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Immortal finale

Immortals Episode 11*
(Dracula holds up a severely weakened Malinda)
Dracula: Didn’t your mother warn you that this is how it would turn out? That you will suffer at my hands if you dared to confront me… I am as strong as Hercules!
(He delivers a powerful b!ow to Malinda, s£nding her flying away)
Dracula: I am as fast as Hermes!
(He super speeds to her before she lands and gr-abs her)
Dracula: And just like Hades, I have dominion over the dead…. (He points his hand towards the battlefield) Olympian dead, Arise!
(The grounds begin to shake just as dead Olympian warriors appear and begin fighting the Olympian female warriors alongside the Olympian male warriors)
Dracula: (maniacally) I am a GOD! (He flings Malinda away like a ragdoll)
(Queen Hepthia sees this)
Queen Hepthia: Malinda?
Azal: (comes up from behind) Yea, That’s your pretty daughter, Queen Hepthia…
(She turns around to see him)
Queen Hepthia: Azal!
(He gr-abs her by the n£¢k but before he can harm her, An arrow is sh0t in his back by an Olympian female warrior)
(Alexandra blocks an attack from two Olympian male warriors then simultaneously kicks them, She s-en-ses someone behind her and turns around – It’s Alina )
Alexandra: (shocked) Alina!
(Alina opens her eyes and they’re demon black)
Alexandra: You are not one of us anymore…
(Alexandra attempts to strike her with her sword but Alina reacts, gr-abbing a nearby sword and blocking the hit. Alexandra and Alina combats for a few seconds but Alina’s zombie reflexes gives her the upper hand and she overpowers Alexandra easily)
Alexandra: Oh, So now you fight without fear….
(Alexandra drives her sword throu-gh Alina’s heart, But being alre-ady dead, It doesn’t affect her. Alina headbu-tts Alexandra ha-rd in the face s£nding her to the ground. Alina re-moves Alexandra’s sword from her che-st and tries to stab her but Alexandra protects herself with her shield)
Alina: Nego arch corpus…
Alexandra: (confused) What’re you saying?
Alina: Nego arch corpus…
Alexandra: Are you trying to tell me something?
(Alina knocks Alexandra’s helmet off and pins her to the ground)
Alexandra: (she repeats what Alina said) Nego arch corpus!
(Alina is about to cut off Alexandra’s head but st©ps at the last minute. Her eyes changes from demon black back to its normal color – She has regained herself. And the dead Olympian warrior are no longer un-der Dracula’s control and they st©p fighting the Olympian female warriors)
Alexandra: (sighs in relief) Alina?
Alina: (she drops the sword) That was an ancient incantation that re-leases someone from another person’s control but I was unable to administer it to myself.
Alexandra: (smiles) And where did you learn that incantation?
Alina: From a book of mysticism written by a philosopher.
Alexandra: You always did live in books, Didn’t you?
Alina: Yes. But in death, I AM A WARRIOR!!!
(Alina gr-abs a sword and then she, Alexandra and the dead Olympian warriors run towards Dracula to take him down)
Dracula: (he points his hands towards them and all the dead Olympian warriors fall to the ground and begin to disappear one by one)
Alina: (she falls to the ground) Uh…
Alexandra: (she holds Alina) May we meet again, In a better place, Sister. (tears run down her cheeks as Alina disappears)
Malinda: (To Dracula) Your army continues to dwindle.
Dracula: As does yours. But the difference is, I don’t nee-d an army! (sm-irks) I’ll kill your mother myself!
(Just then)
(Nathan arrives in a speed motor)
Nathan: I’m back, bit-ches!
(He takes out two guns and starts shooting mas-sively at the Olympian male warriors, killing a large number of them. Dracula sees him and raises up his hand, Prepared to crush him)
Nathan: Oh no…
(He jumps off the speed motor before Dracula crushes it. Nathan then rushes to Malinda’s aid)
Nathan: Malinda, Are you okay?
Malinda: I’m fine. Just glad you showed up in time
Nathan: Yea, But slight problem… Your father’s looking for Queen Hepthia.
Malinda: I’ll deal with him. (she gr-abs her sword once again)
Nathan: You’ll nee-d this… (He takes out garlic bulbs from his pocket and gives her) Garlic weakens vampires…
(Malinda smiles and collects the garlic then runs to Dracula )
Dracula: Hepthia! Where are you? Come and face me!
(Just then, He notices Philomena’s dead b©dy)
Dracula: Philomena?
Queen Hepthia: (she walks up behind him) She has earned her reward from her treason.
Dracula: (growls) I’m gonna kill you!
(He runs to Queen Hepthia, At the last minute, Malinda appears and smashes the garlic bulbs in his eyes)
Dracula: (growls) Arrrrgggghhhh!!!!
(While Dracula ru-bs his eyes, Malinda gr-abs her sword)
Malinda: This sword is able to cut throu-gh anything, And now….(she advances to him)
Dracula: St©p! You wouldn’t kill your own father…..
Malinda: You are no father to me.
(Malinda rushes to Dracula and cleanly cuts off his head with her sword)
Immortals Episode 12 (FINAL EPISODE)
(The Olympians cheer in victory as Dracula drops to the ground dead)
Queen Hepthia: (smiles) Well done Malinda
Malinda: Mother, You know you’re angry at me…
Queen Hepthia: Why should I? You just saved us all.
Malinda: I went against your wishes and I’m sorry for that….
Queen Hepthia: No, I should be the one apologizing. I was wrong to have kept you away from the outside world and restricted your freedom. I didn’t un-derstand you then but now I do…
Malinda: I love you Mother
Queen Hepthia: I love you more, my child.
(Malinda hvgs her mother pas-sionately)
Queen Hepthia: And from now on, The borders of Olympia will be no more. We will now be free to relate with the outside world!!!
(The Olympians cheer in happiness once more)
Nathan: Great job…. (He attempts to hvg her)
Malinda: Hold up, I still haven’t forgotten that you tried to drug me.
Nathan: Malinda, The only reason I did that was to get you unconscious so i could take you back to Olympia, I knew it was very risky trying to face your father alone and I didn’t wanna loose you because I care about you and…..
(Before he can completes his s£ntence, Malinda pu-lls him into a k!ss)
Nathan: (he st©ps k!ss!ngher to look at her) So you forgive me?
Malinda: (smiles) Good thing I don’t hold grudges.
Alexandra: What should we do about Dracula’s dead b©dy, my queen?
Nathan: Yea. We can’t leave him like this, He could resurrect himself.
Queen Hepthia: That’s if he has a b©dy to resurrect into…
(The Olympian female warriors gr-ab torches and sets Dracula’s b©dy ablaze and they all watch as his b©dy burns to ashes)
(Later on)
(Queen Hepthia opens the borders and all the Olympians leave Olympia to interact with the humans of the outside world)
Cooper: (he sees the Olympians) Who’re those people?
Hank: I don’t know, But they seem friendly.
(Cooper & Hank sights Nathan among them)
Cooper: (suprised) Whoa, Is that…
Hank: Yeah, He’s the one
Cooper: It can’t be…
(They rush to him)
Cooper: Nathan, You’re not in jail!
Nathan: Save it Cooper.
Cooper: What’s wrong?
Nathan: First of all, You guys lured me to a heist and then abandoned me at the last minute, I thought you were my friends…
Cooper: We thought you’ve been arrested and we had to save ourselves, It was what anyone would’ve done. Come on, Don’t be mad.
Nathan: I’m done with you guys.
Cooper: Wait, What about the gem?
Nathan: I’ve returned it back to the National museum
Cooper: (enraged) What?!
Nathan: Yea, I’ve given up my life as a thief.
Cooper: Then how’re we all going to survive?
Nathan: Every man for himself. Oh and by the way…. We’re no longer friends.
Cooper: Good look surviving without us. We’ll steal the gem back ourselves, Come on Hank
(They leave Nathan)
Nathan: j£rks.
(Malinda approaches him)
Malinda: Are those you’re friends?
Nathan: They were my friends, Now they’re just douche bags. (He takes Malinda by the hand) Come on, Let me show you around….
(Weeks later)
(Alexandra re-ads a book and Queen Hepthia approaches her)
Queen Hepthia: What’re you doing?
Alexandra: re-ading a book, In memory of Alina. It turns out that these books aren’t as bad as I thought. I’m literally imagining it happening in my head. (sighs) I wish she was still alive.
Queen Hepthia: You’ll have to acknowledge what happened.
Alexandra: You know, Philomena may have betrayed us. But her intentions were right
Queen Hepthia: Yes, I’m just glad I realized my mistakes earlier. I shouldn’t have locked you all away from the outside world, You all deserve to be free.
Alexandra: Now we are. What about Malinda?
Queen Hepthia: She now stays with Nathan but promised to visit regularly.
(Malinda and Nathan are taking a walk)
Malinda: I can’t believe this. After all those years of being caged up, I’m finally free to interact with whom ever I choose to and so are the other Olympians
Nathan: You are a hero, Malinda. You know what you should be called?
Malinda: What?
Nathan: Malinda the warrior princess.
Malinda: (smiles) You flatter me…
(They enter a grocery sto-re and see muggers)
Mugger 1: (he points a gun at the cashier) Hurry up and bring out all the money from the cash register! Or else I’ll b!ow your fv¢king head off!
Cashier: (scared) Okay okay
Malinda: (clears her throat) Excuse me gentlemen…
Mugger 1: (he points a gun at them) Both of you, Get down on the floor, Now!
(Malinda and Nathan stare at him)
Mugger 1: I said NOW!
Malinda: (to Nathan) Hold my purse. And my shoes and my earrings….
(She re-moves all her accessories and gives them to Nathan to hold and walks closer to the muggers)
Nathan: (to the cashier) This is gonna get bloody. You should take cover…. To prevent blood from staining you
Mugger 1: (he c0cks his gun) I’m going to enjoy killing you.
Malinda: (sm-irks) So am I….
(She cracks her knuckles)
Malinda: Let’s have some fun boys…
(She rushes to them)

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