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Affair of the heart episode 24



(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her)

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 24

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My heart skips. I could feel my heart are bu-mping so fast than I could imagine. OMG, this is not gonna be good but I just nee-d to say something. Should I tell him I know Steve?

“Yes, I Know you. Isn’t this you? And who is this other guy?” I asked.

“That’s Steve, A best friend turned into an enemy”He replied.

That’s reminds me of Steve showing his hatred when I mentioned Khalid the other day.

“Enemy! what happened between you guys?”I asked and stood on my feet.

“A long story, that guy is fre*ky mad”He said.

“Why don’t you cut the story short?”I asked.

“Because they are sad memories I don’t wanna remember. But each time I had that name I remembered it. Not even today that he called to informed me that he’s in Moscow”He said and sat on the be-d.

My eyes wi-der. Oh my goodness, Steve in Moscow and he’s also close to Khalid.

Oh my God. Why is this happening to me? I could feel I am sweating de-eply from inside.

“Why do you look nervous?. Seem like you are stressed”Khalid said.

“Not at all, I just remembered something. That’s surprising you guys seems to be very close with his picture I am seen”I said just to distract him.

“Yeah you are right, we are very close. Friends that always got each other back. Friends that protect each other in time of danger, friends that starve for each other. Friends that can die for each other “He said and st©pped.

He heave a sign of relief and there was a long silence. I looked at him. Our eyes met. I couldn’t believe I lied to him the second time. I feel guilty. I took my eyes away.

“We are just the only two then, I haven’t met Leo back then. But all of a sudden everything changed. Everything, best friend turn into an Enemy” He said and rest his back on the be-d.

“Who’s the main cause of everything. Sorry that I am asking so many questions”I said.

He didn’t talk but later speak up. “That’s personal, I don’t wanna go to that [email protected] Sorry for that”He said staring at me.

This makes me nervous. “Okay no problem, never mean to intrude into you privacy. Can you come and have your meal now?”I asked.

“I lost my appetite. My heart is filled with many thought right now”He said and closed his eyes.

“I know you are indirectly asking me to leave. But I won’t. You nee-d food to be okay. They are many things coming you way. And you just nee-d to be strong.

And also I will advice you to be very careful. Because from the way you are talking it makes me feels like that Steve of a guy is very dangerous than you can imagine”I said trying to cautioned him.

“I Know,. I am aware that he’s ruthless. But am not scared of him. He alre-ady did alot. He hurt me in the [email protected], he stole my lover.

What can he do more than that. He’s not my match. I can handle him. I got all his ways, so it will be better for him if he didn’t try to steal my lover again because this time, I got nothing to lose.”He said.

He as a lover? I felt like crying right now. But I should just asked him. No that’s a bad idea. He can never be mine.

“Oh a lover”I don’t know when that escaped myl-ips.

“Yeah, a lover. A sweetheart. A heart mender”

“I am telling you this because I feel relaxed when talking to you, so don’t let anyone know for now not even Evan. I don’t trust her, she can harm that girl”He said, and I just nod my head in replied without a word.

He stood up from the be-d and walked towards his wardrobe. He opened the wardrobe and brou-ght out a small [email protected] cafe.

What’s he up to? He input the [email protected] I couldn’t see clear, and bought our many papers.

“Jasmine, this will sounds like real madness, but to be sincere I am in love with a girl I don’t know anything about. Not even a picture.

She’s as always makes me happy by s£nding me letters every month. She un-derstands when I nee-d to be happy. Or when I am stressed.

I just wish month runs out, so that I can receive her letter. I know it will be funny to you. But only I could un-derstand my feelings”He said and gave me one of the letters.

It was my letter, the same letter I wrote with my hands. This was the last letter I wrote couples of day’s ago.

My own very letter are being kept in a cafe.

” This is just an AFFAIRS OF THE HEART. It is going nowhere. Your papers will end up getting disposed by those rich man maid, even if he received the letter” What Dason said [email protected]£ ringing on my head.

My letters were kept safe instead of getting disposed. I feel like crying or maybe dancing. I felt some guilt in me.

Why do I lie? Clara was right about this. Khalid loves me. I stood glaring at the letter.

“I am still searching for her, j found out she stays in Sergiyev Posad village. I have someone who’s helping me to look for her. I want to love and share good memories with her”He said. I think I nee-d to leave now becaused I might break down. Why did I have to lie in the first place? Dason warned me.

Evan room

I have gotten informations about Steve being in town. I just prayed he didn’t come to claim Dan. Why would he do that? He denied the pregnancy.

I know he’s not interested. He knows I love him than Khalid then. But he still betrayed me.

All I want know is to spend my life with Khalid. I don’t want anything than this.

Khalid alre-ady hate me, now is my son. If I loss everyone then who will be there for me. I still stand a chance of gaining Khalid love as it has always been.

I just want my small family to be happy. I will change for good. Because Khalid and Dan mustn’t sl!poff my hands.

That’s the last thing I can’t afford to lose. I should go and see Khalid and retify my mistakes.

I should call Emma and inform her. I picked up my phone and dial her number.

She picked up on the first ringing.

“Hi girl, I have something very important to say to you” I said.

“Go on” She said from the other end and I explained everything to her.

“I think that’s a good move, just try your best. I prayed it turn out well” She said.

I was so happy. I went to my wardrobe to pick up a nightie. I found Khalid best color. My red nightie. I picked it up and wear.

I packed my hair in a ponytail, then put on my sli-ppo.

I went out of my room and walked towards his room. I met Jasmine on my way.

She walked away without a word. What’s wrong with her? Not in the mood for her foolishness. All I nee-d is focus. I knocked on his door and he opened it. He stood glaring at me.


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