl said

” What!” Romina said

Jasmine walked away Immediately

“Yes, he’s not the one who tried to [email protected]£ me, he saved me from the ra-pist” the girl said

” You have any money with you?” Romina asked

” Yes” the girl replied and Romina took off her hood to cover the girl

“Take care of yourself” she said

“Thanks very much, my name is [email protected]” she smiled as Romina left her to go look for Jasmine.

She caught up with him when he made to enter his car

“Jax wait!” She said behind him

He st©pped slowly and looked back at her, guilt is like a mask covering her face

“I’m sorry I jumped into conclusions” she said slowly

” That I’m a ra-pist?” He replied hurtfully

“I’m….I’m….” Romina started stuttering

” I might be a Casanova but I can never go as worse as ra-ping!, Is that what you think of me?, Really?” He said hurtfully

” I just wasn’t thinking and you had no belt in your…

“There was no belt in my trou-sers and that means I [email protected]£d her?, You didn’t even wait for an explanation from me and you jumped into that harsh conclusion Romina?, Is that how low you see me?, Is it?, You fv¢king [email protected] me!” He said angrily

” Jax I’m so sorry…” Romina said, wanting to go closer

“I decided to be your friend because I find you different but it turned out you think so low of me, you actually think I can condescend so low to ra-ping?, I’m not a psycho Romina!, I’m sane!, I’m not what you think!, All Casanova are not the same and you know what?, fv¢k off!” He said seriously and got in his car then without waiting, he drove off r0ûghly

Romina looked at the car till it’s out of sight and before she knew it, tears escaped her eyes

“What do I do” she sobbe-d as her tears streamed down her face.


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