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The cursed child episode 20 & 21

☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 20
Unknown POV
The Oracle and most of the guards including the commander rushed into the throne room when they heard the loud scream.
When they arrived they saw the prince crying over his parent who are laying lifeless on the ground.
This [email protected]£ as a shock to them and they started looking around for the culprit but she’s nowhere to be found.
” Oh god, it finally [email protected]£ to pas-s” the Oracle cried.
” Why is the gods letting this happen to our kingdom?………we did everything they requested” the Oracle said.
More guards [email protected]£ inside and were all heartbroken of the outcome.
” Guards, search everywhere and every house until she is found, she must not be allowed to escape” the commander said.
” And when you see her kill her immediately” he added.
” Yes commander” they replied then they all went out.
” I’m so sorry, My Prince” the Oracle said then the prince stood up with his eyes bulgy with tears.
He’s obviously furious because the look be had shows he’s re-ady to do just about anything to avenge their death.
The commander signalled to the royal guards and few of them went over to take the king and queen away.
” What are your orders My Lord?” The commander asked.
” Dispatch few of the soldiers to search for her, I want the rest near the kingdom” he replied then turned to the Oracle.
” Make the necessary preparation for my parents burial, let’s sort that out first” he said softly.
Both the commander and the Oracle are surprised because his reactions betrays the look in his eyes.
” Is there anything else?” The commander asked.
” That will be all, let’s give the kingdom time to morn the death of their king and queen” Klaus replied.
” As you wish, My Lord” they both said then went out.
{Next Day}
The news of the king’s death spre-ad throu-ghout the kingdom and villages including the neighboring kingdoms.
Kings and some other Royal dignitaries from other kingdoms [email protected]£ to pay their respect and condolences to the prince.
The kingdom Is filled with people coming in from everywhere to pay their last respect as they will be buried Immediately.
The burial take place and king Mehra and his queen were buried together.
Klaus used the opportunity to call on every king from other kingdoms for a brief meeting with them.
All of them gathered around a table along with some councilmen as well as they wondered why the urgent meeting.
” Greetings to you all and I do really appreciate you coming here today” Klaus said.
” My Gratitude to you all” he added.
” You nee-d not to thank us for this, Prince Niklaus……your father was a great man and a great king”
” It [email protected]£ to us as a shock to learn of his demise, we promise to do anything to help you in any circu-mtances as your father would” one of the king said.
” Thank you, King Jega” Klaus replied.
” Actually, the reason I called you all here is because of the witch who got away after killing my parents”
” This witch is yet to be and right now she has my sister, princess Aurora with her and I’m afraid what she might do to her”
” So I ask for your help, this witch can be hiding anywhere including your kingdom” Klaus said then signalled to one of the guards.
The guard got to him and handed him the picture of Amelia then klaus showed it to them.
” This is the witch and I nee-d you help in finding her” klaus said.
” You have nothing to worry about……you have our full support and we as-sure you she will be caught” another king said.
” Thank you all, let it be known……this witch is very dangerous, so she should be killed at sight” Klaus concluded.
” That won’t be a problem” one of them replied and they all stood up to leave.
” Thank you all for coming…….I really appreciate” Klaus appreciated.
” You’re a wise man Prince Niklaus and [email protected] as well, just like your father and I’m certain he will be very proud of you” king Jega said.
” Thank you” he replied and they all went out.
After all the Kings and dignitaries left the throne room, the Oracle entered and [email protected]£ to him.
” My prince” she said bowing before him.
” What is it?” He asked.
” My Lord, I [email protected]£ to inform you about the upcoming ceremony of which you will be crowned King” she informed.
” That will have to wait, I can’t perform any ceremony when my sister is out there probably in danger” Klaus replied.
” I un-derstand My Lord” she replied.
” I will as-sume the position and ascend the throne as king whether by ceremony or not, I am king alre-ady and that’s final” he said.
” Yes, My King” she replied then turned to leave.
” Hold” he said and she st©pped.
” Oracle, I will be straightforward with you, I don’t like you and I don’t trust you ” he said and she furrow her brow in confusion.
” My Lord, why?” She asked.
” Your incompetence is what lead to the death of my parents and I am furious with you” he spat and she fell on her knees.
” My Lord, plea-se forgive me, I’ll never do anything to put the kingdom in danger” she pleaded.
” All my service is to the gods and to the throne and all I want is for peace to reign” she said.
” If you had done your job as you should have, My parents will still be on the land of the living”
” You neglected your job, you’re supposed to the gods advocate but you fail to do your job”
” Perhaps maybe old age is calling up on you, new and young blood tends to do things ra-pidly”
” The only reason I don’t have you banished right now is because you’ve been serving the kingdom for a very long time and my father trusted you” he said.
” Gratitude My Lord, I promise such will never repeat itself” she replied.
” I hope that’s true because if it does, that will be your end in this Land” Klaus said and she was shocked.
” It won’t My Lord” she replied.
” Good, so tell me, is there anything you’d like to inform me about, any hidden and unknown prophesy?” Klaus asked.
” My Lord, I’m afraid there might be one” she replied reluctantly trying to avoid his cold glare.
” Tell me everything” Klaus demanded.
” 23 years ago, the gods gave two prophesy and they are both entwined together”
” The first one is a prophesy and the other is a vision which alre-ady [email protected]£ to pas-s” she replied.
” So what is it that you mean?” Klaus asked.
” My Lord, The first one alre-ady [email protected]£ to pas-s but I’m afraid the other one still stands” she replied.
” What does this prophesy says?” He asked.
” On an inauspicious day, a child will be born which is cursed by the gods, this child shall bring with her a darkness we’ve ever seen before”
” This child will be the cause of thousands of deaths in the kingdom will bring misfortune and cause the downfall of the kingdom” she stated.
” All of these will happen?……to our kingdom?……and Amelia will be the cause?” He asked unbelievably.
” Yes My Lord, and not just our kingdom alone” she said then continue.
” according to the prophesy she will cause so much havoc to the kingdom, leaving dead bodies everywhere around the kingdom” she said.
” When should will this happen?” He asked.
” Your highness, According to the prophesy the day will turn dark as an omen to this prophesy” she added.
” We can’t allow that…..we can’t let that happen, there has to be something we can do” Klaus said.
” I can’t let everything my father worked for be destroyed by a witch, I won’t allow it” he added.
” We nee-d to end her, she might be a witch but she’s still human….we have to st©p her before this happens” he said.
” Go, consult the gods on this and this time around I expect you to be at your best” he added.
” Do you Job Oracle, because I won’t entertain any more incompetence from you” he said coldly.
” Yes My Lord” the Oracle said then went out as Klaus keep pacing around the throne room thinking about the prophesy.
Amelia is alone in the forest gathering some food, her eyes was still black which means her alter ego is still in control.
As she was in the forest she heard a twig snapped then she turned and realized she’s not alone in the forest.
She noticed some movement around the forest then suddenly out of nowhere an arrow hit her on the che-st.
‘ aahhhh’ she screamed out loud then another hit her on the leg ma-king her scream out more.
Few more arrows [email protected]£ at her but she was fast enough to st©p it and shoot it back to wherever it [email protected]£ from.
She looked around but couldn’t see anyone because they are using the trees and leaves as shield.
She pu-ll-ed out the arrows stuck in her then started running away and suddenly an army of soldiers appears.
Amelia turned around and realised she’s been tra-pped and surrounded and there’s nowhere to go.
They have been given a shoot at sight order and as they aim their arrow at her they shoot immediately.
” You can’t kill me” she gnarled at then they fire their arrow at her.
She st©pped it all with her mind and aim it back at them then shoot.
Some of the soldiers were able to dodged it while most couldn’t and they fell down dead.
The remaining few saw this and they started running away then Amelia appear right in front of them.
” You should’ve stayed where you are”
” You should’ve leave us alone” she said then picked up a sword and strike at them one after the other.
Blood could be seen splattered everywhere on the ground as she killed them all then she disappeared.
☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 21
Unknown POV
Amelia arrived back at the cave where she and Aurora are staying and she saw her still tied down.
She entered then dropped the food she brou-ght before her and Aurora turned to her.
” What did you do?”
” Why are you covered in blood?…..who did you killed again?” Aurora asked as she saw her dripping with blood.
” Look like your people never gave up and they keep on coming”
” They leave me no choice but to kill them all” Amelia replied coldly as she pick a cloth to clean herself.
” Whatt!……you killed them?”
” Who are you?….. you’re not Amelia, what have you done to her?” Aurora said.
” She would never do something as evil as that…… she’s not a murderer” Aurora said.
” At this moment there’s no chance for weakness…..we nee-d to be strong at all time” Amelia replied.
” Why are you still keeping me here?”
” Just let me go alre-ady, what do you want from me?” Aurora said crying.
” Stay here where you’ll be safe” Amelia replied.
” What do you care about what happened to me?…….is not that you care anyway”
” Everything you told me about yourself was all a lie……. everything was a lie, you’re a Witch” she said.
” I’M NOT A WITCH” Amelia growled at her.
” Yes you’re, You used me… used me to get to my parents and you killed them…..they are dead” Aurora cried more.
” They deserved everything that [email protected]£ to them” Amelia said then went behind her to untie her.
” How can you say that?…..they are your parents as well and you killed them” Aurora said.
” Just eat ” Amelia said dropping the food before her then turn to fetch a cloth.
Immediately Amelia turned her back on her Aurora stood up and made a run for it and went outside.
Amelia turned around and saw her running away then she disappeared, then appear before her.
” Don’t you dare try something as crazy as that ever again…..YOU HEAR ME?” She shouted at her.
” Just let me go plea-se…..Let me go” Aurora said.
” ENOUGH, She doesn’t want me to hurt you if I were you i’ll stay calm” she replied.
” Who are you taking about?….Just let me go” Aurora asked crying.
” I’m not the Amelia that you knew, I am her dark side which she has been trying to suppress” she explained.
” Yo… you’re not Amelia?” Aurora asked.
” I’m not, and unlike her I’m not weak either……and it take me nothing to ruin your pretty face if you ever try such thing again”
” Now let’s go” she said then [email protected]£d her then they disappeared back to the cave.
” What have you done to her?” Aurora asked.
” I did nothing, I’m only doing what she has been doing” she replied.
” Let me talk to her….. let me speak with her” Aurora asked and she scoffed.
” It doesn’t work like that.,….. Enough talk, Now back to eating” she said then sat down watching her.
The commander [email protected]£ to meet the prince in the throne room to [email protected] another unfortunate event that happened.
” Commander, I hope what you bring is a good news” Klaus said.
” Apologies My Lord, The men we s£nt out none of them [email protected]£ back alive… would seem she killed them all” the commander replied.
” Are you telling me you can’t kill one tiny female witch?…… haven’t you heard the prophesy?” Klaus growled.
” I did My Lord, but she’s just too powerful….My men couldn’t even get close enough”
” We have no idea where to find her whenever she disappeared, She’s just too powerful” the commander said.
” I refused to believe that…… she’s still a human and if you do your job well enough, you will capture her” Klaus said.
” I refused to believe there’s nothing we can do to her, we can’t let her get away with what she did” Klaus said.
” My Lord, perhaps if I may suggest that we make peace with her and end things before things escalate” the commander suggested then Klaus turned to him angry.
” How dare you utter such word”
” She killed your king and queen, my parents, and also lots of your men, she has my sister and you’re asking to make peace with her?”
” Forgive me, My Lord” he apologized.
” I should have you killed for suggesting we make a bargain with a criminal, a witch” Klaus said angrily.
” Apologies” he apologized again.
” Go and gather more men and find her, she has to die, she nee-ds to die” he said then the commander stood up.
” Yes My Lord” the commander said then he turned to leave.
” And commander”
” Yes My Lord”
” I’m the king now, so it’s your Grace”
” Yes, your Grace” he replied then he went out.
Immediately after the commander left Klaus called on one of the guards and requested for the pres£nce of the Oracle.
Few moments later, the Oracle entered the throne room and stood before him then bow down.
” Greetings, My King” she said.
” I expect the gods to have spoken by now” Klaus voiced out.
” I’m afraid the God is holding out on us……I haven’t heard from them……they are not responding” she replied.
” I think your gods are Crazy” Klaus said and the Oracle was shocked.
” lo.l.ord” she stuttered.
” Yes they are, How could they give you a warning without full un-derstanding….they are crazy” Klaus said.
” My King, it’s wrong to speak ill of the gods, I fear it’s because the gods might be angry with us” the Oracle replied.
” That’s ru-bbish, we did everything they asked for, and they did nothing in return…They are useless” he said.
” plea-se st©p, your highness…….. it’s wrong” she cautioned.
” Fine, why don’t you ask your gods how to kill her, Every witch have their weakness….ask them” he said.
” Yes My King” she replied.
” And make sure your gods say something this time around or else, I’ll burn the temple to the ground” he said.
{Two days Later}
” Don’t you feel anything?”
” Don’t feel remorse for everything you’ve been doing?”
” For everyone that you’ve killed” Aurora asked as she and Amelia sat together in the cave.
” I’m the dark one Princess I feel nothing”
” Amelia might feel Such because she’s weak but I don’t, all those feeling are nothing but weakness” she said.
” No!, They’re not weakness…… that’s what makes you human…..Humans have feelings” aurora replied.
” The Amelia that I knew would un-derstand what I’m talking about because she’s a sweet woman”
” She’s not capable of all these, she’s the only person I ever get connected with”
” She’s my friend and I took him as my sister even before I knew she was my actual sister” She emotionally.
” I know she will never watched me be in pain and now I’m in so much pain” she added then Amelia started grunting.
Aurora heard it then turned to her and see her eyes turned back to normal.
” Amelia?”
” Is that you?” She asked still not sure.
” I’m sorry Aurora” Amelia said.
” I’m sorry, you had to see me like that” Amelia replied then Aurora went to hvg her ti-ghtly.
” She only emerge whenever I’m angry and I’ve always trying to suppress her from surfacing”
” I believe my anger was so much than I imagined that I couldn’t control it anymore” Amelia explained.
” You lied to me Amelia, I thought we were friends” Aurora said as they dis£ngaged from the hvg.
” I didn’t, I just didn’t tell you about my alter ego” she replied.
” You didn’t which lead to the death of my parents, your parents……”
” And you allowed her to do that ….she killed them both, they are dead” Aurora said to her but Amelia show no remorse.
” For what it’s worth Aurora, they both deserved what happened to them” Amelia replied.
” Whattt!” Aurora said shocked.
” How can you even say that?……they are your parents” she added.
” They are not my parents, they never are……my parents are dead and they died in this village”
” They tried to kill me, I was just an infant and because of a crazy prophesy they burned me alive”
” If you expect me to feel sorry for what happened to them, I’m sorry to disappoint you because I’m not” Amelia replied.
” Listen to me Amelia, I didn’t agree with what they did but you could be better than them”
” You could show them you’re better by sparing them and prove them wrong that you’re not a bad person”
” What you did only prove them right……You could change things and st©p this crazy prophesy” Aurora said.
” I’m sorry things went that way with them, okay, I’m so sorry to see you get hurt or be in pain”
” You know I’ll never see you get hurt, you are a good person and the only good thing in my life” Amelia replied with tears dropped and they hvgged.
” What about me?” They heard a voice and they turned quic-kly in shock only to see Leo behind them grinning.
” Leo?” Amelia asked in surprise.
” The one and only” he replied then she went to hvg him then dis£ngaged.
” My Princess” he said bowing before Aurora.
” Hi Leo” she replied.
” What are you doing here?” She asked.
” The kingdom is in turmoil and in great fear as dead bodies of soldiers were brou-ght into the city” he replied.
” Is that you?” He asked.
” I…uh…hmm, look Leo….I haven’t been completely honest with you, there’s something you should know about me” she said then started explaining everything about her alter ego.
” Oh Amelia, there should be something we can do that…….you can’t keep leaving like this” he said.
” I wish there was, I’m stuck with her and there’s nothing we can do about it” she replied.
” I’ll talk my brother….. I’m certain he will hear me out besides you’re his sister as well” Aurora said.
” No he won’t” Amelia replied.
” I have to try……just let me go see him” Aurora said.
” Fine, but if he doesn’t I’m afraid we can’t see each other again………that will be the last time we will set eyes on each other” Amelia replied.
” It doesn’t have to be like that” Aurora replied.
” I can’t stay around…..not after everything that my evil self did and I knew I’m stuck with her forever” she replied.
” What is that?” Amelia asked pointing at the bag on the ground.
” Oh, I brou-ght food and wine……I figure you might nee-d some food so I [email protected]£ with a little I can get” Leo replied.
” Thank you Leo” she replied.
” C’mon, let’s eat” he said then took the bag and bring out the food and the Jar containing wine including cu-ps and plates.
Leo gave them the food and they took some to their plate then Leo pour them wine in the cu-ps and they started eating.
” I’m very fortunate to have you two in my life…. thank you both” Amelia said as they are eating.
” Just promise me no more Killing” Aurora said to her.
” I promise to keep my alter ego at bay, she’s not coming out again” Amelia gave them as-surance.
Few minutes Later, Just after they are done eating Amelia could s-en-se some people coming.
” Ssshh…. someone is coming” she said then tried to stand up only to fall back to the ground.
” Are you alright?….. what’s wrong?” Aurora asked.
” I…I.. Don’t know…I feel strange…..I feel weak” she replied.
” How come?…why don’t you lie down, you should rest” Aurora said.
” No, someone is coming…..It might be danger” she replied then tried to stand up again.
As she stood up and tried to take a step she fell down again vomiting blood on the ground.
” AMELIA” Aurora shouted in shock.
” Wha.. what’s happening…t-to me?” She asked then turned to Leo who have a regretful look on him.
” I’m sorry Amelia…….. I’m so sorry” Leo said crying.
” What!…..wh.. what did you do?” She said vomiting more blood then someone entered.
” Today is the day I’ve been waiting for” They heard a voice and turned to see Klaus and his guards.

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