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Affair of the heart episode 21



(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 21

The report is re-ady,” The doctor said and handle it over to me.

I took it from him and opened it. I re-ad the result and eye at the doctor.

He clears his throat and adjusts his [email protected] “Mr. Walter I think you had a wrong idea about Dan not being your son. He’s your son” The doctor announced.

“Doctor I don’t seem to get something clear. I mean Dan and I share the same blood. But the message” I said still not able to digest what the message was all about.

“I will advise you don’t listen to the text you saw. Maybe the lady has a crush on you, that’s why she is finding a way to separate you from your son.

Don’t make the mistake you will later regret in life. Stick to your son and live a healthy life” The doctor advised.

“Thanks, doctor I must say I do appreciate this, even though is [email protected],” I said and leave the doctor’s office.

I am happy and also not happy at the same time. Am happy Dan is my son, but at the same time am not happy because of that fo*lish Evan.

Authoress POV

Emma comes to sit near Evan.

“So tell me where you went to in haste,” Evan asked, as Emma it beside her.

“I went to sort her some problems that are showing up on your way,” Emma said.

“What are you talking about? What problem?” Evan asked glaring at Emma.

“Yeah problems, you sit down here and relax. Do you forget we are in the hospital with Dan and Khalid? And you don’t even feel bothered about that” Emma said.

“What for, why should I be disturbe-d?” Emma asked.

“I don’t like this carefree attitude of yours. You would have been caught if I didn’t save you” Emma said, and pouts.

“Can you plea-se explain what’s going on and st©p putting me in suspense?” Evan said with different thoughts rummaging her mind.

“Khalid asked the doctor to do DNA of Dan and himself,” Emma said. Evan fidgeted.

“How do you know this?” Evan asked.

“I suspected something the other time Khalid followed the doctor after he announced that Dan will be okay.

Then I decided to figure out what was going on. If you remember I told you I was pressed and will nee-d to use the restroom.

All was just an excuse. So I trail him without him knowing. I eavesdrop on his discussion with the doctor.

After he left I went to meet the doctor and offers him a five million. The money was mouth watery you know, So he couldn’t decline this opportunity of getting that amount of money, so he agrees not to do the test.

And now he has given him a fake report” Emma took a de-ep breath.

“OMG! So all this is happening un-der my nose. And I was not aware. Thanks so much, Emma I must say you are a true friend. I can’t pay you back for your good deeds” Evan gave her a bone-breaking hvg.

“You are welcome sis, what are friends for” Emma smiled.

She changed the t©pic when she saw Khalid approaching.

“Hey Khalid what did the doctor say,” Emma asked.

“I don’t get you, what do you mean,” Khalid asked with a straight face.

“Common, why do you sound angry, I was just asking if the doctor says anything about Dan’s health, I just wanna confirmed if he’s okay or if there’s any instruction to follow so he can get better,” Emma said.

“Excuse me woman, you are not in the position to ask me such a question, and when do we start talking so friendly” Khalid hissed and went into Dan’s ward.

“You see what I was saying, he thinks he is smart,” Emma said with an eye roll.

Khalid Mansion

Jasmine POV

The sounds of the alarm wake me up. I sprang off the be-d and rushed straight to the kitchen.

I promised Clara to help her in the kitchen today.

“Good morning my baby jasmine, I thought you won’t keep to your promise. It’s good to have you around. At least boss we taste a different meal today” Clara said.

“What do you take me for? That I won’t stick to my promise, trust me. I hate promise and fail, is better not to promise me than to fail me” I said and go closer to the cabinet.

“So what meal are you preparing today?” I asked.

“I think you should check the timetable yourself” Clara said.

“Young lady don’t forget this is my third day in this house, and I haven’t been involved in kitchen service since I [email protected]£ here, so better show me the food timetable yourself” I pouted.

“Okay madam, today we are to eat light food like bre-ad and tea. If we wish we can fry any type of snacks we like” Clara explained.

“Sorry I won’t be following the timetable. I want to cook something special. So tell me his favorite food” I said knotting the apron around my n£¢k.

“What! Common get off it. Why are you trying to change the way we operate here. Well, I will have granted you that permission but sorry, Evan will yell for heaven.

Boss is still controllable but that woman is a snake” Clara said, and scoffed.

“Oh I see, but since you said Mr. Walter won’t complain too much, i think I don’t have a problem.

But for that lady called Evan I want to find her trouble, she likes to blab too much.

I want to teach her some lesson” I said and Clara laughed.

“Yo baby, I feel your vibe. It’s good you [email protected]£, God has finally brou-ght me my [email protected] in crime. I love you baby, we are in this together” She hvgged me ti-ghtly.

“Silly, what do you count me for, a troublemaker. You are misun-derstanding. I’m not a troublesome a person, I just like to piss some [email protected] people” I said l!çk!ng myl-ips.

“I see you are just trying to be judgmental, isn’t it,” Clara asked pla-yfully.

“That’s exactly my point. If I don’t cause trouble tell me who is going to do that, you can ask my mother, she will tell you I am troublesome” I said and we both bur-st into laughter.


Steve POV

It is two days alre-ady, I mean two days and this useless soul hasn’t found this girl. I am going to Moscow myself.

I will make sure I find her, and I will also have time to tackle that fool who I was sharing a girlfriend with, I impregnated his girlfriend, and denied the pregnancy.

I am only taking my revenge. He is so arrogant and thinks my parent won’t accept me back after they disowned me very long ago. I thought he was a good friend, but he was a betrayal.

He betrayed me. I intentionally [email protected]£ that Evan of a girl not like I am interested in her.

I won’t forgive him. He will never have peace in his life not to talk of being happy. I decide to stay away from all this while but I am back now.

He won’t go scoff free. He will never be happy the moment I step back in Moscow. Wait and see how I am going to destroy you.


Khalid Mansion

Authoress POV

Khalid steps out of his room and goes towards the dinning table.

“Paa”Jasmine shouted from behind. Khalid was frighten at the sound.

He look back and saw Jas.

“What was that? you caught me off guard”Khalid said holding his che-st.

“Sorry, I [email protected]£ to check on you. I wanted to come and tell you that you should be quic-k so you won’t be late for office.

But I hid when I saw you stepped out of your room. I never knew you would be so scared. You are lazy” Jasmine said smiling.

“Really so you think I am lazy. Probably not. Am giant”Khalid said hitting his che-st.

“Hmmmm, I see. Lemme help you with your suitcase”Jasmine said and took the suitcase from him.

” Thanks Miss, what of Dason. I think he’s prepared to go back to school”Khalid asked. They keep walking towards the dinning table.

“I don’t know, but am very sure he will be happy about that. It’s cool”Jasmine said.

“Okay, I just wanna know “Khalid said as he sit on the dinning chair.

“Dad, aunt Jasmine is nice. She got me re-ady, and feed me. You see am re-ady for school, I like her”Dan who was in the living room said.

“Okay son. I am happy you like her”Khalid said.

“Yes, she is caring, not like Evan. I wish to marry her. Dad can I marry her?”Dan asked.

They all bur-st into Laughter. “What’s funn Can’t I?”Dan asked.

“Why not, you can marry her. Just that you will have to wait to you are big like Daddy. She can wait for you though”Clara said.

“I think I have a brother in-law alre-ady”Dason said.

“Do I have to be grown like dad before getting married?”Dan asked.

Jasmine offered Khalid coffee. He took it and take a Zi-p.

“No son, I will take the both of you to the court today, so that you can become couples”Khalid said.

“Silly! Dad, you think I am a child. I know am too small for her. Am just five years old. She can only marry a grown up like you. She’s pretty than Evan. So will you marry her?”Dan asked.

Everyone was shocked at this. Evan who was coming from her room st©pped on hearing this.


What do you think will happen next? Check it out.

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