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The cursed child episode 14 & 15

☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 14
Aurora took Amelia back to her chamber to clean up and make change of clothes.
” Even though I never met your father, I’m certain he was a great man, for him to raise some as special as you” Aurora said as they entered.
” Yes, he was a great father” Amelia replied.
” Will you be alright?” She asked.
” I’ll be fine with time” Amelia replied.
” If there’s anything you nee-d plea-se don’t hesitate to let me know….I’ll get it done” Aurora said.
” You won’t lack anything and I promise to be there for you always, you will never feel alone” she added.
” Okay, thank you so much Aurora……. I’m glad I found you” Amelia said as they both hvgged ti-ghtly.
” I’m glad I found you too” she replied then they dis£ngaged.
” Rest now, I’ll order the maid to bring food and wine…….you look pale, you could use a h0t bath” she said.
” Yes, I really do…. thanks” Amelia replied.
” I’ll be right back” she said then went out.
Aurora [email protected]£ back with maids carrying food and wine into her chamber and both she and Amelia ate together.
She also ordered the maids to prepare their bath which they did immediately.
They both took their bath and Amelia feel relaxed, happy and complete while with Aurora.
They spent the night together on the Queen size be-d as Aurora watched as Amelia drifted to sleep.
She watched her closely and smiled, she couldn’t believe she could get so connected with someone as she did with Amelia.
On the course of watching her she also sle-pt off.
The next day, Amelia woke and realized that she was alone on the be-d and Aurora is out of sight.
She stood up from the be-d and looked around but couldn’t see her then a knock [email protected]£ on the door.
She adjusted her night go-wn and went to the door to see to who it is and she opened the door.
Standing before her is prince Klaus who was smiling sheepishly at her but she ignored it.
” Good morning my prince” she greeted bowing slightly.
” Morning beautiful” he replied still grinning at her and gawking at her expo-sed cl£@[email protected]£.
‘ urrgh…. this man has no shame whatsoever’ Amelia thought to herself.
‘ what a disgusting human being’
” Aurora is not here… will have to come back” she said to him and made to close the door the he st©pped her.
” No, I’m not here for her… I’m here for you” he said but this time around he was serious.
” What do you want?, If I may ask” she said.
” Can you at least let me come in” he said then Amelia think for a minute before letting him in.
He entered and Amelia closed the door and watch as he sat down then he went to him.
” What do you want prince?” She asked again.
” I heard about your father and what happened to your village, I’m so sorry Amelia, accept my de-epest condolences” Klaus said.
” Thank you My Prince….is that all?” She asked.
” Look Amelia, I know you and I haven’t been on the best of terms and I’ve been a total j£rk lately”
” I’m sorry for my attitude towards you and I hope you can forgive me ” he said with sincerity which surprised Amelia.
” Are you for real?”
” Look, I’m not always like this and all I did was because I always get what I want and when you refused me, that got me angry”
” At first I thought it was lvst as usual only for me to realised it was Love, I do Love you and I hope you can accept me” he said.
” Really?… ordered for my death” she said.
” That was me being angry and jealous of seeing you hanging around that man” he replied.
” Look Prince, I’m not interested okay…..just go and look for another woman because you’re not getting me” she said.
” C’mon st©p acting like this, most women would jumped to the opportunity of laying with the me not to talk of marrying me” he said.
” I’m not most woman and I’m definitely not falling for your charm” she replied.
” I’m giving you this opportunity and promise to give you everything your heart de-sires, everything” he added.
” SHE SAID SHE’S NOT INTERESTED” Aurora shouted and they turned to her.
” Are you nut?, Niklaus, what is wrong with you?…. aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Aurora said.
” Shut up Aurora, I’m trying to help her” Klaus said.
” She doesn’t want any of your help, so stay away from her” Aurora said.
” What’s so special about her anyway?…. she’s a woman after all….. you’re not even royalty…….I can s£nd you out of the palace anytime I want” he said.
” You can’t do a thing, so get out of my room and look for another woman to stick your cursed instrument into” Aurora said glaring at him.
” you’re Crazy, and for you…. I’ll have you whether you like it or not” he said then turn to leave.
” Go find one of your sl*t, she have her own lover…..and he’s a good man” Aurora said and he turned.
” You mean that c0ckroach she’s been frol!çk!ng around with, that ugly dumb man,….you prefer him to me?” He said.
” He’s better than you in way you can never imagined…..and he’s much of a man than you’ll ever be” Amelia replied.
” You both are witch, Crazy witch” he said then storm out and both women bur-st into laughter.
” Yeah, that serves him right…… wow, I love that” Aurora said laughing.
” Thank you” Amelia said.
” You don’t have to, I’ve been looking for a way to teach him some lesson and I’m sure with you around we can accomplish that” she said.
As they were still giggling a knock [email protected]£ on the door and when Aurora got there she saw her mother.
” Good morning mother” Aurora said giving her mother a hvg.
” How are you dear?” The Queen asked as she entered.
” I’m fine mother…..what are you doing here?” Aurora asked.
” I’m here to see her” the queen said coming towards Amelia and Amelia bowed to her.
” Good morning, My Queen” she greeted.
” Good morning, how are you feeling?” She asked.
” Much better My Queen” Amelia replied.
” I’m sorry once again about your father, do you have any other relatives?” She asked.
” I’m afraid not, My Queen……I don’t have anyone left” Amelia replied.
” Sorry to hear that, but now it’s seems you do have someone now, My daughter seems to take liking in you” she said and Amelia smiled.
” Yes My Queen, Auror…. princess Aurora has been very kind to me, she’s a nice person” Amelia replied.
” I’m glad to hear that, you’re also a member of the royal family as well, so don’t hesitate to request for anything” she said.
” Thank so much My Queen, You’ve been so loving and kind” Amelia replied.
” I’ll take my leave now” she said then turn to leave.
” Thank you mother” Aurora said as the Queen left.
” I see where you get your beauty and kindness from… got it from your mother” Amelia said.
” You’re right about that”
{Few Weeks Later}
The Oracle has been consulting the gods concerning Amelia but the gods gave no response.
She didn’t st©p praying and ma-king sacrifices just to clear her suspicion of Amelia despite the gods not responding.
She would always watch her from afar and sometimes followed her wherever she go hoping to have results but nothing [email protected]£ out.
Her suspicion grows stronger as she saw how Amelia wiggled her way into the royal family.
How she [email protected]£ so close to the Princess and how the Queen also love her and also how the prince stare at her.
She promised herself not to st©p looking for answers until she get something tangible.
Leo and Amelia having been hanging around as lovers and they are not hiding their affection.
She has gotten over the death of her father with the help of Leo and Aurora who were always with her.
Klaus on the other hand has been thinking on how to get Amelia to be his and most especially to [email protected] her.
She’s been proving stubborn despite all the prince tried to win her over.
He can’t even get close to her because of his sister, she and Amelia are always seen moving together.
One day, he ordered the guards to fetch him Leo and the guards brou-ght him.
” My prince” Leo said with a bow.
” I heard you’re the one competing with me” he said and Leo look confused.
” Competing?……. I’ll dare not My Prince” Leo replied.
” I heard you’re Amelia’s lover, I want her to be mine so you will leave her for me” klaus said and Leo looked up.
” Amelia?…… leave her for you?” Leo said not knowing what to say.
” Yes, why?……. ha-rd for you to do?” The Prince asked.
” Yes My Prince, I can’t do that……. she’s the woman I love and I can’t leave her” Leo replied and klaus’s expression changed.
” You will drag a woman with me?” He said angrily.
” My prince, all I’m saying is that she’s mine and I can’t let go of her, no matter what” Leo said.
Klaus was very angry with what he said and he wanted to beat him up right there but he knew he couldn’t even if he wanted to.
” Get out of here” he gnarled at him and Leo turned and left.
” I always get what I want and no matter how fast you run…. I’ll get you”
” I’ll get you Amelia, one way or another……you can’t escape it”
☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 15
.unknown pov
One day Aurora asked Amelia to teach her how to shoot an arrow just in case she nee-ds to defend herself.
” Why do you nee-d to defend yourself when you have guards and me” Amelia replied.
” It’s good to know these things….. it might not be to defend myself alone, it might be to defend others” she replied.
” Are you sure about this?…..your parents might not agree with this” Amelia said.
” Don’t worry about my parents?….. besides we are not doing it inside the kingdom, we are going outside” she replied.
” Anything you say, Aurora” Amelia replied and she smiled.
” Okay, let me pick some things before we leave” she said.
” We are going now?” Amelia asked surprised.
” Yes, I’ve always wanted to go outside the kingdom…..and now I have a reason to” she replied.
A while later they both gather some things and were about to leave when Aurora turned to the guards following them.
” What are you doing?” She asked them.
” Following you My Princess” they replied.
” I nee-d you to st©p following me” she said.
” That’s our duty ma’am…… that’s our order” one of them said.
” And I’m also ordering you to st©p following me” she said.
” But Princess, we are meant to guard and protect you” another one said.
” I don’t nee-d you protec-tion because I have all the protec-tion I want right here” she said pointing at Amelia.
” Or do any of you stand a chance against her?… huh?” She said and they couldn’t say anything.
” I don’t want to see you following me and that’s an order” she said and they left.
They went outside the kingdom and Amelia started teaching her the steps one after the other.
They keep going to their usual sp©t everyday to practice and soon Aurora was improving her shooting skills.
Some days Later, At the palace Amelia and Aurora are getting re-ady to go outside the kingdom again for their practice.
” Today I want us to try something else……maybe you will teach me how to use the sword” she said.
” No problem, but we have to take it one after the other, one step at a time” Amelia replied.
” Anything you say Master” she joked and they smiled.
They were about leaving when a maid [email protected]£ to deliver a message to Aurora.
” My princess, Queen mother request your pres£nce at the temple right now” the maid informed.
” The Temple?….why?” Aurora asked confusedly.
” I know not, My Princess” she replied.
” You can leave, I’ll be there” Aurora said and and the maid left then Aurora turned to Amelia.
” Hold on, let me see her…I’ll be right back” she said dropping the weapons then left.
Not long after the maid [email protected]£ back to the chamber to meet Amelia.
” Ma’am, The princess said you can go ahead that she will join you shortly” the maid informed.
” Is everything alright?” Amelia asked.
” Everything is fine, my champion” the maid replied then Amelia pick up their things and left.
Aurora was curious as to why her mother would request to see her at the temple.
‘ could this be because she intend to find me a groom?’ she thought.
‘ I really hope not because I’m not re-ady to be engaged to anyone”
She took a carriage to the temple because it’s quite far from the palace.
She got there and entered but to her surprised she didn’t see her mother but the Oracle alone.
” Princess?… what do I owe this surprised visit?” The Oracle asked surprised.
” Where’s my mother?” Amelia asked.
” Your mother?……why are you looking for your mother here?” The Oracle asked.
” I was informed my mother request for me to be here……so she’s supposed to be here” she said.
” I was never informed about any meeting and besides your mother has never been here in weeks” the Oracle replied.
” Then why will she request for me to be here?” She asked.
She waited for a while hoping her mother would show up but she never did then tends to leave.
” Hold on Princess, I do have a question to ask you” The Oracle said.
” What is it?” She asked.
” It’s about Amelia” The Oracle said.
” Amelia?……what about her?” She asked.
” Do you notice any strange things about her?” The Oracle asked.
” Strange things?…..what do you mean?” She asked back.
” You know maybe you see her snooping around or doing weird things or trying some things” The Oracle said.
” Amelia is not like that, she’s a good person…so whatever it is you’re insinuating is definitely wrong” she said then went out.
She entered her carriage which took her back to the palace and soon after she got to the palace.
She went to her mother’s chamber to check on her and surprisingly she saw her mother in her room.
” Mother, you’re still here?” She asked and her mother looked confused.
” Yes I’m here, this is my room and why are you acting weird?” the Queen replied.
” what are you talking about?……you requested for my pres£nce at the temple and you never showed up”
” I’m just coming back from the temple right now” she added which got the queen more confused.
” I never requested for your pres£nce, where did you here that?” The queen asked.
” What!….one of the maids [email protected]£ to tell me you asked to meet you at the temple” she said.
” I never s£nt any maid to you today…… perhaps there’s been a mistake, who is that maid?” The queen asked.
” I don’t know her name but I think it’s one of the new maids….. I’ll be right back” she said then went out.
Aurora went to the maid quarter to search for the maid, she called on Christine, the head of all maids.
” My Princess, what brou-ght you here?” Christine asked as she noticed the angry look on her.
” do you nee-d anything?” Christine added.
” I want the pres£nce of all the maids in the palace right here, right now….I want to see them all” she ordered.
” Yes ma’am” Christine replied then left.
She went to all the rooms to call them and in less than five(5) minutes all the maids are standing before her.
” Is this everyone?” She asked.
” Except the ones with the King, this is everyone” Christine replied then Aurora started checking them out.
She looked at their face carefully one after the other till the very last one but didn’t see that [email protected] maid.
” Are you sure this is everyone?” She asked.
” Yes my princess” Christine replied.
” Then who’s that maid who [email protected]£ to call me?…… who’s pla-ying this crazy prank?” She said then left.
She went back to her chamber to get Amelia so they could leave together and got surprised not to see her.
” Amelia”
” Amelia ” she called but couldn’t find her. Hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories.
” Where could she have gone?”
Amelia arrived at their practice sp©t waiting for Aurora to arrive but she never did.
She waited for more time and started s-en-sing something bad is about to happen just then she heard horse whinnying.
She turned and saw horses coming towards her direction and ri-ding the horses are Klaus and some Royal guards.
She looked both surprised and confused as to what the prince was doing there.
Klaus jumped down smiling naughtily at her as he draw closer.
” What’s the meaning of this?”
” What are you doing here?” She asked.
” I’m here to get what I want…….I told you I always do” he said drawing closer.
” And I also told you it will never happen” Amelia replied.
” It’s will be much easier if you agree to this easily so it won’t be a rou-gh feeling, ”
” You know, so it can be for our mutual benefit and I as-sure you, it will be the best feeling you ever experienced” Klaus said.
” You will have to kill me first before I let that happen” she replied as she ti-ght£ñ her hands to fight.
” Looks like I’ll have to get it by f0r磔 he said then turned to the guards.
” Hold her down” he said to them then two of the guard went to gr-ab her.
As the two guards made to gr-ab her she caught their hands twisting it backwards and punch them down.
” I know you won’t go down easily but can you really take on all these men?” Klaus said then the rest of the guards [email protected]£ down.
Amelia stepped back slowly as the men draw closer to her then they charged at her.
She managed to beat few of them but she was overpowered, as one of them made to punch her she dodged it then kicked the man.
She j£rked herself from them then in one movement punch one of them and she made to punch another she was restrained.
She was pinned down by six guards and she tried to pu-ll free but she couldn’t and there’s nothing more she could do.
” No, no…Klaus don’t do this, you can’t do this” Amelia said trying ha-rd to pu-ll free.
” I can and I will” he said untying his trou-ser.
” Let me go….let me go, you can’t do this ” she said with all her might then she started having the usual feeling.
” You have to go……you all have to go now”
” She’s coming, she coming…… she’s coming” Amelia said trying to fight the feeling but she couldn’t.
” Enough with your nons-en-se and let’s finish this” Klaus said as he revealed his n-kedness.
” str!p her now” he commanded and they start to pu-ll at her clothes.
” Go, you have to go…… she’s coming, she’s herreeeee” she screamed then her eyes turned black.
” Huh, what the hell?” Klaus muttered then suddenly a big stone hit him on the head and he pas-sed out immediately.
The guards stood up in shock and Amelia elevated herself up and used her mind to pick more stones.
She threw it at them which hit them badly, some shoot arrows at her and she st©pped it with her mind and s£nd it back.
She used her mind to pick up more arrows and direct it at them which kill most of them.
Some of the guards were bleeding and some of them were dragging themselves on the ground trying to escape.
Amelia picked more arrows with intentions to kill the rest then Amelia was able to regain control then the arrow dropped.
” Oh God,….what…” Amelia muttered weakly.
She turned and saw the men bleeding then see Klaus laying on the the ground unconscious with his head bleeding.
” Oh.. w..what ha..have I done?..” she stuttered then went to check on him and realized he still have pulse.
” Hey, hurry up over here……and take him to the healer” Amelia said to the wounded guards and ran away.

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