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Babysitting Jenna episode 33 & 34


🩸(The Icy Billionaire’s Daughter笑)💧

⛲CHAPTER 33&34⛲

By Authoress Rhema 🧁



So h0t, Jake kept feeling so h0t,he really nee-ds someone right now, anyone,he just don’t care anymore, he kept on pouring out his nee-ds on Irish’sl-ips

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Irish got back to her s-en-ses and began hitting him, no space for her to talk or even breath, finally he pu-ll-ed away and she fisted on his shi-t ti-ght while catching her breath

“I want you plea-se, I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll give you whatever you want I just nee-d you right now” he pleaded, desperation filled his eyes as he spoke

“What’s wrong with you Mr Jake, let go of me!!!” Irish tried pushing him off but he’s too strong

“plea-se it hurt so much” he pleaded, from the look on his face, he’s in de-ep pain, the vain in his forehead is starting to pop out

“What’s wrong with you Mr Jake?” Irish asked, staring at his face

“I don’t know” he muttered then next thing, he [email protected] out right on her shoulders

“Mr Jake!!” Irish yelled, she slowly [email protected]£ down from the desk and stared at his face

“Mr Jake” she tapped his cheeks and blocked her mouth

“Help, someone!!” She yelled and rushed out of the room

Jenna just opened her room door and [email protected]£ out when she heard noises

“Nanny?” She called, when she saw Irish [email protected]£ out of Jake’s room

“What are you doing inside daddy’s room?” She asked but Irish didn’t reply, she just rushed down the stairs

Jenna creased her brows and went to Jake’s room, her eyes wi-de-ned and she screamed out.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!

Irish ran to the parking lot where Peter and Johnny are talking

“You guys!!” She yelled out and they looked at her

“Irish, what’s up, any problem?” Peter asked, moving to her

“Mr Jake…he…he..

“What happened to Mr Jake?” Peter asked

“He [email protected] out all of a sudden” she replied

Peter and Johnny looked at themselves and rushed in, Irish also rushed in but bu-mped into Suzy

“Irish” Suzy pu-ll-ed her back but Irish yanked her hands off

“What is it, what do you want from me?” She asked coldly

“Why are you talking like this” Suzy muttered

“Isn’t that how you answered me this morning, you started it” Irish eye her and began leaving

“Irish” Suzy pu-ll-ed her back with a pout look,

“I’m sorry, I was just in my mood swings this morning, I was just so mad at myself that I took it out on you, if I told you the reason you won’t believe me” Suzy sighed

“Whatever” Irish rolled her eyes

“So I’m I forgiven?” Suzy asked

“Maybe” Irish muttered

“Thanks” Suzy smiled and looked at her

“So what happened, what’s happening?” Suzy asked and Irish sighed

“Mr Jake [email protected] out all of a sudden” she shurgged and walked to check what’s happening in the mirror

Some minutes later**

After checking Jake pulse, Carlos [email protected]£ out with a sigh

“So what will happen to daddy?” Jenna asked, crying alre-ady, it’s unusual to see her dad [email protected] out, on a normal note, he was always healthy and strong, it’s the first time he’s looking weak and helpless

“Your daddy will be fine don’t worry” Carlos smiled

“Really?” Jenna asked, wiping her tears

“Hmm” Carlos nodded

“Can I go see him?” She asked again and Carlos nodded, Jenna wiped her tears and went inside the room to see Jake

Immediately she left, Carlos faced Irish and Peter

“He was drugged” he said

“Drugged, how come?” Irish asked

“I don’t know but he was drugged with a s*x drug, the person that drugged might wanted to use him for his or her own s*xual nee-ds” Carlos explained

Irish [email protected] and covered herl-ips, that explains why Jake k!$$£d her like that earlier and pleaded with her that he wanted her, but wait, who drugged him??

Her thought was interrupted when Peter wra-pped his arms around her shoulders and rubbe-d on it

“Are you okay?” He asked softly

“Hmm” she nodded

Suzy stylishly looked at them from where she was standing and slowly cleared her throat, trying to clear the scene from her head

“So will he really be fine?” Irish asked lowly

“I’ve Injected him with a syringe and I’ve given him some drugs I’m sure he’ll be fine when he wakes up but it’ll take some time” Carlos replied

“Okay thanks a lot” Irish smiled

“No problem, make sure to stay by his side throu-ghout, incase if he might nee-d any attention” Carlos added and Irish nodded

“I’ll get going now” Carlos bowed and left, Irish sighed and re-leased herself from Peter

“I’ll go check on him, Jenna must be so worried” she muttered and Peter nodded

Irish looked at Suzy and smiled a little before going in

“I’ll call Eric and inform him about what happened” Peter said and walked [email protected] Suzy without looking at her

“And if anyone nee-ds me, I’ll be in the restroom, trying not to cry again” Suzy muttered and left too.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


JM Entertainment***

Eric kept checking his wristwatch and sighing, it’s almost getting to 2pm and his boss is not yet back

“Hey” someone called him and he turned back to look at Kaylee

“Is boss back yet, did he call, did you hear anything from him?” She asked, sweating slightly

“Not yet” Eric replied and she sighed out

“Any problem?” Eric asked but she just shook her head with a f0rç£d smile, plastered on herl-ips

“Nothing, I’m just worried cause boss is never late for meetings or schedules” she said

Eric is about to reply but paused when his phone began ringing, checking it he saw it was from Peter

“Peter is calling” he said and picked

Kaylee watched them talking and she couldn’t help but bit her f!ngersnervously, what if something happens to Jake and they find out she did this, she’s surely going to get into trouble

After a while Eric hanged up and sighed tiredly before facing Kaylee

“What happened?” Kaylee asked

“He’s not coming” Eric replied


“Boss is sick, Peter called to tell me that boss [email protected] out all of a sudden, after your doctor checked him, it was confirmed that he was giving s*x drugs” Eric explained

“Oh, I wonder who could have done that” Kaylee muttered

“Me too” Eric sm-irked and walked closer to her

“What do you want!!” She yelled

“Nothing, just wanted to let you know that I know the person” he replied and began going to his office

Kaylee eyes wi-de-ned, she immediately rushed after him

“plea-se wait, Eric plea-se wait” she pu-ll-ed him back

“What?” He asked

“You said you know the person, who if I may ask?” She asked

Eric sm-irked and looked at her, then moved hisl-ips closer to her ears

“It’s you, yeah you” he replied and Kaylee frozed, he looked at her face and smiled before going to his office

Kaylee shook her head and went after him, she met him sitting on his desk and pla-ying with his pen

“I don’t un-derstand what you’re talking about” she denied

“I saw you Kaylee, I saw you drugged his coffee with my n-ked eyes” he shurgged

Kaylee laughed out and crossed her arms

“So what if you did, what can you prove, accusing a person without evidence it’s useless” she said with a daring look

“Oh I have evidence” he sm-irked and brou-ght out his phone

“I’m not that foolish, look” he pla-yed the vedio and showed her, Kaylee watched the vedio with an unbelievable look on her face, she blinked and a tear drop fell from her eyes

“So what are you going to do, tell on me?” She asked

“I would but…

“But what?”

“But on one condition, there’s something I want from you” he sm-irked

“What?” She asked and he motioned her to turn around, Kaylee rolled her eyes and turned around

“That” he pointed her a*s

“Pathetic!” She gritted her teeth

“Am I?, Kaylee am I?” He asked in a sarcastic tone

“After I give you what you want will you tell on me?” She asked

“No, it’ll be out little secret” he sm-irked

Kaylee gritted her teeth and went to look the door, she looked at him with a glare

“Let’s get it over with” she said

Eric sm-irked and loos£ned his belt, his di-ck [email protected]£ out flying, he motioned Kaylee to come closer

Kaylee clenched her fist and [email protected]£ closer to him, she knelt at his front and looked up at him

“What are you waiting for, s**k it” he said

She clenched her fist ti-ght and took him whole in her mouth, Eric closed his eyes when she started s**king on him

“F**k” he gro-an ed lightly when he felt his full inch de-ep in her throat, unable to contain himself,he [email protected]£d a handful of her hair and began blobbing it up and down

When he felt he was getting there, he [email protected]£d her hair ti-ght and yanked her up then pushed her to his desk, ma-king her back face him

He raised her Sk-irt up and pu-ll-ed down her [email protected] r0ûghly, without giving her anytime to adjust, he slid into her

“F**k!!!!” Kaylee screamed out, she didn’t expect it to be this good, he kept ban-ging her [email protected] and fast while she kept screaming, she looked back to see how his c**k was going in and out of her and she bit herl-ips [email protected]

Eric gro-an ed and raised one of her legs then moved even fas-ter

“Sh*t, yes!!” Kaylee [email protected] ed out

“That’s right, [email protected] like a b**tch you are” he said and [email protected] her a*s [email protected]

[email protected][email protected] plea-se” she [email protected] ed and he moved fas-ter, he brou-ght his hands to her b00bs and squee-zed it [email protected], still scre-wing her fas-ter while she kept screaming.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Lorry’s Beauty’s Spa**

“How’s it sir?” Della asked, standing at the back of Jeffery who kept staring at his face in that mirror

“It’s… I’m speechless how did it work so fast?” He asked

“In Lorry’s beauty’s spa we offer the best treatment to customers as we can” she replied

“I’m impressed” he smiled

“Hmm, you’re welcome” she smiled brightly and Jeffery looked at her,he couldn’t take his eyes off her smile

“You have such a pretty smile, you should smile more often” he said

“Thank you, but I smile everytime” she replied

“Then keep on smiling” he said

“Hmm” she nodded

“So s£nd your account details, I’ll transfer the money for the service” he said, bringing out his phone

“You’ll use the company account, here” she brou-ght out her hvge tab and began calling it for him

He copied it and smiled then looked at her

“I nee-d you to s£nd yours, I want to pay you specially for treating my face” he said with a smile

“Really, thanks a lot” Della smiled and s£nd hers to him, he chuckled saved it

“I’ll do the transfer when I get to my car, on the mean time can we exchange contacts?’ he pleaded

“Contacts with Jeffery from J designs, someone shoot me” Della squeeled and gave him her number

“Thank you so much, here” he brou-ght out a card and handed it to her

“It’s giving you free entrance to get free designs of any clothes you want from J designs with your friends or family for a full week” he added

Della almost fell but he cought her

“Are you for real?” She asked

“Hmm” he nodded

“What should I say, should I laugh or should I cry” she muttered

“Just do none, bye” he waved and left

Della walked up to her sit, slowly she slumped on the chair trying to process what just happened some minutes later but her phone bleeped, she took it and checked it, her eyes wi-de-ned

“Not one zero, not two zeros, not three zeros not four zeros not five zeros but six zeros.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed out

Today is surely her lucky day.

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Jake’s Mansion

It’s getting to evening alre-ady, Jake is still lying on the be-d and slee-ping, the doctor said it’ll take time but Irish didn’t expect it to take this much time

“Will daddy ever wake up?” Jenna who’s sitting at the edge of the be-d and hvgging her teddy spoke up

“He will, you’ve been here since morning let’s go out” Irish sighed

“But I want to stay till daddy wakes up” Jenna pouted

“He will, let’s go out, you haven’t eaten lunch it’s bad, let’s go I’ll make you something” Irish replied

“But you can’t even cook” Jenna mouthed

“You… I should [email protected]ñk you” Irish chuckled and pu-ll-ed her up

“Nanny, will you be going to your house today?” Jenna asked, looking up at her

“I don’t think so, I’ll be going tommorow I’m still hiding from the press, by now they should have figure out where I leave” Irish muttered and walked up to the kitchen

“Is there anything Jenna can eat?” She asked a maid

“Yes ma’am” the maid replied

“Did you just call me ma’am, it’s Irish plea-se” Irish eyed her

“I’m sorry, Irish I get confused lately” the maid chuckled and faced Jenna

“What will you love to eat young miss?” She asked

“Cheese noddles” Jenna smiled

“Okay young miss” the maid replied and went to the kitchen

Irish walked up to Jenna and sighed

“You, watch her cook, I’ll go call my friend and tell her I won’t be ma-king it home today” Irish said

“Okay” Jenna smiled and rushed to the kitchen

Irish took her phone, she called Kaylee but Kaylee didn’t pick then she called Della and Della picked

“Hey baby, I don’t think I’ll be coming home tonight… Again” She started talking and moving front.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Rainbow [email protected]**

The cloud is a bit dark, Crystal just finished scatting so she’s coming back home, before she could reach the entrance, she saw group of reporters waiting at the front of their porch

“Hey what are you guys doing here?” She yelled and they all rushed to her

👥 Our source told us that billionaire Jake wife leaves here

👥But we don’t really un-derstand, why leave here

👥Yeah is she his wife or girlfriend

👥Is she home

👥Where is she plea-se

They began talking all at once, Crystal pinched her brows and looked at them

“You’re looking for billionaire Jake wife in my house?” She asked and they nodded

“Alright come here” she motioned them to come closer and they did

Crystal took her hoverboard and began hitting them with it while some tried running

“You’re looking for billionaire Jake wife in my own house huh!!, B*stards!! Don’t you guys have jobs to do huh, why coming to stick your damned nose into someone’s else’s business, I’llfu-cking kill you!!” Crystal yelled, wiping them even [email protected]

The reporters blocked their face and began running but Crystal isn’t done, she chased after them, still hitting some of them.


Maxwell’s College Of Arts***

Brian entered his hostel room while eating a hvge bag of ch!ps only to meet [email protected] laughing [email protected]

“Bro what happened?” He asked, going to sit with him on the be-d

“Dude, look at the news, so damn hilarious” [email protected] laughed out

Brian looked the TV and creased his brows,it shows how Crystal is hitting the reports with a hoverboard and yelling at them

“Wait I know that girl” he said

“Really?” [email protected] asked, cleaning the tears on his eyes due to excess laughter

“Yes, she wrote an entrance exam to our school last week” he replied, staring at her with amusement

“Wow, it’ll be fun to have her here, just look at how she’s dealing with the reporters” [email protected] shook his head

“Really fun” Brian smiled, staring at the TV until [email protected] turned off the TV and faced him

“So I went to my brother’s house to confirm for myself if she’s really his wife and guess what it’s fake” he said

“I told you, so who is she?” Brian asked

“His daughter’s nanny, I can’t believe I still have a chance, finally I can see her when ever I want” [email protected] smiled and fell on his be-d

“Yeah, keep being stupid” Brian chuckled and stood up, then went to his closet

“A [email protected] will be going on in the frat house, you I and Samantha has been given an opportunity to rock the [email protected], which song should we use?” Brian asked, selecting the cloth he’ll wear

“When is the [email protected]?” [email protected] asked tiredly

“Tonight around 8, you better go dress up” Brian rolled his eyes, dropped his ch!ps and went to the bathroom to shower

“Gosh,fu-ck that rockin’ roll” [email protected] gro-an ed and ruffled his hair tiredly.

Owned and written by Authoress Rhema copy and die!


Jake’s Mansion**

It’s fully evening, everyone are slee-ping alre-ady expect Irish who’s using Jenna’s [email protected]©p to [email protected] since Jenna said she doesn’t mind

Her mind went back to when Jake lifted her up to this desk and k!$$£d her [email protected], she immediately shook her head

“Gosh what’s wrong with you Irish it’s just a k!ss, don’t get too fascinated about it” she muttered and shook her head but no matter what, it won’t leave her mind that’s the first time someone would k!ssher de-eply

“Why was it him, it could have been Peter,.. it’s not his fault he was drugged right” she muttered and stood up

“St©p thinking Irish, just st©p don’t go crazy” she ruffled her hair and matched down stairs to her water, after drinking over two bottles she went back upstairs, she didn’t know what push her to Jake’s room but she found herself there

“Why am I here, I better go back” she muttered and made to leave but st©pped when she heard him gro-an ed lightly

She turned back to look at him, he was turning to his left and right slightly

“Mr Jake, are you okay?” She moved closer to him and asked.



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