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The cursed child Episode 1

☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace is overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
Many centuries ago there was a majestic kingdom, a kingdom filled with riches and blooming in greatness.
The powerful kingdom has been at peace and happiness for many decades and not for once be at war.
The kingdom of MALMOE is one of the most powerful kingdom in all the four [email protected] of the world.
But one day something scary happened, a very heartbreaking prophesy [email protected]£ up which put the kingdom in a great danger.
A curse child was born into the Royal family which was prophesied will bring terror and invoke evil upon the kingdom.
The king seek the help of the Oracle for a way out and the Oracle consulted the gods and they did reply.
The only remedy in their recent quandary situation was to sacrifice the child to the gods.
With this being the only solution to there nemesis the king had no choice but to comply to the will the gods.
But is that the least of their troubles?
Is the kingdom really safe?
.☸️☸️☸️☸️ THE CURSED CHILD ☸️☸️☸️☸️
☣️☣️☣️☣️ Peace Is Overrated ☣️☣️☣️☣️
📒📘📗 : Chapter 1
Unknown POV
On a bright early morning where everyone in the kingdoms is on his/her usual routine and so was the Oracle.
The Oracle was at the shrine ma-king early morning sacrifice to the gods and after she was she was enquiring the gods of how plea-sant the day will be.
As the woman was stirring the water on the alter and looking straight at it until suddenly she started convulsing.
This feat usually happens when the gods was about to show her a vision, a prophesy or an upcoming danger.
It took her about five minutes before she could be relieved and she was breathing heavily just after that.
‘ No, this can’t happen, this shouldn’t happen’
‘ It mustn’t or else the kingdom will fall’
She was looking scared and sweating really ha-rd then started ma-king some repetitive enchantment.
Immediately she’s done with the spell she stood up and left the Temple and went to the palace to warn the king.
The King, King Mehra was a good king who always put the kingdom first in everything he’s doing.
He chose to continue his father’s legacy and make sure peace reign in the kingdom for a very long time.
He’s the kind of man that Listen to the voice of the people and make sure justice is served.
Everyone loves him and how he reign including the neighborhood kingdoms which is the reason there hasn’t been a war for a very long time.
Sitting beside him on the throne was his beautiful Queen Arabelle who was heavily pregnant with their first child.
The King just [email protected]£ to conclusion with his meeting with the council and they just left when the Oracle entered.
” Good morning, My King” she said kneeling before him.
” Is the morning really good, Oracle?” The King asked in return and went to sit on his throne.
” Yes It is Your highness but I’m afraid it might not be for long” the Oracle replied.
” I command you to spurt out whatever it is you meant by those disturbing words” king Mehra commanded.
” Forgive me your grace, I never meant for it to be in that manner but circu-mtances have changed” she replied.
” Tell me, What happened?” He asked.
” My King, it’s not about what happen it’s about what’s going to happen” she replied.
” Just now my Lord, the gods showed me a prophesy” she replied.
” What does this prophesy say?” The King asked.
” On an inauspicious day, a child will be born which is cursed by the gods, this child shall bring with her a darkness we’ve ever seen before”
” This child will be the cause of thousands of deaths in the kingdom will bring caps and cause the downfall of the kingdom” she stated.
” Who is this child?….who are his/her parents?….who is this evil child thy wanted to ruin everything my forefathers had built for generation” the king said in anger.
” My King, that I do not know ” she replied.
” How do we find this child in other to st©p the prophesy, I can’t let everything my forefathers had done been for nothing”
” Make enquiry from the gods to show us the way” the king rant in anger which shown how much disturb he was with the prophesy.
” Your highness, According to the prophesy the day will turn dark as an omen to this prophesy” she added.
” When?……when is this happening?” The King asked.
” I know not your grace but I’m afraid it might be sooner than we think” she replied.
” Make more enquiry from the gods, I nee-d results immediately……GUARDS” He shouted then two guards entered.
” My King ” they both said kneeling before him with their head bowed.
” I nee-d you to s£nd out word to every soldier out there in every villages in the kingdom”
” Every pregnant woman you found, I want each and everyone of them right here in the palace before sunset today” he commanded.
” As you wish, My King ” they both said then left.
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” Go back to the temple and enquiry more from the gods, I can’t let this prophesy come to pas-s” he said.
” Yes, your highness” the Oracle replied then was about leaving when the Queen entered the palace.
” Good day My Queee……..” She was about saying when she started convulsing again Immediately she got close to the Queen.
” Hoc est infantima malom. Nos omnia perdetu el eam”
” Hoc est infantima malom. Nos omnia perdetu el eam” she chanted continuously.
” What is happening?” Queen Arabelle asked as she moved to the king.
” I don’t know but I believe the gods are speaking with her, probably for a way to reverse this prophesy” the king said.
It took about two minutes before the Oracle was relieved and she turned to the king.
” What happened?….what did you see?” The king asked.
” I was shown a scary vision from the gods and this is from the future concerning the prophesy” she said breathing heavily.
” What did you see?” The king asked.
” Your grace, I …. can’t……it no…..” She stuttered.
” I command you to say everything to me right here right now, everything” king Mehra commanded.
” My Lord, in this vision I saw a young woman who I believed to be cursed child right here in the palace” she narrated.
” So it’s no longer a baby?” He asked.
” Like I said your highness, the vision is from the future because you’re alot older than you are now” she replied.
” So you’re saying the child we let the child survive?” He asked.
” I know not but maybe it’s what will happen if we let the child live” she replied.
” What happened in the vision?” He asked.
” The child bring so much havoc to the kingdom, leaving dead bodies everywhere around the kingdom” she said.
” And also she…..she….s….”
” She what?…..what did she do?” The Queen asked eagerly.
” She killed you my king….. right here in the palace” she said facing the king then turned to the Queen.
” And you too My Queen, both of you” she said and both the king and his wife were shocked.
” No…No…….that can’t be true,…..we can’t let this happen,…. who is this child?” The Queen asked.
” You’re saying this happened in the future?” The king asked.
” Yes, My King” she replied.
” How do we find this child?……the gods should show you who the child is” the king said.
” Yes my king, they just did and forgive me for being the one to [email protected] heartbreaking news” she said.
” Just tell me who the child is or her parents” the king demanded.
” The child is no other than the offspring in the Queen’s wo-mb, one of them carries the curse” she said which took them by surprise.
” That’s a lie……. that’s not true” the Queen shouted.
” My Queen, I un-derstand your plight but I’m a servant of the gods and my duties is to the throne…..I do not lie” the Oracle said.
” How can you be so sure about this?… mentioned earlier that you knew not who the child is”
” And just now you are very certain it’s my child, there has to be a mistake somewhere” the king said.
” The gods don’t make mistake, every ounce of their words are plain and always come to pas-s” she replied.
” There has to be something we can do……there has to be way to reverse this” the king said.
” I’m afraid there’s none”
” Your Grace, I seek no plea-sure in the death of the offspring but these are trying times………”
” You should know the child cannot be allow to live or it will be our greatest undoing………….”
“. …….the cursed one must die in other for the other to live” she added.
” What do you mean the other?” The Queen asked amidst tears.
” You my queen are with two children and they are both of the same gender” the Oracle replied.
” There are two of them?” The Queen asked.
” Yes my queen” she replied.
” And the sacrifice nee-ds to be carried out immediately she’s born in other to cleans the land of this mishaps” she said.
” I hate to make you choose, between your kingdom and your people or you choose your daughter and watch the downfall of every being on the face of the Earth” the Oracle concluded.
” I can’t let that happen, my father, my grandfather and my great-grandfather fought to keep the kingdom at peace”
” I won’t watch this happen, I won’t let this befall my kingdom” the king said.
” You said there are two of them…..How do we know the curse one?” He asked.
” The one who bears the Mark carries the curse” the Oracle replied.
” This is not good, why would the gods curse with something this grievous, is the gods angry with us?” The king asked.
” No my King, this is just an unfortunate circu-mtances, after this the kingdom will be at peace”
” I’ll take my leave now” the Oracle said then left the palace.
” We can’t do this…..we can’t sacrifice our child, something must be wrong somewhere” the Queen said with tears.
” plea-se be calm my dear, it’s the will of the gods there’s nothing we can do, you heard the prophesy” the king consoled.
” The prophesy may be wrong, the Oracle could be lying” she said.
” plea-se say no such thing, the Oracle is the servant of the gods and her duties is to the throne……she can’t lie”
” The Oracle has been since the time of my fathers and everything she foretold all [email protected]£ to pas-s”
” We can’t let this prophesy come to pas-s, for the sake of the kingdom and for our sakes as well”
” You heard the Oracle, bearing in the wo-mb are two children even if one is sacrificed, I’m certain we won’t feel it much” the king said.
” So this is really happening?….we are really going to do this?” She said.
” We have to and when the time has come, we nee-d to be re-ady to do what nee-ds to be done”
Few weeks Later, it was time for the Queen to be put to be-d as she was rushed to the temple.
They summoned the midwife to the Temple in other to deliver the babies and also the Oracle start ma-king preparations for the sacrifice.
The Queen was la-id down and the midwife talked her throu-gh it and before the baby arrives.
After the Oracle completed the customary rites before the sacrifice she went to the labour room to joined the midwife.
The King was waiting restlessly at the temple hoping for a successful delivery.
After some Minutes Later the cry of a new born child filled the temple and the Oracle bring her out.
” My Lord, congratulations” the Oracle said.
” Is she….”
” No My Lord, she’s not……I observed but she bears no Mark, this one is pure” the Oracle said.
” We are yet to deliver the other one which I believe to be the cursed one” she replied.
” Don’t you think you could be wrong about this?….. She’s just an infant, she can’t possibly be t…….” The king was saying then they heard a loud [email protected]
” Here she come My Lord” he Oracle said as a very violent wind blew everywhere and the day turn dark in a minute.
” You’re saying she’s causing all these?” The king said he was marvelled and scared of what was happening.
” We have to do this My Lord, for the sake of the kingdom ” she said then went back to the room.
A while Later another loud cry of a new born can be heard outside the temple and a while later the Oracle [email protected]£ out with the crying infant.
” My King, we have to do this now…….do I have your permission?” She asked.
‘ A bright day turn dark in a minute, a loud earth shaking [email protected], a heavy rainfall and a violent wind’
‘ all to these can’t be a coincidence, they all happened just as she was about to be born’ the king thought.
” Do what has to be done ” he commanded and the Oracle nodded in reply then took the baby to the front of the alter.
At the front of the alter is a pyre made for the sacrifice and the Oracle la-id the child on it and the child cry ha-rder.
She started altering some enchantment as she walked round the baby and when the time has come.
She went to the wall and carry the firetorch then turned to the king who nodded for her to continue.
The Oracle torch the pyre and the fire spre-ad burning the [email protected]
The king took away his eyes as he couldn’t watch or withstand the cry of the child as it wail longer.
It didn’t take long before the baby st©pped crying as the fire took over burning everything the ground along with the baby.
Then immediately the rain st©pped, the wind st©pped as well, no more [email protected] and the day returned bright as it was.
” My King, the gods has shown Mercy on us, the sacrifice has been accepted and the kingdom is safe”

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