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as-sas-sin’s love episode 16

? as-sas-sIN’S
©️Quami Quason

Chapter 16(Semi Final)



Mikhail walked down the long road silently, caught in a daze of expectation. He’d trekked a one kilometer distance after having left his car by the road, a silly choice, but he wanted to try to be able to walk down the streets without as-sessing certain nuances about people with a lens of scrutiny.

He walked by a couple, the woman laughing as the man tickled her ribs, face buried in her n£¢k.

Would he and Montse be just like that? He hoped so, because God help him when it [email protected]£ to [email protected]ç£. He still had so much to learn.

The thought made him smile, the first genuine soul-felt smile he’d had in sixteen years that wasn’t provoked by something Montse had said or done.

The excitement seemed to be thrumming inside his veins in waves. He was going to start a new life, a new life with Montse, the woman he’d fallen in love with.

He pas-sed by a brutal fight between two men. Spectators stood around watching, but no one made an effort to separate the men, both of whom were bleeding in the nose and other [email protected] of their faces.

He watched with a s-en-se of detachment till they disappeared from his sight as he finally took the route that led back to his car. He started the journey home.

When he got into the woods, his heart was feeling like it would just bur-st out of his che-st. He’d been away for more than a month. How was Montse doing?

Was she missing him, praying he would be home soon? He sure hoped so. He’d missed her like crazy.

He parked the car as close to her cabin as the woods would allow. Her lights were on, and he could see a faint glow of flames probably coming from the fireplace.

Meaning she was awake. Probably watching TV. The girl just loved watching ro-mantic movies.

Taking a de-ep breath, he got out of his car and headed towards the porch. gr-abbing the doorknob, he rotated it, a liitle annoyed to find the door unlocked.

What if it’d been someone else wanting to harm her?

She was standing by the window, and he wondered why. She probably didn’t hear him come in because she didn’t turn, which he didn’t mind. That would give him the chance to execute his plans.

Reaching into his pocket, he pu-ll-ed out the box inside which the ring he hoped she would accept rested. He opened it and got down on one knee. He opened his mouth to speak and it felt like he’d lost all memory of the alphabets.

Damn, he should’ve probably rehearsed the words to speak before heading home. Taking a de-ep breath, he finally let words out of his mouth unfiltered.

“For sixteen years, my life was devoid of any kind of fun. I loved solitude, being alone, and all that time I thought it was okay. Then you [email protected]£ along and made me realize just how not okay it was. That I nee-d someone in my life. That I nee-ded you in my life.”

He paused, wondering why she hadn’t even turned to face him. He continued anyways.

“Suddenly all I knew was that I couldn’t stand the thought of being away from you. That I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. That I’ve fallen so head over heels in love with you that my n£¢k might as well break from the impact. And that’s why I want to ask you now. My princess, will you be mine? Will you make me the happiest man on earth by agreeing to be my wife?”

He waited, then waited. Then waited. She still wasn’t saying anything. He knew he was scre-wed. She was going to reject him.

When she finally spoke, he expected her to say no. He expected her to explain why she couldn’t marry him. However, her words caught him completely off guard.

”Did it make you feel good?”

He grimaced, wondering why she’d spoken so indifferently without even turning from the window. And what was she talking about?

Was she upset about his leaving without even personally saying goodbye or explaining his reasons?

“Look, Montse, I’m so sorry. I know I’m an idoit for leaving without any explanation, but I promise you that what I had to do was… ”

It wasn’t the fact that she cut him off in that moment that shocked him. It was the words she spoke next.

“Did you enjoy taking the life of so many people?”

It hit him like a su-cker punch to the stomach. She knew. Holy fv¢k, She knew. How?

His heart somersaulted inside his ribcage. This was the last thing he’d expected while coming home. It took him about a minute for the shock to dissipate enough for him to decide to do something.

He got to his feet, wanting to approach her. To see how best he could alleviate the gravity of the situation.

Before he could even take a step forward, she spun around.

In a hand was a Glock pistol which she pointed at him.

What the fv¢k?


Una say wahala be like?

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