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My shining star episode 27 & 28


(Crazy Love From A Crazy Girl)

High School [email protected]ç£




” What the hell do you mean?” Anna yelled but he ignored her as he walked to his closet

” You can’t just break up with her just because of a silly mistake” Anna yelled and he st©pped and turned to her

” You call that a silly mistake??!!,, Huh??” He asked, before continuing his thing

” You can’t just break up with her like that,, thought you claimed to love her”

” Of course I do,, and you know I do,, but I don’t think she does,, she doesn’t even trust me” He replied

” Kings,, you can’t just….”

” Leave!” He said, sternly and Anna scoffed

” You’re chasing me out of your room, right?”

” Just leave now!”

” Fine” Anna said and barged out of his room

She sighed as she met Naomi at the doorstep

” He’s not going to break up with me, right?” Naomi said as she wiped her tears

” See….” She interrupted her as she barged into Kings room and locked the door

She turned to Kings who was seated on the be-d and walked slowly to him

” Kings, you can’t do this to me,right?” She said and tried to t©uçh his hands but he looked away

” Kings,, am sorry, I know I did wrong,, I lied to you…. I kept lots of things from you, but am sorry,, I…I un-derstand I betrayed your trust, but am sorry,, plea-se don’t break up with me,, don’t ignore me, plea-se, I really nee-d you now” She said as she cried on his shoulders

Kings sighed seeing her tears, that’s one thing he hates

He pu-ll-ed her closer and she cried in his arms.

” It’s okay” He said and she looked up, wiping her tears

” You’re not breaking up with me, right?”

” Yeah… I mean, all this years we were separated, I can’t lose you again” He said with a smile and she hvgged him ti-ghtly

” Thank you………I love you” She said,, hvgging him so ti-ghtly

” I love you too” He replied as he k!$$£d her hair


” Pie,, you’re going to forgive her ,,, right??” Clair asked Claire as they took a stroll down the neighborhood

” Let’s not talk about her, plea-se” She replied and Clair st©pped walking and she also st©pped and turned to him

” You have to forgive her,, she’s your twin sister,, she might have made a grave mistake, but she still remains a family,, she’s your blood” Clair said, but she looked away

He pu-ll-ed her cheeks and made her face him

” Claire,, She’s your sister,, you have to forgive her” Clair said but she [email protected] his hands away

” Let’s not talk about her” She said, folding her hands

” Claire….”

” Fine,, am leaving” She said and before Clair could say a word, she walked away

Clair sighed and ruffled his hair in frustration

” Honey,, what’s wrong?” Mia asked as Claire barged in

” It’s Clair,, he keeps bothering me about forgiving Naomi” She said, restlessly as she kept pacing around

” She [email protected]£ here with her….you know …. parents” Mia said and she turned to her

” Why??”

” You know…. to plead for her” Mia said

” We’re not accepting her back into this house” Claire said sternly and Mia looked away

” Wait,, you’re not thinking of….”

” See, honey….she looked sorry,, she cried… She regretted everything” Mia said, sadly

” No,, mom..we can’t,, she’s heartless!!” Claire yelled

” But she’s still a family,, she’s my daughter,, your sister,, do you know how I felt when I thought she was gone…but,, she’s back now,, and I know she did a terrible mistake,, she apologized alre-ady,, she’s re-ady to be a [email protected] of us now” Mia said, wiping her tears

” Mom,, she’s too late,, we don’t want her….I…. don’t want her” Claire said, seriously

” Baby…”

” Don’t” Claire said as Mia tried to t©uçh her

” Can’t believe you want that heartless being as your child” Claire said before walking away angrily

Almost immediately, Dennis [email protected]£ in

” Dennis”

” She’s not coming to this house,, Never… She can go back to her rich home” Dennis said before walking upstairs to his room

Mia sighed and sat on the couch, dejectedly

Naomi [email protected]£ out from her hiding sp©t in tears and walked over to Mia

” sorry,, am really sorry” She said, crying in her arm and Mia patted her hair

” It’s okay… you’re my child and my family” She said and closed her eyes

Clair [email protected]£ in and met them in that position

He cleared his throat and they both turned to him, and they smiled when they saw him

” Am really sorry to disturb you,, but Is Claire in?” He asked and Mia nodded

” Clair” Mia st©pped him as he was about to go in

” I’d really appreciate it, if you can convince Claire” She said and Clair nodded before climbing the stairs

He got to her room and knocked at the door

” It’s me Clair” He said when he got no response

He heard the lock cli-ck and the door opened

He entered and met her seated on the be-d

He walked closer to her and turned to her

” Pie, am sorry” He started

” For what?” She asked with a chuckle

” Probably for ma-king you angry” He said with that charming smile and she smiled in return

She looked de-eply into his charming face and found her self smiling

” Why’re you smiling?” Clair asked with a chuckle

” ’cause you’re handsome” She said and Clair chuckled

” I love you” She said, seriously

” I love you too” He replied, as they both stared de-eply at each other

Slowly, they brou-ght their faces closer before pressing theirl-ips softly against each other

The k!sswent dee-per as their tounges kept battling each other, su-cking on each other’sl-ips

Clair wra-pped his hands around her [email protected]!st and gently balanced her on the be-d, not breaking the k!ss

They kept k!ss!ngeach other su-cking on Theirl-ips so de-eply

Clair found his hands moving towards her b00bs and she re-leased a soft [email protected]

He moved his hands un-der her clothes and towards her [email protected] and she [email protected] ed endlessly as his t©uçh were like magic on her

He found her b00bs and placed his hands on it and she re-leased a loud [email protected]

He rubbe-d his hands on her b00bs feeling it’s softness while Claire [email protected] ed endlessly

They kept su-cking on each other’sl-ips, Clair still doing his magic t©uçh on her and she couldn’t possibly ask for more as his t©uçh felt out of the world and she [email protected] ed endlessly

Suddenly, when she couldn’t possibly ask for more, Clair st©pped and got up from her

Claire pu-ll-ed him back to her

” Why’d you st©p?” She asked

” I just want to” He replied, as he looked de-eply into her eyes

” You don’t want me to st©p?” He asked and she nodded immediately like a puppy

” Why?”

” I just want don’t want your t©uçh to end, they’re like magic” She said, placing his hands on her b00bs and he shook his head at how [email protected]ûghty he is

He seriously want to t©uçh her but he nee-ds to achieve what he wants

” plea-se….ok,, I’ll do anything ” Claire said, solicitously and he smiled inwardly, exactly what he wants

” Anything?” He asked, again and she nodded anxiously

His t©uçh sure really is magic

” I want you to forgive Naomi” He said


” Clair” Claire tried to object but he pu-ll-ed her into a de-ep k!ssand she [email protected] ed endlessly as he kept su-cking on herl-ips

He broke thel-ips and faced her

” plea-se,,, for me” He said, staring de-eply into her eyes

” See, Clair”

” I love you” Clair interrupted and she sighed as she stared at his puppy eyes

” Fine” She said

” Really?” He asked, excitedly and she nodded

” Get re-ady for some h0t [email protected]磔 He said, s£dûçt!velyas he took of his shi-t and she gulped [email protected] into nothing, staring so de-eply at his ba-re che-st

Clair smiled and placed her hands on it and she smiled as she walked her hands round his ba-re che-st

Clair placed hisl-ips on her r0ûghly and she re-leased a soft [email protected] before catching up with his pace as they both su-cked on each other’sl-ips

Clair moved his hands un-der her clothes and she felt some kind of strange feeling but it was really out of the world,, wishing it would never st©p

He pressed his hands on her soft b00bs and she [email protected] ed endlessly as his t©uçh did magic on her b00bs giving her a feeling out of the world

Clair kept R0m-ncing her b©dy and her endless [email protected] s filled the room



“You think he’s going to be able to convince her?” Naomi asked Mia

” Yeah, I hope so” She replied and they stood up as they heard some steps descending the stairs

Mia held Naomi’s hand as she felt restless

Claire and Clair walked to them, with their hands interlocked

Claire sighed before deciding to talk

” Ok,, fine….. Naomi,, I’ve forgiven you,, I know you did a terrible mistake but since you’ve admitted it, I’ve decided to let it go” Claire said and immediately, they felt gobsma-cked as they kept staring at them, especially Naomi,, she couldn’t believe her ears

” Really??” Mia asked, happily and Claire nodded

” Awwn,, thank you baby” Mia said and hvgged her so ti-ghtly

” You’re welcome, mom” Claire replied as they dis£ngaged

Mia turned to Naomi before turning to Clair

” We’ll excuse you both” Mia said and Clair nodded as they both walked outside

They both stared on at each other without saying a word

” Am sorry” They both said at the same time and Naomi was suprised

” Why’re you Sorry?” Naomi asked

” For calling you stupid,, a fool,, and for….not being able to forgive my lost twin sister without the interference of my b©yfri£nd” Claire said and Naomi chuckled

” Why’re you Sorry??” Claire asked, tucking her hair behind her ear

” For being stupid and a fool,, and for leaving my family because I was Selfish” She replied and Claire Chuckled

” I really missed you” Claire said

” Same here” She replied

” Come here, baby” Claire said, extending her arms and she chuckled before pu-lling her into a hvg

” Am really sorry” She said

” It’s fine” Claire replied as they dis£ngaged

” You know you don’t really look much like me” Naomi said

” Ofcourse, we were never that much of identical” Claire said and she chuckled

” But, we’re identical at …

” Craziness” They chorused and bur-st into laughter at their craziness

Someone cleared his throat and they turned

” Dennis” Naomi called slowly and surprisingly, he rushed into her arms, pu-lling her into a hvg

Suprised Naomi, couldn’t help but bur-st into tears

” I really missed you Noona” Dennis, said crying in her arms

They dis£ngaged and he smiled and patted his hair

” I missed you too”

” So,, we’re back?” Dennis asked and they nodded before pu-lling a group hvg






” So you guys are back together?” May asked as they all settled for another dinner

” Yeah,, all thanks to his cute boy”. Mia said as she pinched Clair’s cheek and he chuckled

” So,, we’re all good then” Joel (Clair’s dad) said and they chuckled

” So,, kids… Where do you intend to go after Your graduation?”

” Home” They all chorused

” Home?” Dana asked

” Yeah,, we’re not living,, guess we’re all going to KENT UNIVERSITY” Kings said and the others nodded

” That’s good,,, it’s really good to stick around” Mia said





” Where are they?” Kings asked

” Hey babe, learn to be patient” Naomi said, and pe-cked hisl-ips and Anna coughed knowingly

” Depression”

” Well, as they say .. oppression is allowed” She replied as she hanged her arm around Kings n£¢k and tgye both engaged into another k!ss.

” We’re here” Chris said as he and Xavier walked to them

” Hi” The girls said

” Since we’re all here,, let’s leave” Tvey said as they all got into the truck

They’re actually going to a pri-vate island owned by King’s dad

Hey” Chris called Anna and she turned to him

” Hi”

” You’re beautiful in that dress” He said with a smile and she couldn’t help but to blush greatly

” Thanks” She replied

Goldwyn turned to Xavier who was so engrossed with his phone and she sighed

Is he ever going to notice her??

She looked away and buried her head in her palm

Xavier looked up, slowly when he noticed she wasn’t staring anymore

He’s been finding himself so attracted to her and he’s been trying so [email protected] to move away from her but the feelings kept getting stronger

He doesn’t even know what to think anymore

Goldwyn looked up and their gazes met and it locked, as they both stared at each other and their heart beat increased

” Hey Gold ” Anna called and she looked away and turned to Anna with her cheeks so red

She doesn’t even know why she’s blu-shing,, is it because he was staring at her??,, Or the spark in in his face as their eyes connected

” Why’re you blu-shing??” Anna whispered

” I think he likes me” She whispered and her face lit up

” Really??”

” Yeah”

” Tell him”

” Huh??”

” On the island,, tell him you are in love with him” Anna said but she shook her head

” No,, I can’t”

” Why??”

” What if….”

” Just tell him”

” I’ll try”

The drive to the Island was long but finally they arrived





” Here” Claire said, as she tried to feed Clair

Clair smiled and opened his mouth gently

Claire tea-sed the fork, hesitating to give him the food, thereby.. moving the fork in different direction and Clair kept moving his mouth to the direction

Claire di-pped the fork into her mouth and chewed gently on the salad

Claire bur-st into laughter as she saw the look on Clair’s face

” Hum…this salad is really fabulous” Claire tea-sed, munching gently on the salad

” Look at that cute face of yours” Claire tea-sed, tou-ching his angry face

She stood up immediately, knowing what’s next

She carried the bowl of salad and started running Away and Clair stood up running after her

Clair caught her and swept her in his arms and started tickling her and she starts to laugh so [email protected] on the sand

They both fell to the ground and faced each other

” I love you” Claire said, with smiles all over her face

” I love you too” Clair replie and they brou-ght their nose together, wrinkling them together before pu-lling theirl-ips into an heartwarming k!ss



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