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Babysitting Jenna episode 35 & 36


🩸(The Icy Billionaire’s Daughter笑)💧

⛲CHAPTER 35&36⛲

By Authoress Rhema 🧁



“Why am I here, I better go back” she muttered and made to leave but st©pped when she heard him gro-an ed lightly

She turned back to look at him, he was turning to his left and right slightly

“Mr Jake, are you okay?” She moved closer to him and asked

He gro-an ed again and moved his head to his side, he looked like he was in de-ep pain

“Mr Jake?” Irish moved to tap him, she brou-ght one of her hand to his forehead and checked his temperature

“Myfu-ck, he’s really burning, what to do!!!” She bit herl-ips [email protected] and made to retreat but he cought her hand and held it ti-ght

“Huh?” She muttered and looked at him, his eyes were de-eply closed plus he’s sweating

“Why…. Why did you leave me Naomi?” He asked

“Noami??, Who’s Naomi?” She asked

“Didn’t I loved you enough, wasn’t my love for you enough, why did you leave me?” He said again

“Could he be talking about the mother of Jenna?” She muttered and stared at his face

“Why did you leave, I hope you don’t come back, I hate you alot and I don’t want you to come back, I hope you don’t come back” he muttered and closed his eyes more ti-ghtly

“Is he suffering?” Irish muttered, she looked at his face and for the first time she feels pity for him

In a swift move, Jake pu-ll-ed her to [email protected] the be-d with him, her eyes wi-de-ned, she wanted to stand up but he hvgged her ti-ght to himself

“plea-se can you just stay?” He pleaded

“But I’m not Naomi?” She replied, still struggling

“I know” he said lowly

“You do?” She asked and he nodded

“Just stay, plea-se” he pleaded again and finally she st©pped struggling, she [email protected] slowly and stayed still

In a short while Jake fell asleep, Irish began staring at his face, he looked so pitiful while slee-ping and the way he’s hvgging her to himself is ma-king her sleepy too

“Why do I feel sleepy when I’m with him, is it because he’s che-st is so warm and comfortable?” She thought, yawning a bit

She snuggled a bit closer to him and let out another yawn, then before she knew it, she feel asleep.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Next Morning**

It’s a harmless Sunday today, Jake is the first to wake up, his head pounding a bit, he gro-an ed lightly and sat up, trying to process what’s happened earlier

Then he felt a hand on his [email protected] and he looked down, tracing to where the hand is leading, what he saw surprised him

Irish slee-ping comfortably on his be-d, what, when, how did she get here, so many questions and worse he doesn’t feel angry or disturbe-d about it, instead he feels happy to see her sleep comfortably around him

While looking at her face, he began remembering.. it started from when he’s in his board meeting, feeling slightly suffocated, then coming home, he couldn’t see a thing clearly but he remembered when someone entered his room and he began k!ssing

Jake [email protected] and looked down at Irish, she’s slee-ping on his be-d, he k!$$£d her and couldn’t remember a thing does this mean that day…

Irish eyes flew open, his gaze met hers, she was looking at him blankly as if she’s not in this world, he started at her for a while, his heart beating really fast.. will she hate him now?, What has he done to her, what happened to him

“Mr Jake..” her tiny voice sounded as she sat a bit, she raised her hands to his forehead and he stared down at her in shock

“Are you okay now, do you feel any pain?” She asked, her eyes searching him thor0ûghly

Wait, did she got [email protected] by crazy or dumb this morning, why is she asking him this instead of asking what she’s doing on his be-d??

Jake stared at her without replying

“Answer me Mr Jake?” Irish pouted

“I’m…..fine” he managed to reply and she breathed out

Jake looked her for a while and monster up courage to ask what he wanted to ask

“What…are you doing here?” He asked, his heartbeating not wanting to here a strange reply

As if realization has just hit Irish, she immediately jumped off the be-d and cleared her throat

“…I… Actually I… you… You said that I can….. stay and I… Didn’t know how I fell asleep here-” she stammered a lot

Jake was speechless, it’s the first time he’s seeing her stutter and looking like this

“I’ll get going now” she rushed out immediately

Jake watched her closed the door then sighed with creased brows

“And… I couldn’t ask if we did it or not” he muttered.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!

Irish [email protected]£ out and re-leased the whole breath she has been holding

“What is wrong with you Irish, did he not remember when he k!$$£d me?” She asked herself and scoffed

“Nanny there you are, I [email protected]£ to the guest room this morning and I couldn’t find you there, I thought you’ve gone back” Jenna said, climbing down the stairs

“Good morning baby, come here” Irish called and Jenna walked up to her

“How was your night?” Irish asked

“Not to fine, I kept dreaming of daddy, is he awake yet?” She asked

“Yes he is” Jake replied from the stairs, Irish raised her head up to look at him, she didn’t know why she kept staring as if she hasn’t seen him for years

“Daddy!!!!!” Jenna screamed and rushed to jump on him happily

“Careful there” Jake cought her, she hvgged him ti-ght and before Jake knows it, he began soft sniffles

“Baby” he called gently

“Daddy, I was scared, I thought you’ll never wake up again” Jenna cried, not letting go of him

“No baby that will never happen” Jake replied

“It better not, I’m not re-ady to lose you yet plea-se don’t ever fall sick and [email protected] out again plea-se daddy” she cried even more

“Hey st©p that” he placed her down and knelt down at her front

“I thought you do say you want to be strong like me?” He asked wipping her tears

Jenna just looked down and sniffed the tears that was about to fall from her eyes

“I want to be strong like you” he replied

“Then if you want that to happen then you have to st©p crying” he said softly

“I can’t help it” she replied

“Jenna, you’re crying when I’m here, do you want me to go for real?” He asked

“No” she shook her head immediately

“Then st©p crying, unless I’ll just faint again” he said and she wiped her eyes instantly

“I’m not crying anymore daddy, infact I’m smiling” she replied with a hvge smile

“Good, that’s my girl” he chuckled and hvgged her ti-ght

Irish looked at them and just smiled till she felt a hand wra-pped around her shoulders, she turned back to see Suzy

“Cute aren’t they?” Suzy smiled

Irish just shook her head and watched them do their father and daughter moment before speaking up

“Mr Jake I’ll be going home today, I just want to ask if you can borrow me a scarf and [email protected] I promise to return it back tomorrow?” She asked

“You’re going?” Jenna pouted

“Baby you have to let your nanny go, she hasn’t gone home for the past two days” Jake said

Jenna pouted and scoffed before Jake faced Irish back

“Sure, Suzy accompany her to the house boutique” he said

Suzy nodded and faced Irish

“Let’s go” she said, Irish nodded, she looked at Jenna and waved then her eyes met with Jake for a kinda long while, before she took her face elsewhere and left

Jake sighed and held Jenna’s hand

“Have you showered yet, let’s go I’ll tell a maid to bath you” he muttered.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Rainbow [email protected]**

Irish just ran with full speed to the front of the front porch, she took off her scarf and pink [email protected]

“Damn I was as scared asfu-ck” she sighed before knocking on the door

It opened revea-ling Della who’s still dressed in her pjyamas, when Della saw her, she screamed and pounced on her in excitement

“It’s been two days, Ifu-cking miss you” Della gushed happily

“Hey, let’s go inside first… plea-se don’t choke me” Irish laughed and Della re-leased her

They both walked inside and met Crystal pla-ying games on the couch, when Crystal saw her, she threw her phone and pounced on her happily too

“Oh no” Irish shouted as they both fell on the ground

“I miss you I miss you, how was life with billionaire Jake?” Crystal asked

“Wait, just wait a bit” Irish coughed and Crystal re-leased her

“It was so fun” Irish replied with a smile

Kaylee just climbe-d down the stairs dressed in a sport outfit like she’s going for morning run

“Kaylee, look it’s Irish” Della called out

Kaylee frowned and swallowed [email protected] before facing Irish

“Welcome back” she replied f0rç£fully and went to the fridge to get a bottled water

Della and Crystal both faced Irish happily, re-ady to bombard her with questions

“So you told me your boss was sick, what happened?” Della asked

“Ion know, he just suddenly [email protected] out.. and when we called the doctor,the doctor said he was given s*x drugs” Irish replied with a red face, even blinking as the scene of the way he k!$$£d her [email protected]£ to her head again

Kaylee who’s at the freeze frozed, her hands began shaking but she immediately opened a bottle water and started drinking

“Why is your face red did anything happen?” Crystal asked with her teasing voice

“What?!, No… nothing at all .. what could have happened?” Irish stammered again and looked elsewhere but immediately shook her head as if she had just remembered something

“I fell asleep” she said

“Huh?” Della asked

“I said I feel asleep, the doctor asked me to watch over him and he suddenly woke up and begged me to stay by his side, he hvgged me so close to him and I fell asleep” she replied casually

The bottle water dropped from Kaylee’s hand and she turned abruptly to look at Irish

“What did you say?” She asked with wi-de-ned eyes

“I fell asleep” Irish replied

“So… The both of you sle-pt together on the same be-d?” She asked

“Yes but…

“Did anything happened?” Kaylee cut her off

“Well no but….

Kaylee moved closer to her and gr!pp£don her forearm ti-ghtly

“But what?” She asked

“Kaylee…. My hand” Irish hissed in pain, Kaylee looked at Irish hands and realizes that’s she’s gripping Irish’s hand ti-ghtly, she immediately re-leased her

“Why are you acting so weird, what’s your problem?” Crystal asked and Kaylee stepped back, she looked at them and smiled

“Nothing… I was just surprised” she muttered and left the house immediately

Irish creased her brows and rubbe-d on her hands while Della and Crystal both looked at themselves and shurgged.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Jake’s Mansion**

Jake sat inside his house office with creased brows, staring at Peter dumb foldedly

“Are you for real?” He asked, staring at Peter in shock. “S*x drug!!!” He added

Peter sighed and nodded. Earlier Peter had just told him what happened, how he [email protected] out yesterday and the s*x drug of a thing

“When you got home ion know what you were doing with miss Irish but she told us that you [email protected] out and we called for the doctor, he said you were given the s*x drug” Peter explained more further

So those this means that he didn’t do anything to Irish, maybe he just k!$$£d her and [email protected] out but didn’t she mind, she could have pounced on him like earlier but why didn’t she, why didn’t she do anything instead she sle-pt on the same be-d with him

Jake sighed and nodded but creased his brows, S-x drugs, who could have drugged him in the office


“Do you remember eating or drinking anything?” Peter asked

“No I didn’t but I only remembered having breakfast at home, drinking a coffee and going to the board meeting… I was suddenly feeling weird”

“Jake, it should be the coffee” Peter sighed

“I don’t think so”

“Why not?, Who even gave you the coffee” Peter asked with crossed arms

“Kaylee but she can never do that” Jake shook his head

“Jake you don’t know who to trust, how about investigate about this fully, call Eric, he should know something” Peter suggested

Jake breathed and nodded. “That’s right, I’ll investigate more on this” he said to himself.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Evening… Rainbow [email protected]**

“Are you for real!!” Irish asked, collecting the ticket from Della’s hands

“I’m for real baby, I saw Jeffery in real life .. I helped him threat his pimples.. he gave me 4million just as thanks then this” Della replied

Crystal rolled her eyes from where she’s sitting

“He gave you all that and you can’t even use it to get me clothes, you know I’ll be leaving for college tomorrow” she frowned

Della only sticked her ton-gue out and faced her ticket

“Money can sure do fix everything, before you know it, you’ll forget your crush and stick with the rich one

“I will not” Della pouted

“I’m just surprised that one could give me this kind of gift all because I treated his pimples, he’s not the first person to give me this… Other customers have been gifting me but this is from a VIP” Della added and eyed her

“Whatever, let’s talk about Kaylee… Who else noticed her weird behavior?” Crystal asked

“I did, maybe she’s just going throu-gh some [email protected] times” Irish replied

“Anyhow, we can try to pin her down and talked to her, she’s turning to someone else, she’s not longer acting like Kaylee, she’s acting like the Kay without the Lee” Della sighed

“Yea, she’s always quite… So unlike her” Irish muttered

Just as they were talking of her, the door opened and she entered with a cold frowny look, she didn’t even bother greeting anyb©dy she just climbe-d down the stairs

“See, exactly what I was saying” Irish shook her head

“Listen, we’ll pin her down later but now.. let’s make dinner I’m hungry, gotta sleep early, school journey starts tommorow” Crystal said

Della nodded and walked to the kitchen, checking if there’s anything she could cook.


The alarm woke Della up, Irish is sitting on a chair and pressing her [email protected]©p and also dozing slightly since it’s time for her to start slee-ping

Della shook her head and woke Crystal up, Crystal grumbled and sat straight

“What?” She asked

“Get up and shower, remember you have school today, you don’t wanna be late” Della tapped her

Crystal gro-an ed and stood up then walked sluggishly to the bathroom while Della walked up to Irish

“Baby, go sleep on the be-d, you’re dozing alre-ady” she said

“I’m not” Irish shook her head sleepily

“You are” Della sighed and looked up at Kaylee who’s slee-ping in the upper bunk be-d… If Kaylee was talkative as usual she could have dragged Irish to the be-d

“I guess it’s just me..” Della muttered and took Irish both hands

“Leave me alone” Irish pu-ll-ed back

“You’re slee-ping come sleep on the be-d” Della replied, dragging her

“I don’t want too” Irish pu-ll-ed back again

“You do too” Della dragged her back again

At the end of everything, the both of them ended up falling on the ground

“Can this day get any worse” Della gro-an ed out.

After a while Crystal had shower and Irish is fully awake alre-ady, she was helping Della get some of Crystal belongings

They got outside and st©pped a cab for Crystal

“I’ll miss you” Della smiled

“Me too” Irish added

“Awwn, so I have lovers” Crystal chuckled

“Whatever, just call me when you get there” Della pouted and Crystal nodded

“Group hvg” Irish initiated and they all grouped hvg before Crystal entered the cab with her luggage

“Hey, take her safely or else” Irish showed her fist to the cab man

The cab man nodded, Irish and Della both waved at Crystal who waved back as the cab accelerated and zoomed off.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!

Irish got home and sat down tiredly

“I can’t believe Crystal has gone to school” she pouted

“Me too” Della pouted

“It’s still so early, I think I’ll shower and get going to Jake’s mansion so the reporters won’t see me” Irish said and stood up

“Good idea” Della smiled and fell on the couch.

Irish just finished showering and dressing up, she waved at Della before leaving. She st©pped a cab and went straight to Jake’s mansion

“Irish” Peter called, he was the first person awake

“You’re early?” He asked and she nodded

“Just wanted to come early so people and reporters won’t see my face” she replied and went in

“Oh” Peter nodded and watched her leave before going his on way

Irish entered Jenna’s room, it’s still 5am, Jenna school starts at 9am so a little sleep won’t hurt right??

Irish [email protected] the empty space beside Jenna and yawned, when Della kept disturbing her… She couldn’t sleep anymore, now the sleep is coming back

Before the sleep hit her she remembered something, it was when Jake was calling her Naomi, forfu-ck sake who is Naomi, was she his wife, was she Jenna’s mom. Whatever all this shouldn’t be disturbing her, it’s not her business anyways

She yawned again and hvgged Jenna ti-ght before closing her eyes and letting the sleep take over.



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