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Bad boys of b Kay high episode 55 & 56

( Crazy Cinderellas… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



The loud music pla-ying from the pool downstairs swallowed their [email protected] s from going far but Pearl heard every of their conversation, she only left when they started the [email protected] k!ss, she got downstairs and went straight to the car then started pouring her anger on the steering wheel, hitting her hand [email protected] on it.

“Jewel you finally took him completely…. Jewel!!” She yelled, breathing heavily

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Back in the room**

None of them are re-ady to let go anytime soon, the k!sswent dee-per and [email protected] every second though they’ve almost lost their breaths and nee-ded to st©p and breath but they didn’t

Theirl-ips will surely be swollen right now but they still sunk dee-per and dee-per into it, unable to get enough of each other

Kingsley kept [email protected] ing to her hands on his b©dy and she can’t ask for more as he squee-zed her @ss like what he really owns

“I’m going nuts I swear” Kingsley said

“Me too, how can you be so good” she replied when they finally broke the long k!ss..

Theirl-ips are swollen red alre-ady as they smiled at each other, her n£¢k his full of countless hic-keys from him and his b©dy still begs for more of her t©uçh though it gave him an [email protected] up but he controlled it with everything possible

“I love you” he said, falling in love with that word alre-ady cos anytime he says it, he feels like a new person and when she returns it, God knows he literally goes crazy

“I love you more j£rk” she smiled and he immediately hvgged her

“I’m so glad you’re now mine” he said, stro-king her hair gently

“Me too, glad to be yours and glad to have you as mine, any girl found around you is dead ok?, I can get jealous a lot” she said, breaking the hvg

” Copied, and I’m a fv¢king jealous freak too, stay away from other guys else I can go as far as wounding” he said seriously

” Ok j£rk” she replied, holding his face fondly

“You’re so handsome” she said

“Really?” He blu-shed

” Sure, I love your new dyed hair and I love the makeup, I love your curvy redl-ips it’s too delicious, I love your b©dy, your abs are too beautiful .. I love your hands, they’re just soft and tender, I love everything about you except the pla-yboy attitude” she said seriously..

” You thought I was joking when I said I’ve changed?, Jewel I’m no more a Casanova you can verify from Veera or Jasmine and Richmond, I told Richmond and Jasmine to chase away my ex bit-ches that [email protected]£, what other evidence do you nee-d” he replied, slightly pe-cking herl-ips

Jewel smiled and hanged her arms on his n£¢k

“Accepted” she smiled and Kingsley rubbe-d her ear-lobes fondly

” Why do you like being with Richmond?” He asked

” He’s my friend” she replied

” But I do get jealous anytime I see you both together, I don’t know why” he said

” Really” she said

” Sure, and anytime I get jealous, the result Is always unplea-sant” he said sincerely, tou-ching her hair

” Ok Mr j£rk, I’ll not be too close to him now that I have a jealous b©yfri£nd, it’s a promise” she smiled

” Valid promise?” He said

” Valid promise” she replied and they hvgged again

” Thanks for loving me back, thanks for the beautiful expensive gift too, I love you witch” he said

” I love you j£rk” she replied and he k!$$£d her shortly before helping her down from the dressing table

“The [email protected]!!!!* Jasmine’s voice screamed from the pool

” Jax is crazy I swear” Kingsley laughed, not bothering to wear his shi-t

“I know right?, Let’s go to the [email protected]” she said

” What are you gonna be wearing?” He asked

” Bikini” she replied

” No plea-se….you know how dangerous it is, everyone will start staring at what only belongs to me” he said and Jewel started laughing

” You’re so possessive” she laughed

“You too, you just haven’t started showing your extreme possessiveness, I’m sure of it” he replied

” Whatever, so what should I wear?’ she asked

“You should have brou-ght a bu-m short instead” he said

” I brou-ght one along” she replied

“Cool, then wear that” he replied

“Ok boss” she replied and they held hands till they got downstairs

“Should we let the students know tonight?, I mean our relationsh!p?” Kingsley asked

” No, they’ll later find out anyways, I want my sisters to be the first ones to hear from me before the students will know” she replied

” Ok baby, accepted” he smiled and when she made to go, he pu-ll-ed her back and k!$$£d her de-eply before re-leasing her

She li-cked herl-ips and win-ked before leaving

“I have a [email protected]ûghty girlfriend” he smiled and three minutes after she went out, he went out too

“He’s finally here,yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jasmine screamed into the wireless microphone, he’s in the middle of the pool and girls surrounded him alre-ady

The pool is so full of students, thanks to it largeness

Students roared when Kingsley appeared, smiling handsomely

“Jump in [email protected]!, Jump into the pool!, Jump in!, Just in!” They started screaming

He searched for Jewel with his eyes and found her just coming out of the cubicle, changed to a bu-m short and a bikini [email protected] alre-ady

“Do it” she mouthed and he took off his trou-sers on that sp©t, leaving him with only his short knickers

“Jump in!, Jump in!, Jump in!!!”

He finally jumped into the pool and dived at first but when he [email protected]£ up w€t, he looks dangerously h0t, the water in his hair and on his b©dy added to his h0tness and surprisingly when girls tried to come closer, he rejected it

“I don’t do $h!ts again so all girls should stay away” he said seriously

” What the fv¢k, I was hoping to gr-ab his di-ck in the water and now this?” Jenna said in disappointedly

Girls kept their distance from him like he requested and the guys flexed around him, Love is sitting beside the pool, not re-ady to swim though she’s wearing a bikini

Romina and Veera are screaming, the only two girls close to Kingsley, they stayed in the Kings circle, throwing a soft ball to each other

“Jump in” Kingsley secretly said to Jewel who’s standing beside the pool

“No I don’t want to” she replied

“Should I come and carry you?” He mouthed

” No plea-se” she mouthed back and made to sit beside Love but Love pushed her into the pool

“Betrayer!” She said and tried to pu-ll Love In but Love stood and stayed back, mocking her

“I hate you” Jewel said

“I love you baby” Love replied, b!owing k!sses to her

Jewel joined in the pool [email protected] and tried as much as possible to avoid eye contact with Richmond but it seems impossible

He’s chewing gum slowly when their eyes met and as usual, he stared and even smiled but she found it [email protected] to return the smile

She looked away and stayed with the girls, she collected the cup of wine with Romina and gulped it down

“My woman” Veera said with that silly voice again and Jewel blu-shed this time

“Silly Veera” she laughed

“Hey beauty” Jasmine said, coming behind Romina who just dropped the empty cup beside the pool

“Hey Casanova” she replied, looking back at him

“You look good in that bikini” he said, l!çk!ng hisl-ips se-ductively

“Trying to s£dûç£me?, Sorry you failed” Romina replied, rolling eyes at him

” Come on don’t be so upti-ght, we can be buddies” Jasmine said

“Buddies my foot, I’m not re-ady be the buddy of a Casanova” she replied

” Why ?, Casanova aren’t humans?” He said seriously

“I don’t mean that, I mean….”

” It’s ok Rommy, I know what you’re thinking, i’m not planning to make you one of my fv¢k mates” he said

” Then?” Romina said

” Just friends and nothing more, and that’s because I find you interesting” Jasmine replied

” Jasmine you….

“Jax” Jasmine interrupted

” Ok Jax, i don’t know how to react to the arms of friendsh!pyou just extended” she said

” Take it or cut it off” Jasmine replied and Romina laughed

” Ok ok… On one condition” she said

“What condition?” He asked

“We won’t get too close” she said

“Of course” he smiled knowingly

” Good, then we’re good” she replied and smiled shortly before going to meet the girls again

“Interesting character” Jasmine smiled

“I might be going out on a [email protected]£ with your brother tommorow” Veera broke the news

” I un-derstand, enjoy yourself, but keep up the serious attitude” Romina said

” Do I really nee-d to continue doing that when we love each other?” Veera said

“If you can’t do it, then do what you like” Romina said, pu-lling her hair pla-yfully

“Where’s Jewel by the way, I think she got her first k!ssfrom my cute brother alre-ady, herl-ips is swollen and her n£¢k has numerous hic-keys” Veera gushed

” How cute!, I didn’t notice at all, so the Casanova is finally in love with his witch, their lovestory will be a sweet one” Romina smiled

” I know right” Veera said

Kingsley actually pu-ll-ed Jewel into the pool with him, they dived into it when no one was watching, then he k!$$£d her un-der the pool while they held their breaths for almost two minutes till he re-leased her, she pinched him before coming up

Few minutes after, he [email protected]£ up on the other side and smiled naughtily

“fv¢k you” she said silently

“fv¢k you witch” he smiled and she laughed before getting out of the water

The [email protected] ended at exactly 12pm and some students whose house are close went back home while some whose houses are far like the triplets stayed

Jenna stayed too, Doreen left

Richmond and Jasmine stayed too, Ronny and Romina stayed too, Pearl [email protected]£ in too

“There are just four big rooms here, the girls can sleep with Veera in her room then the guys should join me in my room” Kingsley said

” Saying the girls, you don’t mean it includes Jenna right?” Veera said

” Ok girls and bit-ches” Kingsley said and Jewel laughed

” Goodnight” Jenna said and is the first one to enter Veera’s room

“Seriously?” Veera said

“Manage throu-gh it baby” Love said and went in too, Pearl went in without uttering a word while Jewel rushed back to the living room to pick her phone, while coming back she met Richmond just coming in

“Hey” she smiled, taking her phone

“Are you avoiding me?” He questioned

“Oh…no I’m not” she replied awkwardly

“Then why are you avoiding my eyes?’ he asked

“I’m not” she replied

He [email protected]£ closer and held her chin up so she’ll face him, he smiled and she just avoided his eyes again

“You really are not? Even when you’re obviously avoiding it right now” he said

” I’m sorry” she replied and stepped back

” Why?, Did I do something wrong?, We’re friends right?” He said

“You did nothing wrong, we’re surely friends” she replied

” Oh..then why the avoidance?” He said

” I’ll see you tomorrow morning” she said and went upstairs, leaving Richmond dumbfounded

” What took you so long?” Love asked immediately she entered

“It took me so long before I could see it” she replied, sitting on the be-d

Pearl kept glaring at her anytime their eyes meet

“Now Pearl, what exactly is your problem” Romina said

“Meaning?” Pearl replied

” You changed obviously and you don’t behave like you used to” Veera said

Jenna is asleep alre-ady

” In what way has my change affected you all?” Pearl said

“Pearl!” Love yelled

” Don’t yell at me!” Pearl yelled back and stood, she [email protected]£d her back from the dressing table

“It’s better I leave, I can’t sleep in the same room with you guys” she said and left immediately after giving Jewel dangerous looks

The girls looked at each other and sighed

“She’s a different person alre-ady,I don’t un-derstand her anymore, she said I took what’s hers and I don’t know what she’s talking about” Jewel said

” What’s hers?” Love said

Her mind drifted to when Richmond was choking Pearl, telling her Kingsley will never be hers, does that mean….. Pearl likes Kingsley?, When she saw Kingsley feels something for Jewel, she [email protected]£ jealous and….. Pearl” Love thought shockingly

Boys room**

They’re all busy unwra-pping the gifts, checking it out and all the gifts are just cute

Richmond got him an expensive wristwatch, Veera got him the latest [email protected] of hoodie and jogger from the [email protected] he uses

Pearl gifted him a phone cover that has the shape of an heart behind it

Jasmine’s gift is fv¢king crazy!

A plastic [email protected] and a pack of con-dom

“What the fv¢k is this” Kingsley said, shooting deadly glances at him

“That plastic [email protected] costs millions of dollars, I had to pay the company to produce it, I figured out you nee-d a [email protected] and since I can’t get a real one, this should do, and about the con-dom pack, you know you nee-d it, it’s the best gift I thought of” Jasmine win-ked and everyone started laughing

“Jax you’re a bastard!” Kingsley said

“And now I got criticized for my gift” Jasmine replied and Kingsley threw a cream cone at him though he ducked and it hit the ground instead

“I hate you” Kingsley said.

“Love you bro!” Jasmine shouted

Girls room**

Every single one of them is slee-ping alre-ady except for Veera who’s chatting with Ronny and Jewel who’s chatting with Kingsley

Veera dropped her phone after agreeing to go on a [email protected]£ with Ronny tommorow

“Goodnight my woman” she said to Jewel

“Goodnight baby” Jewel replied as she sle-pt off too

” What were you talking with Richmond about the other time?” Kingsley texted

” You saw us?” She said

” Of course” he replied

“He asked if I’m avoiding him, that’s all” she replied

“Can you come to the living room now?, I nee-d to see you” he texted

” Sure” she texted back and left the room hurriedly, eager to meet him

He’s in the living room alre-ady, waiting with wi-de arms

She rushed into it and they hvgged ti-ghtly

“Can’t believe I was missing you when you were just a room away” he said

” Me too, all the girls are asleep but only me is still awake” she replied

” Same here, the guys sle-pt after we checked the gifts, the only person still awake is Richmond” Kingsley said, breaking the hvg and sitting down

He pu-ll-ed her to his [email protected] and she sat on it, he pe-cked her and brushed his nose on her pointed nose

“You’re so pretty” he said, staring at herl-ips

“And you’re just too handsome, glad to have you as my b©yfri£nd” she replied, staring at hisl-ips too

” Guess what Jax gift was” he said

“I’m not good at guessing” she replied

” The idiot gave me con-doms and a plastic [email protected]” Kingsley said and Jewel laughed out loud

” Seriously?” She said

“I swear it” he replied and she kept laughing

“Jasmine is the baddest of The Kings” she said

” I know right?, Big bad boy, I’m behind him” he replied, ru-bbing herl-ips with his thumb, dying to k!ssher again

“What should we do?, [email protected]?, Since we both can’t sleep” she said

” No let’s do something more interesting” he said, b!tt!g his bottoml-ip

“You said Richmond is still awake” she said, un-derstanding what he means

” It doesn’t matter, if your [email protected] s make him come downstairs, I’ll introduce you as my girlfriend and resume k!ss!ngyou right in front of him I swear” Kingsley said and Jewel chuckled

” Baby boy” she smiled, adjusting herself on his [email protected]

” You love bad boys right?” He said

“A lot” she replied

“Then I’ll continue to be [email protected]ûghty” he win-ked, melting her heart with that

” So….” She said

” I love you witch” he said, holding her face

“Love you baby” she replied and theirl-ips met immediately in a de-ep k!ss, automatically moving in sync with each other, she [email protected] ed loudly just like earlier but they don’t care, all they care about is exploring the feelings

He turned her gently and placed her on the couch before coming on t©p of her, resuming the k!ssintensely, ma-king her [email protected] more than last night, she kept calling his name, telling him sweet things in the middle of the k!ss

“What’s that sound?” Richmond thought in the room and listened to it very well .

Without doubt, it’s [email protected] s, he got curious and dropped his phone then left the room

He started walking downstairs and when he got to the base of the stairs, he st©pped frozen in his tracks when he saw the scene

Kingsley and Jewel k!ss!ngand [email protected]£ss!ngon the couch!

He held the staircase so he won’t fall….


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