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Unwanted fiance episode 5 & 6

🌜(just one night with him changed everything )🌛
🔥(My forbidden de-sire for him)🔥
💭Dora POV💭
I layed on the be-d as the tears kept on pouring from my face.
Michael had said that he hates me and he has gotten back with Grace.
All my efforts had just been in vain, I gave him my all only for him to reject it and that alone hurt like hell….
“I will never love someone like you”
His words kept on ringing in my head and each time I remember my heart hurts a lot.
“Little Miss Dora” the maid called my name as she walked into my room
“Your parents wants to see you” having given her information, She left the room.
I stood up cleaning my face and I went to meet them.
I was about getting to the sitting room when I heard them all talking.
“She has to go dad” Grace yelled
“Thats right love, the girl has bring nothing but shame to us” my mom added
“But where would she go to ? she has no one” My dad said.
This is the first time my dad ever defended me.
“She can go and stay with your mother, At least she should stay there until things cool down a bit, Cant you see that my baby is so annoyed with her” My mom replied.
“What do you think about all this Michael?” My dad asked him
“I will go with Grace, Dora should leave” He said
On hearing that I felt my heart breaking more.
“See dad, everyone wants her to leave, So just get her out of here Or I would leave”Grace added before leaving the room with Michael trailing behind her.
Breathing in a sigh, I went out to meet my parents.
On seeing me, my mom hissed at me and walk out of the room, Leaving me with my Dad.
“Your sister doesnt want to live with you again ” my dad said gently
“And so I have to go”
“Yes , let it all die down a bit, you will be staying with your grandmother”he said
“At least am being provided with a house ”
“You caused this Dora ,so dont blame anyone but yourself,so start parking, you are leaving today”with that said he left the room
Sadly I went back to my room and began to pack my things.
At least at my grandma would be much more welcoming than them.
She has been the one that have always treated me like a family.
All of them turned their back against me,Even Micheal……
I went downstairs with my luggage, a car was the only thing waiting outside for me.
None of them [email protected]£ out to say goodbye
Starring at the house one last time, I got into the car and left.
I knew that I would never come back to this house……..
A months later
“Your sure that you dont want to come to the wedding” grandma Darcy said as she got dressed for it.
“Am sure, I dont want to” I said as I helped her with her hair
“Your not still stuck up on that Michael of a guy” she asked me and I sighed before answering her
“Its been a month now,have moved on grandma”
“But your refusing to go to the wedding still means something “she asked
“No granny, it doesnt and its time you go or you would be late” I said to her
A while later I stood by the door waving her off.
I sighed as I walked back In, Today is the day they get married.
the love of my life with my sister , I wasnt even invited.
But why would they invite me, Afterall am just a nob©dy.
Ever since I left the house two month ago, they never tried to call me or reach out to me
Afterall I was the bad egg in their life and finally Grace has gotten rid of me, What she has always wanted from the begining.
When I [email protected]£ here to stay with Granny , She welcomed me wholeheartedly and listened to my story.
She made me feel at home and have showered me with love from the first day I started staying here.
I got into the sitting room only to the newspaper which had Michael picture on it. I took it from the table and starred at it , I had promised myself to forget about him but I just cant, not now that am pregnant with his child.
Well I had found out a week ago that I was pregnant, But what would be the ess£nce of telling him when he would only hate me more.
I havent even told granny about it, I thought as I sat on the be-d
No one must know, well at least until the child is born.
I sle-pt until granny [email protected]£ back and i was surprised that she was back early.
“Whats wrong granny, why so soon” I said and she bur-st out laughing.
“The wedding turned out bad”
“What do you mean by bad?”
“Your sister got to the altar and so a straight no, i was shocked at first but when she gave out her reason everything [email protected]£ clear”
“What reason?”
“That he sle-pt with you, cheated on her, she practically made him a laughing stock ”
My heart went out to Michael, I wonder how he must be feeling.
“Serves him right, If only he had stayed with you, Your bit-ch of a sister would not have done that to him”
“But he doesnt love me, he loves Grace”
“Now that grace has dump, let him keep on loving her”she said and laughed again
Throu-gh the rest of the day, I thought about Michael, I wonder how he must be doing.
It was quite late in the night and granny had gone to [email protected] poker game with her friend
I was the only one at home, I was about going to sleep when there was a knock at the door
Thinking it was granny, I went to open the door.
Only to see Michael there and he was starring at me angrily……..
🌜(just a ni-ght w!th him , changed everything)🌛
🔥(my forbidden de-sire for him)🔥
Chapter 6✌
💭Dora pov💭
I stood shocked starring at him, He was in his wedding attire and he looked dishevelled and dirty.
Where had he gone to? and why is here? I thought as I kept starring at him
“Surprised right ?” He said giving me a look of contempt.
I knew that the reason why he [email protected]£ to me, Wasn’t because he wanted to k!ssand make up but to hurt me more.
“plea-se leave” I said wanting to close the door on his face but with one kick the door opened
And It missed hitting me because I moved back
I stared at Michael, He looked like some possessed devil.
“I loved her, I really loved her but because of what you did you made her leave me right at the altar, ma-king me look like a laughing stock” He said angrily
“Well am sorry if she behaved that way with you but it has nothing to do with me “I said
“Are you sure uh? Can you say that all this isn’t your fault” He said pu-lling me by my shoulders
“Okay, It is my fault okay, Whats so wrong in it, I made love with the man I love and that is something that I wont ever forget” I said
“Well you better forget it, cause each time I think about you and what happened that night,I feel disgusted with myself ” He said angrily
“That’s not true, what happened between us that night was special” I said holding his cheek , Starring at him
“You made love to me and I did with you, though i drugged you with the pill, you knew who you were slee-ping with” I said
“You drugged me?” He said
“I was desperate, I just had to have your love”
“And to get it, you stooped that low, What [email protected]£ over you, I thought you were smarter than that” He yelled at me again
“That’s because I love you Michael, If only you had love me back, I would have got on that altar with you and married you” I said hvgging him to myself
“No, no,let me go” he said pushing me away with all his might and I fell on the floor
“Get it into your head , I would never, ever love you” He said angrily
I wanted to reply but I felt a sharp pain and I stayed still
“un-der no circu-mtance must you stress yourself, just with a little stress, the child will be gone ”
Remembering the doctor words got me feeling scared, the pain I felt right now could it be my child?
“You have no idea how much I hate you right now? You took away my happiness, I regret the day I ever met you”
“Michael plea-se…….” I said softly, wanting him to see the pain am going throu-gh physically
“I hope I never get to see you again for the rest of my life, did you hear me, I never want to see you again” He said and left the room…..
“Michael……our…..our child is in danger” I said softly but he couldnt hear because he was gone……..
The pain kept on coming and I found it ha-rd to breathe, I felt something trick-ling down my legs, I t©uçhed it and saw that it was blood, I knew then and there that my child was dead…….and slowly i began to lose conciousness but not before seeing granny running towards me……
I woke up to find myself in the hospital, memories of what happened [email protected]£ flooding into my head and gently I began to cry……
The doctor walked in along with my granny…..
“Hey whats with the tears?”my granny said coming to me
“Tell me, my child? Is he dead” I said and her expression changed
“Unfortunately you lost your child, the fall you had caused it” the doctor said and I found myself crying ha-rder….
The doctor left and my granny held me until I cried my eyes out
“Its him right? I saw him leaving In his car when I arrived, Did he push you ?” She said but i didnt say a thing
“That piece of trash made you lose his child, How blind can he be? Cant he see how much you love him” she said
” I just realised that he isn’t worth that love” I said crying
“Yes he isn’t but before anything else , I will go and see that fool and give him a piece of my mind” she said
“No plea-se granny, dont!”
“No Isadora you’ve tolerated enough from that man, Its time he listens to some truth, I will be back soon” she said k!ss!ngmy forehead before walking off.
I Dont want to see anyone, much less Michael.
His final words have finally made me come to my s-en-ses.
He doesn’t love me and he is not the man I thought him to be
From now on, Micheal cease to exist for me too
He made me pay for what I did for letting my child die, i thought as the tears [email protected]£ back
I have to leave, I dont want to be here anymore, have got to go away, To forget, To heal ,I just have to leave……. I thought removing the cover.
As soon as I left the hospital, I went back home to pack
Granny would be worried, so I wrote a letter down for her…..
Walking out of the house with my bag in toll, I left the place for good.

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