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The minister’s son Episode 23 & 24

Mercy and I left the office after a little more chat with Monica who had lots of apologies to make. We went straight into her car and I was more than willing to drive, it was long since I sat behind the sterling.
As I started off the engine, I remembered someone, Brian. He had always sat beside me during my both official and secret journeys, the young boy had known me better than anyone else, I had entrusted him with all my secrets. Brian would have never failed me, I would live to regret his death. He was so young, so immature to die, he had been so precious to me. Brian had not worked for money, he whole heartedly worked to sew me comfortable. There was a bond between us, he was like a little brother to me.
“Why are you crying?” Mercy startled me from my memories.
“Crying?” I tried to cheer up.
“Yeah, you have tears on your…”
“Well, its just a tiny fly that have entered my eye but…”
“But you have tears on your both eyes David.” She said smiling though she sounded concerned. I had no otherwise than to tell her the truth, I had only Joyce and her to talk to, my mother was in unknown place. I nee-ded to be listened to, I nee-ded to be comforted.
“I told you about Brian, I still blame myself for his death, I shouldn’t have involved him, he was too young for…..” I must have been emotionally sad, a condition which makes a man look like an idiot, a fool.
“David! Do you want us to revenge for Brian’s death or not?” She asked almost harshly.
“I want!”
“Good, if you want it and you still want to find your mother and Serena, if you want justice for your family, then, you have to be strong, be a man.” I found wisdom in her words, I liked her personality, she would have sat there trying to mourn with me but she was different, she was an iron lady. Strong, intelligent and focused, those are the three dangerous qualities that a Lady can posses. A lady that you can’t fool and you can’t scare with a [email protected] is dangerous to live with.
We arrived at her [email protected] in forty minutes time, Rozina, who now lived with her, had gone out with Mercy’s younger sister.
Mercy was an organized lady, her house was well fitted, everything in it appeared rich, considering her age and her former job, she was doing just perfectly. She was no doubt living slightly above her clas-s, or maybe, I un-derestimated her.
“You must be more than a nurse Mercy, this place is awesome.” I remarked.
“Say that again and I will still tell you, am jobless as we speak, not even a nurse.” She joked as though she didn’t mind. I knew it would take me almost a lifetime to un-derstand the kind of a person she was. A lady who appeared so simple, open, careless but in real s-en-se very organized, lovely and focused. I wondered if I would have married her if we had met before I met Serena. She was ever happy, always cracking a new joke, I always enjoyed her company. But then, there was only one Lady meant to marry me, Serena, thinking about another lady would be a betrayal itself.
Mercy directed me into the shower after which we had some drinks as we chatted on our way forward.
Later in that evening we drove to City View restaurant where we had to meet. Joyce, Rozina,Maccain and Joe were to be [email protected] of the meeting. We nee-ded to discuss our way forward, my main aim being to find my mother. According to Rozina, my mother was the only one who knew where Serena was, after leaving the hospital, she had taken her to unknown place, fearing for her life.
Joyce and Maccain joined us fifteen minutes after our arrival, we had found Joe alre-ady settled with some bottles of whisky.
I ordered some drinks for all of us after the introductions, I was glad to introduce Mercy to them, I knew they would like her character.
“Sir.” Joe began.
“I propose that I may be addressed as David, my digestive system has a problem with the title ‘sir’.” They all laughed but I was serious.
“OK David.”
“You can call the minister sir but not me, you are my brothers and sisters.”
“He is nolonger a minister though.” Maccain put in.
“What do you mean?” I was curious.
“You haven’t got the evening news?”
“No Maccain, tell us, what happened to Minister Mutua?” Joe asked for the benefit of all of us, none seemed to have heard about it.
“The minister was f0rç£d to resign this evening, this was after the vote of no confidence was pas-sed against him by the members of parliament.” Maccain explained, it was the best news I had received on that day.
“What a news! That’s gorgeous!” I remarked [email protected] my hands and thus attra-cting the nearby waitress.
“May I help you?” She inquired.
She seemed so re-ady to serve us, it was her job of course.
Everyone on the table turned their looks on me expectantly.
We had enough drinks on our table, I couldn’t order for more.
“Which beer do you take?” I asked her.
“Tusker, sir.”
“Three bottles on my bill, I mean five.” The news of the minister loosing his post had caused more than joy to me, for the first time I felt that the world was moving towards my fate. For the first time I was [email protected] ‘my father’s’ failure and loss.
“Why would they do that to him? ” Mercy asked.
“The case we filed against him is grave, he can’t be a minister for security yet he is accused of murder. If at all he wins the case, he might take back his post as the minister.” Maccain explained.
“Now that he isn’t a minister, he is less powerful, it’s our advantage.” Joe put in.
“Yes and no, he might be less careless and more dangerous now that he has no office to protect.” I argued. I knew him, he was the worst man the world had ever produced, his office as a minister had always been his concern, he did everything with care not to loose it.
*Somewhere away from David.*
She felt so weak to move, every [email protected] of her ached. She prayed that she would see David , her only son ones more. She would beg for his forgiveness, she saw Mark’s image all over in the darkness. Mark was her late husband, David’s father. She knew that she had caused his death, now her death was near. For three days now she had not taken anything, not even a drop of water.
She remembered how she had said goodbye to David, its like she knew the Minister’s plan of having her kidnapped and killed, she regretted having not k!$$£d her son David goodbye. She prayed that one day the court may re-lease him to fight for justice, she had confidence in her son, David was extraordinary, in him there were powers, powers that no was would contain, as his mother, she knew how truth it was. David would never rest before achieving his goal, she was happy to die in such a great hope. She wished to have lived long to see her own son bring justice and redeem millions of lives, she knew it was too late for her. The sound of an opening door confirmed her fear, she knew whom it was.
Man Kennedy appeared with his bright t©uçh, from the day she was kidnapped, she had been un-der his custody. Though she believed that the minister had a hand in it, she had not met him. The hvge man (Man Kennedy) had not bothered to explain why he kidnapped her or what he nee-ded from her.
He unwra-pped her mouth and produced his gun at the same time.
“What do you want with me?” David’s mother asked in a weak voice, a voice of a starving lady.
“I want to kill you, it’s my job.” He c0cked his gun.
“Why should you kill me? Am just like your mother…”
“I never got to know my mother or Dad, she left me by the roadside to die, since then I have known nothing but trouble, I wouldn’t hesitate killing her.” He roared.
“If she wanted you to die, she would have killed you herself .” She argued.
“Bull$h!t! I have a mission to kill you, are you not the minister’s wife?”
“I am.”
“Good, he wants you dead, he would have been here to kill you himself but he is mourning…”
“Mourning?! My son is dead?!!! Uuuuuuui!” He gave her a heavy b!ow which took her sometime to regain her breath. She was breeding throu-gh her nose and mouth.
“Make more noise and I will make your death slow and painful, you should be greatful that I chose to shoot you , its a fair death, no much pain.” He smiled mischievously.
He produced a roll of tobacco and handed it to her.
“Lit it for me, I have good news for you before you die, its about your son David.” She had no option, she really nee-ded the news. “Good. Now, the first one, David was set free from prison, second, the minister, your husband lost his job and a murder case awaits him next week and that’s why you must die, you are an eye witness. The minister fears you might be found and give a testimony against him.” He raised his gun to shoot her.
She was happy to hear that her son was free. She now felt free to die.
“Look into my eyes.” She said emotionally.”One day, my son will kill you for this, he will revenge for my death, he is stronger than any born son of a woman. Shoot me.” She knelt down so that the gun pointed her che-st.
Man Kennedy let out a loud laughter that left the ironsheets [email protected]
“Your son dies tonight, Joe Ngigi, your gateman will kill him tonight in a restaurant where they have a meeting. He pretends to be on his side, they trust him.” He laughed ones more as he reached for the trigger. She closed her eyes as tears flown down her cheeks, she waited for her death. There [email protected]£ a loud gunsh0t, she knew she was dead, she wondered why it took her so long to die. She opened her eyes to see Man Kennedy on the floor, two figures approached her, one was a man and another one was a lady.
“Maddam? Are you alright? Its me, Mohammed, you are safe.” She couldn’t believe it.
“Mom, its me…” She said bending to support her. “Its me, Serena.”
“Maddam? Are you alright? Its me, Mohammed, you are safe.” She couldn’t believe it.
“Mom, its me…” She said bending to support her. “Its me, Serena.”
“Serena?” She asked in disbelief.
“Its me madam, thank God Mohammed traced you. plea-se, how is David? Where is my love David?” Serena was curious but before she got her answer, David’s mother pas-sed out. She was not only tired , hungry and thirsty but she also suffered from b©dy pains, she had been tortured and beaten by her kidnappers.
When David’s mother gained her conscious, she was in a hospital be-d, Serena sat beside her.
“Where am I?” She asked.
“You are in hospital madam, you [email protected] after we saved you from the hands of your kidnapper.” Serena explained patiently.
“In what [email protected] of Nairobi are we?” She asked ones more.
“Nairobi? You don’t remember anything?” Serena was concerned.
“Tell me plea-se, my son nee-ds my help, I must see him!” She insisted.
“We are in Mombasa, after ….”
“Mombasa? Oh no! I must get back to Nairobi.” She demanded trying to get off her be-d, the pains on her back st©pped her, she had no choice than to sleep back.
“They don’t requires you to have more rest as he treats you. Nairobi is also too dangerous for both of us.” Serena explained, she pitied her, she knew she was a good lady, rich but humble. Serena was glad to have saved her life, it was like a payback since David’s mother had saved hers too.
“I want to see my son!” She cried helplessly after discovering she was too weak to leave her be-d.
“I also want to meet David, that’s all I dream of, that’s all my heart de-sires, even it means giving out my life for the same, but remember what you told me? David would love to see me alive not dead, you told me to be patient, I hearkened to that, you have to be patient too madam, David loves you, he will die of stress if he learns your death.” Serena convinced. She had no choice than to take her words, as a mother of fact, the city was a dangerous place for both of them. They nee-ded to take more cover as they tactically planed on how to help David.
David’s mother looked at the clock on the wall, it re-ad 09:00hours in the morning, she remembered something. Tears started forming in her eyes, she was in great terror.
“Are you alright madam?” Serena was concerned.
“No, my son, my son was supposed to die last night…” She let her tears flow freely.
“What? But….but…” Serena couldn’t find her words.
“A dangerous as-sas-sin was hired to kill him, his name is Joe, David believes him to be on his side, I was told that they were to have a meeting last night where Joe would kill him.” She broke into fresh tears.
Serena was moved by the news but she believed in David, she had lived to trust his strength. She felt it that David was alive, she now believed in David. His mother had explained everything to her concerning David’s life, she now believed him as a supernatural being.
“David is alive.” Serena said shortly as she wiped away her tears.
“How do you know?”
“Because I feel it, If he was dead, I would feel it, maybe I would be dead too.” Serena explained, her eyes lit with hope. David’s mother saw new future and hope in those eyes of Serena.
David was not used to much drinking but on that night, he took more than enough. It was difficult to maintain his balance.
His friends were no exemption , Mercy ,Maccain and Rozina were more than drun!k. On the other side, Joyce and Joe Ngigi had taken little beer and therefore they were still sober.
Joe was sure of his victory, killing David and Rozina would be an easy task. He thanked his gods for the promising victory, he foresaw his wage after the task, he would be billionaire.
Joe knew that his cousin Mercy would blame him as-sas-sinating David, he believed that a few millions to Mercy would make her heart soften towards him, he knew ladies loves money.
It was few minutes to midnight, Joe’s phone rang and he moved out to pick it.
He stood at the parking zone and picked the phone, he was sure no one was around to eavesdrop.
“Hello sir.”
“Have you done it?” There [email protected]£ the minister’s voice.
“Almost sir, they are totally drun!k, I will drive the two home and finish them on the way.” He said proudly, he had never failed in his mission. He was sorry to had disappointed the minister when he failed to kill Rozina. The minister had threatened to kill his cousin Mercy if he failed to kill Rozina and David. Of all the people, he wouldn’t loose his precious cousin.
Everyone agreed that Joe should drive David and Rozina home. He appeared less drun!kand strong compared to the rest. As he sat on the driver’s seat, he felt for his gun beneath his belt. David was alre-ady snoring at the back seats , Rozina sat beside him.
Joe smiled and he started the engine….

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