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The Mafia se-duction finale

? THE ?


se-duction ??


?Rafael’s POV?

I can’t believe it. She’s here, in my arms. My bu-tterfly. I look down at her and see her eyes open. She smiles at me and my heart melts. She has her mother’s eyes. I could get lost in them and wouldn’t care if I found my way back or not. She had me wra-pped around her f!nger before she was born and now that she’s here, T’m a mess. She could as for anything and I would give it to her in a heartbeat. I can be cold, sadistic and down right evil sometimes but this little girl craddled in my arms turns me into a pile of [email protected] she can mold to her liking .. and I would let her without a second thought.

“My little bu-tterfly” I coo at her and she smiles a toothless grin at me. “You’re beautiful, just like your mommy, you know that?” I k!ssher nose and her little giggle makes my knees weak. she lets out a little yawn and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Do you want daddy to sing to you? Granted, daddy can’t sing but I would do anything for you little one:” She yawns again.

“Okay, but dont laugh.” I cleared my throat. “You are my bu-tterfly, My little bu-tterfly. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You’l never know dear, how much I love you .. No one will take my bu-tterfly away.”

Soon she’s asleep and I don’t want to put her down. I want to keep her in my arms forever. After a $h!t ton of hesitation, I [email protected] in the crib the hospital lent us and watch her for a few seconds before k!ss!ngher forehead.I walk over to my slee-ping kiten and [email protected] next to her, wra-pping my arms around her. I hear a small sniffle and gr-ab the side of her face, turning her towards me.

“Why are you crying baby?” I ask. She smiles and k!sses me.

“You were singing to her. I got a little emotional.” She wipes a tear and I chuckle.

“I would do anything for my girls. Even if that means singing extremely bad.” I smile.

“I’Il have to remember you said that if you’re ever in the dog house again.” She giggles. I lean in and k!ssher n£¢k, running my ton-gue over her most s-en-sitive sp©ts.

“You my beautiful little kitten, are in so much trouble.” She looked at me surprised. “One that baby bu-mp goes down and you’re completely healed .. I pause and k!ssher ha-rd . Our ton-gues fight for dominance but I always win. I pu-ll away, leaving her breathless.” Tm going to fv¢k you so ha-rd . you wont walk properly for days. Im gonna [email protected]ñk that as-s until you’re so we-t, you might actually food our room and lastly, I’m gonna get my fix. I’m going throu-gh withdrawls kitten.

“Her b©dy shivers in my [email protected] and I feel myself ha-rd en at her reaction.” Mmm. try not to provoke me kitten. Even the tiniestl-ips bit from you will get me rock ha-rd . “She giggles and my heart skips a few beats.


Finally we get re-leased and made it home. I carry my bu-tterfily in her car seat throu-gh the front door and we are immediately bombarded with smiling and excited faces.”

“Let me see my precious grand baby!” My mom yells. I turn the car seat around.” There you are! Hello my little munchkin!” She cooed.

“She’s beautiful son.” My dad says patting me on the back.” Thank you dad.

“Can we hold her?” “Alfie asked and I reluctantly nod. I put the car seat down and unbuckle her. I take her out and place her in Alfie’s arms. My brothers all form a circle around her and introduce themselves.

“Hi there Aurelia. I’m your Uncle AlIfie.”

“I’m your Uncle Ish.”

“Uncle Javi.”

“Uncle Rico.” They smother her in k!sses but she starts to cry and my over protective father instincts kick in. I snatch her out of Alfie’s arms and hold her to my che-st, lightly bouncing and patting her back.

“It’s okay bu-tterfly., daddy’s got you.” I coo at her and she st©ps.

“She’s a daddys girl for sure.” My mom says and I grin.

“Of course she is.” I feel a tug on my shi-t and look down to see my princess standing there with a smile.

“Can I see her Santi?” She asks. I nod and get down on one knee, shifting Aurelia in my arms so she was facing Mirella.

“Hi Ary, Im Mirella.” She gives her a tiny k!ssand Aurelia smiles. “Do you wanna be a princess just like me?” Aurelia giggles, ma-king Mirella smile.

“I think that means yes.” I smile. Mirella takes her f!nger and gently pokes Aurelia’s cheeks. “I name you princess Ary! You can be my sidekick.” She laughes.

?Isadora’s POV?

She’s perfect. I wasn’t sure even when pregnant with her if I was re-ady to be a mom, but the moment I held her tiny b©dy in my arms, I promised myself I would be the mother she deserves. As Rafael went to take a shower, I settle myself in the be-d with Aurelia in my arms.

“I love you Aurelia.” She smiles and I can alre-ady feel the tears forming. “Did you like daddy’s singing? How about mommy sings to you? Would you like that baby girl?” I ru-b my nose against hers and listen to her giggle. “Okay, mommy will sing for you.” I clear my throat.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” She yawns and giggles , ma-king my heart almost jump out of my che-st.

“That was beautiful kitten.” I look up and see a shi-tless Rafael with a towel hanging dangerously low on his h!ps. St©p staring t©p staring .. st©p staring you’re still too so-re st©p staring st©p staring ugh! Stupid hor-nyhor-mones!

“You better st©p looking at me like that. I have very litle control over myself right now and you are still too so-re for me to fv¢k you like I want to.” He sm-irks, ma-king me giggle. I look back at Aurelia and she’s fast asleep.

“I want her to sleep with us in the be-d tonight. She can sleep in the crib tomorrow.” I smile and k!ssher forehead.

“I do too.” He said putting on his bo-xers and crawling next to us laying on his side. I gently [email protected] between us.

“I love you Rafael.” I k!sshim.

“I love you too baby. More than you could ever un-derstand.” He smiles but there’s something different about his smile. Something mischievous. He’s definitely thinking about something.

“Why are you smiling like that?” I raise a suspicious eyebrow at him. “I can’t promise the next time I fv¢k you, you won’t get pregnant again.” He chuckles.

“Knowing you, I probably will” I laugh.

“I want a boy next. I want Aurelia to have a brother well many brothers and sisters.” He grins.

“Can we at least wait until she’s three or something?” I could hear my wo-mb practically begging me.

“I want a big family, and Im not talking about my parents or my siblings. I mean you and me. I want Aurelia to grow up with brothers and sisters who will love, [email protected] be there for her when she nee-ds them.” He looks down at her and a tear falls onto his cheek.

“I want that too baby. It may hurt like hell and my b©dy may never be the same but I’ll give you anything you want my love.” He smiles and k!sses me before laying his head next to Aurelia.

“I love you kitten.”

“I love you too Rafael.” I [email protected] head down next to Aurelia and fall asleep listening to her breathing. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

-The End-????

So guys tell me what was your favorite [email protected] or scene in the story ??

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  1. Scarlett

    The novel is amazing ????, I love it, more wisdom to your head and more inks to your pen writer. Right now I just feel like I should get a bad, rich,strong and over protective guy to love me ????????????

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