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What lies beneath Episode 30

Episode 30
The estate security arrived just in time and saw Oby still performing her drama.
She was crying heavily and sitting right in front of my car while demonstrating how she was going to die with her parents if I don’t help her.
I asked them to take her away and as the two security men were going towards her she rushed and hold onto my car and refused going with them.
“I’m not going anywhere with this men. You’re the only one I know and trust. plea-se help me… don’t do this to me because of my past wrongs. I only nee-d to stay this night and by morning I will leave, I’m very hungry and helpless plea-se. But if you choose not to help me then I will rather stay outside here and wait for whatever will kill me tonight. My father is critically down in the hospital and may not make it, my Mom blood pressure is on a deadly stage…if you can’t help my parents I have no reason to live anyway… because they will die without proper care. Maybe is better we all die together. if our death will make you feel you have taken a pound of your flesh from what we did to you… if it will truly make you happy then so be it. I’m not following this men anywhere…I will rather starve and die right here in front of your gate so you will see my dead b©dy by morning and jubilat that you have succeeded in killing both my parents and I due to your hatred and lack of forgiveness…
She continued crying seriously and refused to let any of the security t©uçh her.
“Oby, I don’t care if your dad is dying or not and I’m obviously not moved by those tears of yours. Is this not the same tears you were seriously shedding in your house while vomiting all manners of lies against me? You and the same Dad s£nt tugs to beat me up of which if they have succeeded I would have either be dead or left with b©dy injuries. you are capable of anything and I’m not moved by all this your displa-y. You’re definitely leaving here tonight and will never step your feet to this estate again because I will make sure of that. The security will bundle you out of here either by choice or by f0rç£. for humanity sake I will ask them to find means and give you food or whatever you care to eat before s£nding you off to whenever you [email protected]£ from in the morning.
Her cried turned into a whimper as she knelt down pleading beside my car at the driver side where I remained seated and unmoved by her actions.
I asked the security to take her away by any means that will make her leave my vicinity.
I also instructed them to feed her if necessary and give me the bill later on.
She refused going, they said they were going to apply f0rç£ so I gave them permission to use f0rç£ and take her.
They should use whatever means possible and drag her out of my environment.
I also warned that I never want to see her in the estate again.
They should make sure that they mark her face and don’t allow her cross the estate gate ever again.
While I waited and watched them trying to apply f0rç£ on Oby who was becoming aggressive and refused to be moved.
They had to call for the security patrol car and when it arrived they dragged her into the car and moved
I gave a sigh of relief as I drove into my gate.
It took more than two hours for all the drama with Oby to finally come to an end.
I really don’t un-derstand the kind of guts someb©dy like her has.
After all this years, she finally remembered that I’m her only saviour.
Thoughts about her still hurts like yesterday, I will rather try and think of something else.
I sle-pt late that night and did not bother waking in time as usual.
Angela called around 9am that I have a client waiting to see me in the office that morning.
I remembered that I was supposed to have a 10am appointment with someb©dy.
The person was an hour earlier than the agreed time.
Issue with Oby disorganized me last night and ma-king me wake up late.
I even saw several missed calls from the security. They should handle her and st©p calling me.
Last night I got into the house by almost 12am before I could refresh and sleep it was around 1:30am.
Waking early was out of the deal for me because of that.
I quic-kly got re-ady and left after asking Angela to find means and keep the client untill I arrived.
She promised to do so and s£nd a chat that she was alre-ady entertaining him and he was obviously enjoying it all.
“That’s my girl” I muttered with a smile after re-ading her chat.
I got to the office past 11am and Saw that the young fine man in an English suit, speaks polish English was still waiting and was obviously taking by Angela’s style.
His was focused on the CNN news showing on the big television screen and holding a cu-p of coffee that Angela served him.
Angela who left her own office to sit at the reception desk pretend to be working.
She quic-kly stood immediately she saw me enter, collected my office bag and went into my office to drop it while
I apologized to the young man for my lateness.
Angela [email protected]£ out, paused and said there was something on my cheek.
I turned from the client and looked at her with a knowing look while wiping my face with a face towel.
She [email protected]£ very close, placed a hand on my arm as she re-moved a strand of my facial towel thre-ad from my face.
I thanked her as she walked away to her office while the receptionist returned his seat.
I Saw the discomfort in the clients eyes even as he smiled.
We exchange a handshake as I led him into my office.
Angela must have her reasons for acting the way she did and I didn’t want to turn her down in front of a client.
It felt inappropriate for her to do that before a client yet I fizzled inwardly from her soft t©uçh.
After my meeting with the client, it appears it was going to be another success but we haven’t finalized our agreement.
If after next week we come to a mutual cons-en-sus then I can undoubtedly call it another successful addition.
Mr Peter recently returned from UK and wants to acquire not only a residential building but he also wants a bigger as-sets in less crowded location where he will establish his company.
He will be back by next week and until then I just have to remain hopeful that it will all work out.
After he Left, I called Angela into my office and caution her.
“You don’t do that in front of a client, is not officially right and it s£nd a wrong ideas to them. Even if you have to do that find a better means to pas-s the message and not the way you went about it.
She apologized as expected but I nee-d her to un-derstand that this was an office and certain behavior will not be overlooked.
She opened her mouth like she was going to say something and then close it.
turned and walked away.
I noticed all throu-gh that day and the following days she was all cold and tries to avoid me by all means.
She wasn’t her usual cheerful self and doesn’t look happy either.
I missed the real happy Angela and I knew something must be wrong.
Probably I was too harsh in my approach and generally the way I go about things in the office.
I nee-d to loos£n up a bit.
Angela has been a great personal as-sistant and I enjoy working with her.
I planned on buying her lunch or given her a small treat.
I hope she doesn’t get the wrong idea from my little act.
I met with my estate security during the weekend as they kept calling my line non-st©p.
I asked them how it went with Oby.
They told me she left the following day and they also warned her never to return back to the estate.
They told me how she felt relaxed most [email protected] of the night in the security lodge where they put her.
I asked if they fed her and how much was the bill if necessary and they said they did and gave me a receipt of the bill.
I glanced at it and saw thirty five thousand naira on the first receipt and another was sixteen thousand.
I turned to the man I was speaking to with a confused face.
“Thirty five thousand naira? Seventeen thousand? How… plea-se explain this, because I don’t un-derstand.
I said to the security who started explaining.
“Sir she was the one that ordered for the food and it got delivered to her. We planned going to buy food for her at a restaurant close to the estate gate but after asking her what she wants she told us not to worry that her food was on the way. We didn’t un-derstand until a dispatcher brou-ght the package which was around seventeen thousand and she asked me to pay that after all you asked us to give her whatever she wants. We are not the one sorting the bills so we should pay. It was my colleague that paid with his card and the following morning she ordered for something else. When they brou-ght the package again it was around thirty five thousand. I try calling you but you didn’t pick up. We wanted to inform you before paying for any other thing but after several calls and you didn’t respond we had to pay. another delivery man [email protected]£ with a package for her and she said is twenty nine thousand but my colleague and I on duty s£nt the delivery man back with his package. As she was leaving with her bags that mid day, she asked for some cash that we should add it to the bill. My colleague refused because we still haven’t informed you about the whole ordering she made. But just to make her leave I had to give her the only cash with me and that was nine thousand thousand naira. The total bill summoned up to sixty one thousand naira sir.
I scoffed as I looked from the receipt to the security man.
What where they thinking by paying for Oby’s orders when they could have s£nd back the dispatcher rider.
What exactly did she buy aside food.
This girl really wanted to use her last opportunity to her satisfaction.
I asked the security if they have an idea of the second thing she ordered aside food.
The man said that Oby told them is some medical stuffs and drugs for her sick hypertensive Mother but one of the boxes she claims was medicine box looks like a shoe box. While the other bigger one appears like a dress box with a symbol of wears on it.
He said it could be what she said and it may not because they did not see the items inside the package.
Well, it was my fault by asking them to give her whatever she wants and she decided to use that opportunity to her favour.
I transferred money to the security guard but that was after I angrily caution them.
How could they be paying for everything Oby bought without informing me first.
Do they think I grow money on trees, they felt I was capable to handle the bills because I ones in a while ti-p them most weekends if I’m driving out just to encourage them for their job.
They all [email protected]£ to apologise. I told them if I ever see Oby in my environment I will not only get her arrested they will also be included in the arrest.
I drove off after the transfer was confirmed.
I can’t believe I just [email protected] with over a sixty thousand because of Oby.
It could have been more if they have foolishly paid the twenty nine additional bill which would have made it almost a hundred thousand.
Wow! Oby really used her last advantage well.
Which made me wonder if her parents where truly sick.
She said her mother had a high blood pressure and her father was dying in the hospital.
How true is even all this story. If she can without conscience order for over sixty thousand naira worth of items within few hours then her story nee-ds to be investigated.
I have better things on my list I nee-ded to focus on.
Is better I leave Oby with her trouble.
Mr Peter [email protected]£ as agreed but we still didn’t finalize and had to set up for another meeting whenever he comes back from his travel.
I noticed the way he looks at Angela and Angela in turn react cheerfully around him.
It makes me wonder yet I choose to ignore and just watch.
I treated Angela to some treats just like i wanted to do.
She was thrown beyond excitement and freely hvgged me.
I’m glad she was back to her usual self but it seems I’m going to keep a closer look on her and Mr Peter.
I still wonder why I was bothered with whoever she chose to fleet with.
just maybe my concern was because the young Mr Peter, good looking with fine polished English was a prospective client.
After weeks pas-sed, I have managed to put Oby’s drama behind me when my phone started ringing that Sunday evening.
I checked the caller and was stunned at first.
Is probably a mistaken call because this person can’t possibly be calling me.
After three missed calls, she didn’t call again until after two hours later.
She started calling again.
I decided to pick up.
“Hello… good evening sir. Longest time… how have you been and how is work?
“, Very well… and you?
I managed to ask
“I’m fine o. I just wanted to check up on you sir. I was afraid you won’t ever pick my call… thanks for finally answering the call.
“No problem Ezi. How’s married life like… and how’s your husband?
“I’m not married sir.
She replied back and I can s-en-se sadness in her voice. I was quiet surprised but I try not to show it or ask her what happened.
“Oh really. Okay… thanks for checking up Ezi. Nice hearing from you again…
She replied back before ending the call.
I guess she was waiting for me to ask what happened but I disappointed her on that.
As a matter of fact I moved on with life and put everything about Ezi behind me.
As much as I want to know why she wasn’t married after pushing me away and saying her Uche was a better man than I will ever be and she will rather be with him than me. I really do not care about what happened.
Everyb©dy should just stay in their lane and live as they plea-se.
I thought of Oby, maybe Eziaku could help me check if truly Oby’s parents were critically ill and about to die.
Not for anything just to confirm my curiosity about Oby.
I began to doubt her after what she recently did again.
I called Eziaku back and she quic-kly answer and responded like someb©dy expecting something from me.
“Hello Ezi, can you do something for me since you’re in the village…
“I’m not in the village sir” she quic-kly interrupted and continued.
“…but tell me what you want me to do I have people that I can call in the village that will help me out.
I told her what I wanted to investigate and she promised to get back to me.
After the call, I moved on with my usual activities.
we-ther Oby’s story is true or not it absolutely changes nothing.
And If is a lie, it only confirms who she has always been from onset.
I silently wondered why Eziaku wasn’t married and where exactly she was since she wasn’t in the village like I thought.
But I’m not asking her to avoid getting into another emotional mess.
Let me wait for her feedback concerning Oby.

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