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babysitting Jenna episode 39 & 40


🩸(The Icy Billionaire’s Daughter笑)💧

⛲CHAPTER 39&40⛲

By Authoress Rhema 🧁



Irish gritted her teeth, she raised her hands up to Kaylee’s cheeks and [email protected] her [email protected]

“All this while all I’ve thought of you is nothing but a friend, I’ve seen you as a really good friend, I never knew you loathed me this much just because of a guy I have no feelings for, I really can’t believe this” Irish said in tears

Della who just [email protected]£ out of the kitchen looked up at them with creased brows

“You [email protected] me” Kaylee said, ru-bbing her cheeks

Irish just glared at her and made to leave but Kaylee suddenly pushed her, Irish lost her balance and fell down the stairs, rolling till she got to the floor, she lost consciousness immediately

“Irish!!” Della yelled and Kaylee [email protected] out

Della moved over to Irish, she raised her a bit up and bit herl-ips, Irish must have hit her head in the stairs as she’s rolling because she got a cut on her head that’s really bleeding

“Why did you do it, why did you push her!!” Della yelled at Kaylee

“It was an accident” Kaylee bit herl-ips

“An accident?, You know clearly that she has high tolerance to shock, this is bad” Della muttered, helping Irish up

Kaylee bit her [email protected], she feels slightly bad for what she did

“Don’t just stand there, help us st©p a cab” Della said, Kaylee nodded and rushed out to look for a cab

After st©pping a cab, Della helped Irish in and the cab took them to the nearest hospital.


Hospital Care**

Della and Kaylee were sitting on the long bench outside, Kaylee didn’t bother talking to Della as she knows Della is very much mad at her

Finally the doctor [email protected]£ out of the ward

“How’s she?” Della asked

“She’ll be fine but not now, right now I think she’ll have to face some truma” the doctor replied

“I don’t un-derstand” Della said

“Right now, she won’t be herself because she’ll have a lot of things going throu-gh her head but she’ll still be fine” the doctor replied

“Irish” Della bit herl-ips, trying to st©p herself from crying

“It’s all my fault I’m sorry” Kaylee muttered

“Yes it’s all your fault, why did you push her at the first place” Della snapped

“I was just jealous, I was jealous because I love my boss alot and instead he began picking interest on Irish,so I hated her” Kaylee muttered

“It’s not enough, not at all” Della shook her head and went to the ward, she met Irish laying with her eyes closed

“If anything happens to her then I’ll never forgive you” Della said angrily and Kaylee just bit herl-ips.


Next Day..Jake’s Mansion**

Jenna is sitting on the dinning and staring at the Froot loops in her plate with a dull face

“Is nanny not coming this morning?” She asked sadly

Jake who has been trying to call Irish sighed, he’s been calling servally but she’s not picking at all

“Maybe something [email protected]£ up, just eat up and go to school, she’ll come later” he said

“But I’m so worried, what if something happens to nanny, it’s so uncomfortable, I’m used to seeing her everyday in the morning, she gives me good luck… If she’s not hear then I’m sure, I’ll just have bad luck throu-gh out today” Jenna sighed

“Come on baby don’t say that” Jake sighed and called for Suzy

“Boss” Suzy [email protected]£ immediately

“Can you help me take Jenna to school today?” He asked

Suzy looked at Jenna confusedly

“Um, sure but what about Irish, I haven’t seen her this morning?” She asked

“She’s not coming today,just do as told” he snapped

“Okay boss, Jenna eat up and let’s go” Suzy immediately moved to Jenna

“I’m done eating anyways” Jenna frowned and stood up

“Huh, but you haven’t even taking a spoon” Suzy muttered

“I’m fine I don’t have appetite, I’ll be waiting in the car” Jenna frowned and left

Jake sighed, he brou-ght out his wallet and counted some cash

“Give this to her [email protected] teacher, tell her to get breakfast for Jenna” he said, giving the money to Suzy

Suzy nodded and collected it, then walked up to the car, she sat beside Jenna

“Let’s go” she said to Johnny who’s driving, Johnny nodded and began driving

Peter is sitting beside him, not talking as usual, he’s just busy pressing his phone

“This ride is so boring” Johnny started

“I know right, I’m not use to this… If Irish were here then she’ll be vibing” Suzy muttered

Jenna just sighed sadly and looked out of the window while Peter sighed too feeling slightly bored

“We are here” Johnny announced

“Let’s go” Suzy said to Jenna, she helped Jenna down and went in, everyone kept looking at them

Suzy got to Jenna [email protected], she called for the teacher while Jenna went to her sit sadly

“She didn’t eat anything this morning, she’s in a bad mood but here’s her breakfast money, just anything, just make sure she eats anything” Suzy said

Miss Raspen nodded and took the money

“Thanks” Suzy smiled and rushed back to the car where, Peter and Johnny are waiting

Johnny started the car and they drove back to the mansion.


JM Entertainment**

Jake sighed for the umpeeth time, he can’t even concentrate on the meeting that’s going on, all he’s thinking is about Irish, just what happened to her

“Mr Jake do you un-derstand this [email protected]” one of the client that’s explain on a projector asked

“Huh, I’m sorry can you come again?” Jake asked

“But Mr Jake can we postpone this meeting, you don’t look too good” another client added

“I’m fine” Jake sighed and motioned the person talking to go on

“So as I was saying, to move the satellite to this dot, we’ll have to…” The person continued



Some minutes later**

Jake tiredly [email protected]£ out of the board room, he walked tiredly to his office and sat down, then a knock sounded at his door

“Who?” He asked

“Eric sir” Eric replied

“Come in”

The door opened and Eric stepped in, he walked slowly to Jake and put some files on his table

“Here are the files you asked for” he said

Jake just nodded

“You don’t look to well boss, did you take anything today, are you drugged again?” Jake asked worriedly

“I’m fine” Jake sighed

“Oh, then can I start looking for a secretary for you?” Eric asked

“No nee-d, I alre-ady have one in mind, you can go now” Jake replied

Eric nodded and left, when Eric left Jake sighed, when he fired Kaylee, he was planning to make Irish work as his secretary so he’ll get to be seeing her everyday

He took his phone and dialed her number again, it ringed but no one picked

“Is she doing it on purpose, why won’t she pick” he muttered

“I can’t take this anymore” he sighed and called Peter who picked immediately

“Can you text me Irish address, I wanna check up on her?” He said

“Really?” Peter asked and Jake frowned

“I’m sorry, I’m just surprised that you’re worried, I’ll s£nd it to you now” Peter added and hanged up

Few seconds later, Jake phone beeped, he checked it and it was text from Peter, he smiled and stood up

“If there’s something wrong with you then just hang on, I’m coming Irish” he thought as he found his way to the parking lot


Maxwell’s College Of Arts**

“That’s all for today, thank you all for your time, you can take my leave now” the English professor concluded

Students began leaving the [email protected]

“I’m a bit hungry,I’ll be in the cafeteria looking for what do eat, I didn’t eat breakfast” Crystal said standing up

“Me too” Viva stood up to

“Sam are you coming?” Crystal asked

“I’ll join you both, I have something to discuss with them” she said, pointing at [email protected] and Brian

Crystal shurgged and began leaving with Viva

“Hey, Crystal wait for me” a voice sounded from behind them

Both Crystal and Viva turned back to see Aaron running towards them with his books on his hands

“No don’t wait for him, let’s go” Viva [email protected]£d Crystal’s hands and began moving really fast

“Why the rush, is that how much you hate him” Crystal chuckled

“He’s the most meanest boy I’ve ever seen I don’t like mean, let’s run” Viva [email protected]£d Crystal’s hands and began running

Aaron looked at them confusedly

“Why are you running??” He shouted from afar


“So have we all agreed to meet in the practice room by five?” Samantha asked

“Hmm” [email protected] nodded and stood up

“I’ll get going now, Brian come on” he [email protected]£d Brian and left

Samantha sighed before going to the cafeteria also

“You know that girl from the news?” [email protected] asked

“Yes what happened to her?” Brian asked

“I’m feeling like I know her somewhere, it’s really paining me that I can’t remember” he muttered

[email protected] just shook his head, his eyes brightened when he saw an icecream stand

“Icecream!!” He jumped like a kid and rushed over there

“Your flavor list plea-se” he asked with sparking eyes

“We have raspberry with sprinkles flavor and..

“The raspberry for me” Brian jumped

[email protected] eyed him and looked at the icecream man

“I’ll have that too” he said

The icecream nodded and began ma-king it, once he’s done with one, he stretched out to Brian but another hand [email protected]£ to collect it

“Hey” Brian yelled, following the sight of the hand, he met Crystal standing with Viva

Viva looked at Brian with a blush cheeks, she has a hvge crush on him

“Thank you for the icecream” Crystal smiled, l!çk!ng on it, she looked at her side and cought [email protected] staring at her with wi-de-ned mouth

“What!!, You look so annoying looking at me like that” she said but [email protected] didn’t reply, he kept staring as he remembered something


“Icecream” a little girl of 9 shouted happily, standing near the icecream truck

She bought a raspberry flavored icecream with sprinkles and began l!çk!ng it happily

Little [email protected] of nine years could be seeing scatting with his hoverboard, he saw her and sm-irked thinking of something

He got close to her and snatched the icecream from her hands

“Hey give it, it’s mine” the girl yelled

“It’s mine now” [email protected] sticked his ton-gue out and began scatting away while l!çk!ng the icecream

The girl got angry and began chasing after him but lost her balance and fell right on the icecream truck

It’s a mini but wi-de truck and since she was small she fell in, her head di-pped in, her legs up in the air

Everyone began laughing at her including [email protected], some adults slowly helped her out, all her face were covered with ice cream including her hair

The way everyone were laughing at her made her [email protected] so she rushed out


[email protected] stared at Crystal’s face, the girl has a mole on her nose, same as Crystal, come to think of it, Crystal is the girl that explains it

He suddenly started laughing out

“What’s wrong with him” Brian wondered

[email protected] opened his eyes, he looked at Crystal and laughed again before pointing his f!ngersat her

“You.. are that ice cream girl” he laughed

Crystal frowned [email protected], so he finally remembered

“Are you done?” She asked

“Not yet” he said and laughed out more loudly

“That does it” Crystal angrily walked over to him and stuffed the cone she’s holding into this thick hair

[email protected] screamed and jumped up

“That is not how a boy should sound” Viva laughed

“How dare you!!” [email protected] yelled

“Don’t yell at me, atleast now you look cute” Crystal smiled and left with Viva who’s busy laughing

[email protected] frowned and looked at looked at Brian, he glared at him [email protected] when saw him laughing

“I’m sorry bro, let’s go” Brian smiled and wra-pped his hands around [email protected] shoulders

“Now thanks to her, I’ll nee-d to wash my hair again” [email protected] rolled his eyes

“Sorry men but what happened though, why did she do that to you?” [email protected] asked

[email protected] sighed and began telling him everything till they got to the hostel

“For real, and I was about liking her, it seems like I’ll just leave her for you” Brian laughed

“Leave who for who?, No men plea-se like her, remember my heart is for my brother’s daughter’s nanny?” [email protected] replied

“You’re a fool, go and wash your hair by yourself” Brian laughed and pushed him the restroom

“F**k you men” [email protected] laughed and locked the door.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Rainbow [email protected]**

Jake just got there and sighed, he got down from his car and walked slowly to the door

“It’s just to ask her, if she’s okay, why am I feeling weird?” He thought, looking at the bunches of rose in his hands

“I hope she would love this rose” he thought, after sighing and calming his palpitating heart he knocked on the door

The door opened revea-ling the face of Kaylee instead, the both of them just stared at themselves in shock

“Boss” Kaylee called lowly, her eyes traveled to the rose he’s holding and she let out a small smile

‘Are those for me, did he perhaps come here to tell me he has forgiven me?’ she thought with a smile

Jake cleared his throat before starting

“Is Irish at home?” He asked

Kaylee shook her head back to reality

“Is Irish at home?” He asked again

So he didn’t come here for her, instead he [email protected]£ for Irish instead, then the rose, is it also for Irish too

Kaylee clenched her fist ti-ght, staring at the rose with pure hatred

“Thought I asked a question?” Jake frowned this time

Kaylee looked up to him and f0rç£d a smile

“She’s not feeling well, she’s at the hospital” she replied

“Which hospital!?” Jake almost screamed

“Hospital care” she replied

Jake immediately turned back to his car, without looking back he drove off

A tear drop fell off from Kaylee’s eyes, she clenched her fist really ti-ght, hatred evident on her face

“Irish!!, I regret ever pitting you, you’re a bit-ch” she said hatefully.


Hospital Care**

Jake just parked his car outside,the hospital is really small that it don’t have packing lot

Jake shook his head and [email protected]£ down, he definitely can’t let Irish stay here, she wont even get good treatment here

He got to the reception

“Is there a patient named Irish here?” He asked

The nurse checked the [email protected]©p and nodded, she was surprised seeing billionaire Jake at their hospital

After telling Irish room number, Jake walked over there, he met Della sitting on a chair and cleaning her face with water

“Irish” he called looking at her

Della raised her head up, she wanted to scream but Jake motioned her to shout it

“What happened to her?” He asked

“She fell from the stair case at home so she [email protected] out” Della lied, she can’t possibly rat on Kaylee

Jake looked at Irish head that has been bandaged and sighed

“I’ll transfer her to another hospital, I can’t let her stay here” he said

“Huh?” Della asked

“Nevermind, just go call the doctor” he sighed

Della nodded and went out, Jake [email protected]£ to stroke Irish hair

“Life is to short, I’m not re-ady to loose you too, I won’t keep shut again, once you get better I’ll make you mine” he muttered.


After talking with the doctor, it was all cleared for Jake to carry Irish along with him

“Don’t worry your friend will be safe, I’ll just have to take her to a better hospital where they’ll get to take better care of her” he said to Della

“Okay but can I come visit her later?” Della asked

Jake brou-ght out his call card and gave it to her

“You’ll just give me a call” he said

Della nodded happily, she watched him scooped Irish protectively in his arms

“I’ll get going now” he said

Della just happily waved like a kid as she watched him leave

“They are so cute” she gushed happily



“And I will like for you to be personally taking care of her” Jake instructed Carlos

Carlos just nodded while setting all the monitor Irish nee-ded

Jake actually took her to his pri-vate doctor hospital

“She’ll be fine once she’s awake right?” He asked and Carlos nodded

Jake walked up to Irish and ca-ressed her face gently

“I don’t know what is going on, but you’ll nee-d to be fine, you’ll nee-d to be fine, if not for me then for Jenna cause if you don’t get better I don’t think she’ll be able to take it” he muttered

Carlo just stood with his hands on his pocket watching him, to be sincere what he’s seeing is really surprising, is it Jake Martinez with a woman??

Jake stepped away from Irish and looked at Carlos

“What time is it?” He asked

“It’s going to 4 alre-ady” Carlos replied

Jake sighed, he still has to pick Jenna up from school, she must have been waiting alre-ady

“I’ll get going now, take care of her, make sure to give her all the treatment she nee-ds” he said

Carlos nodded, Jake then k!$$£d Irish forehead tenderly before leaving the hospital

“Wow, I still can’t believe this” Carlos muttered and shook his head.




    Authorss rhema please i’m sorry of what i said if that is the reason why you have refused to post again please can you forgive me and continue posting please?

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