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The b©dyguard Episode 13 & 14

The b©dyguard – Episode 13
By Tisa Phiri
4 Months past, and I grew so much in love with Ackim, everytime i saw Him my heart felt vulnerable. Even just him shake my hand or giving me a hvg made me wanna cling to him and scream my heart out.. “I love you!”
But I had come to learn that in African culture it was kind of off for a woman to tell a man who had not proposed you loved them and from what I noticed with Ackim he was a man who preferred him going after a woman and not the other way round.
I had seen how Shila the house keeper at the lodge always flir-t around him but he showed no interest in her, not only her but other women too. Especially at the office in the mine, he completely ignored any lady that acted in a way to lure him. so I gathered well, let me not rush myself.
I was believing he didn’t have interest in me, like he was always taking me more of a job than a woman. He was always concerned about my well being and nothing more, it hurt me a lot that my efforts to show him I considered him more than my b©dy guard failed
I recall one day we sat together watching some movie, dad was out. I saw he wasn’t even interested in the movie but he stayed on just to make sure I went to sleep before him. I tried telling him to go and rest but he insisted he wanted to finish the movie too.
I deliberately dozed off and moved closer to him placing my head on his shoulders. He didn’t make any movements. His eyes fixed on the TV. I withdrew later on frustrated and went to be-d before the movie could even finish.
“What is wrong with him?” I asked myself upset.
” am I not that attrac-tive or maybe he doesn’t just like me?” I fall asleep feeling sad.
The following morning I called my friend from UK. I told her about Ackim and the strong feelings I had for him.
“Oh my God Paula” she had said.
” if the guy have the looks you are telling me and he’s the one your heart longs for. Then go for him girl you have nothing to lose. At least try and when you find he’s not intrested then you move on” she suggested. .
“Plus someone here is still longing to have you, in case all that fails” she went on referring to my ex b©yfri£nd..
“Oh no i won’t go back to that womanising j£rk” i told her.. “remember he still goes out with that stupid girlfriend of his . Oh plea-se don’t even mention his name, am better off alone that with that lieing and cheating j£rk just because he has it all, money and looks. No Thank you!” i shouted raising my hands as we chated on a video call.
So I kind of followed my friend’s advice and I decided to comfront Ackim. I was suspecting he was in some kind off afair with my Secretary but since I had only seen her from home where i had been working from for months, I had no proper conclusion they were together. I just had to try my lucky.
It was not easy for a person like me who had wealthy and beauty to find love, every man I met seemed more scared of my status and never dared to come any closer. so I felt really lonely.
Every guy I felt attra-cted to ended up being far from me. This time i wasn’t going to let the one that my heart beats for just sl!pthrou-gh my hands.
I called him one day when he walked in holding a file. I wore a bu-m short and lifted my legs on the couch deliberately. I did some proper make up and let my long hair lose around my n£¢k . I knew I looked h0t.
However, when Ackim st©pped after I called him, it seemed I wasn’t looking the way i thought I did. He didn’t even look straight at my face.
“come sit here.” I called him and he excused himself to put the file in his room.
I threw the small pillow I was holding at the wall feeling rejected but I was determined to face him. So , when I noticed almost 5 minutes had pas-sed and Ackim wasn’t out of his room yet I stood up and walked to his room before I could debate myself out of the idea..
I didn’t even knock, I just pushed his white be-droom door open and entered. There he was standing his hands in the pockets. I looked beyond him his file was on the table. I glanced back at Ackim his calm face staring at me without giving me clues of what he was thinking about.
“Mmmn” I started..
“I see you are still putting the file” I tea-sed..
“I um um …am sorry I was just about to head to you” he stammered..
“but since you are alre-ady here am sure you can tell me why you called me. do you want to go somewhere I esc-rt you?” He asked quic-kly.
I let a laugh.
“Ackim you are unbelievable, so you mean all i am to you is work right?” I asked seriously.
He kept quite and I felt bad.
” tell me, am I not beautiful enough for you? Or am not your
type?” I asked sounding pissed.
“No no no..!” he said coming close. “Paula you are very beautifull and attrac-tive too. Don’t ever think otherwise. But why are you upset with me?” he asked..
Sounding so stupid like a child.
I couldn’t take it any more. It was clear the guy had nothing for me so without another word I walked out and ran to my room tears falling from my face.
Ackim followed me and before I could close the door he steped in..
” Paula are you okey?” He asked concerned.
“just leave me alone!” I screamed laying on my be-d. He stood by the door way and watched me for a minute. He wanted to say something but i screamed at him again and he slowly walked out closing the door.
That night I cried myself to sleep my heart broken.
The b©dyguard – Episode 14
By Tisa Phiri
I slowly closed the door and walked back to my room, feeling bad about Paula. I couldn’t ba-re seeing her cry but I couldn’t really un-derstand what was going on with her.
” was she crying because I didn’t pay attention to her or there was something she really wanted to tell me and i pla-yed a blind eye?” I wondered as I sat on my be-d .
I knew how I felt about her but I also knew I wasn’t her type nor clas-s.
I recalled her asking me if she wasn’t beautiful and what [email protected]£ to my mind first was that someone had disappointed her and she was feeling less of herself. I even thought of the possibility she wanted me but then, I shook my head..
“no way.” I was nothing close to what she could probably want being her b©dy guard and practically her employ didn’t give me so much courage to place myself to her level.
“No Ackim forget it” I shrugged trying so ha-rd to suppress the urge of going to her room and hold her in my arms.
Moving out of my clothes I took a quic-k bath, as I wiped the water on my head, my Phone rang.
“Hello !” I answered carelessly, it was Lisa , Paula’s Secretary..
“yes babe are you coming tonight? ” she asked her voice excited..
“oh no!” I screamed in my head. I had forgotten I had a [email protected]£ with her.
” oh sorry Lisa” I told her honestly .
“I completely forgot we planned to go out today.”
She lashed out her temper shouting..
“I knew it Ackim. I don’t even know why we are in this relationsh!p. you always forget the most important things for both of us it’s not fair.!”
I was just listening on as she talked.. she was too loud for me I don’t even un-derstand why I had to pick a noisy woman out of all the women I saw around. I actually thought she was funny and cheerful. someone who would help me calm my feelings for Paula but I was wrong. Instead of being funny I realised she had a large mouth and that got to me. I was however not the type to easily give up What I started so I tagged along the past month.
“It’s okay Lisa” I calmed her down.
“I don’t say am not coming am actually preparing to come there right now.” I heard her sigh. I knew I got her, for some reason Lisa could do anything for me. I bet that’s the main reason I was still with her.
I quic-kly dressed up in my causal clothes and [email protected]£d the keys to the car I was given to be using if I was going anywhere alone.
Just as I switched off the light and turned to head outside I met Paula standing by her be-droom door, which was opposed my room. I was given that room so that I could of course keep an eye on her and get to her if anything went down unexpectedly.
“Where do you think you are going this late?” she asked almost in an [email protected]!ngvoice like to let me feel she was the boss..
“Am going out but will be back before 22” I told her looking at my watch. It was slightly past 19 hours..
“well, am going out too ” she said bluntly.
“but if you are busy it’s okay I can just drive myself” she added walking back in her room.
“Oh no.. you can’t!” I quic-kly walked to her.
” you know i won’t let you go out alone especially in the night. Remember your father said…”
I couldn’t finish my s£ntence and she barged in.
“well my father should know that am woman and not a child to be esc-rted by some b©dy guard everywhere” she responded her facial expression serious..
I felt she was still upset with me but letting her go out alone was out of question I would never allow myself do that, risking her life. So I walked to her and [email protected]£d her hand.
“Am sorry you feel that way but it’s my job to protect you. I won’t leave you alone. so if you are going out I am coming with you.”
She looked at me and sighed de-eply
“you know what? since you are going out too then we will go where you want to go in that way I won’t make you cancel your outing ” she smiled.
I knew what she was asking would make Lisa uncomfortable and myself too. But if I had to put her safety first it was the best thing to do. besides, I could at least keep the promise to be with Lisa that night.
“Okay then” I told her finally
“let’s go am having a [email protected]£ with someone though, so if you are ok with it then we can go” I added..
She looked at me and ignored my last s£ntence..
“whatever..” she shrugged..
“let me change then..”
She [email protected]£ out a few minutes later wearing a red dress reaching up her knees ex-posing her light and soft th!ghs. It was ti-ght too and very S-xy, her black heels added to her height and she was now slightly taller than me. she looked perfect with her hair falling on her shoulders, covering [email protected] of her cle-avagebut I still could see the skin of her round brea-sts.
I swallowed ha-rd as she walked towards me. she really did her best to punish me that night. my mouth went dry and I let her lead the way and followed without saying anything.
I opened the the door to the Range Rover and she hopped in leaving her dress moved up wards. She made no effort to pu-ll it down and my [email protected] was scattered.
I drove in silence to some place where they were pla-ying live music by some popular band in town. she then cleared her throat as I was parking the car.
” who is your [email protected]£ Ackim?” she asked me. Realising i had not told her about Lisa.
“Lisa.” I answered not looking at her..
“oh I see” she said in a low tone.
“so you decided to pick on my Secretary of all women.” She accused sadly.
“Am sorry I didn’t take it that way” I tried to defend myself..
” it’s just that am..”
I couldn’t complete my word and she interrupted again..
“do you love her?” She asked looking straight into my eyes like trying to ascertain if I was being truthful.
I felt bad I had to discuss that with her but i had to answer..
” I don’t know” I said honestly .
” we started [email protected]!nga few weeks ago and am not sure about us so far.”
I saw her smile and shake her head..
” mmmn you are complicated Soldier” she said in her father’s tone. which he used when referring to me as soldier, As she opened the door and stepped down.
I walked close to her my eyes searching everywhere for any signs of danger, satisfied nothing seemed unusual, I walked behind her as we entered the reception of the h0tel hosting a live band.
Lisa walked towards me with a smile. she too looked great in her silky short dress outlining her well shaped h!ps. But for some reason I felt Paula had nailed it more than anyone in that room. even some other guys stared at her as we walked and I couldn’t help feel jealous.
Lisa’s smile faded when she saw Paula. i knew that would happen so i had no choice but to escalpate myself. Paula was greeting some elderly man it seemed he was some manger for the mine at that point Lisa [email protected]£d the opportunity and pu-ll-ed me aside.
“What is she doing here Ackim. ? ” She asked furious..
“calm down Lisa I had no choice but to come with her, she wanted to go out and you know i can’t let her go alone. so instead of cancelling my [email protected]£ with you i thought it’s better I come with her” I explained to the now mad Lisa..
“It’s always about her Ackim” she scolded..
“you never have time for me but you can go anywhere, anytime with time her.”
“Don’t tell me you are jealous of the person who pays both of us.” I told her my eyes watching Paula who seemed not to mind my abs£nce. I then cut Lisa off as she almost said some more.
“Let’s sit down alre-ady” I suggested leading the way to the table..
Paula was calm all the time and she and Lisa said less to each other. I was so uncomfortable I almost ran out to get some air, but leaving Paula without guard was risky so I pla-yed it cool and tried to bring up some small talks. Paula was drinking heavily and by the time it was 23 hours she was drun!k. i had a couple of wine glas-ses and didn’t take any more. I had to stay sobber.
At exactly 23 30 i told the ladies we had enough for the night. Paula staggered and almost fall but I was quic-k and [email protected]£d her. she let a laugh and held my n£¢k..
“I cant walk Soldier” she whispered in a drun!kvoice.
I could see the rage on Lisa’s face but I ignored her, lifting Paula she Leaned her head on my shoulder closing her eyes as we walked to the car Park.
I had to drop Lisa first since she was just brou-ght by her friend on her way to the h0tel after i told her i would [email protected] bit.
All the way Lisa was quite and I knew i will pay for that the following day. Paula fall asleep in the back seat where i placed her.
After dropping Lisa I drove back to the mansion..
I lifted Paula to her room, re-moved her shoes and put her in the sheets to sleep. before I could stand from her, she opened her eyes..
“Ackim.. !” she called me.
“What is it Paula?” I asked..
“don’t leave me alone here” she whispered closing her eyes.
“plea-se am scared” she added.
” I will sit there then” I told her pointing at the small couch besides her be-d.
When I noticed she had fallen asleep I ti-p toed to the door to escape, then she lifted her head slightly..
“hmmmmhmmmh dont” she shook her head
” sit there..”
I walked back defeated and sat on the couch. she raised her eyes to look at me again and in a few seconds fall asleep.
I watched her quietly wishing I could crawl in and sleep besides her, but i dared not. Dozing off, i too fall asleep on the couch.
To be continued

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