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Affair of the heart episode 25




(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her)

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 25

She walked away without a word. What’s wrong with her? Not in the mood for her foolishness. All I nee-d is focus. I knocked on his door and he opened it. He stood glaring at me. He didn’t utter a word for like some minute.

“Hello, what can I do for you, and why do you come here but this time of the night “He asked without allowing me in.

“plea-se can you allow me in for some minute? I know you don’t like me again but atleast just allow me to come inside” I said calmly.

“Sorry I can’t allow you into my room, but I can come out, so that you can tell me whatever you have to say “He said coming out of his room.

“Since you want is to talk here, then no problem” I took a de-ep breath.

“Hey! plea-se be snappy. I spent my time respectful. I should be in be-d by now.”Khalid said. This shows that he’s not re-ady to give me a listening ear.

“Khalid do you remember this color “I asked. And he just gazes at me.

“Red is my best color, so what?”He said and looks away.

“Do you remember you bought me a many red nightwear’s back then in school” I said.

“That’s then but sorry, why are you going back to those things. They are dead alre-ady. Those memories have been buried “He said.

“Since those memories have being buried, why don’t we start afresh? Khalid I Know I have wronged you and my son. plea-se just give me a chance I wanna changed for you and Dan. So forgive me and let’s leave the past aside. To err is human, to forgive is divine” I said.

“So that can come out of your mouth after all you did. And I am sorry for you. I will advice you that you shouldn’t change for me, because I am not that old Khalid.

Change for yourself and get the hell out of my life for good. If you think you wanna make me happy, all you should do is go and never come back. With that I will be happy for good. Goodnight” He said, and turns to leave. I hold his hand and hvgged him ti-ghtly from behind.

“plea-se Khalid, I am very sorry” I pleaded without re-leasing him from the hvgged.

“Are you planning on ra-ping me? That can’t work. I can’t imagine you are so cheap. Sorry your time as [email protected], you can repent your sin for the rest of your life” He said and re-moved my hand from his b©dy. “Khalid” I called.

But he locked the door from inside. I felt so [email protected]

“JEZZ!” I walked leisurely to my room. I picked up my phone and dial Emma number.

“What’s up baby how was that? Did he agree to take you back?” she asked from the other ends. “Not at all I don’t know the hatred was de-ep down” I managed to reply her. She bur-st into laughter.

“Why are you laughing now, I told you something that so painful and all you can do is laughed” I said angrily.

“Chill girl, I was just laughing at you foolishness, how could you think of doing that.

You know very well that Khalid is not a soft guy that will listen to you apology just like that. Do you forget when we are in school and I asked him what he hated must. He said lies.

Do you forget he added that if you lied for him for the first time then he can’t trust that person again? Come to think of it we’ve lied to him many times. Which means we are unforgiveable? So the only way to make him yours is the style we are using.

Manipulating him is the best thing. The thing you just nee-d to make sure of is that he doesn’t get close to any other lady so the plans can go smoothly as planned but you wanted to ruin this” Emma said from the other end.

“So why don’t you tell me this when I called you the other time” I asked.

“Because I don’t wanna discourage you, I want you to go and see for yourself. I don’t want any reason that you will have to blame me in the future” She said.

“But at least you should have tell me, maybe I will have come to my s-en-se and not be disgrace , but it’s okay I forgive you for that” I said with a pout even though I know she can’t see me.


Jasmine POV

When I couldn’t get myself to sleep, I decided to go to Dason room. I knock on his door.

“Who is that?”He asked.

“It’s me Jasmine” I replied. He opened the door immediately. I walked in without saying Hi. I went to sit on his be-d showing my frustration. He locked the door from behind. And come to sit beside me. He placed his left and on my shoulder looking at my face.

“I feel something is not right here who provoke you, tell me lemme me go and deal with the person” He said.

“This is not a joke, I am very angry with myself right now. I felt like punching myself right in the face.” I said showing my anger.

“Why? What happened? “He asked. I explained everything to him.

“OH MY GOD, this is real sh*t” He muttered but I heard him clearly.

“I I had known, I will have listened to you. I wouldn’t have lied to him” I said with a tone of regret.

“So what are we gonna do now, we shouldn’t lie to him again. I think it will be best for us if we tell him the before is too late” He said.

“I was thinking the same thing but don’t you think he will be very angry at me” I asked glaring at him waiting for reply.

“He might get angry, that’s normal but he will get over it soon. So, the best thing to do is tell him the whole truth” He said.

“Okay then, I will tell him everything tomorrow morning” I said with a strength state of mind.


Authoress POV

“I am sorry I can’t work with you again, you lied to me just to gain my attention. What do you think of me, that I will accept your proposal despite you not been straight forward? I have told you, I am not re-ady to give you the contract.

Your company won, but you won’t get the contract due to the lies you told. What @ssurance do I have that you won’t elope if it was given to you? St©p pestering me with calls. I have given the contract to the company that was in the second position. And why am I even blabbing like I owe you an explanation” Khalid said to someone on phone and end the call. Jasmine that was coming from the kitchen was so scared.

“He hates lies. I have lied to him twice. Will he still believe me” That was the thought that comes to her mind. “What happens? Why did you st©p?” Clara whispered to her. “Nothing” She smiles. They walked to the table and dish the food.

“Boss, who get you angry? Tell me so that we can go and fight” Clara said joking.

“YEAH” Jasmine managed to say.

“You ladies shouldn’t worry, I have sorted it out.

It was a company I am supposed to offer a contract but their manager lied to me, so I withdraw the contract and give it to another company.

They can’t be trusted, so I can’t take that risk. When you lie to me for the first time then I can [email protected] trust you again, because you’ve alre-ady gave me a bad impression about yourself” Khalid said.

“Yeah, is not good to build a relationsh!pon lies. It goes nowhere. My mom always said that still stick to my [email protected] I will rather not say a word than to lie” Clara said.

“DAD which means lying is bad?” Dan asked.

“YEAH” Khalid replied.

“But they are some reasons that might cause someone to lie” Dason said.

“There are no reasons to lie” Clara disagreed.

“So you mean if you are to lie, to safe a dying person you won’t do that” Dason asked.

“That case is different” Khalid said. Jasmine was so uncomfortable. She excuses herself and rush to her room.

Jasmine POV

I couldn’t take it anymore. What have I done? Why did I lie? This is the greatest punishment so far.

No I will have to put on some courage and speak with him. I rushed to the bathroom and opened the water. I put my hand and start squir-ting water on my face. I couldn’t control my breath. Tears flow down my cheek. Why am I been punish in this way.

“Jasmine” I heard Khalid called out for me.

He’s in my room. I just nee-d to be strong and tell him the truth. What if he throws me out? What if he hates me forever? What if he actually don’t want to spend the rest of his life with me as he as planned. Why is this happening? I squir-t my face again. I took my towel and dry my face. I walked out of the bathroom.

“Mr. Walter, I thought you went to work alre-ady” I asked.

“I [email protected]£ to check on you. I don’t think you are okay, because I have noticed you feel so uneasy at the dining table. You didn’t eat anything out of your food. When you excuse yourself then I felt I was right. What is the problem” He asked.

“YEAH, I wasn’t feeling too well. But I will be okay” I replied. “I can see this in your face, I will can the doctor right now” Khalid said.

“No, I will be okay trust me. I was just stressed” I said.
“Okay since you @ssure me then I will take to your words” He said and walked closer to me. My heart skips. I felt my heart in my mouth. He t©uçhed my cheek.

“don’t stress yourself” he said and turn to leave. I hold him back. “Your mysterious lady

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