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The cursed child episode 18 & 19

☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 18
Unknown POV
{Next Day}
The throne room was filled with people who are anticipating to know the judgment of the king.
The Royal family are all seated and Amelia was brou-ght in still in chains and stood before the king.
The room was in silence as the king raised his hand.
” Amelia of Haida, you’re found guilty for your attack on the crown prince and his guards”
” For this you’re str!pped of your title as the champion of Malmoe, and to be beaten 25 stro-ke of the thorn wh!p” the king said and everyone [email protected] out loud.
” NO FATHER” A voice shouted and everyone turned only to the prince at the entrance with bandage on his head.
” Son, what are you doing here?”
” You shouldn’t be here?….. you’re still weak” the Queen said.
” Your mother is right, Niklaus, you shouldn’t be on your feet” the king Said.
” I’m fine father, I have to be here…..I can’t miss this” Klaus said as he moved forward and stood before Amelia.
He stared directly at her and Amelia stared back and then he gave her a [email protected] which s£nt her to the ground.
” Enough Niklaus, you shouldn’t stress yourself……..she will face her punishment very soon” the king said.
” She’s a sorcerer Father, she should be burned alive” Klaus said.
” We know and she will be but we nee-d to hear from the gods before we can proceed ” the king said then turned to one of the council.
” Has any of you heard from the Oracle?” The king asked.
” She’s still consulting the gods on the matter, Your Grace” one of the councilmen replied.
” Well now she nee-ds to be beaten as one of her punishment” the king said.
” Not 25 father, make it 50….she deserved it” Klaus declared.
” Fine, 50 it is then” the king replied.
” Father!… can’t possibly agreed to this, it’s klaus’s fault in the first place, she doesn’t deserve this” Aurora intervened.
” Shut up, Aurora……..she wouldn’t have had the gut to do that if you hadn’t supported her all the time…..this is your fault” Klaus said to her.
” Don’t you dare raise your voice at me before I smash your head on the ground” Aurora said moving closer to him.
” I’d like to see you try” klaus dared.
” ENOUGH, both of you, and Aurora, if you don’t want to be locked in your room again I’d suggest you shut up” the king said.
” It’s not fair Father, this is evil” Aurora said then started leaving.
” I’m sorry Amelia” she added before running off followed by her maids.
” Like I said, Your Son took after you……I can only imagine what terror he’ll bring on your precious kingdom when he sit on the throne” Amelia said smiling.
” Enough of your cra-p witch, this is your fault….. you’re using your witchy stuff to destroy the kingdom” the Queen said before giving her a [email protected]
” We’ve sacrificed so much to keep the kingdom at peace, we won’t let you bring it down” she added.
Amelia never st©p laughing while spurting out blood from her mouth which only got them more angrier.
” If I’m a witch, what makes you think you’ll all still be alive” she said as she continue laughing.
” I’ve had enough of this ru-bbish, take her out to the pole Now” the king said to the guards and they [email protected]£d her and took her out.
Everyone followed them as they dragged her out of the throne room and was taken outside the palace.
The Oracle has been in the temple since the day before, consulting the gods concerning Amelia.
She got no response from the gods but she didn’t st©p as well, and suddenly she started convulsing.
” Hoc est infantima malom. Nos omnia perdetu el eam” she chanted.
The convulsion lasted for 15 minutes before she could be relieved and she was breathing very ha-rd .
” The prophesy?”
” Oh heavens,….. This can’t happen,…. we’ve st©pped it….. we’ve st©pped this years ago” she said confusedly.
” Did…did we killed the wrong child?…. that’s not possible, the gods don’t make mistakes”
” It’s very clear she’s the one, unusual things happened when she was normal and she bears the Mark”
” I’m confused” she said then tried to consult them more to clear her doubt.
She consulted the gods more but got no response then she decided to warned the king.
She stood up and went out of the temple and entered her carriage to the palace.
Amelia was dragged to the metal pole and was chained there with her back facing the crowd.
More people [email protected]£ out of their home when they saw this and they moved forward to witness the punishment.
The king appeared at the balcony to address the people of what her punishment is.
” Citizen of Malmoe, this woman here is a traitor of our kingdom, she’s a witch and she attacked the crown prince and his guards”
” As the custom of our land, everyone found of witchcraft is to be burn alive on the pyre as instructed by the gods”
” Before that, she is to be beaten 50 stro-ke of the thorn wh!p” the king said and the people [email protected] in shock.
” this is a example to others that the Royal family are not to be harmed, no matter what” the king said.
” You may proceed” king said then the commander move forward with the thorn wh!pin his hand.
Amelia slowed her breathing to get herself re-ady for the wh!pand then the first one landed on her back.
The wh!pcause a sharp sting pain on her back but she managed to hold herself.
The wh!pcontinue coming at her back and the pain keep intensifying, she tried to not scream but she couldn’t hold it anymore.
When it reach 20 she started gro-an ing whenever the wh!planded on her and tears filled her eyes.
The thorn wh!ptore her clothes and her b©dy are torn as well as her back was covered in blood.
Some of the people couldn’t take it anymore as they left the place while some stood to watch.
Aurora was in her room crying as she watched as they beat her and she could feel a very sharp pain in her heart.
Klaus was standing beside his father grinning to himself as he watch with so much Felicity.
Amelia could feel her alter ego trying to bur-st out but she managed to subdue her to avoid anymore death.
The Oracle arrived and saw what was happening then up to the king to [email protected] god’s message.
” My King” she called and the king turned to her and also the queen as well.
” Oracle, we’ve been expecting you…….do we have the gods permission?” The king asked immediately.
” Your Grace, I’m afraid we have more problem than this” the Oracle replied.
” What are you talking about?” The king asked as he saw her fear.
” My Lord, t-th….the p…..” The Oracle couldn’t say it with the prince pres£nce and the king noticed.
” You can say anything before him, he’s going to be the king anyways, so speak” the king said.
” My King, The prophesy from 23 years ago has resurface and I’m afraid it’s closer now” she said with so much fear in her eyes.
Both the King and the Queen were both shocked and scared to hear that when they knew what the prophesy entails.
” I thought we prevented the prophesy……you said the prophesy has been averted” the king said.
” That’s what I thought as well…….we prevented it from happening, we did the necessaries……I have no idea why it resurface” the Oracle said.
” Are you saying we sacrificed the wrong child?…..IS THAT WHAT YOU’RE SAYING?” the Queen shouted.
” My Queen, she bears the Mark just like the gods foretold……that child was the one” the Oracle said.
” We watched her burned alive, there’s no way she could still be alive” the king said.
” Father, what prophesy is she talking about?” Klaus asked.
” Don’t trouble yourself about that Son” the king replied then turned to the Oracle.
” How do we st©p this?……what did the gods say?” He asked.
” They gave no response, Your Grace” she replied.
” You will go back to the temple and stay there till you get an answer from them, they owe that to us” the king said angrily.
” Yes My King” the Oracle replied then went out.
The Oracle [email protected]£ out of the Palace and glance towards Amelia as the commander beat her.
She was about leaving when something caught her attention the she move forward to verify.
” Hold” she said to the commander and he st©pped.
The Oracle moved towards Amelia and stare clearly at her bleeding back then to the mark behind her back and she [email protected] out.
Everyone watched as she t©uçhed her back checking the Mark and Amelia gro-an ed out in pain.
” Get away from me old woman” Amelia shouted.
” How did you get this Mark?” The Oracle asked.
” How is that your problem?…… haven’t you done enough?” Amelia asked.
” Just tell me how you get that Mark behind your back” she demanded.
” Stay away from me you this old witch” Amelia barked at her.
” WHAT IS IT?” the king asked from above and the Oracle turned to him.
” My King, She bears the Mark” she said and the king was shocked.
” Guards, Take her back to the dungeon” the king ordered and the unlocked the chains and took her away.
☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 19
Amelia’s POV
I was confused as I realized what was happening and how they knew about the Mark behind my back.
I watched the confused look on the people as well but I don’t know if it’s because they knew about my Mark or they are as confused as I am.
After the guards unchained me from the pole I turned my face to the king and I saw the same confused look as well.
The same look was registered on the Queen which make me wonder if they know anything about me or the Mark at my back.
” What does the Mark means?”
” How did they know?”
” Did they know anything about me?”
” Did they know who my parents are?”
” Did they know who I am?”
” Why are they acting this way about me?”
These were the questions roaming my mind despite the extreme pain at my back but I care not about that.
The guards dragged me away and I can hear the people murmurs clearly.
” Could the rumours be true?”
” I thought it was just a tale so it was actually true”
” How is she still alive?”
” I thought she was dead, how is she still alive?”
” So the rumour about the cursed Princess was actually true”
” Could she really be the cursed Princess?”
” so she’s the one?”
My ears couldn’t believe all that is coming out from these people’s mouth which got me more confused.
‘ what are they talking about?’
‘ what do they mean by the cursed Princess?’
‘ are they referring to me as the cursed Princess?’
‘ No, it can’t be’
‘ the cursed Princess was burned alive and I…….’
” oh god ” I muttered remembering what my father told me of how he found me.
‘ th-that’s not possible…..that can’t be possible’
‘ no one can ever survive that’
‘ how did I survived that?’
‘ so that means I’m a Princess?’
‘ I’m the cursed Princess?’
‘ so that means I’m Royalty?’
‘ Then Those………PEOPLE are my family?’
” No, No, it can’t be……No, it can’t be”
” They are probably referring to someone else….I can’t be the one, I refuse to believe it”
” They can’t be my parents, they…they burned me alive, My own parents burned me alive as in infant”
” They burned me alive while I’m an infant”
” I was innocent yet they burned me alive ”
” They burned me alive, they burned me alive” I keep saying repeatedly as I was filled with so much anger.
Unknown POV
The king and the Queen were both paranoid as they keep pacing around the place totally confused.
” Oracle, I expect you to have an explanation to this…..what does this means?”
” Did we sacrificed the wrong child?….our own child?,”
” What does this means?” The king asked.
” My King, the gods are never wrong……they showed me exactly what I’m nee-ded to see”
” The gods showed me she’s the one and you saw it too My king, you witness everything” the Oracle said.
” Then who is she?…..and why did she bear the same Mark?….and why is she here?” The Queen asked.
” My King, My Queen……There’s only one explanation to this” the Oracle said and they both listen intently.
” Speak now” the king ordered.
” I’m afraid she might be the Cursed Princess” she said and they both [email protected] out in shock.
” What!!”
” Yes, your highness” she replied.
” If this is prank I’d suggest you st©p it because that’s not possible”
” we were there and We watched her burn, she died” the king said.
” Yes My King, I know this might be difficult to believe but it’s the only explanation” the Oracle said.
” You’re saying she might be our dead daughter?” The Queen said crying alre-ady.
” I’m afraid so, your highness” the Oracle replied.
” How is that possible?, How can anyone survive that?” The king asked.
” I don’t know My King, she must’ve found a way to survive, And now the prophesy is at hand”
” My King, I’m afraid it might be closer than we think” the Oracle said and the king called on one of the guards.
” Bring me the prisoner” he commanded.
” Yes My King” the guard replied then went away.
” Go back to the temple and seek more answers from the gods, all of these is confusing”
” Ask the gods to lift the cloud so everything can be clear to us” the king said.
” Yes My King, I’ll do just that” the Oracle replied then went out.
” She’s back, our daughter is back” the Queen said crying alre-ady.
” I don’t know what to say” the king replied.
” We tried to kill her, we burned our own daughter alive yet she managed to survive the fire”
” I should’ve know the first time I saw her”
” I failed as a mother because i should’ve felt it but I did not, I felt nothing” she said.
” But Aurora did” she added.
” They both look so happy together, they both shared the same connection”
” We’ve been so cruel to our own daughter without our knowledge, she must’ve hate us by now”
” Do you think she knows?……do you think she knows about us?” The queen asked the King who was also devastated.
” I don’t know my Queen” the king replied.
” I am as devastated as you are and I wondered to what purpose she [email protected]£ here for” the king said.
Prince Klaus entered the room looking confused as well as the entire kingdom is acting weird.
” Father, what’s going on?”
” Why is everyone acting strange?, And you too Mother, why are you shedding tears?” He asked.
” Son, there’s something going at the moment” the king said.
” I know Father and that has been the whisper of everyone around the kingdom” Klaus said.
” It’s not true right?” He asked.
” We are not sure yet…. hopefully everything will be clear soon enough” the king replied.
As the Oracle was leaving to the temple she saw the guards taking Amelia to the king and she stared at her.
Amelia also noticed her staring then she sh0t her an evil glare which shocked the Oracle as they left.
The Oracle recognize the evil glare she saw but couldn’t remember when and how she saw it before.
She was troubled by it then went ahead and she took her carriage back to the temple.
She arrived at the temple and without further ado she started some enchantment to consult the gods.
It didn’t take too long before she started convulsing heavily.
The gods showed her the same vision she was shown years ago about Amelia after then she was relieved.
” Oh the heavens, The prophesy still stands” the muttered breathing heavily then she remembered.
She remember clearly what she saw in the vision, the Cursed child is truly Amelia and she killed both the King and the Queen.
She also remember the evil glare she saw before as the same on she saw in the vision.
She also remember that Amelia wore the same torn cloth as the one she saw in the vision.
She also remember both the King and the Queen are both killed in the throne room and that was where Amelia was heading just now.
‘ ohhhhh….g..go…..g…god, It’s happened today?’
‘ it’s happening Now’ she shouted then ran out of the temple.
Aurora also noticed the strange behavior around the palace and also confused to why Amelia was re-leased early.
She saw the worried look on everyone including her parents and she decided to find out so she went out.
” Why is everyone acting strange?” Aurora asked one of the maid.
” Nothing, my lady” they replied.
” Where are my parents?” She asked even though she knew they are hiding something from her.
” At the throne room, My Lady” they replied and she left.
On her way to the throne room she saw the guards taking Amelia to the throne room and she went to them.
” What’s going on?” She asked the guards.
” She is summoned by the king” the guards replied.
” She’s still weak…..she should be resting, why can’t they just let her be?” Aurora said then turned to her.
” Amelia?…. I’m so sorry Amelia, I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything to help” she said but Amelia said nothing.
” plea-se say something” she said but Amelia keep a straight face which is full of anger.
” Unchain her” she commanded.
” Forgive me My Lady, I can’t do that……order from the king” the guards replied and they continue moving.
Aurora support Amelia on the shoulder as they take her to the throne room.
As they entered the room Aurora could see the worried look on her parents and her mother in tears.
Even her brother has a confused look on him which arou-se more confusion in her.
” What is going on?” She thought and when Amelia was brou-ght forward she went to her mother.
” What is going on Mother?….why are you in tears?” She asked.
” I’m so sorry Aurora, plea-se forgive us” the Queen replied.
” Amelia, I nee-d you to tell me honestly how you got the Mark behind your back and I promise you will be set free” the king said.
” What’s going on Father?, ”
” How did you know about the Mark at her back?……is there a [email protected] meaning to that?” Aurora asked looking at her father.
” I promise to explain it all to you but first let’s hear from her” the king replied then turn back at Amelia.
” How did you get the Mark behind you?” He asked again but Amelia said nothing but stare at them angrily.
” I’ll tell you……she said it’s her birth Mark, so what’s so special about it” Aurora answered instead.
” So it’s true?……. It’s actually true” the king said.
” Can someone just tell me what’s going on?” Aurora shouted.
” Are you sure you don’t want to know how I managed to survived, FATHER” Amelia said which [email protected]£ as a shock to them.
” What!” Aurora shouted.
” Amelia, what are you talking about?” She asked.
” Sister, why don’t you ask what our parent did to me a very long time ago” Amelia asked breathing heavily.
” You’re my sister?” Aurora said in disbelief.
” It’s not Intentional…….we did as directed by the gods” the Queen said crying.
” YOU BURNED ME ALIVE, I WAS JUST AN INFANT” she shouted then started having her usual feeling.
” Father, is that true?” Aurora asked turning to her father.
” You told me she was sick and she died” she said.
” All I did, I did for the safety of the kingdom…..the gods foretold a prophesy of you causing havoc in the kingdom and I had to do the right thing” the king replied.
” And the right thing is for you to burned me alive immediately I was born in order to save your precious kingdom”
” Sorry to disappoint you Father, Obviously, I didn’t die in that fire…….a loving family found me and took care of me as a parent should”
” They don’t see me as an abomination but as a normal child”
” They took care of me and brou-ght me up with love despite not being their child, They are my parents”
” But you, You tried to get rid of me….you tried to kill me… burned me alive… burned me alive……YOU BURNED ME ALIVE”
She shouted angrily and her alter ego take control of her b©dy and her eyes turned black.
” Father, it’s.. it’s happening again” Klaus shouted in dear when he saw her eyes.
” GUUAARDSS” The king shouted and immediately ten guards rushed into the room then Amelia used her mind to break the chains and she was free.
This [email protected]£ as a shock to everyone including Aurora then the king shouted again ‘ ARREST HER’
The guards aimed their arrows at her with intentions to shoot her then Amelia used her mind to take it from them and shoot them with it.
” GUUAARDSS” The king shouted again then seven more rushed into the room then she used her mind to control a sword and [email protected] all.
” GUUAARDSS” he shouted again but this time around no guards is around then Amelia turned to them.
” Amelia plea-se” the queen pleaded.
Amelia turned her head then saw two spear on the ground then used her mind to control them and aim it at them.
” Amelia…. Amelia, plea-se don’t….” Aurora pleaded.
” You tried to kill us and you failed but we won’t” she said then throw it at the King and queen which drove straight to their che-st.
” NOOOOOOO” Aurora screamed.
They both fell to the ground and died instantly then turned to Klaus who was looking so scared.
” YOU” she growled as she move closer to him.
As she was getting closer Aurora quic-kly stood before him shielding him from her.
” I can’t let you…….. You have to kill me first, I won’t let you….you have to kill me too” she said crying profusely.
Amelia stood before her staring directly into her eyes then hvgged her ti-ghtly and suddenly they both disappeared.

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