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The minister’s son Episode 19 & 20

“Rozina has been taken to Kenyatta hospital for further treatment.” She informed sadly, from my sad story, she knew what that meant.
“That’s too dangerous! We can’t loose Rozina, she is all I have to witness on my appeal and to confess against the minister.” I was alre-ady on my legs, if anything, I nee-ded to protect Rozina, failure the truth may never be proved.
“The minister insisted on it, he ordered for her to be transfered to the referral hospital, by then you were unconscious.” She was as tensed as I was, I saw some hope in her concern.
“You have to help me Mercy, plea-se, in any way you can.” I pleaded holding her both hands.
“I will help you David, just tell me how, I will do anything to ensure the evil man gets punished by the law.”
“Thank you my lady, I will be forever indebted to you. Now, I nee-d you to get me out of this place.” I suggested.
“You want to escape again?” There was shock on her face.
“Not that I want, its the only d–n solution we have, you and I are aware of how important Rozina is.” I tried to convince. She stared on the floor for a couple of minute which to me seemed a century.
“We are running out of time, tell me no and I will have to tie you up again, you liked, didn’t you?”
“No dummy, now, I have a plan.”
“Bring it forth my lady.” I was curious.
“Tough things requires tough guys.”
“Like you and I? Give me a break.” I joked.
“Will you…?” She sounded agitated.
“Sorry dear, go ahead, my digestion system is on fire.”
“I have a cousin who is equal to the task, he is an as-sas-sin though I hate to say so, am sure you know him.” She paused to study my face.
“I know no such a person, do we nee-d such a person really?”
“His name is Joe Ngigi, he is the toughest man I have ever known.”
“Wait, you said Joe who?”
“Ngigi, your very own gatekeeper, the minister employed him as a gatekeeper for a reason, he gives him a job to kill everyone that threatens his political ambition.” She explained, it was ha-rd to believe her but I had to.
“Then that means he is loyal to the minister, how do we win him to work for us?”
“He is my cousin, we have been brou-ght up together like a brother and sister, Joe loves me, he will do anything for me.” She as-sured me.
“Even betraying his own boss? Which means loosing his job?”
“Yes, if I offer him a better job and salary, though he doesn’t have to leave his job.”
“Its risky to let him proceed working there, but its equally important as we may nee-d to know the minister’s evil plans.” I suggested. “Oh yeah, infact he might be the one to given the contract of killing Rozina.” She smiled at our new line of success, there was no doubt that we had some hope.
“Do you think he might have been used to kill my mother, Brian and Serena’s mother?” I asked sadly. She stared at me with a new panic, she seemed so afraid.
“I promise not to harm him, if anything, he was just a servant of a murderer. Now, st©p wearing that cowardice look, I can’t stand it.” I tried to cheer her up but I was still not sure about it, what if I found out that Joe Ngigi had killed my very precious people in my life? Would I just forgive him and let him go, just because he did it as a job? He might as well pay it with his head off his n£¢k, that would mean betraying Mercy who had not reconsidered her decision of telling me everything, it seemed she was so given to helping me to reason.
“Promise me you won’t harm or hurt my cousin Joe.” She pleaded with an appealing look into my eyes.
“Come on Mercy, you have my words, now plea-se, let’s discuss it on how to get Joe, we nee-d him to steal Rozina from Kenyatta hospital.” I suggested.
“Where do we take her? She is badly wounded.”
“To your house, you can be treating her there, can’t you?”
“You promised to help, no buts my dear.” I said with an easy finality.
“Alright although that’s too much.” She complained.
“Nothing is too much to sacrifice for justice and freedom.”
“OK, should I make a phone call to him right now, he will be here in thirty minutes time.” She said.
“What’s the time?”
“Its six in the morning, he reports to the job at eight o’clock to take over from the night guards, right?” She was right.
At exactly 07:05hours, the door was pushed open and Joe got in, Mercy stood to welcome him. He had not yet noticed me.
“Hello dear.” He greeted as they hvgged.
“Hello Joe, you took so long, if I was being attacked I would be dead by now.” She joked.
“I was so sleepy and tired, I had a tiresome mission last night.” He confessed.
“Mission? What mission?” She asked as I held my breath.
“The usual Missions, Minister’s missions.” He said causing a cold shiever in my blood.
“You killed Rozina? Cousin! You killed Rozina?” She cried.
“How did you know….”
“Tell me Joe! Where is Rozina?” I was alre-ady on his collar.
“Sir? Am…am…sir..” He stammered.
“Have you killed her?! Talk to me!” I shook him vigourosly.
“David! You are hurting him!” Mercy pleaded.
“I will kill him right now! Unless he confesses!” I threatened.
“But you promised!”
“Not all promises can be kept, some are beyond agreements!” I held him by his n£¢k.
“I will call the police guarding this door and you will be arrested.” I threatened ones more.
“But David! David you promised.” Mercy was weeping, she was guilty of betraying her own cousin.
“There is only one way to save your skin, confess to me, be re-ady to work with me even if it means confessing against the minister, I promise that you will be safe and free. I fight for justice and equality which you stand to be a beneficiary, for how long will a rich man use you to do evils he fears to do with his own hands? Just for a few coins?” I guess I was emotional .
“David, as much as I want to help you, its not simple.” He confessed.
“Go on, all I nee-d is the truth, you have alre-ady killed Rozina, haven’t you?”
“Rozina is alive, I kidnapped her yesterday as your Dad instructed me.” I was relieved by his words.
“Thank the gods, where is she?” I was curious. “un-der my custody, I won’t harm her if we agree that I will be safe from the cops.”
I promised him, he had my words, all I nee-ded was for him to work with Mercy, Rozina and I to see the Minister suffer for his crimes.
Joe promised to lie to Dad that Rozina was alre-ady dead from her wors£ned wounds. Mercy would take care of her until when she would be strong enough to stand before the judge and confess against the Minister.
Two weeks later, the minister’s lawyer, the minister himself, Mercy, Maccain, Joe and I met in the court. The courtroom was into its capacity, the journalists were everywhere. The case was to be broadcasted live on various media houses. I was sure of victory over the minister, he had no option than to confess and be judged. My heart was still in pain, the pain of loosing my mother, de-ep within me , I felt that my mother was still alive. I prayed that one day, my mother , Serena and i be reunited again, that’s alone would restore my joy. The three of us would discuss the wisdom of my dead servant and friend Brian, we all loved him, the four of us had something in common.
Eventually, the judge entered and all of us stood on our feets. As the rest sat, I made my way to the defendant bench.
“You have to be strong David.” Mercy had advised, she had turned to be a very important person in my life, she was a source of motivation and consolation.
“Thanks dear, thank you for everything.” I had pe-cked her and left.
Now in the courtroom, I looked at her and she win-ked at me, we smiled at each other.
Eventually, the judge opened her file.
“David Kamau Mutua, you are now popular to this court.” She paused to look around.
“Today you have been accused of escaping from the prison, attempting to [email protected]£ our nurse madam Mercy Maina, threatening to kill his Excellency the minister who happens to be your Dad and shooting his maid Rozina who died days later.” He paused and lowered his spects.
I had not expected such grave accusations, I smiled as Maccain stood from his sit holding Rozina by her right hand.
“Your honour, I object to all the accusations and allegations against my client, first of all, let me enjoy the plea-sure of introducing Rozina Njabi, the minister’s maid who is said to be dead by the hands of my client.” I saw the minister’s face turn pale and in shock, it was clear he hadn’t seen her…
“This court should be aware that my client have continuously been [email protected]£ and its time for the truth to be revealed.” Maccain paused as the judge continued writing something on her file.
“Your honour, plea-se allow me to ask few questions to the nurse whom my client is accused to have [email protected]£d.”
“I object against any intimidation, may this take precautions of having the evidences being interfered with. Your honour….” Achieng’ defended.
“Silence in court!” The judge ordered.
“Proceed.” The judge nodded at Maccain to proceed. I s-en-sed victory.
“Thank you my lord, now I would like to interview Lady Mercy.” I saw Mercy move to the bench and being sworn that she was bound to speak nothing but the truth. “Kindly, tell this court your full names.”Maccain requested.
“Thank you, your honour, my names are Mercy Wambui Maina.”
“What is your occu-pation madam Mercy?”
“I work in the prison clinics as the chief nurse.”
“Thank you, now tell us what happened on 12th this month this year, where were you?”
“Your honour, on that [email protected] [email protected]£ I was in the clinics as usual.”
“At around three in the evening, did you encounter my client in ward nine? What happened?”
“Yes, he was brou-ght when he was unconscious, I treated him as it has always been my duty. When he gained back his consciousness, I discovered that his state of mind was not sane, as a proffesional nurse I knew he was suffering from temporal insanity caused by stress but before I could inject him for some rest as I seek for a solution, he [email protected]£d and tied me on the be-d.”
“What then?”
“He made away with the keys.” She concluded.
“Objection your honour! The lady was completely n-ked when she was found!” Achieng protested.
“Your honour, I protest against any intimidation and insult to my personality, I have never been [email protected]£d in the whole of my life, am saying nothing but the truth.” Mercy protested.
“Then explain to the court why on earth you were n-ked and why you had semens on your lower [email protected] of the belly….” That was Achieng.
“Your honour, I won’t stand here and watch this honourable court see my client being [email protected]£d. Mercy puts it clear, she wasn’t [email protected]£d.” Maccain put across.
“I had no semen on any [email protected] of my b©dy neither was I n-ked. I would like to file a case against that insult to my reputation.” Mercy was turning more strong and interesting, I was liking every word she spoke.
“Your honour…” Achieng tried to ch!pin but the judge cut her short.
“The story about the nurse being [email protected]£d has turned out to be a mere allegation and this court has wipes it out unless the defendant side seek to file a case against the complainant side. This court would also like to listen to Rozina’s story from her own mouth.” The judge opened a new page on his file and I saw the minister wipe his face with a handkerchief, he must have been sweating.
“Thanks your honour…” Maccain started.
“Your honour, our main witness on that case is yet to arrive, we pray that this court bear with us and the case be adjourned up to the afternoon hours.” Achieng pleaded.
“In that case, this court has been adjourned and resumes at two in the afternoon.” The judge stood and left. I didn’t bother minding on why the minister’s team wanted the case adjourned, there was no doubt they wanted to buy more time.
I was still un-der my initial s£ntence in jail and therefore I was not free like the rest of my team. We all moved into the waiting room each with bright smiles for our promising victory.
On my side, de-ep within me there was sorrow, all was not well, I nee-ded my family, I missed my family. What I was pas-sing throu-gh was not all I wished for, I missed my mother, I missed those days when we all cared for each0ther , when I hvgged the minister who by then I reffered to as my Dad and k!$$£d my mom for a goodnight, those days were long gone but ha-rd to forget. Now
we were great enemies, enemies who would kill each other.
“Yes sir.”
“Will you confess against the minister?”
“Yes I will.” He smiled and I smiled back.
Someb©dy knocked the door, it was Achieng, the Minister’s lawyer.
She told me that the Minister had a message for me, she switched on a certain video on her phone. There she was , my own mother , wra-pped around on her mouth. There were tears on her eyes….

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