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Affair of the heart episode 22



(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her)

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city


Chapter 22

Authoress POV
Everyone was shocked at this. Evan who was coming from her room st©pped on hearing this.

“Why is everyone shock, I was just kidding”Dan laughed.

“Better Dan, but don’t joke with such thing again. My heart alre-ady flew”Evan said walking down the stairs.

“Whatever, not bad though. So if she married him is not bad I like her more than you. You are not good. You are evil”Dan said.

Khalid clear his throat. Jasmine dish out Khalid food.

“Mr Walter you should eat your food. If not you will late “Jasmine said.

“Dumpling, I thought we are to have light food today”Khalid asked facing Clara who scratch her head.

“Yeah, But I was the one who decided to prepared something different. It’s my first time of preparing food in here. So I decided to go for your best meal” Jasmine said.

“Not bad.Thanks alot”Khalid said.

“Why are you thanking her now. She did the wrong thing. Instead of you to scold her yet you are thanking her”Evan said.

“Hmmmm, this is yummy, it taste like my mum food”Khalid said ignoring Evan.

“Aren’t you the one am talking to”Evan asked.

“Must you talk, why do you like to blab alot. You just provoke me sometime” Khalid said.

“Exactly dad, I have been longing to say this. She talk to much. She’s a parrot. She complained on unnecessarily things”Dan said.

“What the heck is wrong with the both of you?”Evan asked angrily.

“You are the main problem here, plea-se lemme have my breakfast in peace. St©p wailing all the time. If not I will take you to see a thera-pist Maybe you have mental disorder” Khalid said.

“Yeah that’s a good idea” Dan smiled.

Evan fumes. “Well miss Evan, I am sorry but you don’t have to shout. I didn’t prepared this for you in the first place.

Don’t you have legs and hands. Common that can’t be possible, maybe in your imagination” Jasmine said with an eyeroll.

“Common Dan, let go, I am done eating”Khalid stood up. ”

Yeah Dad”Dan said.

“Common my boy. Lemme give you a goodbye k!ss”Jasmine said.

“Yeah”Dan run to her. Jasmine bent to her level and k!sshis forehead.

She arrange his cloth well. “Leave my son”Evan yelled.

“Evan st©p this. Why are you so nas-ty? Don’t be a joy killer”Dan said.

“You heard that”Khalid said smiling.

“Common aunty, can you k!ssme on my cheek like this”Dan pouted.

“Sure”Jasmine pe-ck his cheek.

“Promise you will give me a welcome hvg and k!ss”Dan said avs stretched his hand forward.

“Yeah”Jasmine hold his hand.

“Don’t worry I will marry you”Dan said smiling.

“I say Leave my son for me”Evan said and dragged Dan to herself.

“No Evan”Dan shouted.

“Common boy, I can do all that for you”Evan said and was about to k!sshim.

“Huh, you mouth stinks. Haven’t you brush since a month now. The doctor said we should brush our teeth daily. Oh my goodness. You will infect me”Dan said and ran to Khalid.

They all laughed at Evan.

“I can’t take that”Jasmine hyped.


Khalid POV

“Do you really mean what you said, I mean saying Evan mouth was smelling”Khalid asked.

“Not at all. Her mouth wasn’t smelling. I just don’t want her to k!ssme. I don’t like her. She’s not nice like aunty Jasmine. I really like her aunty Jasmine Evan blab too much. Ewww”Dan said irritatedly.

“That’s was so [email protected] You are a smart boy. Evan is not a good mother for you. I am thinking of getting ride of her”I said, just then I remembered he was talking to a child.

This could affect his thinking. He’s too young for that.

“Hmmmm, I don’t like her either. She’s always on my nerve. I guess she has been manipulating me. She always tell me to pressurized you. I think that’s a good idea, we should get rid of her”Dan said with a pout.

This boy. He’s weird. He doesn’t talk like a child at all.

“How do you know she’s manipulating you? Who told you about being manipulated?”I asked.

“Cartoon, yeah i watched this in my cartoon. The girl was being manipulated by her stepmother to pressurized her father. So I refused to be manipulated again” He said.

“Oh I see You are so smart just like your dad. High five”I said.

“No Dad,you are driving. So behaved if you don’t want get us kill. Follow rules and regulations of the road. Focus”He said pointing to his front.

“I see, thanks for remembering me though” I said.

“Dad I like you because you always say thanks or sorry, even when you aren’t at fault. But damn! Evan is not like that”Dan said.

“That’s because it is good you used the Magic words”I said.

“Hmmmm, so dad, what’s DNA. When I was slightly awake at the hospital. I heard the doctor talking about DNA test. So what’s DNA”Dan asked.

“Hmm” I sm-irks. “Deoxyribo nucleic acid” I said.

“What does dioxiri means” Dan said finding it difficult to pronounce.

“Deoxyribo nucleic acid (DNA) is an hereditary materials found in a living cell” I said.

I just pray the didn’t asked another question.

“Hereditary. do you mean trait” He called with all his milk teeth opened.

This boy is so smart.

“Yeah” I said. “So why do the doctor want my DNA” Dan asked.

I can’t believe this boy is smart to this extent. What if he asked a question I might not be able to answer. I nee-d to st©p him now.

“Common son, maybe there are talking about someone else. Why would they want your DNA. You know doctors are complicated. Am sure they are talking about someone else” I lied just to make him quiet.

“I think I wanna [email protected]£ a doctor” Dan said smiling.

“Good Idea that’s my boy” I hail.

Jasmine POV

I couldn’t believe Dan could say such thing to her. I can’t imagine the shame on her face that very moment.

She walked inside without saying a word.

“Jasmine I must say you are too much. See how you turn Dan against her. Tell me how were you able to do that?”Clara asked.

“What? Do you think I turned him against her. Not at all, I can’t do that. One thing about me is that no matter how troublesome I am, you will got to like me. That’s just it. Dan didn’t like me at first, I think you are aware”I said.

“Yeah, that’s why am asking how you won him over to yourself. I mean what Evan wasn’t able to do for long “Clara said.

“Just being pure. Dan is still a kid, so it is easy to win him over. Just some joke’s, story and song will do” I said.

“That boy isn’t a kid anymore. He’s weird. Do you forget he was asking his dad if he will marry you?”Clara asked.

Jasmine choke from the water she was drinking.

“I think talking about marriage make you choke. Aren’t you gonna get married?”Clara asked.

“Why not, I will surely get married to the man of my dream. That’s the only person I could think of”Jasmine said smiling.

“I can see you are blu-shing. So tell me who’s this person?. Do you love him so much. How do you guys meet. What is his name? where did he stay?”Clara asked.

I don’t know how to escape this question what will I say now?


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