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Affair of the heart episode 23



(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her)

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 23

“Hmmm, my lover is very cute, I met him some way, we aren’t [email protected]!ng, I don’t think he love me, we both have met each other but he don’t know my feeling for him” I said and heaves a sign of relief.

“Do you mean one sided love, if I’m not mistakenly” She asked with a kind of are you serious face.

“Some kind of, but why was your face like that?” I asked.

“Nothing, I was just thinking that what if the guy likes you? And why don’t you tell him about this? what if he also love you?” She said.

“Aww I will be so happy if he do, but I don’t think so, but I’m not going to give up on him, not so easily” I said.

“His name, don’t try to omit that [email protected], you must answer all my questions. What’s his name and where did he live.

What will I say to her now? Why is his name so important to her, or is she planning to meet him in person” Those are the thought rummaging in my mind.

“HEY! What are you thinking? Are you hidding something” she asked.

“Nothing, I am not hiding anything, abd why will I want to hid something for you” I lied.

“So my question, am listening” Clara said and brou-ght her ear closer to me.

“Well, he’s out of the country, His name so difficult to pronounce, his name is just weird.

So I think is a better idea not to mention it” I blab.

That spirit that always says rubbish in me is back now.

“What are you saying? Are you okay at all? how can you say a name is weird” Clara asked.

“Yeah haven’t you heard that before, their are some name that are weird” I replied and stood up.

“ I guess you don’t wanna tell me much about him that’s why you are giving me foolish excuses, or is it that he’s so ugly that you think I won’t like him, common I’m not like that” she said, and I bur-st into laughter.

“Common girlie who told you he’s ugly, he’s so handsome, many ladies are dying to have him.

But I am sure I will be the lucky woman” I said.

“Which means you will have many rivals” She said laughing.

“So tell me about yours, have you ever been in love?” I asked.

“Love love love, no, I haven’t been in love before, I don’t even know how someone who is in love feels.

All the idea I has is generated from story and movie. I don’t know how it feels to fall in love. So I am free from any bond of love” she said feeling ont©p of the world.

“Lie, st©p deceiving yourself. I know who the lucky guy is”I said, going upstairs.

“Who? tell me now”She shouted.

“Find out by yourself girl, st©p pestering me”I said looking back.

I turn to go upstairs but i bu-mps into Evan.


Khalid company

Khalid POV

I was working on a file when Leo [email protected]£ into my office.

“Hello buddy, you are glowing this [email protected] few days. Tell me what’s the reason for this”He asked and sit on the seat Infront of me.

“I think you wanna start with you meaningless chat today” I said tea-singly and rest my back.

“Like seriously, are you trying to say I am a fool or what?”He asked.

“I don’t say that, but if you say so maybe that’s it” I replied smiling.

“To be frank guy. Joke [email protected], you are really glowing. Isn’t this you who always find it [email protected] to smile.

Now I could say you are smiling unnecessarily. I think that Jasmine girl I met yesterday was the reason for this.

Everyone living with a damsel like her will always be glowing” Leo said.

“Yeah you are quite right. She’s just full of vibe. I must say she’s great, even Dan likes her alot. Imagining him asking me if I will marry her” I said.

“Really, you mean Dan. I can’t imagine how Evan face will be after hearing that from his own son” He said.

“Even I was shocked. Common I must say I am happy Dan his my son. He’s just as smart as me”I said.

“Who told you that you are smart, you aren’t smart at all. You are the most dullest being have seen so far” Leo taunted.

“Whatever” I said and buried my face in the file.

“Hey, Jasmine or your mysterious lady”Leo said unexpectedly. It’s really hit me.

“What do you mean, because I don’t get. Like seriously why do you keep mentioning Jasmine.

We just met three days ago. She’s just a nice and good lady, nothing more.

I only love her. I Don’t know why she didn’t add her name in any of the letters. That could have been more easy to get to her” I said glaring at Leo.

“Yeah you are right. I thought you are getting attracted to Jasmine that’s why I decided to remind you to be intact” He said.

“Yeah, you should trust me. I don’t fall in love like that. I am emotionally challange like you always says.

Jasmine is a good lady and she as being taking care of my son. That’s all” I said b!tt!g the cover of the pen I was holding.

“What did I man want from is the kind of girl that will make them and their families happy.

The type of lady that will keep everyone united, and alsosupportive.

That are always man dream wife. I think I saw those principles in Jasmine. So it could be easy for you to fall for her.

That’s why I am telling you to focus. I don’t know the impression your mysterious lady will give us, but atleast she’s tried. She always makes you smile doing your [email protected] time.

Even I that was you friend couldn’t make you smile, but she was able to do that. Atleast she deserves something great ” Leo said glaring at me.

“She deserves nothing more than my love, care and happiness. Common bro. Nothing can st©p me from marrying her if I found her. I am sure I will find her. Even if I don’t she will always be in my heart.

It a big deed falling in love with a mysterious lady. I know he will make a good mother for my son” I said fumbling with my figures.

“I am happy about that buddy. So what’s you next move. We are prolonging this” He said.

“I make moves alre-ady. I have paid someone to do this for me. I just pray I get good news.

After that, I am planing of taking the custody of Dan completely, which am sure Dan will agree to stay with me”‘I said and place my hand un-der my jaw.

“That’s a great move buddy. You have [email protected]£ so smart moving with me” Leo said.

My phone beep. I check the caller ID.

“Unknown number” I said.

“Pick it up let’s see who it was” Leo said.

“Sure” I said and picked up the call.

“Hello hope I am speaking to Khalid Walter” The person said.

The voice sounds familiar. I quic-kly imagine who that could be.

“Steve Conor” I said.

“So, you haven’t forgotten my voice after a long time. That’s great of you” He said from the other end.

Leo signal me to put the phone on speaker and I did that.

“What do you want from me now” I asked with a rage of anger In me.

“Well I only call to inform you about my arrival back in Moscow, I think you know what that means?” He asked.

I smiles.

“Like I care, only a fool jobless person like yourself could be disturbing people peace with calls.

I am sure you nee-d attention that was why you called. But sorry to disappoint you. I have so many things to focused on.

Welcome to Moscow Steve Conor have a nice stay. Khalid Walter is fearless.

Because only a coward will be afraid of a c0ckroach without a teeth”I said to him, and hang up the call.

“Damn this guy is back here. I smell danger”Leo said.

“Danger for who. You shouldn’t bother. I know Steve well, am still his boss. I know how to put him un-der control” I said boldly without any fear.

“But I think he grew nerve than you now. I don’t know more about him but I think he’s dangerous. We nee-d to be alarm” Leo said.


Jasmine POV

Khalid haven’t come out if his room since he [email protected]£ back from work.

He hasn’t has his meal. I think I should go to his room to call him. I strode towards his room and knock on the door but he didn’t reply.

I pushed the door and realized it wasn’t locked.

I enter and couldn’t find him. His room is so big and well arrange. But we’re could he be.

I heard the sound of running water. He’s in the bathroom. I think I will come back from him.

I was about to turn when I see some pictures thrown all over the floor.

I picked one of it.

To my greatest surprised, I saw a kid picture of Khalid and Steve. If I could predict, they can’t he more than 15 or 16 years old.

They seems to be very close. I covered my mouth with my hands.

“Jasmine, what are you doing with that picture? Do you know the person in there?” He asked coming out of the bathroom.

My heart skips. I could feel my heart are bu-mping so fast than I could imagine. OMG, this is not gonna be good but I just nee-d to say something. Should I tell him I know Steve?



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