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Tender love batch 21

(High school 🏫 love)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 61
😢💔 Annabelle’s pov continues 💕 🌺
“Anna” he called again
“Nelson” I replied re-ciprocating his call surprised to see him after quite some days
“We nee-d to talk” he said dragging me from where I was before to stand before him
” Am all ears” I replied
” You might be wondering why you didn’t see me for The past 4-5 days now, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, cause I once told you, I won’t give up on you, even if it takes the last breath in me. I was actually down with fever and I couldn’t attend school for quite some number of days” he said
” Oh no,, you were sick?, How?, What caused it?, Are you okay now? ” I said worriedly feeling his skin and he smiled
“Am ok Anna” he said and I looked down feeling remorseful of the way I reacted to his sick news
” Am glad you care Anna” he said snapping me out of my thoughts, I looked up at him giving him a faint smile.
“Okay Anna, about our discussion, what’s your decision about it, plea-se Anna, am desperate for your reply”he said calmly
I just looked away not knowing what to say
“Anna” he called but I didn’t reply
“Anna” he called again yet I still didn’t reply
“Anna plea-se talk to me” he said sounding quite frustrated but he was still trying to sound cool
“Uhum…… I…. I
Just as I was trying to talk, Natasha appeared from no where. … Jeez!!, How did she know am here with Nelson
“Well, well, well” she said [email protected] her two hands together and both I and Nelson’s attention were diverted to her.
“Isn’t, it the queen of her own empire” she said while I just eyed her
” You prove to be stubborn?, I told you, stay away, but you got the largest guts right?, I think you want it violent, then I will give you violently” she said, angrily stumping to me, I wonder what she wants from me ……
Fortunately before she got to me, Nelson blocked me and held her from tou-ching me
“Natasha, st©p this all” he said almost yelling holding her hands ti-ghtly as she kept on struggling with him
“Nelson leave me, let me deal with this bit-ch” she yelled still struggling with him.
” We are over this Natasha, you have no business with me or her, the fact that we were paired together in prom, doesn’t change anything or makes us anything, not even friends, if there is anyone you should be angry with here?, that should be me.. so get that into your skull and leave Anna alone, common she did nothing to you” Nelson said,………I was still behind of him
” Nelson, what did I ever do, to deserve a
break up from you?” Natasha asked soberly.
” A lot Natasha, you we’re cheat, a slut and a lot, I know you were with me just because of my physical attra-ction and money, upon you had it all from your parents. People told me that, but I was blinded by the so called love I had for you,it’s now Natasha, it’s now am just knowing the meaning of love, I have been deceived enough” Nelson said, what he said really t©uçhed me
“But Nelson, that’s not true, my love for you is true from my heart” she said.
” Save me the lies Natasha, I’ve had enough of that” he said adamantly
” Nelson so it’s because of her right?” She said shouting coming to face me behind Nelson, we were now staring directly at each other
“Natasha, calm down” Nelson said, as usual, he is always telling someone to come down, am sure that increa-sed her anger
“Nelson, don’t tell me to calm down, you fool, you will regret this” she said pointing at me, why would she call me a fool
” Look Natasha, am not a fool, my parents didn’t add ‘fool’ to my names on my naming day.” I said and Nelson [email protected]£ to hold me telling me it’s enough, I struggled and re-leased myself from his hold
“I’ve taken enough of this all, the fact that you are the school queen doesn’t give you the damn audacity to pick on people the way you want” I said and before I could even digest what I said, Natasha Landed a sound [email protected] on my left cheeks
The people gathered around us watching the scene all [email protected], some where even capturing it on video with their phones, so today they would know Natasha and Nelson are no longer together, she caused it herself.
“Never in your unfortunate life talk back at me” she shouted.
I can’t let her go Scott free,why the hell did she [email protected] me?
She was still talking when I [email protected] her back ha-rder than the one she gave to me, people [email protected] more surprised
“How dare you” she said pushing me to the floor wanting to beat me
“Natasha st©p all this” Nelson yelled, but she was adamant to listen, he walked to me wanting to help me up, but Natasha was quic-k to sit on me, I won’t fight back, mum has warned me, she was about to land a b!ow on my face when Nelson interfered
“Natasha, what’s the meaning of this” he shouted dragging her up f0rç£fully from me, I quic-kly took hold of that opportunity to stand up, Eva walked to me from nowhere looking worried, she dragged me to a corner helping me to rearrange my dressing
Before anything else could transpire, the principal walked in
“What’s going on here, why the crowd?” She asked, and everywhere went silent, people were even still capturing the scene, everywhere was really silent
“There was a fight her” a girl called Alyssa which we knew normally couldn’t control her mouth said
“Oops!!” She said covering her mouth after realizing what she have done
“A fight?, Who was involved?” She asked, and there was silence everywhere again, I thought Alyssa would talk as usual
“Someb©dy speak, or else all of you on detention” she threatened and the murmuring rise again.
“Ma’am, it was I and Natasha, we had an argument, though we weren’t fighting, it was just a minor disagreement between the both of us, we are sorry to have raised a scene” Nelson said and she softened a little, I was quite relieved
“Nelson, you are [email protected] of the persons in this school to st©p nuisance, not creating it” she said and everywhere was really silent
” And you Natasha, aren’t you the school queen?, You should be the one to show good example to every female students of this school, what example would you show by creating this kind of scene” the principal said looking at Natasha who stared away from her
“Now you two, come with me, you are [email protected] of the leaders of this school and some s-en-se nee-ds to be knocked into you” she said and with that my heart skipped a beat, she lead the way and Nelson and Natasha followed behind her, as she lead the way.
My heart was beating randomly, Nelson is in trouble because of me, he didn’t do anything, rather he was trying to st©p the argument, all these was my fault, I shouldn’t had [email protected] her back probably she wouldn’t react that way, now my Nelson is in trouble
“See what you’ve caused, you are bad luck” someb©dy said and the murmuring began, am sure that person was referring to me
“Yes, now look, because of you our Nelson is in trouble” someone supported
” And also our school queen” a guy added
“Oh my lovely Nelson” Alyssa the talkative said hvgging herself and some people bur-sted into laughter
“In your wi-dest dream” someone replied her, and an argument begin between the both of them
“I don’t know why Nelson should even stand up to cover up for a freak like, he must have been blind, you must have bewitched him, am sure you are the one who caused the argument between the two love birds, witch, relationsh!pdestroyer”a girl said and the tears gathered in my eyes began to fall little by little
“Anything happens to my Nelson, you would be in hell” a voice said , though I didn’t see the person
” Enough alre-ady, why do you people usually find fun in picking on someone” Eva said and almost all attention turned to her
I couldn’t take the embarras-sment anymore, I just ran off to where I don’t know, probably a place where I would be alone.
❤️ Nelson’s pov 🧡
“Nelson David” the principal called while sitting on the table. I looked up at her
“Natasha” she called and Natasha looked at her
“I would start with you Nelson,you shouldn’t be fighting, you are one of the leaders of this school to show examples to the others,and also your dad is a great contributor to this school, I wouldn’t want to punish you, your dad would be grievous about that, how would it be heard that the son of the owner of the best company in New York was punished?, How does it sound?, I wouldn’t punish you am sure you alre-ady know that, plea-se don’t do that again and also never argue with a lady” she said and I nodded
” Nelson, I Know you to be stubborn, annoying, rude, carefree and so on, but I know you don’t fight, and you are one of the best students academically in this school,so plea-se don’t try to fight, it destroys reputation, okay!” She said
” Yes ma’am” I replied
” And also you Natasha, same goes to you, have you heard of a school punishing or pernalising their school queen?” She asked
” No” Natasha replied disrespectfully
“Yes, that’s because the school queen is morally cautious and of good behavior always,so Natasha I plead to you today, learn to be of good morals and show good examples to all girls in this school, don’t let me down, okay?” She said and Natasha nodded
” You two are really close, the school noticed and wanted to promote that, so they automatically paired you both together, so I don’t see any reason why you guys have to argue”she said and we nodded
” You can both take your leave” she said
“Thanks ma’am” I said walking out and Natasha followed suit
I was alre-ady walking away from the principal’s office when Natasha st©pped me
“How may I help you you?” I asked as she got to me
” Nelson plea-se we nee-d to talk” she said.
Chapter 62
❤️ Nelson’s pov 🧡
“About what?” I asked angrily
“About our relationsh!p” she said and I chuckled mockingly
” What relationsh!p?, How many times have I made it known to you that we are not in any realationsh!p” I said
” Nelson plea-se forgive me” she pleaded in a teary voice
” I promise you, I would leave my old ways, it was childishness, I was blinded, I don’t know what exactly [email protected]£ over me, I couldn’t just realized what I had, Nelson just give me this one last chance, I don’t want to become an object of ridicule to this whole school” she pleaded in tears…. You won’t say am heartless, but what she said didn’t even move me a bit
“Jeez!!, So you are saying all this, just so you won’t become an object of ridicule, OMG, I don’t think anyone have ever told you how funny you are” I said surprised
” No Nelson, am saying this because am really sorry and I want you back in my life, plea-se Nelson, believe me” she plea-se
” Am sorry Natasha, I don’t think that can be possible anymore, just forget about it me and move on ” I said to her
” No Nelson, no, plea-se don’t tell me that, I promise I would st©p all my ways, I would be faithful to you, I wouldn’t make that mistake anymore” she pleaded and I chuckled at that
” Wow!, So now it’s coming out from the horse mouth, listen Natasha, one thing you fail to un-derstand is that the animal can never [email protected] from it ways, I mean never” I said angrily walking away but she held me back
” No Nelson, plea-se don’t do this to me, I would die” she said in tears
“Don’t worry Natasha, you can’t die, bye”I said finally walking away leaving her behind
I just had to stand up for Anna cause I know she would be in great trouble, if she was discovered she was the one fighting
Am even tired of pleading, she’s just proving so ha-rd to get, and it’s frustrating and also sickening me.
💔 Natasha’s pov ⚡
Nelson is alre-ady adamant about breaking up with me, and I know de-ep down in me, that it’s nob©dy fault but Annabelle’s.
I can see it twi-nkling and shining in his eyes that he likes her, or maybe even love…… I can’t imagine it, he stood up for her, what he had never done for me, am having to clear away that thought that he was bewitched….. I don’t even believe in witches…..
Which ever way, I don’t care if am the school queen or not, all I know is that I would do everything in my own possible best to get Nelson back, I would make sure I deal with that bit-ch, she would regret ever gaining a scholarsh!pinto this school.
I would get her in trouble that will make Nelson hate her, hate her pas-sionately, Even Dave would hate her, that she would end up being expelled from this school.
If worst comes to worst, then someone has to die, I can’t sit on the same planet with them, and watch Nelson taken away from me, just like that, while am still alive.
💎😍 Annabelle’s pov 🌼 🎀
I was sitting close to the small rock between the sick bay and sanitary room, when I sighted Nelson. Wow!!, So he has been re-leased, I just hope he wasn’t punished, our eyes met, but he looked away immediately, am sure he saw me………………
I quic-kly stood up from where I sat before following behind of him
“Nelson” I called but I didn’t answer, I called the second and third time yet he still didn’t answer me, not that he had am earpiece or something in his ears, he just kept on walking slowly. ..
“Nelson plea-se wait” I shouted loudly this time, and thank God he halted and turned to my direction without moving, I quic-kly walked to him so he wouldn’t change his mind by walking away. I don’t know what I did to him , is he angry with me?, Was he punished or something?, Hmm…. I would find out from him
“Nelson what have I done” I asked worriedly
” Nothing” he replied in a weird manner and that alone got me more scared, is he angry with me?, Did they punish him?, Or he doesn’t love me anymore?
“Nelson plea-se talk to me, are you angry with me?, Where you punished?” I asked
” No Anna, am not angry with you and neither was I punished” he replied
” Seriously Nelson, you were visibly ignoring me” I said
“Oh!!, That’s because am angry with myself, am angry because I can’t st©p myself and heart from loving you” he said
What!!?, What does he mean?
” Nelson, what do you mean by that?” I asked
” Do you know the pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you back, do you? ” He asked
” No Nelson, I………
“You won’t know cause you are not and have never been in that situation”he said sadly
” Nelson plea-se am lost ” I said
“Anna, since I [email protected]£ to the face of this Earth, I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone the way I love you, yet you push me away continuously, I strive to show you my feelings and all, yet it still prove abortive, look Anna am tired, maybe avoiding you would work to wipe that feeling away” he said
” Nelson plea-se don’t go,” I said, tears alre-ady starting to surface my eyes
“Sorry Anna, I have something important to do, our final exam is starting to approach and you are one of my distractions” he said starting to walk away but I quic-kly hvg him find behind and he couldn’t move again
“Nelson, I love you too” I said unconsciously, yeah!! I mean it, I’ve searched my feelings carefully, and realized that Nelson is [email protected] of me.
He turned slowly and looked ate confused, dis£ngaging from the hvg
“No nee-d to say that to make me feel better Anna” he said
“No Nelson, I really mean it, I love you with all my heart, just that I was shy to let you know” I replied
” Anna I…… I can’t believe this” he said holding one of my hands, he [email protected]£ closer to me and suddenly k!$$£d me and then hvg me, I reciprocated and we stood like that for some minutes.
“I promise Anna, I wouldn’t let you go, you won’t regret accepting me into your heart” he whispered and the tears I’ve been holding since freely flowed out of my eyes.
💝😍 Nelson’s pov 😍💝
Jeez!!, I can’t believe my plan worked?, Am the happiest being on Earth. Who said I could ever give up on Anna, I just planned to work it out with this way, since I know the weaken point of girls like her. .. though one of my friends who knows about feelings advised me to do it this way, and m so glad it worked
Anna is finally mine because of that

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