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Bad boys of b Kay high 66 & 67

( Crazy Cinderellas… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



“It’s ok Jewel, you nee-d to calm down and just… Find a way to talk to him I beg you, he’s not ok, I know you’re not ok too, I know what happened hurt you most but…. Just take pity on Kingsley ok?, He’ll surely fall sick if you continue avoiding him just… Go see him even if you won’t say anything, let him see you” Richmond said after breaking the hvg

By now, she has managed to st©p crying and Richmond wiped the remaining trace of tears in her eyes with his thumbs

“I’ll try” she replied

“Should we go now?” Richmond asked and she nodded slowly

Richmond smiled and led the way while he followed but just beside the road, Richmond sp©tted one of Kingsley’s cars

“This is his limo” Richmond said, looking at the wine coloured limousine on the road

He crossed to the other side of road to check out the number and truly it’s Kingsley’s

“He’s not here” Jewel said, peeping into the car cos the front window is opened

Richmond suddenly saw a note attached to the back window of the car and when he re-ad it, his eyes took over his face in shock

*Only a ransom of a hundred million dollars can take him out of our den, he’s staying with us till then*

He quic-kly re-moved it, not wanting Jewel to see it but she saw when she was removing it and got curious

“What’s that?” She asked, looking at his hand which has the paper

“Nothing” Richmond replied awkwardly

She went closer to him and snatched the paper from him, her eyes shows how shocked she was while re-ading it, the paper fell from her hand and she started trembling on her sp©t

“This is not….not true right?” She said with a trembling voice.

“Calm down Jewel, everything will be fine and….

” And this is not ma-king any s-en-se anymore!, How can my b©yfri£ndbe kidnapped when we’re not done settling what’s at hand?, How can he be kidnapped!, Who the hell abducted him!” She yelled

” Obviously they’re goons and hoodlums cos they’re asking for ransom” Richmond replied calmly.

” Now what do we do?” Jewel asked impatiently


An hour later**

The news of the kidnap of the Brown’s heir is the latest gist in the streets of Seoul, the cops are busy with their search, starting from the abduct sp©t but it seems the abductors are wise, no traces left at all

“I’m re-ady to pay, it’s just a hundred million dollars, I’m re-ady to pay for those bastards to re-lease my son!” Kay yelled frustratedly in the police station

” Yes, you nee-d to st©p the fruitless search cos it won’t bring out our son, we’ll pay them the money” Bianca said arrogantly

Veera is crying like a baby alre-ady

“He refused to eat anything since yesterday and he was running an high temperature before he left the house, he’s not ok and now this happened, Kingsley where are you” she cried

Ronny had to do his best to make her st©p crying

Richmond looked over at Jewel, though she’s not crying but it’s obvious she’s dying inside

She rushed out of the station and he followed

Jewel got to the front of the station and bent down sadly then let out her tears

She misses him so much and right now if she can just see him and hvg him she’ll be ok but seeing him is Impossible right now

She continued crying profusely, not minding the people coming out and going inside the station

She suddenly felt arms around her and she looked beside her to see Richmond

“St©p crying he’ll be found, I promise” he said but that didn’t st©p her tears, it continued flowing

“I miss him, I want to see him” she said

“I know, and I’m saying he’ll soon be with us, st©p crying” he replied and hvgged her

His heart started it’s heavy beats again Immediately.

Back inside**

“Ma, sir, how sure are you that if you s£nd the money, they’ll re-lease him?, I feel like they’re cunning individuals” Jasmine said..

” It’s my son we’re talking about so just shut it!, I don’t care!, They should s£nd the account number and I’ll transfer the money right here!” Kay ranted

Almost immediately, as if the abductors can hear them, Bianca’s phone beeped and when she checked, it’s the account number

“It’s here Kay, I’ll s£nd the cash right now” she said and started the transaction, after ten minutes it’s done

“Done” she said, inhaling de-eply but after three minutes, another message beeped on her phone

*How can you be so stingy to s£nd the exact amount we asked?, You don’t even care for a bonus…well your son is not coming home, if you nee-d him, s£nd twice the amount you just s£nt*

“What!, Are they kidding me right now?” Kay said..

“I knew it” Jasmine muttered

The account number was checked and the name is null, no name or picture, only the number and when they called the bank, they were told the account doesn’t exist

“Can’t believe they opened a bank account by themselves, that’s why they added no name” Pearl said

” Can’t you hack it?” Love asked.

” Even if I do, we still won’t find anything since there’s no name” Pearl replied

The number they used to s£nd the account number was checked and the report is that the number doesn’t exist

That’s the third number they’ll be using to text today and it seems like they destroy the sims immediately after every text

Right now they have no choice but to s£nd two hundred million dollars

Kay s£nt it to the strange account and they waited for five minutes before receiving a text

*How did you even [email protected] your exams when you were in school?, I told you to always add bonus… now s£nd thrice the amount you just s£nt*

“Six hundred million dollars?, Are they insane or something!” Veera said

“You don’t nee-d to s£nd any cash anymore, I think it’s high time we handle this ourselves” Jasmine said


Jasmine and Richmond went back to the school lodge with Jewel and others and started thinking about what to do about it, they left no clue and that’s exactly the problem

“Wait!” Richmond suddenly said

“Remember something?” Jasmine asked

” Jewel the note, the note they left” Richmond said

” I threw it down immediately I re-ad it, it’ll still be in that place” she replied

” I’ll be right back” Richmond replied and left the lodge, he walked briskly to the park and during the walk, he saw Jenna walking into the same corner he saw Mandy coming out from yesterday, he got curious and went there too then he started hearing slow talks

“Hope no one saw you when you were coming?” Jenna’s voice said

“At all, thanks for the idea, my parents wouldn’t hear of it that I got impregnated by a gangster, you should see how happy they were when I told them it belongs to Kingsley” Mandy’s voice replied

” You did a great job and right now their relationsh!pis in tatters, just what I want…but right now he has been kidnapped like you know and the bastards are asking for ransom every minute, we have to wait till he gets re-leased before continuing, you should go to his parents and introduce yourself as the mother of his baby” Jenna said

” I’m planning to do that today, by the way… how did you get that doctor to frame everything up?” Mandy and and Jenna laughed

” With my pvzzy, all things are possible…I had a one night stand with him, simple” Jenna said and Mandy laughed

” You’re a real [email protected]

“Sure, I nee-d to go now, come out five minutes after I leave to avoid suspicions” Jenna said

” Sure, after you” Mandy replied and Jenna left only to come face to face with Richmond who’s looking as if to kill,his eyes explains the anger in him

Jenna trembled at his sight and almost ran away

“Rich… Richmond” she stuttered and Mandy [email protected]£ out too, too shocked at the sight of Richmond

“Richmond?” She said shockingly

“How dare you two!” He ranted furiously

Minutes later**

Jenna and Mandy are alre-ady in the police station with the doctor who carried out the test though Bianca and Kay are not in the station anymore

“Doctor j£rk, do you know the gravity of what you did?, You had a night stand with her just to frame lies against Kingsley Brown?” The cop said

” I’m so sorry if you let me go this once it won’t happen again” he pleaded

” And you Jenna Dawn, just because you wanted to destroy his relationsh!p, you employed someone you know he has once fv¢ked raw just to push the pregnancy that doesn’t belong to him on him, who does that” the cop said before facing Mandy

” Mandy Miller, you got pregnant for a gangster and you don’t want your parents to know, so when she brou-ght the offer you jumped on it, you’re getting punished accordingly” the cop said

” We don’t nee-d to go to court” Jasmine said

” Of course, Jenna and Mandy will be in juvenile jail for two weeks, and as for doctor j£rk…. his doctor license will be confiscated and never to be returned to him, then he’s spending a month in jail” the cop replied

” Fair enough” Veera said..

” I can’t stay in juvenile for two weeks, what’ll happen to my skin?, I can’t plea-se I can’t stay there!!!” Jenna kept screaming as she’s being taken away with Mandy

Jasmine’s phone beeped and he checked the message from Richmond

*I found the note and there’s a clue on it, come to my house*

He finished re-ading and left the station with Jasmine Love and Veera to meet the rest

He got there and Jewel is crying, more than the ones she has cried, Natalie and Romina are busy consoling her

“So I was mad at him for nothing, he’s not even the father of the baby what do I do?, Will he ever forgive me?, I’m scre-wed” she cried, covering her face with her palms

” She has been like this since” Natalie said

“You nee-d to calm down Jewel, we’re at the verge of finding him” Jasmine said and Richmond brou-ght out the note

“Look at it guys, what do you think is the clue I’m talking about?” Richmond said and they all looked at it closely,. None of them seem to get it for the first three minutes

“The ink of the pen is thicker than normal ink” Pearl said

“Good!, And there’s only one store in the whole of Korea that supplies that kind of thick ink pen” Richmond said

“PJay stores” Love said

” Sure, so we nee-d to get there right now since they have CCTV footage” Richmond said

” I’m following you guys” Natalie stood

“What?, No you don’t have to” Richmond said and Natalie laughed

“You know me more than I know myself Richmond, when it comes to taekwondo, grandpa trained us together and I haven’t forgotten even a bit of it, I s-en-se things will get rou-gh so I’m coming” she replied and wore her face cap

” Ok fine” Richmond said and left the house with Jasmine Natalie and Pearl

Romina and Veera with Ronny stayed with crying Jewel

They got to the front of the house and met Artemis surprisingly, he’s just coming out of his car

“Artemis?, What are you doing here?, You’re supposed to be in Italy” Jasmine said

“I’m just arriving and I heard what happened, Ryder told me you’re all here and that’s why I [email protected]£ ” he replied

” You know Ryder?” Richmond asked

” Sure, I met him once when I [email protected]£ to check on you in school” Artemis replied

” Check on me?, Well no time to waste” Jasmine replied and they all got in their respective cars

Jasmine rode with Richmond while Pearl rode with Natalie, Artemis followed them


An old building in Seongnam**

Kingsley is breathing heavily once in a while, tied to a chair and he looks like life has been sieved out of him

Since he woke up his head is not the same again, it’s in much mess, so much that he feels like he might die, blood is still pouring out of his head that was hit with a metal pipe and the blood has stained shi-t, ma-king it bloody all-over

The only thing his messy [email protected] remembers right now is Jewel and he won’t st©p calling her name every now and then

Four guys are strolling around the messy disarrayed place, they’re not holding guns but they’re with knives and other sharp objects

“Jewel … I’m sorry” he muttered again, his eyes are teary but he can’t even cry cos a blink brings millions of pains to his system

The leader of the gang [email protected]£ in and took a knife from one of the four guys, without thinking twice, he shoved the knife into Kingsley’s belly

“No!!!!” He cried in pains

Blood sh0t out in torrents out of his stabbe-d stomach, the hoodlum left the knife inside him and stood in front of him.

“Your parents aren’t cooperating anymore and that’s why you’re [email protected] throu-gh all this!, How can they find it [email protected] to s£nd five hundred million dollars!, They’re fv¢king rich and I still don’t know why the arrogant couple find it difficult to s£nd when they’re always [email protected] about how rich they are!” He ranted as Kingsley continued bleeding

In another minute, he raised his leg to Kingsley’s face and kicked him [email protected], he started bleeding from the mouth too

“Jewel” he said slowly

“And who the hell is this fv¢king Jewel!” The guy ranted

Kingsley started [email protected] for breath and the tear finally fell from his eyes

“Jewel” he said one more time and [email protected] out.


PJay stores**

Richmond entered with the rest and they went straight to the girl at the first counter

👥 Two of The Kings!

👥 It’s Jasmine and Richmond!

The girls in the store started drooling but this is no time for jokes

“Can you show us the CCTV footage of this place from two weeks ago till yesterday?” Jasmine asked

The attendant who’s obviously blu-shing nodded and led the way to the power room of the store

“Oops, the operator is not here” she said and Pearl wasted no time in sitting in front of the systems

She started operating, scrolling throu-gh the faces of people who visited the store right from last two weeks

Over two hours they’re still on it till they got to yesterday’s footage

“St©p!” Artemis said and Pearl paused, a guy with a knife tattoo on his arm is coming into the store

“Zoom in on him” Artemis said and she did

“You know him?” Natalie asked

” No, but that tattoo is the Young Knives code, they’re the biggest criminals in Seongnam, I knew about it when I went there to visit a friend last week, they’re criminals and with the look of things, no doubt they’re the ones” Artemis replied

” So right now we have to journey to Seongnam, how many hours?” Jasmine asked

” It’s an hour and thirty minutes journey” Artemis replied

“Let’s cut it to an hour, that means we have to drive fast” Richmond said and they left the place

They got in their cars and the drive to Seongnam started r0ûghly, Natalie contacted the cops to follow them after thirty minutes into the journey

They got to Seongnam after an hour and ten minutes drive and it’s left to know their hideout

“It’ll surely be an old house, hoodlums and criminals are always like that” Natalie said

” Sure, but who knows the number of old houses here?, We nee-d a shortcut” Artemis replied

” Lifesaver?” A familiar voice called and Jasmine looked behind him only to see the girl he saved from ra-ping the other time

“Oh it’s you” he smiled

“Yes, till now I still feel honoured that I got saved by one of The Kings, I’m [email protected], I didn’t tell you the other time” she smiled

” You live here?” He asked

” Sure, I just [email protected]£ to Seoul to change environment when that happened, why are you guys here though?” She asked

” We’re looking for the hideout of The Young Knives, I’m sure you heard about the kidnap of Kingsley Brown” Jasmine said

” Oh!, I did….Young Knives?, I don’t think I know anything about them” she said, shifting uncomfortably like someone who knows something but is scared

Jasmine held her shoulders and looked her in the eye. “I can tell you know something, plea-se I beg you, you’ll be safe” he said

“I…..I… mistakenly found their hideout last night, I was coming from the restaurant when I saw them bundling someone into a corner, I followed for almost twenty minutes and saw them entering an house, I can show you guys if you promise I’ll be safe” she said

” You’ll be safe, trust me” Natalie said


Young Knives hideout**

Kingsley is still unconscious and despite that fact, he’s still bleeding profusely

“We got five hundred million dollars from his parents alre-ady, why ask for another five hundred million dollars?, We should let him go” the deputy leader said

” Luke if by an hour time, they don’t bring the money, I’ll kill him” the leader replied and the door suddenly opened, revea-ling Jasmine and the rest

“Nice [email protected]” Jasmine said, wearing his black protective gloves

“Who dies first?” Richmond said

” I nee-d a paint and brush, I nee-d to paint this building with the bloods of you hoodlums” Natalie said

“One, two,three, four, five…five bastards, let’s take them one per one” Artemis said, flexing his muscles

Pearl [email protected]£d a metal pipe lying on the floor and k!$$£d it

“Who’s coming for me?” She win-ked at the five guys


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