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Adventure of Johnysky episode 35

Adventure of johnysky episode 35

I walked in angrily into hall-b surprised at myself that I was feeling angry and not scared as one would expect.

My anger was at what exactly, the phone that chose that moment to sl!pout of the pocket or the police just had to come here and take ebuka or the fact that we shouldn’t have gone on that mission in the first place if not for our greed for money.

I brou-ght out my phone and dialed Miss Lola’s number immediately coughing [email protected] to catch my voice again.

“Johnysky first time in history you ever called me” she blared throu-gh the ear piece into my ears chuckling.

“Ebuka just got arrested ” I blew out without mincing words.

“what? ” she skrie-ked from the other end.

“yes the police found his phone where it fell out the night we escaped police arrest” I [email protected]£ again ti-ght£ñing my grip on my phone [email protected] like it was an intruder.

She was silent for sometime, then cleared her throat a bit..

OK sky plea-se don’t panic, it will be sorted out”

I cut the call immediately dropping my phone the first place my hands could get.

Sudden buzz of students jo-lted me out of lost wonderland of worry and thinking, alternatives of how to escape, all both possible and impossible, the thought of flying abroad even occurred to me even when I don’t yet know what an international pas-sport looks like.

The look princess gave me when Ebuka was taken reoccurred into my head again pla-ying out like some dubbe-d video.

I looked out into the compound from the window not too far from my bunk and I could see streams of students flowing out of the general hall nee-dlessly more silent that they usually would be.

No usual chatter

No pla-yful pranks and tags bu-ttered with laughs and cracking sounds of sma-cking hands on skin.

The whole picture seemed bleak and un-colourful to me, students walking in groups chewing over some nameless whispers and laughless questions..

The rest of the day was slow and unbearably stale, whispers followed my back when ever I pas-sed groups of students who wondered about the school freely owing to the fact we would be heading for the Christmas holidays the next day.

“sky ooo” my name rang from what sounded like no where.

Turned weakly and saw Vincent ma-king towards me with a grin fixed on his face and his right hand travelling from his pocket to his mouth.

my face was swollen and eyes were dreamily bleak. Vincent walked up towards me holding that always excited look.

“Chai sky Ebuka don enter police cell” he said tapping my shoulder.

“eheee and CNN probably should report that news abi?” i fired back bluntly cold looking squarely into his face with my facial expression miles away from a smile.

“Bia i just deh tell you we-tin happen na” Vincent replied noticing how the joke seemed to be ru-bbing off wrongly..

“Yes cus i was in Congo not in McGonals when it happened” i hissed and walked on..

“But im be your paddi na, people say you might have idea of what he did. sky pray that tomorrow comes quic-kly so we can get the hell out of this place” he called out behind me.

i turned and looked at vincent one last time, his chubby frame seemed to be getting even chubbier to me, and his [email protected] arms and cheeks made him look more ridiculous that i could throw him a punch if i hadn’t stepped few steps ahead.

i shook my head and went on my way aimlessly around the school exercising the un-lasting freedom of movement.

I haven’t seen Dave since i left the hall neither have i seen Princess even though i met her Hall mates huddled up at the end of the soccer field gisting and giggling uncaring of people that pas-sed.

Saw Dave after dinner just as i finished having my bath and heading towards my bunk to get some rest, my luggage were packed and re-ady for tomorrow.

i wouldn’t stay a minute in this school right after the holiday orientation address.

Dave was visibly shaken to his bones, his eyes grew redder and his face lost its colours.

He walked in without the usual Dave greeting rituals of almost greeting everything in hall and having a football an-alysis quic-kie with his fellow football coaches in the lodge.

“I told you Man-U will loose that match!!!” No he didn’t say that to Chidi who was a die [email protected] Man-U fan.. He just walked up to his bunk and sat at the right side of his unkept be-d facing the left side of my own be-d.

“Sky we are in de-ep trouble” he said looking at me for the first time.

I kept mute not knowing exactly what i could possibly say..

“Ebuka will be slee-ping over the police station tonight showing the case is a bit more serious than the police painted it to the principal” he said again.

“Of course it is, what do you expect when you saw everything that happened that night..” i said with a pitiable sigh.

“Haaaai, am dead” Dave blew out again lifting his hands to his head in total dismay.

“I called Lola” i intoned looking at him.

“Ehee what did she say?” He rented out leaving his bunk immediately to seat beside me on my be-d.

“Nothing. i just told her Ebuka was arrested and she told me it will be sorted out” I said ..

“It will be sorted out and he isn’t back yet?” Dave retorted..

“Guy i honestly do not know” i replied ..

“Sky, we are in trouble..”

The night was even more miserable for me than the day ever was, my imaginations were running wild over the situation we were into.

they could be pressing Ebuka’s hands with a h0t iron now to say the truth, or maybe mixing coke and pepper for him to drink now so as to get him to talk.

I could picture vividly how a professionally trained police man is bringing in two live wires towards him to electrocute him.

I was sure our name would have flown out of his mouth in such dire situations. Sleep was far from me, i could hear Dave hissing throu-gh out the night.

Morning [email protected]£ slower than a snail going to the market and it [email protected]£ with a cold foggy harmattan signature b!owing bone cracking breezes that creaked the trees.

Breakfast was noisy and we headed towards the general Hall for holiday orientation.

Everyone were kitted in their best cloth in the prospect of a last school hour birthing a sure home going any moment.

I walked to the hall with Dave all the while we never said anything or discussed about anything ever since the morning [email protected]£.

The short Vice-Principal walked in again and then to the podium to get on with his address with the school staffs standing right behind him wearing black and white wears.

Miss Anita’s gazes at me from where the staffs stood was met with a cold scared one.

“Finally students the police are back” the last words from the vice principal registered into my mind which he announced few minutes after his speech.

The whole hall erupted into an uproar of tension and confused murmurs.

4 black clad police men stepped into the school Podium and called out loud..

“John Williams and David Umeh plea-se step out!!!”

It has happened, the whole faces were turned towards were i sat with Dave. Dave took a fast look at me, the fear in his eyes were paralleled.

Princess got up from her seat just immediately i and Dave slowly stood up and made one step to start walking towards the police men in the podium.

She walked straight towards me, stood in front of me could see her eyes were filled up like a looming rain re-ady to pour any moment.

After a little more than 20 seconds of looking into my face she walked away towards the back of the hall while i walked towards the podium with dave.

Miss Anita’s face was a mixture of surprised and unhidden scare. Mathematics teacher was grinning at me and i can swear Victor waved a ‘bye bye’ gesture at me also grinning.

Vincent’s eyes were popped and his mouth dropped in an unexpected knee j£rk reaction to an event that he must have alre-ady guessed.

I could feel the numerous pairs of eyes fixed on me, the mournful hisses.

“Mr John and David are both Best friends of Master Ebuka and so both are nee-ded for the investigation currently on going…” the police man who announced our names announced again to the students before leading the way out of the podium while the remaining police men esc-rted I and Dave as we all walked out the door towards their cars packed right in the middle of the football field.

I didn’t know which was more degrading; Having to walk throu-gh the aisle of students looking at me with four police men esc-rting me, having to deal with the maths teacher and Victor’s grin or Vincent’s gleamy eyes i was sure everyb©dy at home will know even before he drops.

or having to seat at the back of white police van on the dirty floor that had a mucky smell.

We got to the station, A one storied complex with numerous windows most of them not large enough to take human head in between.

“oya come down!!!” one of the police men barked at us with hvge hausa accent.

I looked at his face that had no iota of laugh, sweats tricked down his face and the hvge marks on his face showed vividly.

As we stepped into the complex and eerie chill overtook me, random shouts rang out every now and then, sometimes skrie-ky sounds of pain tearing throu-gh my mind like a knife.

We were taken to a room just after the counter, dark and cold with just one white table light. Ebuka was inside the room seating on a chair behind an old table, he got up too certainly surprised to see i and dave there.

“Sky?” he called out towards the door where me and dave just [email protected]£ in throu-gh with the hausa police man behind.

“Dave? what are you guys doing here?” he asked stepping out throu-gh the back of the table taking a couple of steps towards us.

The surprise he wore for seeing us confused me even more.. “we were mentioned as your best friends and so brou-ght here for questioning, we thought you did” i said in a whisper looking at the door to be sure the police man was not hearing us.

“No o i never mentioned you guys or anything concerning best friends” he said getting me more baffled and confused.

“then who must have done that?” Dave ch!pped in

The door creaked open and the gentle police man walked in with two more, a lady and a fierce looking man in army camouflage.

“young men how are you?” he addressed us.

“we are fine sir”

“good, listen if the three of you cooperate with us in this Investigation, i will make it doesn’t fall [email protected] on you young boys” he said in his usual calm voice.

We just mopped on at him not saying anything or wondered if we really knew anything we could say.

Just then the door opened again and a man wearing an old looking brown coat with matching cowboy cap stepped in ..

Went straight to the police man addressing us and whispered to him some inaudible words.

“lets go to my office sir” the police man replied as they both walked out and the man eyed us before stepping throu-gh the door too.

“that’s skull” ebuka whispered entertaining a smile.

In about an hour later skull walked back into the room with a different police man with large pot belly and the gentle police man was behind them, the trio were laughing and ma-king jokes as we watched on trying to figure out what exactly was funny.

“Young man next time don’t ever give your cousin your phone because they might get robbe-d” the fat police man addressed Ebuka..

Which cousin? who robbe-d who? i queried in my mind confused at where such stories just [email protected]£ out from..

“You three can now go and be careful next time not to give people your phones, i will call your principal and tell him” he blew out pointing at us.

“Come my boys lets go” Skull said opening his hands. we walked to him as he led us out of the station with a large grin on his face.

“Did they beat you?” I whispered to Ebuka as we walked throu-gh the compound.

“No they said i was still a minor so they could not use torture to get me to talk” he whispered back..

“This car will take you three back to school and get your stuffs and then take you boys back to your various houses” Skull said opening the door of an Infiniti jeep while pointing at a toyota highlander to us.

“thank you sir” Ebuka said.

“You boys did well, especially you ” he said pointing at ebuka “you will hear from me” he smiled and jumped into the owners side of the car shut the door and it roared to a start heading out almost immediately.

we entered the highlander jeep and the driver made for McGonals in a whim.

The school surprisingly still had many students most bearing their luggage, we were met with a surprise look on their faces, many were alre-ady walking towards us with impending questions re-ady to rain.

the vice principal walked towards us smiling with an air of pride in his aura.

“The school was called that it was a misun-derstanding and there was nothing linking you guys to the whole saga..” he said to us.

“yes sir” Ebuka replied, his usual relaxed self almost fully back
“The school is glad for that, Merry Christmas boys, be safe” he shook our hands and walked on.

Princess [email protected]£ towards me, her eyes were red and swollen and her face still was gloomy..

“Welcome sky, have a nice holiday” she said and walked away without looking back heading towards the lexus jeep that was waiting for her.

Few boys were still inside hall B when we entered finalizing their packing, we helped Ebuka with his and rearranged.

The hall supervisors handed us envelopes of our report sheets.

I sat on my be-d thinking about everything that happened within this eventful term, the brown envelopes holding the report sheet in my left while the handle of my luggage was on my right.

who told the police of i and Dave’s involvement with Ebuka remains a mystery.

my fate with princess

Miss Anita

and Diamond.

And Vincent had alre-ady gone back to our yard, everyb©dy must have heard about the police taking me..

I got up, looked around the hall smiled and sighed [email protected] looking on with a dreamy unsure eyes.

“Let me go face What Vincent must have told everyb©dy back at home” i muttered to myself as i walked out of the hall with Ebuka and dave..

We are going home…

the truth, lies, plots and twist of the events will unfold, betrayal and heartbreaks… Find out if it turns out well for our hero Johnysky as he goes throu-gh the journey of life lost de-ep in mistakes and bad choices.



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