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My shining star episode 29 & 30


(Crazy Love From A Crazy Girl)




” Um…Hi” Goldwyn said, awkwardly to Xavier who was backing her

He turned to her and Goldwyn felt her heart race as the air blew his hair ma-king him so h0t

” I…I…I just want to tell you that I am in love with you” She said but he had a blank expression on

” I know you must be thinking how,, but I had actually been in love with you ever since you’ve been my brother’s friend” She said but kinda got disappointed as she couldn’t pinpoint how he felt as his expression was blank

” You know what it’s fine,, I can just wipe the feeling away” She said and made to leave but he held her back and pu-ll-ed her to him

Before she could blink twice,, he pu-ll-ed her into a de-ep k!ss, she was shocked at first but later reciprocated

She’s been waiting for this for long,, now it’s happening

She clung to him, pu-lling him so closer as the k!sswent dee-per

Xavier broke the k!ssand stared at her,, emotions flowing all over him

” I love you…I really do ”

” Really??” Gold asked and he nodded and she pu-ll-ed him into a hvg

” I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time,, plea-se don’t leave me”

” I promise” He said as he k!$$£d her hair





” Now, we’re all completed” Anna said as they all sat in circles

” Well, I and Chris are together now and Xavier and Gold are now together….we’re now whole” Anna said and Claire turned to Gold

” Really??”

” Yeah”

” That’s great” Claire said, smiling

” Cheers to our forever and long lasting relationsh!p”

” Cheers” They all cheered with smiles

” I love you” Naomi said as she rested on Kings che-st

” I love you too” He replied and he k!$$£d her forehead






” It seems we are all sharing rooms with our b©yfri£nd” Gold said as they finally realize there were 4 rooms at the mansion, near the island

” Yeah,, it’s really going to be a long NIGHTT” Anna said,, stressing the * Night* and they all stared at her, confusingly

” What’d you mean?” Claire asked and Anna drew her to a corner

” Look at Clair over there” Anna said and Claire turned to the direction she gestured to and it seems Clair was lost staring at her

She win-ked at him and he smiled before looking away

” So, what’d you mean?” Claire asked and Anna turned to her

” Look at the look on his face,, he’s overwhelmed with your b©dy,, I mean you look very h0t in this bikini” Anna said, pointing at her dress

They all went for a swim and they haven’t taken off their bikini

” Your crazy curves are revea-ling, tonight’s going to be long,, I don’t e he can wait anymore.. Hi Ishmael on+23354 to be added to Story headquarters room for more stories room. just don’t break the walls with your [email protected] s” Anna said with a wi-nk before walking away

Claire find herself smiling as she thinks about how it’s really going to feel when it finally happens

She waved the thought away before walking back to the girls




. 2 weeks later

Claire is currently in Clair’s pri-vate mansion, she’s planning on spending the night with him

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Claire was about removing her clothes when she felt a hand t©uçh her and she felt shivers run down her spine,, she knew it was no one other than her berry

” Clair” She called, slowly

” I want you now” He whispered in her ear and she felt her s-en-sitive [email protected] twingling
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” Are you re-ady?” He whispered and she nodded, immediately

He [email protected]£d her and dropped her on the be-d and he [email protected]£ on too of her slowly

He placed hisl-ips on her and she reciprocated immediately, their ton-gue battling each other

They kept su-cking on each other’sl-ips like their lives depended on it, no one willing to go

Clair broke the k!ssand moved his ton-gue to her n£¢k and su-cked on it and she [email protected] ed endlessly, feeling out if the world

His hands moved round her b©dy and she [email protected] ed endlessly as his t©uçh kept doing his magic

He placed hisl-ips back on hers and they kept su-cking on each other’sl-ips,, his hands moved to her back and he unZi-pped her bikini before removing it from her b©dy, leaving her in her [email protected] and [email protected]

Clair’s hand moved to b00bs and he un-hooked her [email protected] and her b00bs pooped out

His hands moved round her soft and round b00bs and she [email protected] ed in plea-sure

Claire re-leased a loud [email protected] as she felt his ton-gue on her tits

She [email protected] ed endlessly as his younger kept pla-ying with her tits and su-cking them so fast

She felt out of the word as he kept su-cking on her b00bs

His hands traced down her v area and he gently slid off her [email protected], still su-cking on her b00bs

He let go of her b00bs and he looked up at her and she suddenly felt shy and she looked away

He pu-ll-ed her face back to her

” I love you” He said

” I love you too” She replied and she re-leased a soft [email protected] as he slid into her

He had re-moved his trou-sers alre-ady

He moved his full length into her and she re-leased a loud [email protected]

He balanced himself into her before he started thrû-sting in slowly

” Oh…my … Gosh…” She [email protected]

Clair had to obstruct herl-ips with a de-ep k!sswhile he kept thrû-sting slowly

Her whole b©dy shivered at what just [email protected]£ in her

She’s still so ti-ght, so he thrû-sted gently at first, su-cking herl-ips so wi-dely

She couldn’t control her [email protected] as she maoned loudly,, fortunately.. the room is soundproof,, it doesn’t really matter since they’re alone in the mansion

He increased the pace after a while and he held on to the sheet ti-ghtly,, it’s so painful

” Clair… plea-se reduce the pace …… it’s painful” She said, slowly

He obeyed and reduced his pace

” Sorry,, pie” He muttered, [email protected]£ss!ngher cheeks and she nodded

He k!$$£d herl-ips de-eply,, r0ûghly su-cking on herl-ips and she [email protected] ed loudly

She ca-ressed his ba-re che-st as he continued his moves

And that encouraged him more as he started thrû-sting dee-per and fas-ter

” Oh my…..Berry” She said, breathing heavily

Clair pu-ll-ed her more closer to her and positioned her legs on her [email protected]!st and went in with full f0rç£ and she re-leased a loud [email protected]

” I love you” He said, as he thrû-sted in fastly and r0ûghly

” Berry….plea-se” She said, almost in tears,, she was really in pain

He made some few moves before pu-lling out of her and he layed beside her

” Am sorry” He said, and k!sses her hair

” It’s ok…..I love you” She said and k!$$£d hisl-ips, lightly and Clair covered them both with the duvet

They sle-pt in each other’s arm


(Crazy Love From A Crazy Girl)

High School [email protected]ç£



****Next Morning****

They woke and took their baths, feeling different

The stained sheets were disposed off

” I love you” Clair said, staring at Claire as they had breakfast and she chuckled

” You’ve saying that ever since we woke up”

” Yeah….Thanks for giving me your pride” Clsi said and she smiled

” Well..thanks for being MY SHINNING STAR,, and thanks for ma-king me feel something I’ve never felt before” She said and he smiled

” I love you” He said, seriously staring de-ep into her eyes

” I love you too” She replied as they continued eating


” So,, tell us about it” Gold asked Claire

” What?” She asked

” Ofcourse, we know you two did it” Anna said, referring to Clair and she blu-shed greatly

” It was nothing” She said, looking away

” Just tell us” Naomi said

” Well,, it was great…the feeling was out of the world,,, but I still feel some slight pain” She said

” Same here” Naomi blurted out, unknowingly and they turned to her

” Oh my!!,, You two did it?” Gold asked and she nodded, shyly

” Awwn….I feel left out” Gold said and they bur-st into laughter

” Yours is going to be really bad, cos Xavier……I’m sure you won’t be able to walk for days” Anna joked
” Whatever” She said and looked away

5 months later

” Ahh… finally,, High School life is finally over” Gold said as she landed on Naomi’s be-d

” Me too,, it was really interesting though” Naomi said as she walked in with a tray filled with apples in her hand before placing it down

” Where’s Claire??” Anna asked

” With her b©yfri£nd” Naomi replied, as she took a bite of the apple she’s holding

” Can’t believe she left us here for her b©yfri£nd” Gold said as she took a bite of Naomi’s apple

” Who cares?,,we gat ours” Anna said and Goks nodsd and took another bite of Naomi’s apple

” What the….!!” Naomi yelled as she saw the remaining portion of her apple

” Sorry” Gold muttered as she took one of the apples in the tray






” Hey” Dennis heard someone call him and he turned

He’s now in fourth grade

” Hi Kim” He waved and Kim walked to him, awkwardly

” I actually want to tell you something” She said, itching her n£¢k

” Ok” Dennis replied, di-pping his hands into his pockets as the h0ttest guy in school he is

” I love you” She blurted out and he looks kinda shock cos he’s been harbouring secret feelings for her

” I know it might look weird cos we’ve been friends for a while but I didn’t mention anything, I just couldn’t bring myself to you…I really do love you.. I just……” Dennis cut her off as he pu-ll-ed her into a de-ep k!ss

” I love you” He said and she felt immeasurable happiness run throu-gh her

She took herl-ips in and stared de-ep into his eyes and she saw the serious look on his face

” Really??” She asked and he nodded

She smiled de-eply before pu-lling him into an bug





” Pie,,, I love you… you know that,,right?”Clair asked and Claire nodded

” You won’t ever leave me,, right??” He asked again and she nodded

” I promise” She replied and he smiled

” Thanks for being MY SHINNING STAR” He said and she chuckled

” You stole my words”

” Yeah, just like you stole my heart” He whispered and pu-ll-ed her into a de-ep k!ssand she reciprocated





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