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? b©yfri£nd?


2 weeks later……

Drex was in the restaurant serving the customers

After doing so, he packed some foods and clothes for Daisy since she has been staying with Dan in the hospital for days now

He walked outside the restaurant when he bu-mped into Anna

“Ugh? Hi” he said,avoiding eye contact with her and staring at the ground
“Where are you going to? I [email protected]£ to eat before going to visit Daisy and Dan at the hospital” Anna said

“You should go inside, I have to visit big sis, she must be so London right now, I should get her some food” Drex said and turned to go but Anna st©pped him

“Let’s go together” she said

“Why should we go together? You are not even my girlfriend” Drex said and Anna scoffed
“Drex…are you upset? Because I rejected you? St©p being like this, you are only ma-king things awkward between us” Anna said

Before drex could say another word, Mrs Luna ran in between

“Oh my goodness…. Who is this pretty lady?” She asked and Anna smiled

“Hi” Anna greeted
“My goodness, her voice is so sweet, are you my son’s girlfriend? ” she asked and Anna nod

“Yeah, I’m his girlfriend” she said and Drex looked at her with shock

“Wow, I can’t believe Drex got himself a beautiful lady, come inside , let me serve you some of my best soup” Mrs Luna squealed like a baby pig and ran inside

Anna turned to go inside when Drex held her wrist

“what was that just now? Did you just say you are my girlfriend?” He asked and Anna smiled

“Of course, I’m your girlfriend ain’t I?” She said and drex’s eyes lightened up

“Then that means…” His voice trailed away and Anna held his hand
“Let’s [email protected]£, drex, I’m not [email protected]!ngyou out of pity, I’m [email protected]!ngyou because I like you” she said and drex smiled

He didn’t even know what to say
He was damn happy
Anna smiled and he smiled back at her

The smiling went on like forever , then they both walked inside the restaurant holding each other’s hand


Daisy sat beside Dan in the hospital

She held her hand and looked at him
He was having some drips and oxygen

“You are going to wake up, right?” She thought to herself

The door opened and Dylan entered
“Daisy” he called and moved closer

“Dylan? It been a while” she said and Dylan nod

“I know right? How is Dan doing?” He asked but Daisy didn’t reply
Dylan, getting the message, changed the t©pic

“I heard you got pregnant” he said and looked at her stomach
“You don’t look like someone who is pregnant” he added and Daisy scoffed

“Then how do I look?” She whined and Dylan scoffed
“You look pretty” Dylan replied and they both looked at each other for a while

“I’m sorry” Anna said and Dylan smiled

“Why are you sorry?”

“I…….” She didn’t complete her statement when Dylan interrupted

“Its okay, I got over you, and guess what? I got myself a new girlfriend” he said and showed Daisy the picture of his new girlfriend

“Wow…she’s pretty” Daisy said and Dylan blu-shed

“Anyway, I’m moving out of the country today, I [email protected]£ to tell you that” he said and Daisy nod

“Okay…Take care” Daisy smiled and Dylan turned to leave

“Dylan” Daisy called and he st©pped and turned back to her

“Stay well” she said

Dylan smiled and nod before walking out

Daisy sat back, using a towel to wipe Dan’s face
Tears gathered in her eyes as she recalled the time she spent with Dan
She recalled the first day she saw him
She recalled how they both peeled onions
She recalled how the fought
She recalled their first k!ss

She couldn’t hold back her tears
She suddenly bur-st into tears and held his hand

“Dan….I miss you a lot” she said

Dan’s hand suddenly started moving
At first Daisy didn’t notice but when it moved again, she got shocked

“Dan?” She called
This time, his eyebrows and legs started moving
“Dan, are you okay?” Daisy said and ran out to call the doctor


Mr and Mrs Dalton ran inside the ward
They heard the news that Dan had woken up

They entered and saw him eating with Daisy beside him, feeding him

“Dan” Mrs Dalton called and ran to hvg him
“Mom” he also called and hvgged her back

“Are you okay? You went into Coma for Two weeks” Mr Dalton said and Dan nod

“yes Dad, I’m perfectly okay” he said and Mr Dalton clenched his fist

“That son of a bit-ch Jackson, I’m gonna make him rot in jail” Mr Dalton said and Dan looked at him

“No dad, you can’t do that, its all my fault, let Jackson out of the jail plea-se” Dan pleaded
“No, I can’t do that, Jackson almost killed you, because of him you went into coma for weeks, don’t you get it” Mr Dalton yelled at him

“But dad….”

“Enough Dan, Don’t tell me what to do” Mr Dalton said and walked out
Dan turned to his mom and pleaded

“Mom plea-se, can you talk to Dad, its all my fault, I can’t let Jackson rot in jail, he is my brother” He said and Mrs Dalton smiled

“Its okay, I’m going to talk to your Dad” Mrs Dalton said and hvgged him again


After so much pleading, Mr Dalton ordered for Jackson’s re-lease
He went back home after being re-leased and started packing his loads when Mario entered

“Mario… I…” He didn’t complete his statement when Mario ran to hvg him

“I miss you Jackson” she said and Jackson smiled

“You miss me? I’m a bad person, you should be cursing me out right now, I tried to kill your Dear Dan,but you are hvgging me right now” He said

“You had a reason for doing it” Mario said and dis£ngage the hvg

“But, why are you packing? Where are you going?” She asked

“I’m going back home, I don’t belong here anyway” he said

The door opened and Dan entered

“Don’t leave” he said and moved closer

“If you go, I will be alone in this house and its gonna be boring” Dan said

“Dan…..I’m sorry” Jackson said, staring at the ground
“St©p apologizing, you are ma-king me feel weird” Dan smiled

“Why didn’t you tell me you paid for Diane’s surgery, you made me hate you for no reason” jackson said

“You never gave me the chance to explain myself” Dan said

“I’m sorry” Jackson said and Dan smiled
“You are Still my brother” Dan said and this made Jackson smiled

He looked really cute when he smiled
This caught Mario’s attention and she fell for him

Dan and Daisy both la-id on the be-d in Dan’s room
Daisy placed her head on Dan’s che-st and Dan ca-ressed her hair

“Are you okay?” Dan asked and Daisy nod

“Yeah, why are you asking though?” She asked

“I know it isn’t easy to be pregnant, it must hurt a lot” Dan said
“I’m okay” she said and placed her hand on her stomach

“I think the baby just kicked” she said and Dan smiled

“He must be happy to hear the voice of his father” Dan tea-sed and Daisy scoffed

“His? I think the baby is a girl” Daisy said and Dan scoffed

“Are you kidding me ” he said and stood up

He walked to his table and brou-ght a small box from the drawer

“What’s that?” Daisy asked and sat up

Dan knelt before her and opened the box

Inside was a small diamond ring
“Daisy, would you marry me?” He asked and Daisy [email protected]

“Dan……you…..” She opened her mouth but no word [email protected]£ out

“I believe all you have to say now is ‘yes Dan, I will marry you’” Dan smiled and Daisy hvgged him excitedly

“Yes Dan, I will marry you” she said and Dan hvgged her ti-ghtly

Thanks for re-ading guy l
ove y’all ??


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