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A weekend affair finale

EPISODE 26????

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Frankie [email protected]£d Ricco’s hand, fearing what the
doctor might say. Would he tell her the baby
was gone? She still felt as though she was
pregnant, but maybe that was just wishful
thinking. She looked at her husband, he too
had this worried look on his face.
They both waited for the doctor to tell them,
too afraid to ask him themselves.
“Mrs. Santoro, your test results [email protected]£ back,
your blood pressure is a little high. You will
have to stay off your feet for a few days, due
to the severity of the cuts you received.”
Ricco couldn’t take it anymore, and he could
tell that Frankie was frantic with worry. “Doctor
plea-se, what about the baby?”
Looking at the two he smiled. “I’m plea-sed to
tell you that the baby is fine.”
Ricco and Frankie [email protected]£d each other, letting
the tears fall freely as they hvgged and k!$$£d
each other.
Standing up Ricco shook his hand. “Thank you,
doctor. “You have no idea what this means to
me and my wife.”
The doctor smiled at Frankie. “Mrs. Santoro,
after what you’ve been throu-gh it’s a miracle
the baby survived, especially since it’s so early
in your pregnancy. I would suggest you get
plenty of be-d rest for the next few weeks.”
Frankie squee-zed Ricco’s hand. “I want to go
home, back to the states.”
“We’ll leave as soon as you get discharged
from the hospital.” He said, leaning over,
giving her a k!ss.
But the doctor put a damper on Frankie’s joy.
“Oh, I’m afraid not. There will be no long
distances traveling for a least a month.” He
told them.
“But why?” She cried.
“The unborn child had gone throu-gh a trauma,
it’s merely a precaution. One I feel is important
till you are further along.”
Ricco was all for ma-king sure the baby would
be ok. “Frankie, I’m sorry my love, we must do
as the doctor says.”
“I’ll discharge you tomorrow.” He then looks at
Ricco. “I’ll have one of the nurses bring you
some clean scru-bs and you can shower and
change out of those we-t and dirty clothes.”
“Thank doctor,” Ricco said, shaking his hand
“Ricco.” She calls him.
“Yes, baby.”
Smiling he went and sat on the be-d, taking her
in his arms he k!$$£d her pas-sionately, all his
love for her was poured into that k!ssand the
way he held her.
Frankie could still taste the scotch on his
breath, but she didn’t care.
When he was given the scru-bs he went and
took a quic-k shower, not wanting to be away
from her for long. He [email protected]£ out all clean, his
breath smelling much better. Seeing him she
couldn’t help but snicker.
“What?” He asked her.
“You look kind of S-xy in those, like a h0t and
S-xy doctor.”
“Maybe I’ll keep them and when we get back
to the h0tel we can [email protected]
Frankie laughed. “Yes, I would love that.”
He saw her yawning. “Go to sleep baby.”
[email protected] to me Ricco.” She says as she
moved over, giving him room.
Getting in beside her she la-id her head on his
che-st. Feeling safe when he put his arm
around her, and soon she was fast asleep. He
too was tired since he hadn’t sleep in ages, it
wasn’t long before he too was fast asleep.
A nurse walked in and seeing them asleep in
be-d was about to wake Ricco, but st©pped.
They looked so sweet cu-mddled together she
didn’t have the heart to interrupt them, though
it was against hospital rules.
In the morning after Ricco was shown how to
clean and bandage Frankie’s feet she was
re-leased, on the un-derstanding, she was to
have complete be-d rest for several days.
He carried her up to the room and la-id her
down on the be-d. As he was about to leave
she [email protected]£d him, pu-lling him down on t©p of
her, k!ss!nghim.
“Frankie we can’t, not yet.” He pu-ll-ed away and
standing up.
“I want you. Ricco, I nee-d you. Don’t you want
me anymore?” She felt rejected.
He sat on the edge of the be-d and taking her
hand k!$$£d it. “You know I do, more than
anything. I’m only thinking of you and the
Frankie pu-ll-ed away and rolled over on her
side. “The doctor never said anything about us
not being able to make love. Admit it, now that
I’m pregnant you don’t find me S-xually
attrac-tive anymore.”
“Oh, I don’t do I?” Taking off the scru-bs he
was still wearing got into be-d and moved her
onto her back. Getting on t©p he started
k!ss!ngher n£¢k, moving down. He [email protected]£
ha-rd right away and pu-lling her up re-moved her
“Feel how ha-rd you make me, don’t ever tell
me I don’t find you attrac-tive Frankie.”
She smiled at him. “I’m sorry Ricco, I just love
you so much and I want you.”
“Shut-up woman and k!ssme.” Hisl-ips
traveled down her b©dy, k!ss!ngevery inch of
her, being as gentle as he could even though
he wanted to ride her ha-rd . But he held back,
there would be another time for that. For now,
he made love to her with tenderness, and it
was amazing. How he missed her b©dy
against his, missed herl-ips.
Afterward, they la-id together, she cu-mddled into
him as he wra-pped his arms around her. It was
then he told her the whole story of what his
family had done and why they did it.
“So if it weren’t Bernardo you would never have
found me. Ane he didn’t want them to kill me,
so that should help him when he goes to trial.”
“He was still in on it, so he’s just as guilty.
But he did help me, so I will see he get’s the
best lawyer possible, as far the others go they
can rot in jail.” He said with anger and
bitterness, he would never forgive them for
what they had done to Frankie.
“She sighed de-eply. “Are we ever going to be
able to go home? I want to start our lives
together in our own home. And we nee-d to tell
my grandmother I’m pregnant. She’s going to
wonder why we’re still here. And I can’t tell her
the truth, it would kill her.”
“I know baby, and as soon as the doctor says
it’s ok we’ll go back, I promise.”
A few days later she was able to walk around,
her feet didn’t hurt anymore. It helped that
Ricco ru-bbe-d cream on her feet a couple times
a day.
They had gone throu-gh all the questioning by
the police, statements made, it would soon be
all behind them. Ricco decided to go to his
families hearing, leaving Frankie alone, but not
without a guard standing outside their door.
Not that she was in any more danger, it was
more to make him feel better about leaving her
He was gone for hours and when he returned
he was quiet. His mood dark.
“Ricco, how did it go?” She asked, placing her
hand softly on his arm.
Putting his hand on t©p of her’s, frowning when
he looked at her. “Father and Adriana only got
five years. Bernardo and Adriana’s husband
Frank got two years. And Maria got three
years. Damn it, Frankie, they should have
gotten much more than that.”
“plea-se Ricco, don’t let this spoil things for us.
Once we’re away from her we never have to see
or think of them ever again.”
He looked at her and his heart filled with love.
She was right, soon they would be home,
starting a family and a new life together. Life
would be good. “You’re so right, baby. I’ve got
everything I nee-d right here. He pu-ll-ed her into
his arms, tenderly tou-ching her stomach.
“Is there something else on your mind Ricco?”
She could tell there was by the way he was
“Yes, there is. I want you to know that I talked
to Bernardo. I offered him a job in one of my
companies when he gets out. The one in
Germany, with the condition that he has
nothing to do with the others ever again. Also,
he is not to come near you, or us again. I
know he’s my brother, but I will never be able
to trust him again.”
“I’m so sorry Ricco.”
He takes her face in his hands. “You have
nothing to be sorry for, you hear me?”
“Yes.” She nods her head right before he
k!$$£d her.

EPISODE 27????

They had finally arrived home after been given
the all clear from the doctor. Scooping Frankie
up in his arms carried her inside. It was
tradition he told her, and since he hadn’t done
it the first time he would now.
“Ricco, it’s so good to be back home.”
Instead of putting her down he carried her
upstairs to the be-droom. “The doctor said you
nee-ded rest, so I’m putting you to be-d.”
She began k!ss!nghis n£¢k, murmuring. “Only
if you join me.”
li-ps locked he la-id her gently down on the
be-d, undoing her t©p. pu-lling away she looked
around, there was something different, it was
the be-d.
“Ricco, this isn’t the be-d that was here before.”
He looked down at her and smiled. “The other
one was too big, I don’t ever want you to be
able to move far from me, so I had the old
one taken away and replaced with this one. Do
you mind my love?”
“No, not at all, now let’s break this be-d in.”
She says as she pu-ll-ed him back down on t©p
of her.
The next day they drove to Frankie’s
grandmother home. She was thri-lled about the
baby and turning to Ricco thanked him.
“Grandma, why are you thanking Ricco?”
Frankie thought it was strange.
He laughed. “You’re welcome, Mrs. Spencer.”
He then turned to Frankie. “When we stayed
over before, and your grandmother and I were
ma-king breakfast she was telling me how she
would love to be a great grandmother. I told
I’d do whatever I could to make that happen.”
Frankie’s eyes wi-de-ned, giving them both a
stern stare. “Shame on both of you.” Then
smiling she started laughing.
Things were going great for them, the baby
was healthy. Frankie was now seven months
pregnant, they were happy and in love.
Then the phone calls started. At first, whoever
was on the other end would hang up when
Frankie or Ricco answered. It soon turned into
them breathing heavily, but not speaking.
At first, they ignored the calls, but when Ricco
saw how it was stressing Frankie he decided
to do something about it. Changing all their
phone numbers didn’t work, the calls still
[email protected]£.
Ricco [email protected]£ home to find Frankie upset, close
to tears. Seeing him she ran into his arms, one
hand holding her swollen belly.
“My God baby, what’s wrong? Is the baby ok?”
He asked her, worried for them both.
In between sobs, she clung to him. “There was
a call, they said you have to die.”
He [email protected]£d her chin. “Nothing is going to
happen to you.”
“No Ricco, not me, you. They said you were
going to die, and soon. We have to call the
police, got to find out who’s behind this.”
He tried soothing Frankie. “Baby calm down,
you getting upset is not good for the baby.
Honey, I’m always getting death threats, it’s a
[email protected] of being wealthy. There is alway someone
out there who wants to scare me. It’s nothing
to worry about.”
Frankie stood up, staring at him. “This is
different, I feel it.”
He did not want her getting worked up, it
wasn’t good for her or the baby. “Ok, I’ll ring
the police.”
“And I want you to hire a b©dyguard.”
“Frankie that’s not necessary.” Seeing the fear
in her eyes he caved in, agreeing to hire some
The next three were stressful for Frankie, she
feared that Ricco would be hurt, worst that she
would lose him. The stress put a strain on her,
raising her blood pressure, she was put on be-d
rest. Ricco knew this had to end, he could not
risk losing her or the baby.
Little things started happening, letters [email protected]£.
More phone calls. He decided to hire pri-vate
detectives, had them working around the clock.
Weeks later it all [email protected]£ to an end. Ricco was
getting out of his car when a sh0t rang out,
missing him by inches. The chase was on,
Ricco and the b©dyguard chased the man on
foot. Tripping over some [email protected] the shooter
found himself being [email protected]£d by the guard, It
wasn’t till he was severely beaten that he told
them everything.
It turned out Maria had hired him to scare
Frankie and Ricco, and to kill him. She said if
she couldn’t have Ricco, then no one could. He
was taken away by the police just as Frankie
[email protected]£ downstairs.
“Ricco.” She cried out. “I heard gunsh0ts.”
Dashing over lifted her up and carried her over
to the sofa. “What are you doing out of be-d?”
“I was worried about you.” The tears falling
from her eyes.
She was so pale and weak. “I’m ok baby. It’s
all over, the man who was threatening me has
been caught. I’m safe.”
“Why was he doing this Ricco? Tell me the
truth or I’ll just worry.”
He knew she was right, so he told her
everything. “You don’t have to worry anymore,
the man is behind bars, Maria will be charged
with attem-pted murder again, she won’t cause
us any more problems.”
Something was wrong with Frankie, she started
[email protected] ing in pain, clutching her stomach.
Looking at him she started crying. “The baby
Ricco, something is wrong.”
She was rushed to the hospital. Due to the
stress and high blood pressure, she went into
labor early.
A few hours later a five-pound six-ounce
healthy baby girl la-id in Frankie’s arms, Ricco
sitting on the be-d next to them.
“Oh Ricco, she beautiful, has your eyes and
complexion,” Frankie said as she k!$$£d her
baby girl. They named her Lily, after Frankie’s
He smiled at them, his heart swelling with
love. “I love you, Frankie. I will always love
and protect both of you.” His eyes filled with
Looking at Ricco, loved for him showed on her
face. “Who would have thought that our
weekend affair would end up changing our
lives forever? Giving us this perfect little
Ricco reached over, giving her a k!ssthat
showed her how he felt. She knew that their
lives together would be filled with love and
happiness. They had fallen ha-rd and quic-kly for
one another, but what did time matter when
true love comes around.


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