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The cursed child episode 12 & 13

☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 12
Amelia’s POV
Leo and I rode as fast as we could to my village praying in my heart that my father should be okay.
I’m not re-ady to be alone all by myself, I’m not re-ady to be an orphan.
Not very long after we arrived at my village and my heart sank as I saw what become of my village.
Every house has been burnt down and dead bodies could be seen laying on the ground.
I wept bitterly when I see dead people on the ground with young ones inclusive.
” What kind of monster did this to my village?”
” What kind of animal turn it into this?”
I walked around and saw a few wounded people gro-an ing in pain and I went to help them.
Leo also helped out with others and also looked for some other survivors around.
I was unable to control my tears as they [email protected]£ streaming down from my eyes.
After helping the ones I could I mounted the horse and rode straight to my house.
I got down from the horse and ran to our house and when I got there I saw it burnt down as well.
” No, No….No No” I cried my heart out.
” FATHERRR” I cried out.
” FATHEERR, plea-se where are you?” I cried louder and Leo [email protected]£ to me.
” I’m sorry Amelia” he said.
” No, nothing must happen to him….. nothing must happen to him” I said.
” A…me….li…a” I heard a fainted voice from around and I spranged up looking for where the voice [email protected]£ from.
” Ame….Lia” I heard again and this time around I was able to get it and I ran to the position.
The person was on the ground bleeding and with log of woods over him.
When I got closer I was able to see the face clearer.
” Ashur” I called then leo and I helped him out by carrying the wood above him away and carry him to safety.
Even though Ashur and I always fight at every chance we get, I still don’t want this to happen to him.
He’s one of my people as well.
” It’s okay Ashur, you’ll be alright” I said as we la-id him down un-der a tree then tried to see to his wound.
I tried to st©p the bleeding but His wound are too de-ep and I can only so much without any medicine.
” Leo, help me look for any medicine around…..hurry up” I said to Leo and he went away.
” They….they [email protected]£…… Amelia,….t..t.they [email protected]£…….they killed everyone” he mumbled in pain.
” It’s okay Ashur, you can rest now…..just call yourself” I replied with tears dripping from my face.
” I tried Amelia……I tried”
” I know Ashur,……I know you did” I replied.
” I tried to fight for our village as a warrior, I fought them Amelia, but they are just too many” he said spurting out more blood.
” I know you did, I’m certain you did everything possible in your power, I know you did” I replied.
” Just don’t think about all that……try to conserve your energy, you will be alright” I replied.
” They took him,….I saw them took him away” he said.
” They took who?…..who are you talking about?” I asked.
” Your father, they took him away” he said.
” Where?….which way did they go?” I asked.
” North-East……they went that way” he answered.
” Okay…… just calm your mind” I said to him.
” Despite the aversion between you and I you still stay to help me, I’ve always known you to be special, Amelia” he said.
” I heard you won the contest…also heard you challenged the champion of Malmoe,….”
” T..t..tell.. tell me did you win?” He asked as I noticed his breathing slowing down.
” Yes Ashur, I did and I did it for our village” I replied and he smiled.
” Forgive me Amelia, For everything……..Forgive me” he said breathing heavy.
” I never hate you Ashur so there’s nothing to forgive…..I have no hate towards you” I replied.
” That’s good…. that’s go…o…o” he was saying then st©pped and his breathing st©pped as well.
” I’m sorry for this Ashur, I’m so sorry this happen to you” I wept then see leo running towards us.
He got to us and noticed Ashur is no more breathing and he fell to the ground.
” I’m so sorry Amelia, I feel your hurt….I really do” Leo said then I stood up to go and find my father.
” I’m going to find my father, Ashur told me before he died that they took my father and they went North-East” I said mounting the horse.
” I’m coming with you” Leo said.
” No, I can’t let you do that” I replied.
” Are you trying to get yourself killed?… can’t take on them all by yourself” leo said.
” That’s not it… and I can’t go together and leave these wounded people here all by themselves”
” They might nee-d something and someone has to stay around to help, plea-se do this for me” I said.
” I un-derstand but you can’t fight those people alone…….you nee-d help” he said.
” I know….. the king’s army will be here soon and whey they arrive you can s£nd them to my direction” I replied.
” plea-se be careful” he said concernedly.
” I will….. thank you for everything” I said then rode off towards North-East.
Unknown pov
In Bosnak’s camp, He and his men are back to the camp after the raid they just had and he requested for man who killed his nephew.
Two of his men dragged out Amelia’s father from the confinement and throw him at the feet of angry Bosnak.
Gaius gro-an ed in pain as he managed to look up and their eyes met then Bosnak gave him a punch on the face.
Gaius fell to the ground spurting out blood as the effect of the heavy punch and Bosnak stood up.
” You cramps,… killed my nephew” he said.
” What about you?……what about the people you killed?….they are also someone’s sisters, brothers, sons of daughters….even cousins, nephews and nieces”
” What about all those ones?… killed them all you this heartless monster” Gaius shouted at him which lead to another punch on the face.
” I’ll make you all pay but now I’ll make you pay first” he said then turned to one of his men.
” Take down his head right now” he said to him and they dragged Gaius to back of the camp.
Everyone followed them to witness the beheading as they brou-ght him to the center and man pu-ll-ed out his sword.
The man raised his sword high and made to bring it down to his head then out of nowhere an arrow hit him on the lungs.
Everyone was shocked as the man choke in his own blood till he died and they turned to the direction where it was fired.
Everyone pu-ll-ed out their weapons as they saw Amelia coming with a sword in one of them’s throat.
” Drop your weapons, Now” Amelia said as she get closer to them.
” I see you really have a death wish coming here girl because there’s no way you’re getting out of here alive” Bosnak said.
” We will see about that, Now move back” Amelia said as she got close enough and the men obeyed.
” Untie him” she said pointing to her father then one of the men untied the man.
” Come over here Father, c’mon on” she said and Gaius went to her.
” I see we missed you at the village and you [email protected]£ here to [email protected] and try to rescue your father”
” You should’ve stayed where you are and maybe you might live longer, and then you have to come here” Bosnak said.
” Enough talk, let’s go Father……none of you should follow us” she said and they started moving back.
When she has gotten far enough from them he re-leased the man he took as leverage and they ran away.
Bosnak’s men tried to go after her but he signalled for them to hold and he smiled as they left.
” Do you know why I chose this side as our camp?” Bosnak said smiling.
” It’s because it’s very de-ep and there are lots of trees here so there’s no way you can get far without a horse”
” Get re-ady boys, Let’s have some fun” he said and they roared excitedly and they started running after them.
Amelia and her father started running as far as they could but could only do so much because of the arrow wound her father sustained in his leg.
As they were running an arrow flew pas-sed them hitting the tree and she turned to the them running after them.
They picked up the pace trying to get away but the men get closer to them by the minute as they keep shooting at them.
One of the arrows scra-p her arm and she yelled in pain then turned, picked up her bow and started shooting back.
She took down six of them and started running away, she saw the mountains up ahead and she run to it.
” Father, let’s go over the mountains” she said as they ran towards it.
Just as they got there an arrow hit Gaius on the che-st causing him to scream and another drove throu-gh his torso.
” Aaaahhhh” he screamed loudly.
” Nooo…..Father” Amelia shouted then turned to them with one wave of her hand a f0rç£ hit the men to the ground.
The others who experienced this ran away in fear.
She turned to her father and carry him to the mountains and they hid there while she tend to his wounds.
” plea-se father, plea-se stay strong for me” she said crying.
” I’m glad I get to see you before I die” Gaius said.
” plea-se St©p it, father…… you too are not dying, you can survive this… will survive this for me” she said and he smiled.
” My beautiful Amelia”
” You have no idea how much love I have for you and I’m happy I get to be your father” he said.
” plea-se st©p talking father, Just conserve your energy…. you’ll be fine” she said still trying to st©p the bleeding.
” Amelia, I have to tell you a Story” he said.
” Oh, now is not the time to be joking around Father, quit it alre-ady” she said.
” I’m not my dear, but you have to hear this” he said then he started.
” Twenty-three years ago I was in the forest hunting, it’s a full moon that night which is supposed to be my lucky night”
” I walked stealthily in the forest hoping to find any animals but to my utter most surprise I found nothing”
” It was later I saw the bush burning which caused my misfortune for that night, I was very angry and went over to see who set it on fire”
” My intensions is to beat whoever it is and report him to the chief but when I got there I found no one”
” I looked around but found no one and I got the shock of my life, laying in the midst of the fire is a crying baby”
” I was astounded that the child still lives despite the fire and she wasn’t hurt by the fire”
” I looked for a way to path way to get to the baby and I carry it and I saw a Mark on ground”
” I too the child home to my wife and we loved her just like our own” he concluded.
” What are you talking about Father?,”
” Why are you telling me this?”
” And where is the child?, What become of it?” Amelia asked and he smiled.
” The child was you Amelia, the child was you and the mark on the ground is the same on your back” he said and she was surprised.
” How… how is…that possible?”
” What are you talking about?” She asked confusedly.
” Yes Amelia, I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner” he said wiping her tears.
” So you’re telling me you’re not my parents….. you’re not my father?”
” I’m your father and you will always be my lovely daughter even though I didn’t give birth to you” he replied.
” So where are my real parents or don’t I have any?…..I can’t just appear from nowhere” she asked.
” I’m sorry dear, I wish I had all the answers….. I’m so sorry to [email protected] on you, I never wanted to tell you”
” I just want you to have a normal happy life like everyone without feeling different” he said.
” Just st©p talking for now……..I still nee-d you with me……I think we should get out of here” she said.
” No, it won’t be long now before I get reunited with my wife, Amelia….I never regretted the day I found you”
” That was the happiest moment of my life and you coming into our lives at the right moment”
” I….Love….. you” he said slowly.
” plea-se St©p talking an……” She was saying then suddenly an arrow hit him on the che-st and he died.
Amelia was taken aback with what just happened and he turned to see four of Bosnak’s men.
” Wh..what have….you done?”
She turned back to look at her father who is dead then she started having her usual feeling from within.
” Aaaaaaahhhhhhh”
She had always fight it back but right now she let it out and her eyes turned black then turned to them.
She stretched out her arm and strangling their n£¢k with her mind and in one wave of her hand, she cut off their heads.
She [email protected]£ out of the mountains and look down to see all of Bosnak’s men and Bosnak himself.
☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 13
Unknown pov
Amelia levitated herself up high and Bosnak signalled to his men and they shoot so many arrows at her.
As the arrows are about to get her she st©pped it with her mind then turned it back at them and s£nt it.
The arrows hit the men back which lead to some deaths while others are injured.
Bosnak and the remaining of his men were shocked and they made a run for it.
Amelia jumped down from the mountain and landed in their midst then picked up one of the sword.
” You shouldn’t have killed him” she said then started attacking slashing at them one after the other.
Those that were running away couldn’t get very far before Amelia get to them and killed them.
There were blood flowing every and dead bodies lying around as they all keep falling by her sword.
Amelia didn’t st©p until she killed every last one of them leaving Bosnak to be the last man.
” She was hurt badly in the heart and I feel it”
” She was sad and I felt it all, she wants you all dead, every last one of you”
” You shouldn’t have taken him away from her” she grumbled.
” What kind of monster are you?” Bosnak said scarily.
” What are you?” Bosnak said moving backwards.
” You nee-d not to worry yourself about that” she said then placed her hand on his che-st feeling his heart beating.
” You should join others” she added then his heart jumped out of his che-st.
Immediately she’s done with them her eyes returned back to normal and she was shocked with what she sees.
” Oh God, did I do this?” She said confusedly looking at all the dead bodies.
She wanted to feel bad for her horrible act but she didn’t because they deserved what happened to them.
She still couldn’t believe her alter ego is capable of doing something like this then she went back to her father.
Tears couldn’t st©p flowing seeing her father laying lifeless on the ground and She cried her heart out.
A while later while still there Leo arrived along with the king’s soldiers and they were shocked with what they see.
They were all stupefied not knowing what to do or think as they see the bodies of their enemies laying on the ground.
Leo then started looking all over for Amelia then went up the mountain to look for her and found her sitting beside her dead father.
” Amelia” he called softly and she turned with a teary eyes.
” Oh, your father?…… I’m so sorry Amelia, I really am…..I can only imagine what you’re going throu-gh” he said then went to hvg her.
A while later, Leo and Amelia [email protected]£ down from the mountain with Leo carrying her father in his arm.
He was taken back to their village and buried him beside his wife.
The soldiers help the wounded people to nurse their wound and they were taken back to the city.
” We should go with them….. there’s nothing here anymore” Leo said to her.
” I will but not today…… right now my feeling is everywhere and I’m afraid I might lash out” Amelia replied.
” It’s okay, I’ll stay here with you till you’re re-ady to go” Leo said.
” Thank you” she replied and she took him to a cave where she comes whenever she’s angry.
It’s almost night time so Leo fetch some wood and make fire and they settled down.
” I always come here whenever I’m going throu-gh some things, only my father knows about this place” she said.
” I can’t believe he’s dead now…..they took him from me” she added and started having the usual feeling again.
” First my mother and now my Father, now I’m alone….. I’m all alone” she said then she managed to control it.
” plea-se st©p crying alre-ady, I un-derstand what you’re going throu-gh but you nee-d to st©p” Leo sympathised hvgging her.
” You’re not alone, You still have me and I’m not going anywhere……I’ll stay with you” he said.
Amelia’s POV
I woke up in the middle of the night where Leo and I sle-pt but I couldn’t get much sleep as my heart is heavy.
I’m happy Leo is here with me because if not I don’t know what I’ll do, it’s good to have someone close.
My mind went back to what my alter ego did to those men in the forest which got me more scared of myself.
I always knew my dark side is evil and only destruction happened whenever she took over but I never knew it will be this much.
I’m certain Leo and the soldiers must be shocked as well when they saw what happened.
Leo never asked me what happened and I know it’s because of what happened.
I know they must have a whole lot of questions for me and I can’t tell them I did that.
If they knew I did that they might see me as a monster and might start running from me which I don’t want.
I can’t let anyone know about what happened and no one can know then my mind went back to what my father told me.
He and my mother are not my parents and I was found in the midst of fire in the forest.
” How did I get there? ”
” Why do I have this powers? ”
” Who am I? ”
” Who are my parents? ”
” Why am I the only one like this?”
” Why am I in the midst of fire in the first place?”
I was so lost in thought that I didn’t know when Leo get behind me.
” Is everything alright?” He asked and I turned to him.
” I’m fine…….I just can’t sleep” I replied.
” You seem worried”
” I’ll be fine…..I promise” I replied.
” C’mon, let’s get some sleep” he said and they [email protected] together.
” Did you do that to those men in the forest?…. alone?” He asked.
” No, I only get to kill few of them but some group of hunters from the other Village helped ” I lied.
” Oh, I’m very glad they did” he replied.
” why didn’t they stay?” He asked.
” They went after others who ran away and I hope they find them and kill them” I replied.
” I’m sure they will…..those men deserved it” he replied as we cudd-leclosely until we sle-pt off.
When the day break Leo and I stood up and [email protected]£ out of the cave.
” Can we go now?” He asked and I nodded affirmative.
” I feel calmed now” I replied.
” I can’t believe all of this happened all in a day” I added.
” Don’t worry, it will pas-s” he replied.
” Thank you for staying here with me” I said to help.
” You don’t have to thank me, we are all one people and one kingdom” he replied.
We both mounted the horses and I looked back at my village one last time before ri-ding off.
Not long after we arrived at the kingdom and I noticed people staring at me as we entered the kingdom.
They are looking and pointing at me including the guards as we rode in, then ride to Leo’s place to stay with him.
When we arrived we saw his sister working and when she sees us she [email protected]£ to hvg me ti-ghtly.
” Oh, Amelia…… I’m so sorry about your father” she said and I’m surprised she heard alre-ady.
” You’ve heard?” I asked.
” Yes, I think Everyone in the kingdom has heard about it” she replied then pu-ll-ed back from her.
” How are you feeling now?” She asked.
” Thanks to your brother, I’m fine now” I replied turning to Leo.
” plea-se come and sit, I’ll prepare food for you to eat” she said then went out then I went to sit.
” Do you nee-d anything?” Leo asked.
” No, I’m alright” I replied.
Soon Laura returned with food and set it before me then I started eating.
While I was eating there was a knock on the door and Leo went to check only to see guards outside.
” What’s going on?” Leo asked.
” The king ordered for the Champion to come to the palace right now” one of them said and leo turned to me.
” It’s alright, let me go with them” I replied standing up.
” Thank you for the food Laura” I replied then followed the men to the palace.
Just as I entered the palace everyone was staring at me but I ignored them until we got to the throne room.
As I entered the throne room I saw some people there, the council are also pres£nt also the Oracle who are all staring at me.
” Amelia” Aurora said as she [email protected]£ to hvg me ti-ghtly with tears on her face and couldn’t help as tears wheel down my eyes.
” I’m so sorry about your father” she said.
” Thank you Aurora” I replied then pu-ll-ed back from the hvg and went to meet the king.
” Your highness” I said bowing down before the throne.
” Amelia, my condolences on the death of your father and the misfortune that [email protected]£ on your village” the king said.
” Thank you your Grace” I replied.
” My men give report of what happened but there’s one thing they refused to give clear report about” he said.
I knew alre-ady where they are driving at and I’m very certain they all must’ve think I did it which I technically did but I really can’t tell them I did.
” What do you wish to know?, Your Grace” I replied.
” My men give report that Bosnak and his men were all found dead when they arrived”
” Did you killed them all?” He asked and the whole kingdom was silent as they await my reply.
” No, your Grace…….I did not” I replied which cause murmuring among them.
” If you did not then who did?” He asked.
” I only managed to kill few and I had help from some group of hunters in the other Village”
” They killed them and went after others who manage to ran away, that was what happened” I replied.
The look on all their faces shows that they accepted my explanation.
” I guess we should be grateful to those valiant hunters for their heroic deed”
” As a champion of Malmoe you’re welcome in the palace anytime, you will be given a house in the palace”
” You will also be given 200 pieces of silver as the price from the competition and another 100 pieces for consolation” the king said.
” Thank you your Grace, you’ve been so kind” I replied bowing down.
” Every great warrior deserve great things especially the champion of Malmoe, You’re welcome to the palace” he said.
” Thank you your highness”
” You may leave now” he said then I turned to leave and my eyes met with an unsmiling face which turned out to be the Oracle.
‘ what is this old woman’s problem?’ I thought to myself as I leave then Aurora [email protected]£ to me and we left.
” Let’s go to my chamber ” she said and we left together.
Oracle’s POV
Ever since the day I la-id my eyes on this young maiden I can s-en-se some strange aura coming from her.
She confirmed my suspicion by defeating Edgar and she managed to sail throu-gh with Bosnak unharmed.
I knew I’ve seen her before but I just can’t recall where exactly.
I nee-d to know everything about her because I’m s-en-sing something very bad is about to happen.
‘ there’s nothing good about this girl especially now that she’s close to the palace’
‘ perhaps i should consult the gods about this’

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