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The alpha and the female warrior finale

The_ Alpha _And_The_Female_Warrior
Everyone in the Alpha Manor bur-st into chaos once the news hit them. Everyone had anticipated this day since the big announcement, it had been a long time coming.
Alpha Elisia Knight-Hunter was finally in labour!
She had panicked once her water broke, but was reas-sured by The Beta Female, Leona, that she was fine. Her best friend was doing all she could, to ensure that Elisia has a good labour and delivery experience. She helped time her contractions and help her breathe throu-gh the discomfort and pain.
Leona knew exactly what to do since she had been throu-gh it before. In her abs£nce, she had left her one year old baby girl, Ivy, in care of her dear mate, Julian.
To everyone’s disbelief, Elisia still sat at her desk and tried to do some last minute work before the baby arrived. Theo had not left her side since her water broke, the anxiety clear on his face.
“Babe, you shouldn’t work when you’re having contractions.” He advised her in a worried tone.
She waved him off. “It’s only desk work, moving my f!ngersto type won’t do anything.” She reasoned with a smile, before grimacing from a sudden contraction.
Once the contraction was over, Leona glanced at her st©pwatch and nodded firmly. “It’s time for you to go to the hospital!”
“Are you coming?” Theo asked as Julian [email protected]£ out with a crying Ivy in his arms.
“I can’t.” She responded, taking her in her arms. “Ivy is being more fussy than usual. Call us when you’ve delivered the baby, and then we’ll head on over!”
“Don’t tell Aiden yet!” Elisia called back. “I don’t want to disturb his honeymoon! Knowing him he might actually fly out early just to see the baby.”
“Not that Maria would mind anyway.” Theo muttered, referring to Aiden’s mate.
Drew, the Alphas’ personal driver, was alre-ady prepared to leave as he helped them pack everything into the vehicle. Theo and Elisia sat in the back seat, as she shuddered throu-gh yet another contraction.
She couldn’t help but find amusement in all this. She had a high pain threshold, and yet these contractions were taking her breath away. However, Theo’s constant skin contact was helping ease the pain and discomfort. She melted into his [email protected], glad to have such a loving husband.
They had built an empire in the last three years together, with the help of their friends. The New Dawn Pack was alre-ady recognised as one of the most powerful in the world, almost on par with the well known, powerful pack from Italy.
The BloodRose Clan.
They were incredibly formidable, known to be one of the most influential pack in the world. However, they’re an extremely pri-vate lot and had no interest in having allies from the US. They are so big in fact, that they have territory in the states that belong to them. It took up all of New York and New Jersey, they’ve owned those states since centuries ago.
Elisia and Theo had hoped that one day, they could befriend this pack as a non-verbal warning for other packs to stay in their lane. They had heard concerning rumours about neighbouring packs, organising an attack to invade and steal The New Dawn Pack’s land.
“We’re here.” Drew called out, immediately parking in front of the maternity building. A group of hospital staff rushed out with a wheelchair, anxious once they realised they had two Alphas in their pres£nce.
Once the Alphas got into their prepared room, everything happened in a blur. The contractions got stronger and stronger, until Elisia said she was re-ady to push. To the midwives’ surprise, it hadn’t taken her long to dilate to ten centimetres.
Due to her short labour, she had to deliver with only [email protected] and air as her pain relief.
It didn’t faze her as she pushed out the baby she had waited nine months to meet. Theo was by her head, k!ss!ngher and whispering sweet, encouraging words. Suddenly they heard a baby’s cry, an audible sign that the baby had been delivered.
“You did it!” Theo told her, k!ss!ngher forehead.
She smiled back weakly, clearly tired from pushing. He raised an eyebrow at her and said, “Is it that exhausting?”
The midwives were busy wiping the crying baby clean as the new parents watched.
“Even you’d be exhausted from labour and childbirth, Alpha.” One midwife retorted [email protected] “In fact, Alpha Elisia was lucky to have a short labour!”
She leaned her head back, and sighed. “Thank goodness. Leona was in labour for almost a whole day!”
The midwife finally brou-ght the first born, and future Alpha, to Elisia and placed the baby on her che-st. The baby’s wailing quietened immediately, listening to the calming heartbeat of their mother.
“What the-” Elisia suddenly yelped, jumping from her skin.
Theo and her looked down at the midwife who was holding something red and sticky. “Just taking the placenta out.” She casually explained.
Elisia made a disgusted face. “Ew…”
Theo quietly spoke up, not looking at the staff. “I would appreciate it if you left for now.” He told them, wanting some privacy. “Thank you for your help.”
The staff bowed in respect before leaving the two Alphas alone with their baby.
Elisia looked up at Theo, to see his eyes welled up with tears. “Oh, love.” She whispered, reaching to t©uçh his cheek. A tear fell, followed by a few more, rolling down his cheek.
He could count how many times he had cried on just one hand. He cried when he realised he loved Elisia, when he found out she was pregnant and now, seeing his baby for the first time.
His gaze was focused on the slee-ping baby on his mates che-st. “She’s so precious.” He whispered in awe. “Babe, we made her.”
Elisia couldn’t help but sob. At that moment she felt a lot of things; happiness, exhaustion, bliss, and most of all, love.
She felt so blessed.
They looked down at their future Alpha to be, alre-ady loving her to bits. Theo put a f!nger un-der his mate’s chin, and tilted her face towards him.
He looked de-ep into her gray eyes and told her, “I love you.”
She k!$$£d him with a smile on her mouth. “I love you too.”
They glanced at their slee-ping baby. “So it’s decided then?” Theo confirmed with a smile.
“I mean, we finally agreed on a name for her!” She chuckled, her eyes bright with happiness. “And now that she’s in my arms, the name sounds perfect for her.”
Theo nodded, agreeing with his mate. “I love the name we picked.”
Elisia smiled down at her baby girl. “Welcome to the world, Maya Hunter.”
Hope you enjoyed that hehe ><
What you’ve learnt from this chapter is:
1) Theo and Elisia have given birth to a baby girl, whom they’ve named Maya ><
2) They’re married!! If you caught her name at the beginning, she hyphened the last names. She is now Elisia Knight-Hunter.
3) Julian and Leona have a one year old, baby girl called Ivy!
4) Sweet Aiden has found his mate, got married to her and was on his honeymoon with his mate, Maria.
You have made it to the end of the book! Congratulations <3


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