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Alexandra season 2 finale

(Happily ever after)



5 years later
I walked throu-gh the long hallway of the h0tel looking for Andra, she has been too busy ever since she started the wedding preparation, although she has a wedding planner but Andra will always want to take care of everything.

This past five years have been nothing but wonderful, drama free and eventful, Andra and I just graduated from school 4 months ago, Andra studied law cause after the drama with the ancient king, she decided to be a fighter of justice, well I decided to study business instead my initial plan to go for law, what can I say, my life changed and everything in it changed too, I’m into business so I nee-ded to study it. And damn it wasn’t easy for us, taking care of Dee, the company and studying but we pu-ll-ed throu-gh like we always do.

I decided not to worry us with marriage this past years, I had wanted us to be throu-gh with school first and and wait for Dee to grow a little, well my girl is all grown now, so last month I summoned up courage and proposed, trust me it was not easy, I was literally trembling when I kneeled before that girl, but thank God we were on the same page and she accepted, God I love that girl.

Well tomorrow is the wedding and my family got into the city yesterday, I cleared half of the h0tel for them and for some of my guests. they’ve been working since morning which got me thinking ‘what are they actually doing, I paid that wedding planner a fortune and yet my family doesn’t even have time for themselves.

“Daddy” I heard my Dee’s tiny sweet melodeous voice, I smiled and turned to the west wing where her voice [email protected]£ from. She was running down to me like a sports car. She jumped on me and I twirled her in the air.

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“My little pumpkin” I k!$$£d her cheeks 5 times and she giggled. “Where have you been mmmh” I asked her, she flashed her million dollars smile, just like her mother.

“I went to see greatgrandpa Alfred” she replied.

“All by yourself?” I asked in fake surprise, she nodded and giggled.

“So where are you going now?”

“I’m looking for grandma” she replied.

“Which of them?”

“Mummy’s grandma” she replied and I laughed.

“No dear. It’s mummy’s mum OK?” I corrected her and she nodded.

“There you are, I’ve been looking for you penelope” i heard Andra’s mum voice, I looked up and saw her walking down to us.

“Hey mum” I greeted.

“What’s up” she patted my back. “Come on Penelope, let’s go have a bath” she carried Dee from my arms.”

I haven’t figured out the reason why you call her penelope” I muttered.

“Because I want to” she replied.

“You are funny, by the way have you seen Andra?” I asked her.

“She’s outside, by the beach side, they are setting up the venue” she answered.

“You left her there?” I asked her.

“I tried telling her that she nee-ds to rest but she said she wanna make sure that nothing goes wrong, I never knew that she’s that stubborn” she replied and I laughed as she and Dee walked out.

I turned my direction to the hallway that leads to the beach. A door opened behind me, I turned and saw her standing elegantly with a dashing smile on her face, she was wearing a transparent white beach go-wn and a white bikini inside. No wonder why she made it to modeling, it suits her.

“Hey Alex” she called out.

“Hey Disney” I answered.

She walked closer to me and gave me a bear hvg. I wriggled away from her.

“Relax, I’m not gonna bite you, also I’m over you, whatever I did back then was just teenage sh*t, stupid teenage horm*nes, and I’m sorry if I was rude…”

“If?” I interrupted her.

“Lol, OK, I’m sorry” she blinked at me.

“It’s OK Disney, by the way, you look amazing”

“Be careful before you say something forbidden to me” she chuckled out.

“Don’t flatter yourself” I urged and we giggled, her phone rang but she ignored it.

“So, you are going to the beach?” I asked her.

“Yea, just for a swim” she replied, her phone rang again.

“Won’t you answer that?” I asked her.

“It’s work, I’m supposed to do a ph0toshoot at the beach very early in the morning, but I canceled it, so my manager wants to know why” she answered.

“Didn’t you tell them you are not here on a vacation?”

“I did, but when your manager is a woman, be re-ady to get frustrated” she breathed out. The phone rang again and she gro-an ed and I laugh.

“Lol, life of a celebrity is so not as easy as it looks” she complained.

“You signed for it”

“Yea, plea-se excuse me, let me just know what she wants” she said as she tapped the phone.

“No problem, I just wanna go check on my wife” I replied.

“OK, tell her I’ll see her at dinner” she screamed out as she ran out the door that led to the beach, she went left, I got out as well and went right where Andra is supposed to be.


I gro-an ed and stood up when I heard a knock on my door, I staggered to the bathroom to wash my face, gush my brothers are just j£rks, they made me drink a lot at dinner last night, annoying people. I switched the tap on and washed my face, I cleaned it with a white face towel hung on the bathroom hanger.

I walked back to the room and the person was still knocking. I opened the door and got an ear deafening ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ from Andra and her sisters and Disney, Andra was holding a cake in her hand.

“Happy birthday soon to be hubby” she said and k!$$£d me, the happiness I felt was as if fire works were exploading in my head, it was beautiful.

I hvgged her but made sure not to ruin the cake.

“Make a wish bestie” she urged me.

“What more can I wish for if not a happy life ahead of us” I replied quietly and blew off the light on the candles on the cake.

She used her hand [email protected]£d a small piece and gave me to eat. I ate it and she cleaned my mouth but ended up designing my face with the cake on her hand.

“Oops” she giggled and k!$$£d me.

“I love You Andi” I blurred out.

“I love you too baby” she replied.

“Awwwwww” the girls cooed and we laughed.

“Incomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnng” I heard my brothers screaming. God not this j£rks again.

I turned to them and saw them holding a bottle of wine each, they shook the bottle vehemently and I didn’t nee-d to be told what would come next, before I could say no to them, they uncorked the wine and splashed the whole content on me as they screamed in excitement, I hate this boys. They all laughed and [email protected] as they enjoyed my screaming. I hate them but I love them.

When it was over, they hvgged me and the girls joined us.

“We love you bro” Jeremy said.

“And congratulations” Jake added.

“plea-se never call us to witness any divorce, I’ll be too busy for that” Aiden stated and we all laughed.

“That will never happen” Disney @ssured.

“It better not, cause I’ll kill you” Lola warned Me.

“What are they still doing here?” We turned and saw my mum and Andra’s mum walking to us.

“We [email protected]£ to wish Alex a happy birthday” Lola defended.

“OK, so is today only for birthday?” My mum asked and we shook our heads.

“By the way happy birthday baby” she added and k!$$£d my forehead, Andra’s mum did the same.

“Alright, everyone should go and get re-ady, wedding is by 9” Andra’s mum instructed.

“Yes ma’am” we echoed and scattered about our different rooms.

I heard another knock immediately I got out of the bathroom, I put on a robe and opened the door, my designer walked in with his team.

“OK, we just have 20 minutes to get you re-ady and that’s not enough so let’s try and be fast.” He complained as he unfolded a back chair he was carrying.

“Isn’t it just to put on a suit, it won’t take up to 5 minutes” I said.

“Dude shut up and sit down” he fired and pu-ll-ed me down to the chair. One of his team gave him a box, he opened it and I saw all kinds of male makeup materials, he first picked a clear face spray and sprayed it on my face, OK this might take a while.

“I Alexander Hathaway take thee Alexandra Edward to be my lawfuly wedded wife, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for better for worst till death do us [email protected]” I vowed to Andra as instructed by the priest.

He turned to my gorgeously looking beauty queen and made her vow to me as well, staring at her in her silver wedding go-wn just bring things to my head and turn my world to plea-sure land,her beauty radiates like an early morning sun, in fact I don’t think I can describe it. I just can’t explain how happy I am that she accepted to be mine.

The priest brou-ght me back to reality by handing me our wedding ring.

“Pick hers” he instructed and I did.

“With this ring, I wed thee Andra, I promise to groom thee like christ grooms the church, I promise to love you for the rest of my life” I stated as the priest instructed and then I sli-pped the ring on her f!nger, she did the same to me.

“I pronounce you husband and wife, You may now k!ssyour bride” he finally got to that [email protected] I’ve been waiting for.

I ca-ressed her cheek and pu-ll-ed her in gently as I k!$$£d her tenderl-ips.

“I love you” I whispered to her.

“I love you too” she whispered back.

I felt tiny f!ngerswra-p around our legs, I looked down and saw Dee staring up at us with gorgeous smile, we smiled back at her, I lifted her up and carried her.

I held my ‘wife’ as i thought about how ‘thing’s are gonna go down’ tonight as we walked out of the alter with everyone [email protected] behind us.

I will forever love this my two girls as long as I live, I k!$$£d Andra’s cheek, Dee gestured for me to do the same to her, Andra and I laughed out hearts out.
This is the beginning of happiness.



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