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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 50

Chapter 50
Theme : Erebus (Darkness) vs Elisia (Light)
Erebus/Darkness POV
I stood by the wrecked [email protected] that was currently burning to the ground. I took a de-ep breath in, satisfied with the chaos I had caused. A whimper escaped from the [email protected] who I had stabbe-d for getting in my way. I glanced down at her crumpled figure by the steps, a couple feet away from me. She looked up at me with pleading, desperate eyes as she bled to death.
“plea-se help me, I have children.” She cried as she held her wound. I looked at her in incredulity, why would she seek help from the same person who had harmed her?
I put a long, slender f!nger on myl-ips to shut her up. “Hush lady. Can’t you see I’m watching a brilliant show?” I said, gesturing to the battle that was taking place.
“plea-se, I’m a single mother. They’ll have no one.” She pressed with determination, although gro-an ing from the pain.
I raised an eyebrow at her, amused by her strength to plead. I rolled my eyes and sighed as I approached her. Initially, I was too lazy to do this, but her performance is really convincing me to go ahead and do it.
I knelt down beside her and brushed her hair back with a sad smile. “I’ll do you a favour…”
Her brown eyes brightened with hope, filling up with tears. “Thank you.”
“…And relieve you of your motherly duties.” I finished with a grin. Her eyes wi-de-ned as she slowly brou-ght her hand down to her belly and ru-bbe-d it. I watched the hope completely diminish from her eyes in satisfaction, before gouging my hand into her and ripping her heart out from her b©dy.
The scent of her blood was tantalising, so I li-cked some of the remnants of blood from my hand. Shivering from excitement, I plunged my hand into her che-st for more, covering it with the sweet red liquid. Bringing my f!ngersto myl-ips, I su-cked on them and relished in tasting the treat.
When I was done, I kicked her b©dy and let it fall down the uneven, concrete steps. Mourning howls and yells caught my attention, ma-king me look out into the battlefield in excitement for more action.
My gaze fell on Elisia who was currently kneeing by the Luna of this pack, it looked like she had been attacked. A boy shifted and sprinted towards her, howling in despair – her son Jayden, I presumed. Anger built up within me as I regarded the rogues with rage, I specifically told them to avoid targeting Elisia’s family.
I didn’t want anything to trigger her Light power gene.
That alone will change everything, and I couldn’t afford to let that happen. As far as I know, that injured Luna was her adoptive mother – I will fl!pif this ends up triggering her power. I watched Elisia from the distance, carefully an-alysing her reaction to her adoptive mother slowly losing strength. I ru-bbe-d my temples in frustration, maybe this won’t trigger it, but if that lady dies – the likelihood will significantly increase.
For the first time in my life, I was doubting my powers.
If her Light power happens to be triggered and activated, will I be able to fight her?
I watched her calmly stand up, my worries decreasing – glad that the Light gene hadn’t been activated. I turned away from her, concealing myself within the shadows. Suddenly, I felt a pair of eyes on me, ma-king me turn back towards her direction.
The first thing I noticed were her eyes, they were a charcoal black colour and were fixed on me. Not knowing how to react, I grinned at her – lowkey panicking on the inside. She wore a murderous expression, looking re-ady to end my life.
Without hesitation, she charged towards me, swiftly picking up weapons from the ground along the way. My heart started to race in nervousness when I noticed the aura around her change into this bright light, I couldn’t even look straight at it without grimacing in pain.Rather than fighting, I decided it was wiser to retreat and think about my next move.
Her fv¢king Light was triggered and activated.
I shifted from my flesh form into my shadow form, wanting to escape without trouble. I moved around obstacles swiftly, trying to get away from here – far from here. I glanced back, horrified and annoyed to see her chasing me, in my shadow form.
Impossible, I thought.
How can she see me?
Her eyes shone in fierceness, wearing a warlike expression as she made eye contact with me. My heart skipped a beat in shock, not believing she was able to find my eyes. I had no idea what I should do, I was completely clueless about her powers.
I didn’t know if she even had limitations at this point.
The Light gene naturally beats the Dark gene, which is what I have. Only light can drive out darkness, and that has always been the law of the universe. In other words, I was fv¢ked.
But I still had my father on my side, I’m sure he’ll think of something. I reached a deserted gras-sland in the middle of the woods, and morphed back into my flesh form. I wasn’t thinking straight and happened to lead her to a place where there was no rogues.
My own [email protected] failed me.
I watched her stalk out from the dense trees with a dangerous look in her eyes. Her long brown hair was b!owing madly in the wind, along with her formal clothes. Her black dress was purposefully r!pp£dto her th!gh to enable her to fight and run in it easier. Her slender tan legs were on show, looking really toned from her training.
I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous, I was really looking forward to mating with her. That is, if I survived this. Her face was smudged with blood, as well as on her lim-bs, ma-king her look even more attrac-tive to me.
The sound of the wind in the trees, the leaves rustling filled the silence. That’s how far away we were from the chaos…
“Darling, why do you look so angry?” I asked in a light-hearted manner. She growled at me in response, her pinkl-ips curling back in disgust. I brou-ght my hands up in surrender, chuckling in amusement.
I had to distract her, avoid any forms of fighting until my father got here. I glanced around quic-kly, where the hell was he?
She wasted no time in trying to take me down, reached my side in a split second and stabbe-d my n£¢k with a silver knife. My eyes wi-de-ned in shock, as I felt the sharp pain pulse from the fatal wound. I immediately raised my hand to backhand her, but decided against it and retreated.
I reached for the silver knife that was lodged in the right side of my n£¢k and snarled. “You little bit-ch.”
“That charm didn’t last long.” She sneered at me, wh!pping out a machete and handling it expertly.
If I took the damn thing out my n£¢k, blood would start gushing out which was not ideal. However, if I left it in, the silver would weaken me over time. Luckily, due to my demon half, the silver will not be fatal to my b©dy but it will still have a negative effect.
Still holding onto it, I glared at her. “What was that supposed to do?”
She shrugged at my question, before lunging towards me again. I was prepared this time, anticipating her incredible speed. I knew her strength and speed had quadrupled due to her Light Gene.
I noticed that she didn’t seem surprised by her sudden increase in speed. “You’ve gotten fas-ter.” I commented, watching her curiously. She simply chose not to answer as she swung her silver weapons at my b©dyI jumped out the way once again, cursing whoever created the Light gene. Her Light aura was ha-rd to look at, it was getting brighter by the second.
“Why. Aren’t. You. Fighting. Back?” She questioned angrily, after every swing and lunge.
“I’m simply not in the mood.” I responded with a smug sm-irk. “Go ahead, waste your energy on me.”
Here I was, relying on reverse psychology in the hopes that she’ll st©p attacking me. She was quic-k on her feet and incredibly skilled with handling weapons, which is expected from one of the best fighters in the country.
She scoffed at my reply, and said, “Okay then.”
She charged towards me with her machete in one hand and raised it to inflict injury. I was alre-ady planning to dodge it and managed to get out the way in time, but was too slow to see her other hand that slashed a dagger near my left eye.
It happened so fast and unexpectantly, I yelled in surprise and pain as I jumped away from her. She had cut a de-ep [email protected] down my face, if it had been cut an inch to the left, I would’ve surely been left blind in that eye. Covering the wound, I climbe-d a tree and perched myself on a high thick [email protected] She growled in anger and frustration as she kicked the tree, ma-king it shake.
“You’re just running away!” She yelled, her che-st heaving up and down. “Come down and fight me like a woman!”
I couldn’t help but snort in amusement. “Why the fv¢k would I want to fight like a women ?”
“Says the man whose face was sliced by a woman and has a dagger in his n£¢k.” She responded with a glare. She kicked the tree again, this time with more ferociousness, ma-king me almost lose my balance. “Come the fv¢k down!”
Not only was I wary of her Light powers, but I also genuinely didn’t want to hurt her. The plan wasn’t to harm her, but the people around her. I thought she would’ve surrendered herself to me by now.
However, my patience was wearing thin. I jumped down from the [email protected], the great height having no impact on my landing. I let out a tired sigh, and gestured for her to fight – leaving myself open.
That was a bad idea.
Rather than lunging with her usual silver daggers, knifes and machetes, she brou-ght out a gun and started to shoot. I managed to get sh0t three times by silver bullets before I managed to find cover.
She was not pla-ying around today.
“I’m starting to think you’re not worth fighting.” She spat out with annoyance lacing her words. I left my hiding space and lunged towards her in hopes of knocking her out. She sp©tted me, but hadn’t been able to get out the way in time. I managed to hit her head, ma-king her fly backwards and hit her back on a tree.
I heard something crack from the impact, ma-king her crumple to the ground. Taking this opportunity, I approached her to really knock her unconscious once and for all. If I succeeded, I’ll be able to take her without struggle.
Just as I reached a metre’s length away from her, her arm stuck out suddenly and r0ûghly [email protected]£d my tie. She raised her head and caught my surprised gaze with her annoyed one.
“bit-ch, you really thought you had me for a second, didn’t you?” She laughed humourlessly. I began to twist out of her strong grip, gr-abbing her wrists in the process. She refused to let go, and started to kick me in the ribs.
I gro-an ed in agony, feeling my ribcage shatter from the impact. It seemed like her strength was equivalent to twenty Alphas’ power. Taking a ragged breath in, I tried to twist out her grip once again.I had her wrists in my hands, I started to twist them as well – doing anything to re-lease her ti-ght grip on me. At first it had no effect on her, so I twisted them even further and applied increasing pressure.
Finally, I saw a sign of pain fli-cker across her face.
“Let go darling.” I wheezed with a chuckle. “Or I’ll break your wrists.”
I applied even more pressure, ma-king her hiss from the pain. She closed her eyes, enduring the pain, and started to kick my ribs once again. Her hits were different to any other I’ve felt, she was striking with her Light, thus weakening me at an alarming rate. I doubled over in agony, having the urge to vomit my insides.
At this point, it seemed like she wasn’t going to let go of my tie and I wasn’t going to let go of her wrists. She stared straight into my soul, ma-king me see the sorrow and pain swirling in her eyes.
“It’s your fault Kaitlyn was attacked.” She fumed, the pain turning into res£ntment. “I’ll kill you for this, I promise.”
Suddenly, a tree began to fall from our left – close to crushing us if we didn’t move. Almost simultaneously, we jumped out the way, letting go of each other in the process. I watched the tree land exactly where we were, while I tenderly ru-bbe-d my messed up ribs. Elisia was on the other side of the fallen tree, ru-bbing her wrists in vexation.
“I hate to st©p the [email protected], but it was getting a little boring.” A familiar female voice called out.
Elisia stiffened at the voice and snarled, “Irene, what the fv¢k are you doing here?”
Irene and Kobi, who was currently the vessel for my father, had flown over here to as-sist me. She walked towards us, revea-ling herself, wearing a sm-irk and ti-ght leather fighting gear. But something was different, like really different.
“What the-?” Elisia murmured in disbelief, taking in her appearance.
“You fv¢king idiot.” I retorted, laughing at her appearance. It hurt like a bit-ch to laugh, but I honestly couldn’t st©p. Elisia couldn’t st©p staring at Irene, but also kept glancing at me, like she didn’t know whether to be shocked that I was laughing or shocked by Irene’s hair.
Her usual blood red hair was now almost all gray.
“We warned you, and yet, you didn’t listen.” I added, still laughing at her. “You’ll have that hair colour for the rest of your life.” She scowled at me, her green eyes narrowing, not happy with my commentary.
“Shut up, I just saved your as-s.” She sh0t back, looking embarras-sed and annoyed.
“Careful with your words, I think you forgot who you’re speaking to.” I said darkly, not looking plea-sed. She immediately quietened and nodded while she made her way over to my side.
“You got quite a beating, didn’t you?” A dark voice said, gr-abbing my attention.
Nevos was ma-king his way towards me, wearing all black, looking very put together. Now that he was in Kobi’s b©dy, it was weird referring to him as my father.
The last vessel he used was of someone who was in their late thirties, not early twenties like Kobi. Although, I’m extremely thankful to Kobi who had summoned him in the first place.
Satanevos had been sealed away in the mantle layer of this earth, by a power Light user centuries back. He wont let the same thing happen twice, it was good to finally have him back.
I couldn’t summon him myself because I was related to him by blood. Only a non-relative who was born with a Dark gene could do it. Kobi was exactly that, and was more than happy to comply when I told him the benefits. Just like my father describe-d him, he’s a ‘dark soul’ – someone who isn’t to be trusted…ever.So it was easy for him to betray his pack, for his own gain.
Elisia glared at who she thought was Kobi. “Not you again.”
Nevos raised a hand as a greeting, and smiled. “It’s good to see you too.”
Her dark eyes fli-ckered to me and then back to him. “I guess the dry humor runs in the family.”
I wi-de-ned my eyes at this, surprised that she knew about Nevos.
“I see that your Light powers have been activated.” Nevos continued, shaking his head. I gaped at him in disbelief, completely shocked that he’d just said that.
“She doesn’t know anything about it, I-” I started to say.
“No, she does.” He interrupted me confidently. “Don’t you?”
Elisia raised an eyebrow at me. “Hell yeah I do.”
“What’s this about Light powers?” Irene questioned, looking confused and out of place. I looked at Nevos, and asked, “How much did Kobi tell her?”
“Pretty much everything, except the Light powers since he didn’t know anything about it.” He replied. “He was able to explain everything to her on the plane, before I had awoken within him.”
Irene stared at the b©dy that belonged to her brother, probably felt weird that the person speaking wasn’t him at all.
“I’m not giving any more of my powers to you.” I warned her, looking at her gray hair. She rolled her eyes wearing an irked expression. “I wasn’t going to ask for any.”
“Admit it, you’re nothing without demonic powers helping you!” I sh0t back, scoffing in disbelief.
Elisia’s hold on her weapons relaxed a little as she paid attention to our conversation. “Irene’s been using some of your demonic power?” She asked me with a frown.
Nevos chuckled at her question. “How else was she supposed to beat the famous Female Warrior?”
Her cool gaze fli-ckered to Irene and then to me. “But she didn’t.”
“I mean, you’re an Alpha blood and a fully fledged warrior; she didn’t even stand a chance against you.” I said with a sm-irk. “She knew that and [email protected]£ to me for help, that’s why her strength was almost on the same level as yours during that fight.”
“You don’t nee-d to fv¢king tell her everything, you idiot!” Irene screeched, her face flushing with rage. “I was alre-ady strong! I just nee-ded a little boost, that’s all.”
“A little?” I repeated, giving her a once over. “I warned you what would happen if you used too much demonic powers, you’ll age from the outside to within.”
“I don’t know how much you have left, but you should st©p using it.” Nevos added, sighing in exasperation. “Your gray hair is the result of using too much. If you carry on, then you’ll develop wrinkles, saggy skin, and then your organs will start to fail.”
Irene huffed at us and didn’t bother to acknowledge our warning. My father and I exchanged knowing glances before returning our attention back to Elisia.
“So I almost lost the match, not because of her true strength, but because she borrowed dark powers from you lot?” She murmured, trying to make s-en-se of it. “That’s…sad.”
“I don’t nee-d your pity!” The girl beside me growled, clenching her fists. “Y-you took Theo away from me!”
Elisia regarded her with a cold, hostile stare. “Theo is my mate.”
A strangled cry r!pp£dfrom Irene’s throat as her eyes filled with angry, and sorrowful tears. “You’re lying…”
I shook my head at her in disbelief, she nee-ds help.
Elisia’s dark eyes glimmered dangerously, as she took a slow step forward. “Theo is my man, you delusional little fv¢k.”
“I would’ve known!” She screeched back, clenching her fists so ha-rd that her nails drew blood. “There’s no fv¢king way!”
“Irene, you have disrespected me over and over again the past two months.” She continued, taking another step forward. “Due to my self control and patience, I have held back from harming you, even killing you. You have stepped way over the line, on numerous occasions.”
She drew both of her silver machetes with a wicked smile, her Light aura increasing by the second. She expertly held the lethal weapons above her head, getting into an attacking position. I had to remind myself to not step back from the amount of [email protected]!ngpower she was emitting.
Her eyes were iridescent, shining with dominance and limitless supremacy – birds flew away from the scene, terrorised by her power. Ripples of pure Light energy rippled from her, causing the ground beneath us to shake. Irene’s green eyes wi-de-ned as she took in her opponent’s wrath and pent up anger.
She was finally seeing Elisia for who she really is.
“I, Elisa Knight, Alpha of The MoonKnight Pack, and future female Alpha of The BlackShadowed Pack, now s£ntence you to death for High Treason – for showcasing extreme disrespect to an Alpha.” She declared, her voice sounding more amplified and commanding.
Irene took a shaky step back, looking discouraged as she stared at her. “So you really are an Alpha…”
I rolled my eyes at that, she’s so slow.
Elisia narrowed her eyes at her target, re-ady to torment her. “Choice of execution? Death by machete. Executioner? Me.”
Nevos caught my gaze, and silently ordered me to get out the way. Without hesitation, I silently moved away from Elisia’s target.
We both knew Irene’s last breath will be on this soil.
So some vital background information were filled out in this chapter about Nevos and Darkness, and also about Elisia’s light gene.
Points To Prove.
Remember when Elisia was surprised by how strong Irene was during the fight? Now we know what was really going on, even Magnus (in the third chapter – ‘Seeking permission’) predicted there might’ve been something wrong going on!

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