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Betrayed trust finale

💔Betrayed Trust🙆
🌷The battle is of the Lord🔫
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 17..
Richa-rd has gotten an as-sistant and his work was relived because as the owner of the hospital he is always in the hospital. He asked his as-sistant Kelvin to take care of the hospital for the few days we hoped to spend in Abia state.
We took off our journey to Abia state at the weekend and it didn’t took as much time to be there.
The direction to the pastor’s house was not conversant to me, how can a place where I took as my own home be such?
Rachael was the first person we met as we entered the compound, I was dumbfounded as i saw her on a wheelchair 👩🏻‍🦽.
“What’s the problems? “I asked her as I [email protected]£ down from the car but it seems like Rechael has forgotten whom am I.
I continued asking but she kept mopping at me like am in sane.
I was still asking her when the pastor’s wife [email protected]£ in and hvgged me immediately with h0t tears.
“Rechael had and accident my daughter Debby, she had an accident and….”she was still talking when Rechael [email protected]£ back to her s-en-ses.
“Mum! Is this sister Debby?”Rechael asked with disbelieve look.
Pastor’s wife was alre-ady admiring the baby boy I was carrying in my arms.
“Yes, she is the sister Debby that u….”she was still on her statement when ra-phael [email protected]£ out ranging in anger.
He dropped a paper for Rechael and turned to left when he recognised me.
“Debby!..”he shouted trying to hvg me but i st©pped him politely.
“ra-phael! Are u for real?”I asked, tears wanted to rush down but i remembered that Richa-rd never failed me, I consoled myself.
“See ehh, the Rachael u ‘re seeing her is a curse to my life but i have cut the rope that joined us today. She is the person that planned for ur [email protected]£ back then in school, she served me with love portion and we wedded un-der her spay. A prophet prophesied it in one of our prayers to have fruit of the wo-mb, instead of her to wait and be forgiven she ran away and had accident on the road as she was crossing the main road” ra-phael explained.
I wouldn’t have believed what ra-phael said but Rechael replied immediately and doubted my belief,”yes I did it out of envy! Am sorry Debby”
God! Why is it that someone u trust will always turn u down?
“Do u know how I suffered because of ur plan if not that God stayed with me?”I asked with tears.
“She is a witch!! I never believed that such evil still exist!”ra-phael added.
Richa-rd was amazed by the scene we were creating. He was dumbfounded as he was looking..
💔Betrayed Trust🙆
🌷To err is human…👄
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 18
I forgave Rechael and hvgged her, I felt her pain. The Rechael I knew is now working with the help of wheelchair.
“Pls ra-phael, don’t go, she is ur wife”I said pleading ra-phael.
“She was once my wife with the help of her charm but am leaving her for good”he insisted.
“Why can’t u forgive her? I have forgiven u both and all we nee-d here is forgiveness”I continued persuading him.
“I don’t love her, can’t u see that?”He yelled with much hatred.
“Why can’t u give her sometime and u will start loving her, plea-se?”I said with tears.
We spent a week instead of three days we planned to stay there, pastor’s wife never want me to go but it was alre-ady late. Richa-rd is my life.
The day before we left I was pushing Rechael around the compound and we were gisting when ra-phael [email protected]£ out and started following us behind.
“Let me help u”he said and I allowed him to go on.
He approached the wheelchair and bent down to Rechael and started k!ss!ngher so pas-sionately. Gosh I love k!ss!ngmore than any other [email protected]ç£, I couldn’t bear it, I rushed to where Richa-rd was standing watching and we locked up our ownl-ips.
I can’t carry last nah.
We left to Imo state the next day and encouraged them to be faithful to God that everything will be fine.
After one month of our visit, we recomended Rechael in Richa-rd ‘s hospital where she regained her legs and started walking in few months.
I have done with my masters and started a forum for unwanted pregnancy and [email protected]£ cases.
I did that just to minimize the number of [email protected]£ case in the states, my forum got triple award in just five years of it establishment, my husband is proud of me.
💔Betrayed Trust🙆
🌷God is not man🙏
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 19
👏👏👏FINALLY 👏👏👏
Richa-rd is a blessing to me and my spirit, he healed my brokenhearted.
We lived without problem, no family lives without problem but ones nob©dy noticed that u are having problem, u don’t have any. We always settle our problems ourselves because we wedded ourselves not with others.
Pastor’s wife called me one early morning sounding so happy, “guess what sister Debby?”She asked on phone with much excitement.
“Am not good in guessing nah Just tell me pls”I said becoming so anxious in hearing what makes my mum such happy.
“Am pregnant!!”She shouted and my phone fell from my hand. I was singing and dancing round the sittting room when Richa-rd [email protected]£ in, I broke the new to him and he joined me in thanking God.
After nine months pastor’s wife delivered triplets, a girl and two boys, what a wonderful God we serve?
My joy never cease, pastor Dave got married and was doing so great but haven’t had any issue, Rechael later wipe her husband’s tears with a bouncing baby boy.
The joy was circulated around the world, I believed that God exist, I also believed that sins st©pps many blessings from coming.
I was alre-ady enjoying myself because we have meet up with our target of children which is three children. Chinaza remain my first born followed by other two boys, Divine and Desmond.
Chinaza really did as the meaning of her name, she got scholarsh!pand was offered to study medicine abroad. We never prepared for that but it was a great news we can’t st©p her from benefiting from, pastor Dave agreed and she left for her studies.
Everything workth for good for those who trust in God.
May all ur sins whether merited or inherited sins upholding ur miracle be forgiven in Jesus’s name!!
Favour will locate u as u are re-ading this, may ur troubles be troubled, this is the end of ur ugly stories as this month comes to an end today.
THE END👏👏👏👄👄👄🌷


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