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The lover boy Episode 21 & 22

💖 The Loverboys💖
(Who treated my dog?)
Episode 21
By: Faith Lucky
Jeanne’s Pov:
After a while, Mrs Tristan returned home.
Gosh! This woman’s so busy. No wonder she desperately nee-ded a nanny for her daughter.
I had as-sisted Evans in ma-king all the foods he nee-ded to prepare and he had began arranging them on the dining.
I went to Molly’s room to check up on her and noticed she was awake and was pla-ying games with her ipad.
I sat on the be-d and waited for her to round up the game and when she was done, we left the room and went into the sitting room.
The lovergirls were here!
They’d arrived.
I didn’t even notice.
Oh, my God! They were looking so h0t and clas-sic and beautiful.
There were just five of them and Kim was looking outstanding.
She was putting on a crazy jeans trou-ser and a blue turtle n£¢k shi-t.
They were all laughing with the Loverboys – minus Alex- who were welcoming them into the house.
“Molly!” Kim called immediately she saw us.
She [email protected]£ forward and pu-ll-ed Molly in a hvg.
“Good evening, aunt Kim” molly said in her sweet tiny voice.
“Good evening sweetheart. Long time no see. And how’re you?” She asked genialy with a smile.
Hm. She sounded so sweet. Too bad she has a two sided personality.
“I’m fine, aunt Kim” Molly replied and she t©uçhed her cheeks.
Then she looked up at me and our eyes interlocked at the moment. She rolled her eyes and stared away.
“Is dinner re-ady? I’m starving” she turned back to the Loverboys and asked.
Immediately, Mrs Tristan [email protected]£ in.
“Aunt!” She called excitedly and hurried to [email protected] her.
“Kim! oh my God! I had no idea you’d be coming” Mrs Tristan said as she responded to the hvg and Kim chuckled.
“How’re you doing, Kim?” She asked.
“I’m fine, aunt”.
“Good evening, Mrs Tristan” the rest of the lovergirls greeted in unison.
“good evening lovelies. And how’re you?” She asked warmly.
“We’re fine Mrs Tristan”.
“plea-se, can we move over to the dining? I think there’s been enough drama alre-ady” Carl said and they laughed and proceeded to the dining.
Molly and I went along with them.
Mrs Tristan sat on the head of the table. Carl, Malcolm and Daniel sat on the same row at the left hand side. While the lovergirls sat on the same row as well, facing the lover boys.
Evans and two other boys [email protected]£ up and started serving the foods.
“Nanny, come and have a seat. I want you to feed me” Molly said just when I was about leaving.
I turned in surprise and noticed a disgruntled look on Kim’s face.
“Molly” she called and laughed dryly.
“Come on molly. You don’t nee-d your nanny to feed you. You’re not a baby anymore”
“But I want her to do it. I want her to have dinner with us” Molly insisted.
“But, Molly…”
“Come on, Kim” Mrs Tristan cut in.
“It’s okay for Jeanne to have dinner with us. She’s my daughter’s nanny and that makes her [email protected] of the family.”
Kim huffed immediately and looked furious, but tried to cover it up with a smile.
I gulped nervously and sat next to Molly.
If thoughts could kill, I’m pretty sure I’d have been dead by now because of how angry Kim was.
But what’s her problem, anyway?
Evans and the two boys were done serving the foods and we started eating.
I glanced at the lovergirls and noticed how stylish they were eating.
They were so beautiful and clas-sic. Can I really be one of them?
“Hold on; where’s Alex?” Kim suddenly asked.
“Oh! He’s in his room. He made it clear he wouldn’t be joining us” Malcolm replied and she flin-ched.
“What? Hell no. I didn’t come all the way here to have dinner without him” she groused and stood on her feet.
“And where’s that room of his again?” She asked as she took the right staircase.
I watched in amusement. Was she really going to bring him out?
“How’s your training, Jeanne?” Mrs Tristan asked after a short while.
“It’s fine ma’am. Thanks a lot” I said with a smile and noticed one of the lovergirls scoffed.
“By the way, Daniel” one of the lovergirls said. “My sister s£nds her regards”.
“Well, you can tell her im slee-ping” he replied and they chuckled.
Not long after, Kim returned to the dining with a frown.
“Hey, Kim. Where’s Alex?” Daniel asked as she took her seat but she didn’t reply.
It was obvious she didn’t have a good time with him. Maybe he had ris£n his voice on her.
We continued eating and after a short while, we heard someone climbing down the stairs.
We turned and noticed it was Alex.
Oh! He did come!
The love girls all greeted and waved excitedly as he approached the dining with Ambrose in his hands.
I looked at Kim and discovered she was now smiling.
Alex didn’t say a word as he walked into the dining and took a seat next to Daniel.
“Good evening mum” he said to Mrs Tristan.
“Good evening son” she replied with a smile.
Ambrose was still on his legs.
Then he looked up at the lovergirls.
“Welcome” he said simply, but it was obvious it meant a lot to them as they all started blu-shing.
Evans [email protected]£ up and served him his meal. Then he put some meat in a plate and kept it on the floor for Ambrose.
“Wow! We didn’t expect you’ll be coming down Alex” Malcolm said but he didn’t reply.
“Well, it’s a good thing Kim was able to bring him out” one of the lovergirls said and Kim blu-shed in a smile.
“Daniel” Alex suddenly called.
“Was it doctor Myers who attended to Ambrose?”
The sauce I was taking in suddenly choked me and I started coughing. Every b©dy turned and looked at me.
“Nanny, are you alright?” Molly asked and I nodded and took in some water.
My head was sweating.
Why’s he asking about that now?
“Uh…I didn’t call anyone Alex’ Daniel replied.
“I’m sorry it escaped my mind. I got pretty hooked up”.
Alex pu-ll-ed a fuddled face immediately.
“You mean, you didn’t call anyone?” He asked.
“No, I didn’t”.
Then, he turned to Carl and Malcolm.
“Did you do it?” He asked and Carl chuckled.
“Why would I do something I wasn’t as-signed to?” Carl replied and Malcolm also shook his head.
Then, Alex scoffed.
“So…who treated Ambrose, then?” He asked.
“I mean, if none of you called a doctor, then who the hell treated him?”
Everyb©dy kept silent, also puzzled over it.
My heart was beating ra-pidly.
Why’s he concerned about it? I thought he wouldn’t ask.
Oh, God; help me.
“Who the hell treated my dog?” He asked in a demanding tone and dropped his cutleries.
The whole place was still silent.
Hold on; is it that I’m not seeing properly? Or, am I just as-suming Alex is staring directly at me?
💖 The Loverboys💖
(Taking a stand)
Episode 22
By: Faith Lucky.
Jeanne’s Pov:
“Come on Alex” Kim suddenly said.
“Are you seriously worried about a dog? Besides, it’s possible no one treated him and he just got better on his own”.
“No, I don’t think so.” Alex said.
“Ambrose was half dead when I left this morning and now you’re trying to tell me he miraculously got healed? That’s impossible”.
“Well, it definitely wasn’t a ghost and if someone really did attend to him, then it’s for your own benefit, right? So there’s no nee-d to be pin£¢kity over it” Malcolm said.
“Yes, Alex. Don’t ruin this special dinner with a dog’s issue, plea-se” Kim added and he sighed and looked down at his food.
But it was obvious he wasn’t satisfied.
“By the way, Kim, why are Hetty, Mia and Lea not with you guys?” Mrs Tristan asked and Kim rolled her eyes.
“Well, aunt, they didn’t want to tag along. So I couldn’t f0rç£ them” she replied repugnantly.
“Oh! Are you guys having issues?” Mrs Tristan asked.
“No no no. Not at all. Well, unless they’re the ones having issues” Kim replied.
But with the look on her face, if was obvious she was lying.
Then, they started talking about the band and other artistes.
They even made mention of the loverboys performing in a s£nator’s daughter’s birthday [email protected]
“By the way, Jeanne” Kim suddenly said after a while.
“Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself? Like, your family and all that”.
My eyes dimmed as it got me startled. Why’s she asking me such a question?
“Jeanne?” She called again and I coughed a little.
“Uhm…” I started nervously.
“There’s nothing much to say. Just that, my father loves me a lot. But he’s pres£ntly out of the country.”
“Are you referring to Mr Raymond?” She asked and I flin-ched.
How did she get to know his name?
“Y…yes” I replied.
“Oh! Isn’t he your adopted father? Because I made some research and I discovered he had found you lying by the roadside and he took you in. But you and lost your memories and couldn’t remember a thing from your past” she said.
“Oh ,dear. You lost your memories?” Mrs Tristan asked and I nodded slowly.
Why are they bringing this up now? I don’t want to talk about it.
“So you have no idea who your real family are?” She asked but I just lowered my gaze to my food.
“Aren’t you concerned?”
“Well, it isn’t her fault, Kim. She lost her memories” one of the lovergirls said.
“Yeah. But if I were her, I’d definitely be worried. And I heard Mr Raymond had put you up on TV. How come nob©dy [email protected]£ for you?”
I took in a de-ep breath and didn’t say anything. I don’t think I can stay here any longer.
“Are you sure you even have a family?”
“Kim, come on; let’s not talk about that now” Mrs Tristan cut in.
“I’m just being curious aunt. I mean, you nee-d to be sure you’re not leaving with a ghost in the house. Or, could it be her family doesn’t care about her? And they’re probably the ones behind her loss of memory? Then they dumped her like trash after that? Or, does she even have a family at all?”
“Did you really call for this dinner to talk about Jeanne?” Alex suddenly asked and everywhere went cold silent for a second.
“Of course, not Alex. But I’m just…”
“Then, quit talking about it” he cut her off and she made a fumed expression and glared at me.
I felt h0t tears forming in my eyes and it was taking me a lot to prevent it from dropping.
But I really nee-d to get out of here. I can’t hold it anymore.
“Nanny, I nee-d to use the toilet” Molly suddenly said and that was a big relief to me.
I couldn’t even talk. I just nodded and we stood up together.
“Uhm…Jeanne” Kim called calmly.
“Could you add some more sauce to my beans, plea-se?” She said with a feigned smile and I slowly took the sauce from the table and went to her.
I added it to her plate. But when I was about leaving, I tr!pp£don something and fell on my knees on the floor.
I heard her giggle and looked up at her and discovered she had actually set her leg on the way so I could trip.
Why’s this lady doing all these to me?
“Nanny?” Molly called and held me and I quic-kly got back on my feet.
The pains were increasing.
Immediately, Ambrose barked and [email protected]£ to where I was and my heart skipped.
He stepped on my toes and li-cked my feet and I heard Molly [email protected]
“Nanny! It seems Ambrose likes you now” she said in astonishment as he sat on my toes.
Oh, God!
Why’s this dog trying to create a double mess for me?
I looked at Alex and noticed he was staring keenly at me.
Well, of course, such act is enough to get him suspicious.
I sniffed and took Molly’s hand and we started walking away.
Ambrose barked and tried going with me, but st©pped at the stairs.
I entered into the room with Molly and immediately she went into the toilet, I sat on the be-d and busted into tears. My heart ached a lot.
Everything Kim had said kept piercing in and made me feel so much pains.
Is it possible I don’t have a family? Or does my family care less about me and abandoned me? Could it be the reason they didn’t come for me even when Mr Raymond had put me up on TV? Am I not important to them?
I bent my head and wept bitterly. I felt so dejected. Why does my life have to be different? Why can’t I have a normal life like everyone else who can boast of a family?
Why does my life have to end up this way?
I cried ruefully for a while and when I noticed Molly was coming out of the room, I quic-kly wiped my face si she wouldn’t notice I was crying.
“Nanny, are you alright?” She asked as she sat on the be-d and I faked a smile and nodded.
“Mmm. Did you wash your hands?” I asked in a cracking voice.
“Yes nanny” she replied and took the TV remote, turning on the TV.
“Uhm…aren’t you going back to the dining? ” I asked.
“No. It’s too boring over there. Besides, I’m filled up” she replied as she selected a cartoon channel and relaxed to watch.
I sighed and leaned on the wall and closed my eyes. So many thoughts kept niggling at me and I didn’t even notice a tear was strolling down my cheek.
I sniffed and went into de-ep thoughts and for a moment, it seems I sle-pt off.
I opened my eyes and found Molly alre-ady asleep with the cartoon still displa-ying on the TV.
I took the remote and turned off the cartoon and then, I tucked her into be-d and left the room.
My head was feeling so h0t.
I got to the sitting room and standing on the staircase, I saw the loverboys and lovergirls having fun over there; although Alex wasn’t with them.
A music was pla-ying from the speakers and two of the lovergirls stood in the middle of the room and danced so perfectly.
I watched their dance steps and found it incredible.
Then, Kimberly [email protected]£ up and the two lovergirls stepped back. She was now the only one standing.
She started dancing to the song and the lovergirls began [email protected] and cheering immediately. It was just as if i was watching one of her dance videos online.
She danced and twisted her b©dy like the diva she was and it got me amused. She was such an extra ordinary dancer.
No wonder I had fallen for her.
She danced alone for a while and after some time, three lovergirls joined her and the dance [email protected]£ so uniform and unique.
“Yeaaah!” They cheered in the room and laughed.
The last girl joined in the dance and after a while, the loverboys also joined and it [email protected]£ like a club.
The loverboys held the girls by their [email protected]!sts and before I knew what was happening, Daniel started k!ss!ngthe girl he was holding and the rest of them laughed.
I sighed despondently and walked away, going into my own room.
I la-id upwards on the be-d, staring blankly at the ceiling. So many sad thoughts kept flashing throu-gh my mind.
I just want to live a happy life – become a famous singer and make name. But everything seems to be falling [email protected]
I have no idea where I come from. And my role model doesn’t like me.
Suddenly, I recalled something miss Beatrice had said during training:
*You don’t necessarily nee-d to have a role model to become one*
*Turn your weaknesses into your strengths*
I turned on the be-d as her words repla-yed in my head:
*The art of music is done with pas-sion*
*Singing comes from the heart. And so does dancing*
*you don’t have to imitate someone’s dance steps to be perfect. Create yours*
Then, just as if someone tapped me on the be-d, I stood up and [email protected]£d my headphones and left the room.
I went outside to an open space and since the whole place was dark and quiet, I decided to make use of it.
I connected by headphones and pla-yed one of my favorites – dancing in the rain.
I sure didn’t know how to dance, but I’m re-ady to learn.
*Dance is a free movement of the b©dy. Do it for fun and you’ll be surprised* Miss Beatrice had said.
I started dancing the way I could and felt a heavy burden going off my shoulders.
From now on, I promise to work ha-rd and achieve my dreams.
Kimberly Percival, it was a terrible mistake taking someone like you for a role model because I wish to be nothing like you. From now on, I am my own role model.
It’s true I don’t have a family for now; but someday, I promise to be at the t©p where I can never be made a laughing stock again.
And I also know that someday, I’ll get to find my family, even if they care about me or not.
From now on, I don’t wish to be someone like you, but someone greater than you.
I danced for a long time and when I finally st©pped, I felt so happy. Indeed, a heavy burden had been lifted off my shoulders.
I sank my f!ngersinto my hair, breathing heavily.
I know I can do this.
I’ll do this. I’ll get to the peak someday.
I turned around and noticed a masculine figure standing at the balcony.
I flin-ched and strained my eyes throu-gh the darkness to see whom it was and…what?
It was Alex!
He was facing my direction and held a glas-s of wine in his hand.
Wait; has he been watching me the whole time?
Oh, God!
I stood dumbfounded as we kept staring at each other for a long time.
I can’t believe he’s been watching me all along.
Then, after a while, he turned around and walked into the house.
Kimberly’s Pov:
I stood at the high balcony and watched in bewilderment as Alex stood by, watching Jeanne dance.
I can’t believe he watched her the whole time and it was possible he admired her.
And that Jeanne…her dance steps seemed to have improved.
I mean, the last time I checked, she wasn’t such a dancer – not at all.
But now, I’m seeing something different.
Even when she had tuned around and seen Alex, they kept staring at each other for a long time.
What is going on?
No. I can’t let this happen.
This is why I never liked that lady in the first place.
I can’t let her reap where she did not sow.
I nee-d to think of a way to get rid of her.

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