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as-sas-sin’s love finale

? as-sas-sIN’S
©️Quami Quason

Chapter 17(Final)

It was one of his own guns. He’d left it intentionally here so that she would get something to defend herself in case there was an attack.

“I can’t believe I’ve been living with a murderer all this time. The same person who killed my father and so many other innocent people for his own selfish gains.” She was looking at him as if she couldn’t recognise him.

Her finding out about his identity had done exactly what he’d feared it would do.

Mikhail could only stare back at her in shock. “What are you talking about? I didn’t kill your father.”

“But you killed the others?” Her free hand flew to her mouth, her eyes turning teary like he’d just confessed to his crimes.

Except he hadn’t. Someone had painted him completely black in her eyes

Her hold on the gun loos£ned while she shook her head vigorously. “I hoped it was a lie. I prayed the person who told me had only been deceived. I can’t believe that I’ve fallen in love with you like some idiot and all you’ve been thinking about is my inheritance. That is why you killed Miguel Valdez.”

Who’d fed her all these lies? If the person was in front of him, he would snap their n£¢k without bu-tting an eye.

He couldn’t stand the judgement in her eyes. It felt like a knife stabbing right into his soul.

He stared at her, knowing the only ars£nal he had now was his words. To convince her of his drives, his intentions.

“I was only ten years old when my parents were tortured and murdered without mercy right before my eyes.” He chuckled. “If that is not the perfect recipe for revenge, then I don’t know what else is. I grew up knowing what I wanted to be. After high school, I went to be trained as an as-sas-sin. The first thing I did was kill the four people who’d murdered my parents personally, and I’ve just returned from killing the bastard who s£nt them. After killing those four men, I realized that there were so many more like them in this town. People who kill without feelings. I wanted to get rid of those bad guys, to make this town a safer place.”

Montse continued shaking her head like she believed he was lying, her gun still pointed at him.

He continued. “Yes, I declare guilty. I declare guilty of killing hundreds of men, but none of them was innocent. All cold blooded murderers.”

He took tentative steps towards her, wanting to take the gun before she didn’t something she would regret.

“But I also declare guilty of some other things. I declare guilty of wanting to change for you. Wanting to be a better person. I declare guilty of being so infected by the light inside you that I want nothing than to be [email protected] of you. I declare guilty of falling in love with you, Montserrat.”

“St©p. . . st©p. Don’t say anything more.”

Tears were pouring down her cheeks now, but the look in her eyes hadn’t changed. She still thought he was a monster.

Who’d destroyed him in her yes so much? He got his answer a second later.

“Don’t listen to him, Montserrat. He is lying.” Rita Valdez stepped out from Montserrat’s room.

Logic cli-cked right into place. Of course it was Rita Valdez who’d fed so many lies about him. And she was here to stro-ke the fire of deception she’d kindled.

“He killed my husband. He killed your father because he knew he’d left all his properties to you. He’s a murderer.”

Looking at Montse’s face and seeing that she had believed every one of Rita’s lies, Mikhail felt lava h0t rage flow throu-gh his veins. He charged at Rita, [email protected]£d her by the n£¢k and crashed her into the wall.

“How dare you?” his whole b©dy was trembling with anger as he wra-pped his hands around her n£¢k in a strangling hold, blocking her wind pipe. “Why didn’t you tell her that you s£nt me to kill her but I refused to do it after realizing that she didn’t kill your husband like you told me she had?”

“Let. . . Let me. . . go, you liar. You’re. . . choking me.” Rita held his wrists, fruitlessly trying to shove his hand away.

He continued to press against her wind pipe. Veins were popping clear on her face and she was turning pale. A few seconds more and she would die of suffocation.

A gunsh0t resounded thun-derously at the same time something sharp pene-trated Mikhail’s back. The pain of the bullet was incredible, but still he held on to Rita’s n£¢k until another gunsh0t accompanied another piercing pain in his back.

Montserrat had sh0t him twice.

Letting go of Rita’s n£¢k, he stumbled away from her. While she coughed, he slowly turned to face Montse.

She covered her mouth as if in shock of what she’d just done. He smiled at her because he knew it wasn’t her fault.

To her, he was a monster who was on the verge of killing a woman, the same woman who’d painted him black in her eyes. Pain tore throu-gh him, s£nding him to his knees before he fell on the floor.

“No!” Montserrat screamed, immediately throwing her gun away. She ran to his side and held his head by her hand

“Oh my God, what have i done. What have I done? Mikhail! plea-se, forgive me. I’m so sorry. Rita, what are you waiting for? plea-se call the ambulance!”

“And why in hell will I do that?” Rita’s words were accompanied by her laughter. Pure evil laughter.

She was behind Montse. They looked to find her holding her gun and pointing it to her head. Montse seemed too stunned to utter a word.

Rita began to circle them slowly, her walk triumphant, smile victorious. “You were right Montse. You really are naive and stupid. Sure he really is a murderer but some ph0toshopped pictures? I can’t believe how easy it was to get you to kill the one person that was standing in the way of my getting back what rightfully belongs to me. I’d thought that Mateo killing his father would go to a complete waste. Now all I have to do is shoot, and everything will be mine. When Mateo returns from his trip, he’ll realize that we’re rich ones again.”

If only she knew that her son wasn’t on a trip and didn’t want to be disturbe-d like the letter he’d had Vasquez deliver to her said.

“You’re despicable.” Montse spat at her disgustedly. “Mateo killed Miguel Valdez?”

Rita chuckled mirthlessly. “Who cares about what you think about me you stupid girl?” She st©pped behind Montse again and aimed her gun behind her head. “Now if you two lovebirds have anything else to say, you better do it now.”

Montse looked down at him, eyes bright with an emotion that made the pain a bit bearable.

“I love you.” She whispered.

If he wasn’t hurting so much, Mikhail could’ve screamed. The words he’d dreamt of so many times falling from herl-ips.

Especially when she leaned down to seal it with a k!sslike it was a promise.

“Okay, enough sappiness. Goodbye Montserrat. It was a plea-sure knowing you. Not.” She said, re-ady to pu-ll the trigger.

She didn’t know that while she’d been gloating, Mikhail had slowly and painfully sli-pped his hand un-der his jacket and brou-ght out the gun he’d tucked behind his belt.

He was quic-k to pu-ll it out, and before she could shoot Montserrat, he pu-ll-ed the trigger over and over again, unloading every bullet inside the pistol into her che-st.

A wave of weakness washed throu-gh him, and his hand fell at the same time Rita landed on the ground with a loud thud, dying instantly.

Montse watched her bloodied b©dy fall with a look of shock and pity, but when she turned her eyes to him, they were pleading, begging.

She stro-ked his face gently, tears rolling down her cheeks. “plea-se. . . plea-se stay. plea-se don’t die Mikhail. I’m so sorry. You want to spend the rest of your life with me right? I want the same thing! Let me call the ambulance.”

“No, don’t!” He protested weakly and managed to grip her hand to prevent her from executing the move.

“What are you saying? Mikhail you’re bleeding. If we don’t go to the hospital?”

He ignored her. “I. . . I nee-d you. . . to make me a promise, princess.”

She shook her head vigorously, and more tears poured from her eyes. “No, don’t start speaking like that. Nothing is going to happen to you.”

“Promise me you’ll be happy. Promise me. . . you won’t get yourself arrested. Do. . . what. . . whatever it takes to save your self. You can burn my b©dy and Rita’s or bury us. Do whatever it takes…”

“No! I wouldn’t have to burn your b©dy because you are not going anywhere.” She spoke with a defiant look on her face. A defiant look he would’ve found adorable if this wasn’t so serious.

“Just promise me. Promise me you’ll live your life and be happy without me. I’ve. . . willed all my properties in your name.”

“I can’t. I’ll be happy only when you’re with me. plea-se don’t go.”

“Promise me, Montse. Dammit, promise me. plea-se, princess.” He pleaded.

“Okay, fine. I promise. I promise. But plea-se don’t go. You’re the strongest man I’ve ever met. You can fight this.”

“Thank you.”

Raising his hand, he covered her cheek and stro-ked gently. Her hands covered his instantly and she nudged her face dee-per into his palm.

There was nothing he would like more than to live and spend the rest of his life with this woman. To love her. To be with her. But he was feeling too weak. This could be his last time seeing her.

“I love you.” He whispered just as the world around him began to fade.

The End!

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