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Babysitting Jenna episode 37 & 38


🩸(The Icy Billionaire’s Daughter笑)💧

⛲CHAPTER 37&38⛲

By Authoress Rhema 🧁



The day finally breaked fully, Jenna is the first to wake up, she creased her brows when she saw a frame that look like Irish slee-ping next to her

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“Nanny?” She called and blinked repeatedly

How did her nanny get her??, She couldn’t help but think

Slowly Irish opened her eyes and yawned, she looked at Jenna who’s staring at her strangely

“Good morning baby, how was your night?” She asked, ru-bbing her eyes

“I’m not sure if I’m still awake” Jenna replied

“Why?” Irish asked

“Because you’re slee-ping here, when did you even get here?” Jenna replied

Irish chuckled and sat straight on the be-d

“I got here very early around five, since it was too early I decided to take a short nap, thanks for waking me” Irish replied

“But….” Jenna creased her brows

“But I thought you don’t sleep then how come, how come,..” she looked for words

“I can only sleep in the day time, now get up and go brush your teeth” Irish replied

Jenna rose up from the be-d and rushed to the bathroom, she took her mini tooth brush and began brushing her teeth

After brushing her teeth, Irish helped her bath then changed her to her uniform and styled her hair, they both [email protected]£ out of the room and immediately Jake [email protected]£ out of his room too

“Good morning Daddy” Jenna greeted happily

Jake nodded at her and stared at Irish, Irish wanted to look away but for some reason she couldn’t move her eyes

“Jenna go downstairs, I’ll love to talk to your nanny for a short while” Jake broke the eye contact and faced Jenna

Jenna nodded, she didn’t agure she just left as told, Jake then looked at Irish and Irish gulped, he moved a step closer and she moved backwards

“About Saturday, I’m sorry I wasn’t on my right mind” he said

“I know” she replied sharply

“You don’t hate me?” He asked and she shook her head

“It’s not your fault, but who drugged you thou?” She asked and Jake sighed

“I don’t know, I’m still looking into it” he li-cked hisl-ips

“Oh, I hope you find that person, such evil nee-ds to be punished, I’ll get going now” Irish said and walked to the stairs, she made to climb but cause of the weird nervousness she’s feeling she lost balance and made to fall

However before she could fall, Jake cought her immediately, her eyes wi-de-ned,her heartbeating fas-ter, she felt like she wanted to [email protected] out again but in his arms, that didn’t happen

“Be careful” Jake raised her up gently

“Thanks” she smiled and rushed down the stairs immediately, still wondering what’s suddenly wrong with her

Jake sighed and followed behind.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Maxwell College Of Arts**

“Crystal, finally I’m meeting you again” the VC smiled when he saw Crystal entered the office

“Yeah it’s me again, I actually made it” she replied

“I’m so glad, I can see a bright future in you” he smiled

“I can see a bright future in me too” Crystal smiled also

The VC chuckled and began typing somethings in his [email protected]©p

“Have you registered?” He asked

“Yes sir” she replied

“Okay, here’s your matriculation number, here’s your hostel number too” he gave her an envelope and a print out sli-p

“Cool, do I have roommates?” She asked

“Yes dear you have two roommates but I can @ssure you that the room is quite big for you three” he said

“No p V man, I’ll be a behaved girl only if they promised to be behaved too” Crystal smiled, she took her things and left

When she got out of the VC office, just like earlier, everyone kept looking at her

“What are you all looking at!!” She yelled out and they faced front

“Weirdos” she scoffed and left to take her luggage that was un-der a tree

“Roommate, roommate… This hostel located in the third ground” she muttered and began leaving

“Excuse me” someone called from behind and she turned back to see a guy staring at her

“Yes what do you want?” She asked

“OMG, you’re the girl from the news, guys look she’s the girl from the news” he jumped happily

People began looking at Crystal and murmuring

“I don’t un-derstand what is happening?” Crystal asked

“Look” the guy brou-ght out his phone and showed her, it’s the vedio of when she was chasing and hitting the reports

“Oh this, this is nothing” she rolled her eyes

“It’s not nothing it’s hilarious,I mean you showed those reporters who the boss is” the guy laughed

“Yeah, that’s just my thing” she shurgged

“It should be, so can we be friends, my name is Aaron” he smiled, extending his hands

“Crystal, you look like you’re new here” Crystal said, accepting his hand shake

“I am” he smiled

“Cool, hope you get a better hostel, I’ll get going now bye” Crystal waved and left

Aaron waved from behind too before someone [email protected]£ to tap him

“What?” He asked

“Are you Aaron Lagoon?” The person asked and he nodded

“The VC has been calling you”

“What!?” Aaron eyes wi-de-ned and he immediately ran to the VC office.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!

Rome 305**

Crystal looked at the paper in her and looked at the door

“This must be the place” she muttered and knocked on the door

“Coming” a voice sounded from inside and the person rushed to open the door

It’s a pretty girl with a short curling hair, she looked like she just finished showering cause she’s dressed in her morning robe plus her hair is w€t

“You look familiar, who are you?” She asked

“I’m Crystal your new roommate” Crystal replied and entered

The girl creased her brows and shut the door

“So you’re new here?” She asked

“Am I new here?, Let me think… No” Crystal shook her head

“Really, you transfer then?”

“Dummy, I’m new here” Crystal rolled her eyes

“Oh, right… Welcome roomie, I’m Viva” she smiled brightly

“And I’m Crystal, I’m hearing the sounds of shower do we have another roommate?” Crystal asked

Viva is about to reply but the bathroom door opened and Samantha stepped out in a yellow towel

“Samantha” Crystal called, smiling

“Who..” Samantha looked at Viva and looked at Crystal again

“Oh I’m new here, I’m Crystal well not that of a fan of you but I love you more than the rest” Crystal said

“You look familiar, have I seen you somewhere?” Crystal asked

“Hmm, your concert remember that time your leader left the concert to ask for my friends phone number?, That’s the time” Crystal replied

“Oh, right I remembered you now” Samantha smiled

“I’m glad” Crystal smiled too

“But still you’re looking like that news girl that was beating the reporters, is that you?” Viva asked

“What do you think” Crystal win-ked

“Oh m gee, I couldn’t st©p laughing when I watched that news” Viva jumped

“Me too” Samantha chuckled

“And I’m glad you guys had fun while watching that, where can I keep my stuffs?” Crystal asked

“Well there are a lot of spaces here, you can use that side” Viva replied

Crystal smiled and dragged her luggages over to the empty wardrobe and began arranging her things

Viva and Samantha went to their wardrobe to look for what to wear

“Will it be late if I take another shower?” Crystal asked

“If you’re fast then okay, we don’t wanna miss music [email protected]” Samantha replied

Crystal gave a thumb up and rushed to the bathroom, they were like five showers,you can make the water cold, or h0t or warm

“Can this day get any better” Crystal muttered.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


[email protected]**

The [email protected] is a bit noisy when they got there, some where eating, some where chatting, some where sitting on the table

“I don’t know about you guys but I love sitting at the back” Crystal said

“I do to but I love sitting at this side” Samantha pointed the sit beside [email protected]’s sit

Crystal shurgged and went it her, Samantha took the closer to [email protected] while Viva sat beside her

“It’s two sit in a role, I think I’ll sit at the other end” Crystal muttered and went to an empty sit

The door just opened and Aaron steeped in, his eyes cought Crystal he waved and immediately rushed to sit next to her

“How was your room?” He asked

“Cool, I’m roommate with Samantha and Viva” Crystal replied

“Wow and I was wishing to stay next to Brian and [email protected]” Aaron pouted

Speaking of Brian and [email protected], they both entered the [email protected] causing distraction as usual, once Crystal sighed [email protected] she rolled her eyes inwardly

Brian and [email protected] sat together beside Samantha, Brian happened to see Crystal

“She’s here for real” he muttered to himsel

“Who’s here?” [email protected] asked and Brian pointed Crystal

“That news girl?” [email protected] asked

“Hmm” Brian smiled

“Cool” [email protected] smiled and looked at Samantha

“Hey girl” he waved and she scoffed

“Still mad at me” he pouted

“Get lost” she huffed

[email protected] wanted to talk again but the music lecturer entered and all eyes went to him

“Don’t look at me, look at the board” he said, turning to face the board but turned back

“Is that two new faces I’m seeing, plea-se introduce yourself” he said

Crystal looked at Aaron and motioned him to go first, Aaron stood up

“I’m Aaron Lagoon, a new student” he said

“Duh, everyone knows you’re a new student” Viva rolled her eyes and he glared at her, she [email protected] and faced her front

Crysta sighed and stood up

“I’m Crystal Bae” she introduced

“Crystal that’s her name” Brian smiled and [email protected] eyed him

“Crystal, Aaron, I’m professor Zeed, I hope you guys will love it here” the music lecturer said and they took their sit

He faced the both and began writing some things before facing the [email protected]

“So who can tell me.. [email protected]!!” He called when he saw [email protected] talking

“I wasn’t doing anything professor” [email protected] raised his hands in his defense

“I know, Aaron will you mind swapying sit with [email protected]?” Prof Zeed asked and Aaron nodded happily

Samantha frowned as she watched [email protected] sluggishly walked to sit with Crystal

Crystal shifted away from him and faced the board in anger

“Hi” he muttered

“Don’t talk to me I’m learning!” She snapped

“But you look familiar” he muttered

“The news” she replied

“Other than that, I can swear I’ve seen you before” he creased his browns

“No you haven’t, I’m learning!!!” Crystal snapped and [email protected] kept quite, still thinking.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


JM Entertainment**

Jake is sitting in his office with the [email protected]©p faced at his front, watching the surveillance [email protected]£ra with creased brows

His door opened and Eric steeped in

“You called for me boss” he said

“Hmm, sit” Jake replied and Eric sat down

“Explain this” he shifted this [email protected]©p to Eric

Eric watched it and pressed hisl-ips together

“What happened here?” Jake asked

“Someone clearly toyed with that [email protected]” Eric replied

“Eric I’ve worked with you for years now, are you going to start lying to me, you knew clearly what happened on Saturday right?” Jake asked

“Boss I…, I’m sorry” Eric bit hisl-ips

Jake looked at him and crossed his arms

“I’ll tell you everything I Know” Eric added and sighed

“What!??” Jake yelled feeling furious alre-ady

“Are you sure of what you are telling me?” He asked

“Yes boss,I saw her with my eyes” Eric replied

Jake took his phone and dialed a number

“To my office now” he orderd and few mins later the door opened revea-ling Kaylee

She looked at Eric then Jake and her heart skipped beats

“What happened here on Saturday?” Jake asked calmly

“Ion know what your talking ab..

Jake hit his fist on the table and Kaylee flin-ched

“You were the one that drugged me right?” He asked

Kaylee shook her head in denial and looked at Eric who’s just sm-irking

“I didn’t,don’t listen to whatever he tells you, he has no prove!!” She yelled, pointing at Eric

“Really?” Jake asked and brou-ght out Eric phone,he pla-yed the vedio and showed her

“Who’s that in the vedio, me or you?” He asked..

A tear drop fell off Kaylee’s eyes, that’s it, she has been used by this j£rk sitting at her side

“I’m sorry” she muttered

“Why,just tell me why you did it?” Jake asked and motioned for Eric to leave

Eric bowed and left

“Because I just love you, I love you so much, but you’ve never looked at me” she replied in tears

“And you think after doing this I’ll look at you?” His eyes darkened

Kaylee sniffed in her tears and looked down

“I’m really disappointed in you, I’m really sorry to say this but you’re fired, go home and reflect on your actions” he said lowly

“Boss” Kaylee called in tears

“Just go, reflect on what you did and maybe you’ll find another person to work for” he repeated in a calm voice

Kaylee nodded and bowed before leaving, she walked straight to her office and began packing her things in tears

After packing she turned around to leave but bu-mped into Eric, her anger rose up instantly

“You bastard!!, You ratted on me, you ratted on me” she yelled in tears

Eric only just sm-irked

Kaylee dropped her things in anger and [email protected]£d his collar

“You’re a devil, you used me, you’re a bastard, are you happy now, you’ve gotten to taste me right, that’s what you’ve always wanted!!” She yelled out in tears

“Yes I’ve always wanted to taste you but I was happy before.. you’re such a good…

Kaylee threw a punch at his face before he could complete it

“You’re a slut, you alsofu-ck like a slut” Eric sm-irked wiping the blood on hisl-ips

“I’ll get back at you I promise!! You’ll regret ma-king me loose my job today!!!! I hate you!!” She screamed and rushed out in tears


Kaylee got home and bent in front of the stairs, she threw all her stuffs on the floor and then sli-pped on the floor

“My job, what have I done” she began crying.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Maxwell College Of Arts**

It’s evening alre-ady, Crystal just walked to the hostel and took her phone away from the charge, she powered it on and met over five miss calls from Della

She chuckled and dialed the number and Della pucked it

“Goat!!, I told you to call me once you get there!!” Della angry voice sounded

“I’m sorry” Crystal murmured

“Sorry for yourself, look at the time you’re calling me, you just went to school for not even up to a day and you’ve forgotten about your sister!!” Della snapped

“It’s not like that, immediately I got here the lecture started” Crystal defended

“What about after the lectures?” Della asked


“You know what??, Just forget it” Della hanged up angrily

“She’s mad” Crystal muttered and fell on the be-d

The door opened and Viva rushed in

“Aren’t you in for tonight’s [email protected],you don’t wanna miss it” she said, changing her cloth alre-ady

“Tonight’s [email protected]??” Crystal flew off her be-d

“I love [email protected], let’s go” she said, going to change too

Viva chuckled, after they boy changed they rushed out immediately.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Rainbow [email protected]**

Irish just tiredly got back home, she knocked on the door and Della opened it with a dull face

“Why do you look like that?” Irish asked, entering inside

“It’s Kaylee, I just got home and met her crying upstairs” Della muttered sadly

“Crying why?”

“She said she just got fired” Della replied

“Fired??, Why?” Irish asked

“I don’t know, she refused to talk to me” Della pouted

“I’ll go see her” Irish muttered and began climbing the stairs

First it was Jake acting silent and weird today, he fired Kaylee what could have happened

Irish walked up to the room and met Kaylee sitting on the be-d and crying

“Baby” she moved closer but pushed with the deadly look Kaylee threw at her

“You!! What are you doing here?” Kaylee asked, standing up and glaring at her

“What do you mean?” Irish creased her brows

“I lost my job today, all because of you…!! It’s all your fault!!” Kaylee snapped, more tears falling from her eyes

Irish just stared at her confusedly

“You know very well how much I love Jake but still you were still so close to him, you made him fall for you instead you’re a bit-ch!!” Kaylee yelled

“How can you be saying all this to me?” Irish asked, her eyes getting teary too

“Yes I’m saying it because it’s the truth, you could have told me you loved him first and not to [email protected] like a fool!! You’ve gotten what you wanted right, all because of you I drugged him and now he has fired me” Kaylee yelled

Irish went silent

“You drugged him??, you drugged your on crush just so he’ll notice you?” She asked

“I won’t stand here and talk to you!” Kaylee snapped and began leaving

Irish ran after her and pu-ll-ed her back just as she was about to climb the stairs

“Just how could you do that? Do you know he almost ra-pped me?” Irish said in tears

“Isn’t that what you want?, Just st©p pretending, you’ve fooled me enough… I hate you Irish I hate you, you’re a selfish bit-ch,!!” Kaylee yelled out

Irish gritted her teeth, she raised her hands up to Kaylee’s cheeks and [email protected] her [email protected]

“All this while all I’ve thought of you is nothing but a friend, I’ve seen you as a really good friend, I never knew you loathed me this much just because of a guy I have no feelings for, I really can’t believe this” Irish said in tears

Della who just [email protected]£ out of the kitchen looked up at them with creased brows

“You [email protected] me” Kaylee said, ru-bbing her cheeks

Irish just glared at her and made to leave but Kaylee suddenly pushed her, Irish lost her balance and fell down the stairs, rolling till she got to the floor, she lost consciousness immediately

“Irish!!” Della yelled and Kaylee [email protected] out.



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