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The devil’s sweetheart episode 26

👺The Devil’s👺
[ 😡I HATE BOYS!😡 ]
✝Rated 🔞🔞
[ The Wedding Day- [email protected] TWO🤨 ]
🎙Written By🎙
📌Author Nuella.
✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨
” Officers! Arrest her!” Miguel said angrily on sighting Kylie. The policemen Miguel hired to protect the both of us in case Kylie tries to sabotage the wedding sprang into action.
” Wait! Wait! Wait! Before you arrest me, I have something to say.” Kylie said and the policemen st©pped in front of Kylie and looked at Miguel waiting for him to give an order.
” Let her say whatever darn thing she has in mind.” Miguel said and the policemen took a step backwards and Kylie cleared her throat.
” I just [email protected]£ here to say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for trying to disrupt the wonderful friendsh!pbetween you two. I’m sorry for trying to end Daniel’s life and I’m sorry for deceiving Chelsea as well as masterminding Angelica’s kidnap.” Kylie confessed and the crowd [email protected] loudly.
” We forgive you. Now arrest her.” Miguel replied and the police handcuffed Kylie.
” I deserve it. But if I’m going down, Chelsea is going with me because she is an accomplice.” Kylie protested as the police handcuffed her.
” My sister isn’t going to prison. She confessed her crimes!” Miguel fired back.
” Nevertheless, not s£nding her to prison is a corrupt thing to do!” Kylie snapped.
” I’m Miguel and I’m unquestionable!” Miguel replied and Kylie grunted as the police took her away.
The wedding guest stared at Miguel, I myself was disappointed in Miguel’s decision. That was just a corrupt thing to do.
” Wait!” Chelsea said and the police halted.
” Take me with you.” Chelsea added and the guests [email protected]
” No matter what, Kylie is or was my best friend. Best friends stick with each other no matter what! Moreover, no one is above the law…not even Miguel’s sister.” Chelsea said and Kylie smiled broadly.
” But Chelsea you don’t have to..”
” No Miguel, I am a defaulter of the law. I’ll serve whatever punishment I’m given.” Chelsea interrupted Miguel’s statement. He smiled weakly and Chelsea proceeded with the policemen and Kylie outside the wedding hall.
” With further ado..I now pronounce you two husband and wife!” The priest announced few minutes after Kylie, Chelsea and the policemen left the wedding hall.
” You may now k!ssthe bride.” He added and Miguel li-cked hisl-ips sultrily- This is his specialty🙄
We stepped closer to each other and he [email protected]£d my [email protected]!st while I wra-pped my arms around his n£¢k and we k!$$£d…de-eply as the guests cheered happily
Three Months Later:
• Aaron was able to pu-ll some strings and hire a good attorney for Kylie. Kylie’s twenty five years s£ntence was reduces to just three years.
But since she was almost due, she was given two years to birth and nurse her child before serving her s£ntence.
Aaron and Kylie quic-kly got married because Aaron didn’t want his child to be given birth outside wedlock.
• Lolita and Daniel got married a month after my marriage to Miguel. Right now, they’re in Hawaii enjoying their honeymoon.
• Miguel hired a good lawyer for Chelsea’s case. The case went in their somewhat favour as her fifteen year s£ntence was reduced to either three months in jail with [email protected] labour or a fine of five hundred thousand dollars.
Miguel opted for the three months jail time for his sister. Not because he didn’t have the money to pay for her re-lease, but because he wanted her to learn a lesson.
She should be re-leased in a week’s time.
• Miguel and I are enjoying our honeymoon in the Bahamas.
What life is better than this?
📍Two Years Later:📍
• Miguel and I had our first child and we decided to name her Natasha because she was born during the Christmas season.
Lolita and Daniel gave birth two twin boys, Jake and Jace.
Chelsea is engaged to a rich engineer and is doing perfectly well in her acting career.
Angelica just graduated from high school a month ago.
Aaron and Kylie…well, I heard they had a baby boy but I don’t know how their marriage is faring.
All In All,
What starts well ends well!
And there must be a reason to rejoice after comparing who you were some years back and who you are now!
Never say Never!
I NEVER knew I’d fall in love again, talk less of getting married to the man who irritated me the most then!
I hope you learnt from my story!


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