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his baby mama finale



Mama ??



“Look, man, I know you’re nervous and I would be too but you’ve got this,” Ian told me while tapping my shoulder but I couldn’t help it.

Today was the day. The day that I was waiting for, for such a long time. The day I was dreaming about ever since I’ve fallen in love with that woman that stole my heart. I took a de-ep breath, trying to calm myself down as I waited for her to arrive. I looked up and over to lan who was looking out for her. His eyes wi-de-ned when he saw her being esc-rted by Binaca.

“She’s here dude,” he said and I took another breath, composing myself.


“where are you exactly taking me?” I asked Bianca as I tried to see throu-gh the blindfold.

It was another normal morning where I would wake up and find Damon downstairs ma-king breakfast with Ethan but today he wasn’t there and neither was Ethan and coco. I frowned as I looked around the house searching for them with my phone to my ears, calling his phone, which he didn’t pick up. And then I bu-mped into Binaca.


“Oh hi!” he waves at me and I frowned, wanting to know why he was at my house this early in the morning.

“What are you doing here and where are Ethan, Damon, and Coco?” I asked with a confused look.

“Oh um Damon took Ethan and Coco to a [email protected] by by lan.He wanted to wake you up but you were tired so he asked me to help you get to dress and that I should take you there”he replied with a nervous smile and frowned at him, not believing what he said

“Are you sure–”

“Yes. Now let me help you get dressed”, He said while carefully taking me up the stairs 30 minutes later
”Are you re-ady?” He asked and I nodded my head as I stared into the mirror, admiring the dress Damon left for me to wear and at my almost nine months old baby bu-mp.

“Okay, then let’s go,” Binaca said, helping me out of the be-droom and down the stairs, and outside where a car that was parked with Damon’s butler, that he had hired a few weeks back, sitting in the driver’s seat. He quic-kly [email protected]£ out of the car and opened the door for me.

“Mrs. Alexander” he greeted then turned to Bianca and greeted him also. I s£nd him a smile, returning his greetings before I entered the car along with Binaca.

“Oh we’re here,” he said putting his phone away before going into his pocket and taking a blindfold out.

“What is this? What are you doing?” I asked, frowning again and he sigh.

“Look, just trust me, okay?” He said and Ihesitated before I sigh giving in and he tied the blindfold on me, covering my eyes.

“Okay, now follow me,” He said as he carefully helped me out of the car and took me somewhere.

I suddenly felt warm air which told me I was inside the building now and he guided me to an elevator I guess after I heard the ping sound when we entered. The elevator took us up to I don’t-know-what-floor and then he took me out to somewhere else, where the voices of people, I knew, was heard.

“Okay, you can take it off now,” he said and I quic-kly took it off to see myself standing in a room, decorated beautifully. It had candles la-id on the floor and rose petals in the color of red scattered everywhere on the floor. The lights were also dimmed. I frown turning back to Bianca who had a smile on his face and that made me even more confused. I opened my mouth to ask what’s going on and why am Ihere but was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Camila” My eyes wi-de-ned a little as I whirled around and met with no other but the man that I’ve grown to love.

“Damon?. Damon. Oh my God, why did you leave without telling me? Where are we?” Was the first question I asked while walking towards him.

“Oh umm I-I” he began stuttering. ma-king me frown again. He sighs, continuing. “I wanted to surprise you” he finally replied to my question and my frown disappeared but I was still a little confused about why he wanted to surprise me.

“Camila” he began, taking my hands in his.

“Every since I’ve first seen you.. I felt a connection. I just knew there was something about you that attra-cted me to you but I was scared. The feelings were new to me and because it was new. I was scared. You were stuck in my head 24/7 and I hated that you were but for some reason I like it.I liked how you just stole my heart just like that and you manage to get Ethan to like you too.without any effort but I was confused. I was confused at that time because I didn’t know if I liked you or loved you.I was confused about my feelings towards you.I knew you meant something special to me.I knew that you were Ethan’s mom and that made me happy..even though I misun-derstood you.I knew I couldn’t see you cry..I hate when you cry.It hurts me but I still hurt you anyways .. But I had to make it right when I found out the truth .I remember cussing at myself and wanting to turn back time to st©p myself from hurting you when you alre-ady went throu-gh a lot.I called myself a j£rk, as-s-hole..a bastard and I de served it. I deserved all the hate you had towards me because I messed up but then I made things right and thankfully you forgive me. I’m grateful you did because if you didn’t, I wouldn’t be standing here today, holding your hands and smiling with love and affection, at the woman that’s carrying our baby.

“Never in my life have I ever thought that I would be standing in front of a woman, confessing how much I love her And so, I’ve come to a decision. I want her to stay in my life forever.” He said pausing for a moment.

“And so Camila Davis” he began as he let go of my hands and went on one of his knees and that’s when the realization hit me. My eyes wi-de-ned as I looked down at him as he reached into his pocket and took out a red box..a red ring box. And then suddenly footsteps were heard. I looked past him to see Ethan, Bianca, lan, Mark, Damon’s mom and dad all holding cardboard in their hands that re-ads Camila Davis, will you marry me?

“Will you marry me?”He asked, ma-king me draw my attention back to him opening the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. I [email protected] a hand over my mouth as tears left my eyes while I stared down at the man I loved with all my heart, holding a ring in his hands. I was just left in complete shock and all that could’ve left my mouth was yes.

“Yes, yes, I will!” I cried and he seems to be relieved as he got up from his feet and slid the ring into my f!nger then I k!$$£d him.

Cheers and applause were heard as we k!$$£d each other then pu-ll-ed away and I hvgged him. I thought of this as a dream since i’ve never thought that I would get married. I thought I would live single for the rest of my life but little did I know. I sobbe-d, wiping my tears away as he wra-pped his hands around me. I couldn’t be happier.

“Mom! Dad!” A voice was soon heard and that’s when I saw Ethan dropping the cardboard he had in his hands and ran toward us. I picked him up, hvgging him and placed a k!sson his cheek before placing him on his feet again.

“Yeah! So you guys are finally getting married huh?” He asked and we both nodded our heads while Ethan jumped in joy and I was happy to see him happy.

I smiled, looking around the room. Damon’s parents were chatting with Bianca and Mark while lan stood next to a table filled with food and began to eat. I really couldn’t be any happier and thought that nothing could’ve made me more shock and surprised than the event that happens a few minutes ago or so I thought .. My smile suddenly dropped as I placed a hand over my tummy and Damon noticed right away.

“Are you okay?” He asked and I froze, my eyes wi-de-ned in realization.

“No. I-I think my water just broke,” I said panicking and heard Damon cursed un-der his breath.


The end


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